8 SEO Statistics for 2023

Like water is to a living organism, SEO is to a website. Do you wonder why you don’t appear on the first page of Google search results after writing high-quality content and publishing it on your website regularly?

You miss applying the SEO statistics that boost your page and land it in the first five search results.

These magical statistics will impact your business for the good and make it the highly searched website of the year. Before proceeding, let’s get to know what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an optimizing process that you practice to increase your web page’s quality so that massive amounts of traffic are attracted. The more traffic, the more ranking you will get.

This optimization enhances the content quality and increases the number of people visiting your website through organic search engine results.

To expand your business organically, SEO helps a lot. You have to optimize your page accordingly and let Google do its job while you sit back and relax. So are you ready to know the SEO statistics for 2023? If yes, then let’s get going.

Top 8 SEO Statistics

Listed below are the 8 website SEO statistics that you need to know. Let’s see how these SEO stats can be incorporated into your website.

General SEO Statistics

To know SEO deeply and apply it to your site, it is crucial to know the general statistics. To be a master and conquer the digital marketing platform, you need to abide by Google’s rules. The reason is that Google is the most preferred of all the search engines and accounts for 75% of the total traffic.

Brightedge says that 68% of the online experience of any person starts with a search engine. Since search engines are the primary searching sites, many people visit these sites and form 92.96% of the total website traffic.

This traffic then gets bifurcated. Some traffic goes to paid searches, while the other part goes for organic search results. It is estimated that 53.3% of the website traffic comes from desktop search traffic for organic searches.

Social media is also left behind after Search Engine Optimization has existed. It is said that 61% of marketers use SEO to get success in their online business, and it brings 1000%+ organic traffic than social media.

How to use it?

You can use search engines like Yahoo, Bing, or Baidu to gain traffic, but the companies that rank the highest in Google search results do more business and gain more web traffic. If you rank #1 in Google’s search results, you are likely to get 37.1% CTR.

To apply this, try to incorporate long-tail keywords in your content. Long Tail keywords attract more search traffic and help you rank better because 50% of all the search query was made by people who searched for long words. Using them, you will get hold of more customers, and the chances of them visiting your site will increase.

Use google search console because it tells you about what the people are currently searching for to optimize your web page accordingly. Google is the most effective and powerful search engine; no other search engine can match its power. So, stay updated and search for Google search algorithm updates regularly to expand your services and come in the spotlight.

Google SEO Statistics for Ranking

According to Ahrefs, only 5.7% of pages published in Google get to the top 10 search results within a year of their publication. To get into the top 10 organic search results, you need to put a lot of effort. Google uses more than 200 different factors to rank the pages on its site. They don’t reveal the mystery behind this ranking procedure but using Google SEO stats is one.

Andrey Lipattsev says that quality content and link-building form an excellent combination and rank your page higher. You can attract more internet users and expand your businesses through content marketing strategy.

After this part is done, sharing your content with others, and building trustworthy links helps reach the target audience and boost your ranking.

A case study revealed that the first five organic search results on the first page of Google Search results contribute around 67.60% of the entire clicks. Besides, 56% of all the online businesses invest some amount of their market budget for building links. This investment helps them in getting more audience than what is expected from PPC advertising.

How to use it?

The competition is too high, and everyone has to be highly creative to meet the level. However, some tricks can help you get to the top position if you do it correctly.

Almost every business has a marketing strategy and so to reach more audiences and grow their enterprise, they invest 41% of their entire budget on Search Engine Statistics. You should also invest your money, time, and effort to get more organic traffic.

Secondly, opt for an organic SEO strategy rather than a paid ones. Since 70% of clicks go on the organic search results while only 30% of the traffic clicks on AdWords. You can also rank top in the google searches using long-tail keywords since many visitors’ search queries consist of long word searches.

You need to get more customers to rank higher, who come only if they find you trustworthy and genuine. Online Social reviews from Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, etc. boost the number of visitors visiting your site.

Link building and quality content take you to your desired position, and content length also plays a significant role. 57% of marketers that one should develop on-page content of a minimum length of 2416 words. This specification is the most effective SEO strategy.

