SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting: Find Your Top Pick (2022)

The 21st century is literally a bitter battle of web hosting companies. You get to choose from various web hosting providers, but the question “which web hosting company is the best one” is still hard to answer. Nevertheless, Siteground and Inmotion are two of the most respected names out there.

Since we have tried both of them, we thought that creating an Inmotion hosting vs. SiteGround hosting comparison would be helpful to most of our readers.

So, if you’re stuck between them, and you’re not sure which one to choose, in the following few paragraphs, we will give you detailed info about each company and compare their offers and features so that you can decide for yourself which one would be better for your business.

We chose to compare Siteground and Inmotion hosting because these are well-known names for web hosting. Both companies get your passion for reliable, fast sites and offer excellent speeds and hosting opportunities.

Having said that, we knew the Siteground vs. Inmotion hosting comparison would be a hard one, but we love challenges, so we did it anyway! Here are our results!

Straight upfront: InMotion is the winner of this contestable comparison. SiteGround lost the battle to InMotion, even though the two competitors are pretty well matched.

We compared SiteGround vs. InMotion hosting services in different areas, and the web hosting provider that did better and is the better all-around provider is InMotion. It beat SiteGround in terms of money-back guarantee, value for money, and provided features, especially disk space and free domain.

On the other hand, SiteGround scored higher regarding support and uptime. Moreover, SiteGround is clearly the better choice for WordPress hosting. Still, the InMotion hosting company excelled across the board with its wide range of plans and standout hosting features.

Both the InMotion hosting company and SiteGround hosting company have their strengths. As we already mentioned, SiteGround is the better choice for WordPress hosting, but it does not offer VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Both hosting companies use cPanel that is user-friendly and understandable, and both providers have quick response times and adequate customer support.

In the end, even though we concluded that InMotion wins this comparison, the hosting provider you will go with depends merely on your individual needs. So don’t stop reading to learn more about the offers, features, pros and cons, and customer support of the two hosting companies.

Pros & Cons of SiteGround and InMotion

Both SiteGround and InMotion offer great web hosting services. Each web hosting provider has its own strengths, though, and in the end, your choice should be based on your individual needs.

1.SiteGround Pros and Cons


SiteGroud is ideal for WordPress hosting. Moreover, this company is one of the top 3 WordPress hosting providers recommended by WordPress. Your website will also score really high in performance and uptime since the company guarantees 99.98% uptime. This is essential since all business owners want their site to be up and running all the time, but not all hosting providers can offer that.

Some other SiteGround Pros include:

  • Good customer support that is ready to help you 24/7 via live chat;
  • Free auto daily backups;
  • No hidden fees;
  • Free daily backups;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • SiteGround offers optimized Woo hosting;

When you own a website, and something wrong happens when you least expect it, having a web hosting provider that can help you immediately could literally be life-saving. That’s why we were so impressed by SiteGround!

Yes, they have reasonable hosting plans (not as cheap as the ones of other companies), but their excellent customer service is definitely the reason why so many people choose them as their web host.

The things people do not like about SiteGround, on the other hand, are:

  • Prices are higher than the ones offered by other website hosting companies, including InMotion;
  • Limited disk space (varies in different web hosting plans);
  • SiteGround has higher renewal costs.

Try Siteground hosting now!

2.InMotion Pros and Cons

Secure Fast Reliable InMotion Hosting

InMotion is the ideal website builder for all those who are not really sure how the whole process of owning a website works but want to learn! The company did not impress us that much with their customer support.

Still, the other hosting features it offered us definitely proved that it deserved to be considered one of the best web hosting companies on the market.

Here are the main advantages InMotion has to offer:

  • Unlimited disk space;
  • Free SSD storage;
  • Launch Assist that is included for free in VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Reseller hosting;
  • InMotion offers pro-grade power with 99.99% uptime and more speed;
  • InMotion has an unmatched 90-day money-back guarantee (valid for hosting plans that are at least 6 months long);
  • Free domain;
  • Free daily backups;

InMotion has 99.99% uptime (a percentage that shows how much time a server is running online and is actually up), whereas SiteGround has 99.98% uptime.

This is a vital factor to consider since we are sure you will want your website to be visible on the web for as long as possible.

Even though InMotion beats SiteGround in this field, InMotion still has a few disadvantages worth mentioning:

  • Unsuitable for Windows-specific hosting;
  • In a data center comparison, InMotion does not offer a global overlay that is as good as SiteGround’s.

SiteGround vs. InMotion: Pros and Cons – Verdict

The comparison “Siteground vs. InMotion Hosting: Pros and Cons” is surely not an easy one, but after we considered all of the things offered by the two web hosting companies, we concluded that InMotion wins this battle (still not the whole war, though, so keep on reading).

