The Best Real Estate Website Builders of 2021

We have collected information about the top five platforms to have all the relevant information for creating your website for a portfolio of other properties. Such platforms help you create a website for personal property-related material, bringing the best in your website so that it can look all the more professional.

If you are seeking a website for the builders for the website, we have tested all these websites for the perfect features which are required by the buyers across the whole network. These websites have been selected in terms of brokerage, team, and efficiency.

 Website Builder for real estate:

  • Squarespace: This is said to be the best real estate website builder for all the small member websites.
  • Duda:  The company provides us with the best templates pre-integrated with the IDX/MLS with the IDX broker.
  • Wix: This is best known for its ease of use with the IDX broker.
  • Weebly: This website builder may be cheap, but it might cost you some valuable features.
  • Strikingly: This is the best real estate website for one-page and specific location sites.

While choosing the best five real estate website builders for the real geeks, Squarespace came out to be amongst the top-rated real estate website quite surprisingly.

This platform requires excellent design for its customers, and it has excelled above par on this platform. We seamlessly love all the templates that they are offering. The strong point also included the incredible features for real geeks provided by them, which comprise many ways to nurture leads and capture an MLS integration that is pain-free.


This is known to be amongst the best real estate website builders. These real estate agents are known with the power of how to imbibe a good impression, and this is what is brought forth by Squarespace. This is a unique feature for real geeks, which we didn’t find in other real estate professionals.

While you are working along with the curated selection of the brilliantly designed templates, no one could ever guess that your site could have been made in a DIY way. The price for the real estate websites is $12-$18 per month.

Read our full Squarespace review


  • They provide the users with remarkable designs that make it easy to build highly professional-looking real estate websites that can also add images in the front and center.
  • The excellent site provides us with stunning in-built features.
  • They also comprise a detailed in-house guide, which can help you further add IDX integration.


  • These website builders are not that intuitive as compared to all the other platforms for the real geeks.
  • They provide the users with a small portfolio for the templates.


Duda is said to provide the users with the best templates pre-integrated with the IDX/MLS. It is the platform for the website builder and is used by web designers.

To enhance the production of beautiful designs, they deliver unique templates as well. Duda estate website builder is straightforward to use and is available with the pre-integrated IDX. The Duda provides many incredible features, but they are all available for expensive plans. The price of the plans for the Duda is at custom $14.


  • It can provide the users with unique designs along with a robust template to suit the website.
  • The Duda estate website is straightforward to use.
  • The website can easily be integrated with the IDX, which involves the plan with the higher tier and the technical knowledge.


  • Duda was not rated to be a value for money service as many unique features can be provided by the Duda, but they are all available in the expensive only.
  • The parts are rated for sub-par marketing.


Wix has been included in our list of the best real estate website builder for its ease of use. Wix is known to be very versatile and is very simple to use the tool. It can offer a vast selection of templates designed professionally to be chosen to work with the websites and the broad app market, which is of a wide range along with the added functionality with the extra features for the website builder.


  • This is the most preferred website builder by the users after testing all the other real estate sites.
  • The customization can also be quickly done with the help of Wix’s drag and drop tools.
  • They provide the users with the incredible 500 templates in which there are at least 16 perfect templates for the real estate sites.


  • The users cannot change their template design after the website has gone live.
  • The IDX provided by them is not that easy to use, as in the case of Squarespace.


Weebly is a cheap website builder, although available at a low rate, but it lacks the main features that are otherwise necessary. On this list for building a website, Weebly is amongst the top-rated cheapest site that provides plans for just $6 per month.

The search engine optimization or the SEO features offered by them are robust and reliable, and for the same reason, we highly recommend it for all small businesses. But there are a few drawbacks also, like the templates provided by them are a little outdated.

As compared to Wix and Squarespace, Weebly cannot deliver as beautiful websites as they did. The price range for the Weebly is from $0-$26 per month.


  • It provides us with excellent SEO capabilities and optimum support.
  • The Weebly is straightforward to use and can be easily set up.


  • They provide a limited scope for customization.
  • As compared to their competitors, the templates provided by them are somewhat outdated.


This website-building website is the best in the market for all the one-page location sites. In terms of making sleek, Strikingly is excelling above par amongst the one-page websites. It is not likely to be suited for all real estate website builders. However, it can be useful while making a simpler site that can support all the websites to sell their property. The price range offered by them is $8-$49 per month.


  • This is amongst the fastest ways to set up websites.
  • Strikingly can be easily used.