Backlinks SEO Statistics

According to Google, they rank the pages considering the number of backlinks. It is found that 66.31% of all the existing web pages don’t have backlinks, so they don’t rank up. You will be surprised to know that a well-established web page gets backlinks from new sites at a speed of +5% – 14.5% per month.

So, you see how important it is to get backlinks? The more backlinks a page receives, the more organic traffic it gets because by having more backlinks, its ranking increases organically without any paid advertisements. SEO Facts and Stats show that the pages without any backlinks don’t attract an organic audience and hence fail to rank higher on Google searches.

How to use it?

Google ranks the pages higher depending on the number of backlinks they have, so they appear on the first page. The more backlinks your website has, the more traffic you can expect from Google to land on your website. Hence, you only need to increase the number of links on your website.

Ahrefs says 43.7% of all the pages ranking on the top consist of reciprocal links. This type of linking helps increase the number of backlinks on your site because the sites you link to also reciprocate you by linking your site on their sites.

All you need to do is write relevant and appealing content with a word count of more than 2000 words in a detailed manner. This long article will increase your traffic and conversion rates because your audience will get much information from your site. 

After getting what they want, all the customers, leaders, and the audience will reward you for your work and the effort you made by linking your page on their website. This linking will help you increase your ranking and the number of backlinks.

Local SEO Statistics

While digital marketing is at its peak, the worst sufferers are the local businesses, who have been struck hard. Google came on the forefront for their rescue and allowed the local business to compete against other businesses on the same strata and get hold of a lucrative audience.

In July 2014, when Google launched its initiative to help the small businesses. The SEO services they initiated for helping them are collectively known as ‘Pigeon.’

With this marketing initiative, Google gave preference to the businesses closely associated with the users at the ground level. It helped many people who own a not-so-established local business and struggle hard to earn their bread and butter.

After this highly helpful initiative, these businesses are on the local search engine results’ pages. Local SEO is the most effective method to attract customers to your company and provide them with what they want.

A survey revealed that around 72% of people who carried out a Google search visited a store within 8kilometres of their current location with organic results.

The story doesn’t end here! 46% of all the searches done worldwide showed the results of Local SEO intent, and 28% of them result in a purchase. This shows how much Google is emphasizing on every local company. Also, 76% of the local searches done lead to offline payments and conversion, which is incredible.

How to use it?

If you own a local company and want to expand it to compete with your local competitors and create a benchmark, Local Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. Opt for this SEO strategy and grow your business.

Since many people do local searches to find the nearest local shop and purchase items from there, there are more prospects for you to increase your sales and converts.

Ensure that you are being seen on the search result by the customers around you. Besides, understand their needs and provide quick solutions so they keep coming back.

This statistic is beneficial because 45% of the smartphone searches are done to shop online and then pick the parcel from the store.

Since people do regular local searches, your chances increase of enhancing your conversion rate. Be creative with your work and apply the stats to allure them to your brick and mortar store and get them converted offline.

Marketing is crucial when you own local enterprises. Hence, ensure that you leave no stones unturned to do the best possible marketing of your brand name.

Mobile SEO Statistics

Nowadays, the number of smartphone users has considerably increased due to the ease of access to the internet and high accessibility. People prefer to make their purchases on a mobile device while on the move. It saves their time and also doesn’t confine them to a particular space.

Undeniably, mobile SEO has become a crucial aspect and part of SEO statistics. According to Statista, out of all the website traffic all around the world, 52.2% comes from a mobile device. Since many people use smartphones these days, mobile searches are more compared to desktops.

Since an individual’s online journey begin with a search engine, another stat revealed that 51% of all smartphone users came across a new website name while making a mobile search on their mobile devices. A mobile search holds more significance than a desktop search, and this importance demands that mobile-friendly websites be designed.

More than 30% of people search queries on their mobile devices before visiting any brick and mortar store. At the same time, 43% of people use mobile search results to purchase any product in any store while physically present.

How to use it?

