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Having a good podcast site is the best way to popularize your podcast and help your audience know more about the podcast. Now, a general consensus is that making a website isn’t easy. So, what do podcasters do to get podcast websites? They can’t work on their podcast and handle the web development part at the same time. They rely on popular website designing platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace.

Platforms such as Squarespace take care of hosting and maintaining podcast websites and allow hosts to focus on their podcast content. Having an RSS feed is essential if you want to put your podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts. These platforms take care of RSS feeds as well. They also integrate with your social media ids.

Now that you know what resources to use and create podcast websites, you might be looking for inspiration sources. So, here are some of the most popular podcast websites made using the most popular tools. All these are websites, created by artists who have little to no knowledge about the process of web development. Still, they look fantastic and offer amazing content.

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Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Duncan Trussell is a popular host who presents comedy audiocasts where he also discusses spirituality and debatable topics such as the afterlife, rebirth, etc. His website is made using Squarespace.

The website is excellently crafted and has a clean and professional look. It offers the listeners details about episodes, news and features a store section.

The Friday Habit

The Friday Habit Podcast

The Friday Habit is another website designed using Squarespace. It is a system that aims to help entrepreneurs grow their business by participating in the podcast on Fridays.

The website has a minimalistic design and offers a few interesting features, such as a free guide and workbook.

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Dallas Tylor started Twenty Thousand Hertz to provide podcast episodes on music and its impact on brands. He has years of experience in the digital sound industry and tries to share it with his listeners through his audio casts.

The website allows you to know more about his project, provides the episode list, and features a store.

The Beerists

The Beerists

If you are a beer lover, you would love this podcast page. The creator talks about 5 different types of beers every week. You get options to listen to the podcast, go through the archives and FAQ section, and know more about the best beers brand in the world.

The Collective Podcast

The Collective Podcast

The podcast host, Ash Thorp, discusses life and balancing work and your creativity in his show. He designs episodes that educate and entertain his audience at the same time. The website has a simple and elegant design, which makes it easy to navigate and load quickly.

Bandrew Says Podcast

Bandrew Says Podcast

In his show, Bandrew Scott discusses the latest YouTube, Social Media, and Streaming news. He is also the creator of Podcastage, a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers and more than 25 million views.

He created his website using Podcastpage. The website has a classy look and provides all the important details you might want about Bandrew’s podcast.

The NewsWorthy

The NewsWorthy

If you want an upbeat and no-nonsense podcast related to news, this is the place to go. The website is made using Squarespace and is popular for its short and interesting news podcast episodes.

The website features a cool design and offers all the details that you might want at the front. It loads pretty quickly and works well on different platforms.

Essie’s Hour of Love

Essie’s Hour of Love

Here is another simplistic yet elegant website made using Squarespace. The website is perfect for folks interested in romance and how it plays a vital role in our lives.

The website offers podcast episodes and other essential features related to the podcast to visitors.

Congratulations with Chris D’Elia

Congratulations with Chris D Elia

The podcast host, Chris, is a comedian and a popular YouTuber. In his audio casts, he talks about the random things that he observes around him. He created his website using Squarespace, and it looks elegant, thanks to the minimalistic design. Still, it offers all the necessary information that a visitor might want to access.

The West Wing Weekly

The West Wing Weekly

This website, made for the podcast focused on the hit TV show The West Wing, is owned by Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina. The weekly episode focuses on the discussion about the TV program.

The website was made using Squarespace, and it allows you to easily access and play the podcast recording with the help of the built-in audio player. The index lets you choose the episode you want to play in a matter of seconds.

Angle Magazine

Angle Magazine Showcasing

Angle Magazine is made by Philip Brett & Joshua Hanlin. The podcast and website focus on artists in Southern Korea, especially the musicians and dancers from pop culture and hip hop.

The Squarespace website looks classy and is easy to access and navigate. The episodes are easy to locate and play. It is one of the best podcast websites on Korean pop culture.

DJ Rahdu

DJ Rahdu

DJ Rahdu started his podcast and website for folks interested in soulful hip hop and R&B. He has worked on Throwback Lunch & Classic Hip Hop Show mixing beats. After his success, DJ Rahdu came up with the idea to launch an audio cast to discuss music and interviews with popular musicians in his regular episodes.

The website offers visitors access to DJ Rahdu’s blog, mixes, and deck (an audio player).

Megan Batoon

megan batoon

Megan Batoon has the best audio cast platform that is fun, colorful, and full of energy. The website offers access to the discussion sections, videos, episodes list, and everything else, such as tips on different topics, humor, and agony, all to help you learn something new.


Freakonomics The hidden side of everything

This website is made by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt. The duo talks about books and lectures related to education, economics, healthcare, and other related fields. The website is full of juicy information presented entertainingly.

5 Minutes in Church History

5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols

On this website, Dr. Stephen Nichols talks about Christianity and the history of one of the world’s biggest religions. He discusses Christianity to help others understand religion better and impart the teachings in their lives.

The website has an impressive design despite a minimalistic approach. It offers sections related to books and episodes along with other relevant information.


Q. Do you need a podcast site?

A. At times, people might want to know more about your audio cast, but they won’t find all the relevant information in the same location. A dedicated website allows you to agglomerate the information such as timings, archives, etc., in the same place for easy access.

Q. Where can I listen to podcasts?

A. Most popular artists host their shows on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbeans, Simplecast, etc. These platforms offer different options; presenters and visitors might want to check them out before committing to them. For hosting on platforms of a certain brand, you need an RSS feed.

Q. How do you create a podcast website?

A. The process of creating such a website is fairly simple. To get started, you need to visit a website such as WordPress or Squarespace. These platforms offer all the necessary tools to help you set up your website in minutes. You might want to review some of the examples in this article to know more about designing and managing such a website.


Having an audio cast is a great way to discuss different topics and interact with visitors. Many platforms offer audio cast hosting opportunities, and many successful people host them regularly. Creating awareness about their show is necessary for newcomers, and having a website dedicated to your podcast helps a lot.

In this article, we gave you examples of some of the best podcast sites around the world. We hope the examples offer you everything needed to create your audio cast. Feel free to go through them to get inspiration to create your own website.

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