  • It doesn’t provide chances for any customization above the auto-generated design.
  • The features do not deliver much depth and quality for all the website builders.
  • For integrating the IDX with the strikingly, they have not provided any instructions.

Other real estate Website builders

We discussed five top-rated websites in detail from our aspect in the winning real estate website builder list.

Next, we have discussed some big names of the real estate websites that did not enter our list for the top-rated website builder despite being well known and entirely famous. But we still consider them as they need to have certain useful features too and also we will explain what these real estate agencies lack.


Placester is a famous and determined real estate website builder and is inclusive of various features that can help grow your business. They will provide you with an appropriate real estate template and will also save you from the trouble of manually integrating the IDX.

Placester delivers website design for the big real estate website but for delivering such features, and it has sacrificed so much in terms of ease of use. The customer support team assists you with the complex process of creating a real estate agency. There are reviews related to the glitch, and it is a bit outdated.


Intagent is also rich with marketing features, but it is outdated so that it couldn’t make up то the top five list for the same reason. It offers users a web design package. This site can provide you with appropriate features if you seek to outsource your site’s original online presence. Their prices have been in the exact amount of $29.95 per month for the whole package.


In the arena of content management systems, WordPress is known to have a huge name. Although it is not a website builder and its working is also very different from other platforms. It is a system for the management of content.

WordPress is a robust platform that includes tools like customization. During the use of such websites, you might face difficulty at WordPress while building a real estate business if you are not a web designer or marketer. WordPress’s platform is inspiring and delivers the users with a vast amount of opportunities to explore the property website platform nicely.

You can consider having exposure to this side if you have enough funds to hire a web developer.

How to choose the best Real estate website, Builder

In the list mentioned above, we discussed the real estate website builders, which are very sturdy real estate agents. It would be best to consider specific criteria when looking for the perfect real estate agent business plan.

Access to IDX listings and the MLS

If you work as a real estate agent, you might have an idea of being the IDX broker and how the IDX broker has access to the IDX broker platform and can choose all the deals on the platform through the MLS help. The lead capture and the venues for the IDX are the main reason for the escalating number of lead generation in the listings for real estate buyers.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

For establishing your business, you require that people who do not know the real estate business and the agent website to find you easily. They can find you via Google or the other social media integration platforms. You also require robust SEO support so that the people who are using these social media platforms to locate you can find you beyond the first few results.

Lead capture and nurture

In lead generation, when a person visits your site and they are interested in any of your properties. You are in crucial need of a website builder inclusive of the booking forms, customized further. For lead capture, the users can take the next step to be provided with viewing the site.

If you do not feel that your property is of the correct type, then along with the email marketing tools’ help, you can plan campaigns to keep all of them in a loop. So they will be in contact with you whenever you come up with new properties that can be of their criteria for lead generation.

Help and support

There is no use to be delivered with brilliant features like the free domain name, email marketing, open plan, high-value third-party apps with a fee, live chat, etc. If you are not provided with optimum customer support, which is very necessary if the home buyers are facing any issue which they are unable to resolve. Then no one comes for their resolve.

It is essential to support a support team for the best overall real estate sale apart from all the CMS platforms like WordPress. This is a quality that the buyers often miss for the easy-to-use site, and they don’t even realize how essential it is unless they encounter a vast issue that fails to be resolved.

Best Website Builder for real estate: Summary

We have covered every point of information necessary to provide our users with the top-rated business platforms for real estate. One can distinguish that all these platforms can offer different features as per the user’s requirement.

Until now, you must have got the idea and information to choose the website that is perfect for you without any fee for the trials. We have a quick recap for your comfort and ease about ranking the top-rated platforms and the strength that makes them top our list.

5 Best Website Builders for real estate

Given below are the top website builders that are fully capable of managing real estate websites in the best way possible.

  1. Squarespace: This is the best platform for all small businesses.
  2. Duda: It provides the users with awesome templates along with the IDX/MLS integrated sources.
  3. Wix: In terms of ease of use, this is the best.
  4.  Weebly: It is cheap but does not provide the necessary features at low rates.
  5. Strikingly: For the one-page location sites and the simplicity, strikingly is the best.  

The Final Words

Now that you are known with all the necessary knowledge about each of the platforms and the team, the only thing left to be done by you is to build your website. There is another platform for the content management system which is for the national association of realtors, which is of low price.

These website builders provide their buyers with a free plan so that for the trial reason, you can have the benefit and see for yourself about the working of the website builder platform with team and profile without any fee. These websites have the best customizing tools so that one can promote their business. It’s time to choose the best one for your real estate business website.

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