First and foremost, you should have a website optimized for mobile devices. You need to know that if your website ranks on the first position on mobile, you are likely to reach 27.7% clicks, while the same position on a desktop will fetch only 19.3% likes. Besides, 60% of Google searches are done on smartphones, tablets, etc.

Since many people use smartphones and are quite acquainted with them, a mobile-optimized website enables them to search quickly and get the desired information. Also, ensure that your page’s speed is fast. If not so, you will see a drop in visitors up to 20%, even if your page makes a 1-second delay.

Local marketers use mobile-optimization to reach their customers effortlessly and expand their services. However, you should not only restrict yourself to small-screened devices. Through mobile-optimized websites attract more traffic, the conversion rates are less. To gain both audience and higher conversion rates, optimize your website such that it is available on both gadgets.

Voice Search SEO statistics

The entire world is heading towards a technology-driven world, and SEO is no exception to that. Everyone has become so tech-savvy that they only want to use technology for everything they do.

All the gadgets are equipped with voice sensing technology, which has reduced your tasks significantly. You have to utter the words, ‘lights on please’ and there you go. No need to get up and switch on the light, you say it, and it switches on.

Stats indicate that 50% of all the search engines out there are getting equipped with voice searches. Devices like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, etc. are all equipped with voice searches. SEO experts say that 40.7% of voice search results come from a unique program known as a featured snippet.

How to use it?

Since most of the searches are done on smartphones and tablets, and the voice recognition search trend is on the rise, you must optimize your website accordingly to offer a better user experience to your customers.

Most of the mobile searches on Google are done using voice to deal with all the mobile queries. The maximum length of a standard voice search result is only 29 words. Simultaneously, the reading level of a voice search result on average is 9th grade, meaning that most of the population can benefit from this feature.

It is not surprising that 27% of people have already started using voice search on Google to conduct their searches effortlessly. So, to grow your brand’s name and get it a good ranking, incorporate voice search on your website and let people use their voice to search for their favorite product on Google.

Content Marketing SEO Stats

Contents and Blog Posts are the king of SEO and will continue to be. Many SEO experts argue on the best Search engine marketing, but all agree when it comes to content. They say that if any content is relevant and gives its readers the desired information, it will undeniably improve its ranking and land it on Page 1 of Google.

They also believe that content creation, in any form, be it a blog post or a magazine article, creates a natural and informative way to generate backlinks and increase rankings. It also improves the indexation rates, which is as massive as 434%.

These drastic changes in the rates happen because Google loves upgraded websites. So it increases your chances to get organic traffic by as much as 106% if you regularly update and republish your old blog post.

Marketers also expand their search engine market by using other SEO strategies, including appropriate keywords, backlinks, referring domains, etc.

How to use it?

To increase your search engine market share, carry out relevant keyword searches to find the keyword used in your content. Try to use long-tail keywords because they have a CTR of 3% to 5%. Next, update your blog content regularly to keep Google updated about your organic presence and increase your Google s search page result and bring your website to page 1.

Also, don’t forget to include a headline in your content because 36% of SEO users believe that using a title tag is crucial because it lets Google know what you are writing about and find it easily. Don’t forget to include a title tag in your article and increase your website’s searches.

Social Media Marketing SEO Stats

Everyone worldwide is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. You name the platform, and millions of people will be present there. You will get more shoppers on this platform than on any other platform.

However, these links are not as useful as backlinks but still help you get more Google searches and audience and provide an opportunity to make a big brand name.

How to use it?

As stated above, everyone uses a smartphone with facebook or Instagram installed on it. So, you can target your audience by advertising your brand through it. Since mobile searches are on the trend, the audience will see your website and instantly start its search.

Also, Google is the number 1 searching platform, so it experiences 3. 5 billion searches per day. Now you may guess how many customers you can gain per month. 3. 5 billion searches in a day mean that your chances of increasing your page rank on Google increase multi-fold.

All you need to do is design your web page well and use voice search options to resolve the search queries. After you have used these SEO statistics, you will have innumerable customers visiting your website through Google, which will be hard for you to tackle.

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