Both InMotion and SiteGround pay great attention to their customer service and server management. Still, Inmotion Hosting sells hard on the so-called ‘Max Speed Zone’ and perfectly combines top quality features with affordable prices.

Moreover, the unlimited disk space and free domain also nudge the company into first place. However, the results were close, so you should keep reading to see the situation in terms of ease of use, features, and performance.

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Features, Performance, & Ease of Use



Since SiteGround and InMotion are independent hosting providers, both companies are smaller than hosting giants such as HostGator and Bluehost. This, however, means that they pay even greater attention to their services and customer support.

Both web hosts realize that as a newbie, you would want to know exactly what you’re paying for. Moreover, both companies know that people want the perfect balance between price and performance, so they both try to offer affordable hosting plans with as many included features as possible.

There are five main elements, that all future and current site owners look for: free domain, free backup, control panel, disk space, unmetered transfer, and uptime. Both InMotion Hosting and Siteground hosting services offer them, but there are still slight differences, especially in web space and free domain.

The free domain is the most sought-after feature of all those we mentioned. This should not come as a surprise! The fact that SiteGround does not offer a free domain is a huge disadvantage. InMotion, on the other hand, offers free domain (except for their Lite shared hosting plan, which is also the cheapest one, and the Dedicated hosting plan.)

Both SiteGround and InMotion use the well-known cPanel for their interface. SiteGround has an enhanced interface with a few extra features that increase functionality and user-friendliness. In terms of uptime, 100% uptime is actually impossible, but both companies are really close to perfection and offer exceptional server reliability.

Aside from free domain and uptime, disk space is the other difference you will notice when comparing InMotion vs. SiteGround. Web space shows how much data a user can store on their web server. SiteGround’s StartUp plan features 10GB Web Space, whereas the GrowBig and GoGeek plans offer 20GB and 30GB.

When compared to SiteGround, InMotion definitely impressed us with the fact that it offered unlimited disk space. Moreover, all of the company’s plans include free SSD storage. You’re not sure what this is? Solid State Drive, or SSD for short, is 100% electronic and, therefore, more reliable and definitely speedier than normal hard drives.

For that reason, with InMotion hosting plans, your website will perform faster, and your visitors won’t lose precious time waiting for your website to load. SiteGround also offers SSD storage but only in their paid shared and cloud packages.

SSL is the other great acronym worth mentioning. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and ensures that all information users enter on your website is encrypted. Both SiteGround and InMotion offer free SSL certificates, showing visitors and search engines that your website can really be trusted.

SiteGroud vs. InMotion: Features – Verdict

Hosting giants really make the situation hard for web hosting providers like InMotion and SiteGround. For that reason, the two companies try really hard to offer amazing perks for their clients. InMotion, however, definitely steals the win with its unlimited disk space, free domain name, and more.

Even though we covered the most important features a web host needs to provide, each company has a lot more to offer, so make sure you visit their websites to read more about the full range of features they provide.

Which has Better WordPress Integration?

Well, considering the fact that WordPress powers over 30% of the whole Internet, it’s no wonder that most clients want their web hosting provider to offer WordPress hosting services. Luckily for you, most web hosting companies nowadays provide WordPress services. The problem is that not all of them are worth it.

So, how could you know if a hosting provider will really help your site grow? Well, the best way is to go straight to the source! WordPress themselves have made a list of the top three hosting providers with web hosting plans for WordPress sites, and guess what? SiteGround is one of them!

We are everything but surprised to hear that since SiteGround really offers a range of specialized features and we were very pleased with the WordPress hosting they offer. With just a one-click install and 24/7 expert support, managing your WordPress website is more than easy. Well, the managed updates and the various specialized features are also of great use!

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is really strict when it comes to security and protection. You can forget everything about hacks and other similar problems! The three packages for managed hosting for WordPress feature unmetered traffic, WordPress auto-updates, daily backup, and free SSL, CDN, and email.

InMotion also offers attractive WordPress hosting packages, including a free domain, free SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts. Like SiteGround, InMotion values their customers’ safety, so their packages include reliable hack protection and automatic updates. The company’s pre-install option is also useful as it means your website will be installed for you, and you will be ready to use it.

InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting

There’s a significant difference in the number of WordPress hosting packages the two companies offer. While SiteGround has just three price tiers, InMotion offers three different plans with 9 different options depending on their duration.

The cheapest SiteGround package for one year starts at $5.99 per month, whereas the cheapest InMotion offer starts at $6.99 per month. If you choose a package for 3 years, the cheapest one offered by InMotion starts at $4.99. For more info about the companies’ prices and offers, do not stop reading and check out our “Pricing and Value of Money” comparison!

SiteGround vs InMotion: WordPress Integration – Verdict

Well, we believe the answer here is obvious! While comparing “SiteGround vs. Inmotion hosting services in general” is difficult, in terms of WordPress hosting services, SiteGround definitely wins the battle!

Yes, the InMotion hosting company has excellent WordPress support to offer, but it just cannot knock SiteGround off the podium! And, having in mind that WordPress themselves claim that SiteGround is one of the best hosts for your WordPress sites, who are we to argue!

SiteGround & InMotion: Customer Support

It’s essential to use a web hosting service with customer support available 24/7. After all, it’s good to know there’s always someone to help you in case you need help, isn’t it? Both InMotion and SiteGround pride themselves on providing their users with the best possible customer support and service. So, let’s take a look at how precisely they do this!

  • InMotion Customer Support

What we like the most about InMotion is its straightforward, easy-to-use support center. You get clear links to tutorials, guides, and most importantly, helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs ).

Can you imagine that there’s also a youtube channel with video guides on how to do things? We mean, how cool is that! We also enjoyed the education channels, product guides, email, and website tutorials.

For those who are eager to get help, InMotion has competent support staff that can be reached via Skype, phone, and live chat. We say “competent” because each member of InMotion’s family has more than 160 hours of internal training and can quickly respond to all of your questions. The live chat and the phone are available 24/7/365.

  • SiteGround Customer Support

Web Hosting Services SiteGround

The range of support features SiteGround offers is similar to InMotion’s. The company’s knowledge base is simple, clean, and very easy to use. You get a search bar where you can type down a keyword or a question and search for an answer.

SiteGround also offers various sections with various help articles that you can browse through to find the needed information. If you still have a hard time finding what you want, you can always talk to an experienced operator via the phone number provided or via the 24/7 live chat.

Another thing we really like about the company’s support policies is their ticketing system. If you have a complex issue, you will immediately be directed to the company’s most advanced technicians over a 24/7 ticket support system. You will get a quick response within 15 minutes, and you won’t lose your precious time troubleshooting on your own.

SiteGround vs. InMotion: Help and Support – Verdict

Both SiteGround and InMotion pay a lot of attention to their support channels, and this is clear to anyone who visits their websites and decides to use their hosting services. When comparing InMotion hosting vs. Siteground hosting support services, it’s more than difficult to say which one is better.

Both hosting companies offer live customer support 24/7 and plenty of guides and tutorials that can help you solve your problems on your own. That’s why we concluded that there is no winner in the SiteGround vs. Inmotion comparison in terms of help and support.

SiteGround has excellent live customer service and a helpful ticketing system. Still, InMotion offers hundreds of articles, guides, and even YouTube videos. So, for this web hosting comparison, we can call it a draw!

Pricing & Value for Money

While neither SiteGround nor InMotion is the cheapest web hosting provider on the market, both companies still offer value for money and a wide range of free features included in their hosting packages. Let’s have a look at the companies’ prices and offers.

It’s important to mention that the prices we’ll be discussing last for your first term only. These monthly rates show the hosting companies’ initial discount prices for new users. After the first term, these prices will renew at the regular rate, so you must always check the renewal prices before deciding on a package and signing up.

  • Shared Hosting Plans

In terms of shared hosting, SiteGround has three shared hosting plans you can choose from, the cheapest one, the StartUp plan, starting at 5.99$ per month. For $9.99, you can get the GrowBig plan, which offers unlimited websites, 20 GB web space, and about 25. 000 visits monthly. As additional features here, you get on-demand backup copies, staging, speed-boosting caching, and add collaborators.

For $4 more, you can take advantage of the GoGeek plan that starts at 13.99$ per month and offers ultrafast PHP, white-label clients, staging+ git, priority support, 40 GB web space, and so much more. Keep in mind that if you own an average-sized blog or small personal or business website, the StartUp plan will be perfectly suitable for your needs.

Even though we really like the shared hosting plans offered by SiteGround, we just can’t deny that InMotion offers many more options, mainly because you get to choose if you want a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year plan.

The cheapest shared hosting plan offered by InMotion starts at $2.49 per month and is for a period of 3 years. The cheapest and most simple one-year plan starts at $4.99 per month, which is still cheaper than the one offered by SiteGround.

Another essential factor to consider is which company works out cheaper in the long run. To do that, we’ll have to look precisely at the renewal prices. Like most hosting providers out there, InMotion and SiteGround have attractive sales throughout the year. This is perfect for new clients since they will be able to get some discounts when signing up.

However, sales prices apply to your first term only! That means that when renewal time comes around, you will start paying the full price. For that reason, you must always check the regular price to avoid any surprise.

For example, InMotion’s cheapest shared hosting plan (for 3 years) renews at $9.99, whereas SiteGround’s StartUp plan renews at $12.99 per month. Respectively, when it comes to shared hosting plans, InMotion definitely offers better value for money.

  • WordPress Hosting

Well, we already came to the conclusion that SiteGround offers better WordPress service, and WordPress themselves have confirmed it! Still, let’s take a look at the plans and prices each company offers its clients.

The plans offered by SiteGround are just the same as their shared hosting packages. You get “StartUp,” “GrowBig,” and “GoGeek,” and they also start at the same prices ($5.99, $9.99, $13.99). All three plans have a free SSL certificate, unmetered traffic, WP-CLI and SSH, free CDN, and more.

InMotion hosting plans for WordPress once again depend on the duration of the package. If you choose the 3-year options, the cheapest WordPress plan starts at $4.99 per month, whereas for the 1-year options, the most affordable one starts at $6.99.

However, the most popular plan is the WP-2000S one, which, just like the others, includes a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and WordPress website Builder, but is also suitable for 50K monthly visitors and has 100 GB SSD storage.

  • Cloud Hosting

Both Inmotion hosting and SiteGround hosting companies offer cloud hosting that is worth the money. SiteGround has four different plans: Entry, Business, Business Plus, and Super Power. The first one is the cheapest, and it starts at $64 per month, whereas the “Super Power” package starts at $192.00 per month and offers premium server power.

InMotion’s Cloud Hosting Solutions platform is also very appealing. It offers different plans for agencies, applications, small businesses, and enterprises. Still, we would say that SiteGround’s suggestions are a bit better than InMotion’s. This, however, cannot be said when we talk about VPS hosting and dedicated hosting since SiteGround does not offer those two web hosting services.

  • Reseller Hosting

We have to mention Reseller hosting since nowadays, many people look precisely for this hosting service. So what does “Reseller hosting “mean? Well, basically, you pay a web host provider for space on their server and then find a third party to rent that space to.

SiteGround has three different Reseller plans: GrowBig, GoGeek, Cloud. The first one is also the cheapest and starts at $9.99 per month, renewing at $22.99. With this option, you get free WP installation and WP migrator plug-in, 20GB of web space, unlimited websites, and more.

If you want 40+ GB web space, you can opt for their third plan, Cloud, which starts at $64.00 per month and has plenty of additional features to die for.

InMotion’s Reseller plans are a bit more expensive, but the company once again offers various choices in terms of duration and features. The cheapest option you can take advantage of is a 2-year plan that starts at $15.39 per month and renews at $29.99.

We liked that you have a choice of extra hosting features and add-ons you can add in the end. This, of course, will affect your total cost.

SiteGround vs. InMotion: Pricing and Value for Money – Verdict

This pricing round was also contestable, but in the end, InMotion takes the point with its affordable hosting plans and great renewal costs. Both companies offer plans packed with various features, but SiteGround’s packages tend to be more expensive, and in the long-term, they are just not the right choice for all those who look for scalable, affordable hosting plans.

Moreover, SiteGround has a 30-day money-back guarantee, whereas InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. That means that you can try both without any financial fear, but InMotion is definitely more confident about how good they are… therefore, we are more confident about trying them as well.

Conclusion: InMotion Is Better Than SiteGround

Well, guys, the conclusion is obvious: InMotion is the overall winner! InMotion hosting offers come at great prices, and the company offers affordable renewal prices as well. Moreover, InMotion hosting offers include VPS hosting and dedicating hosting, which we cannot say about SiteGround.

Even though SiteGround is the more suitable choice for WordPress hosts, InMotion really shone in terms of features. With InMotion, you get a domain for free, plenty of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, and so much more.

SiteGround has proved to be a reliable choice when talking about security, support, and speed. The hosting provider has excellent customer help, with 24/7 live chat and experts ready to help you with all of your problems.

The same, however, can be said about InMotion, with the only difference that InMotion’s prices are considerably lower than SiteGrounds’. We cannot ignore this essential factor (nor can all users who want to get the best hosting provider)!

The “war” between SiteGround and InMotion was a pretty fierce one, and it is obvious that both of these independent providers deserve to be called two of the best hosting companies out there.

SiteGround pays great attention to providing its customers with safe, consistent hosting, and that is especially obvious in its high-quality technical standards and customer help.

On the contrary, InMotion hosting company focuses mainly on giving its customers free perks and an impressive range of features that will boost their sites to the maximum (and, as we already said a couple of times, the company just has better value for money!)

Both web host providers show that you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money to get high-quality services. As one could expect, which provider you choose will be based on your personal needs and preferences.

If you need a provider for your WordPress site, SiteGround will be the better choice since it is an officially recommended provider.

If you look for the best VPS hosting or shared hosting on the market accompanied by numerous features and free perks, then InMotion website builder is the best choice you could make! With InMotion and its 90-day money-back guarantee, your site will undoubtedly be in good hands, so do not hesitate and give it a try!

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