PageCloud Website Builder: A Comprehensive Review

Do you get infuriated with restrictions from website builders like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal? Then PageCloud is all you need to create an awesome website.

It is an inbuilt drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create a user-friendly and stunning website. You do not need any coding skills or knowledge to use this build. It’s a recent addition to the vastly competitive site-building market. 

As the best drag-and-drop site maker globally, PageCloud comes with many drag-and-drop options. This post highlights the pros and cons of PageCloud and everything you need to know.


  • An ultra-intuitive editing system that is easy to use for every user since no coding skills are needed
  • It comes with a free trial and a range of affordable rates
  • It will help you grow and promote your small business since it has a vast suite of eCommerce alternatives to pick from
  • A wide-ranging selection of stunningly designed templates that can be adjusted to fit your business’ requirements
  • It offers an enormous scope of personalization
  • Allows up to three individuals to work on a website at the same time


  • Costly for an individual to create a simple website since you must buy a plan to build even a basic site
  • Templates are not mobile responsive
  • You must set up an account with a third party website to install many add-ons

Ease of Use

Building a website using this builder is very fast. You only need to autofill your email, create a passcode, and pick the primary goal of creating the website.

Creating Your Website

As we stated above, PageCloud is a great drag-and-drop site builder. You can pick up some elements like buttons, texts, or images and drag them to any place you want them to be on the page. It’s easy enough for people with no coding knowledge to use, and it allows three people to edit on the website simultaneously, all using independent login details. This is one of the benefits for your team and business.

When building the website, valuable videos will pop up on the side to help you in every step. Another thing you will love is the list of steps required to create and publish your website. This is situated on the dashboard and has a percentage that indicates your progress.

One part that tends to be time-consuming is the installation of additional apps. Otherwise, everything else is easy and fast to complete.

Template Design and Customization

PageCloud provides a curated collection of more than 40 templates grouped by purpose and profession. While this may seem like a small quantity compared to the more than 500 that Wix provides, PageCloud offers real quality.

The themes are cool, well-designed, sleek, and modern. With superior quality design and flexibility, consider PageCloud as a great medium between Wix and Squarespace.

Customizing Your Site

Something you’ll like about this platform is the wide scope for budding designers and creatives to get glued in deep customization. It also features a lot of superficial stuff.

If you are a Photoshop guru, you can make several layers and copy and paste them to the website. 

With PageCloud Pro, a confident coder can open the web inspector and change the page’s code. While Wix provides the same service, this is impressive and progressive stuff for small website builders.

There is a saying that “with great flexibility comes great responsibility.” Since the templates offer unmatched flexibility, you should be careful when using this builder, especially in the customization phase. Additionally, even though there is no restriction to what you can personalize, there is always a limit on the ways to customize it.

PageCloud requires a desktop browser to edit a website since the technology used isn’t available in mobile OS. However, they intend to expand the alternative and allow website editing from a smartphone as the mobile operating system grows. 

Making a Mobile Version

The builder’s templates are not automatically mobile responsive. You must create a mobile-specific version of every page by switching on the available options in the settings.

Website templates in their original format will condense into mobile-friendly versions. However, you might need to resize some parts to fit well. If you have changed the size of the elements on the page, you must fiddle with the mobile version since it won’t adjust automatically.

You have the freedom to make the mobile version of the website look how you want. 

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Websites built by PageCloud look beautiful. At the same time, it also offers high-quality features to help you build a responsive site.

PageCloud has a vast list of app integrations, including big brands such as Shopify, Vimeo, and MailChimp. You can also request integration if you don’t see your preferred brand, proving the system’s commitment to change.

If you want to embed forms on the website, you are on the right footing. The platform offers various form types, reviews, form contests, newsletters, and estimates. The most exciting part is that they’re fully customizable.

Adding a blog to your site isn’t an easy task, though. You will need to have an existing blog on a different platform. Import your existing blog and embed it onto the PageCloud website. The process can be frustrating, and the common theme found in the apps and integration requires you to create an account with the third-party website.

Additionally, embedding them is not as easy as the one-click install feature on some of the best website builders. However, it’s a great bonus for you since all the apps and integrations are included in the main price.

Help and Support

Maybe you are a small business owner aspiring to increase your live reviews. If the business website experiences some downtime, you will be stressed, affecting productivity.

The moment you call customer support, be sure to receive a useful and well-timed reply. You can quickly tell it was crafted by a human brain, which is beautiful.

You can receive overwhelming support from PageCloud through email or get help in its collection of Help Articles.


PageCloud offers you a 14-day free trial once you create an account with them. Nevertheless, you’ll need to buy a premium plan option to publish your site. It is vital to know the features of all the plans so you can get the most out of PageCloud.

Here is an analysis of PageCloud’s pricing packages. You’ll have a clear idea of what the builder costs at each level, together with the benefits and features to expect from each, so that you can choose the right package for your business needs.

Let’s find out!

Small Business Plan

The small business package starts at $19 per month when billed yearly. You can opt for the $24 per month that is billed monthly. The plan is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build a functional and effective website.

PageCloud Business Plan

This is the most popular plan. It starts at $29 per month when billed yearly. With this, you will save up to $120 annually compared to when billed at $39 per month. The plan is ideal for individuals with larger businesses, bigger teams, and high client volume.

PageCloud Pro Plan

This plan can be billed yearly at $58 a month or monthly at $85. Yearly billing will save you up to $180 every year. A PageCloud pro plan is an ideal option for marketing companies and teams. It is also perfect for freelancers and individuals seeking to represent several companies or accommodate a higher volume of visitors.

PageCloud Ecommerce Plans

On top of its site-building options, PageCloud includes a range of e-commerce plans to choose from. This will help you market and sell your products and services online via your polished online store. Each plan comprises the corresponding site building package at no extra cost.

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The Starter Plan

This package features everything available in the small business plan. It is priced at $29 per month when you pay yearly. You can opt for the monthly billing that is priced at $39. The starter PageCloud plan is ideal for owners of start-up businesses and those who want to sell limited retail selections.

PageCloud Advanced Plan

People who buy the advanced plan can opt for monthly billing at $69. However, you can save up to $240 every year by choosing the annual billing plan for $49 a month. This is a perfect option for anyone with a big retail store and business owner who wants to integrate across various platforms while having a high-performance and polished site.

PageCloud Unlimited Plan

With this plan, you can opt for the monthly billing priced at $99 or the annual billing priced at $89. The plan is ideal for corporate structures with several subsidiaries, business collectives, and agencies with high volume and high traffic.

Who Would We Recommend PageCloud For?

PageCloud website builder comes with stylish templates, and it’s one of the most affordable options for e-commerce. For instance, if you are an artist looking for a perfectly designed site to market your art and sell some products, PageCloud will work well. 

As a small business owner, having a chance to utilize three logins for the same website is a great plus and might justify its high costs.

Our Verdict

Do you want to know what we think of this website builder and who should use it?

Here is a recap of our findings after using the platform:

Ease of use

Simplicity is a great benefit of using PageCloud website builder. With the drag and drop feature, you can easily add or remove any content effortlessly. The editing suite layout is intuitive, with easy-to-navigate icons and labels that do not make you feel overwhelmed by the many options.

This builder is the best option for first-time web designers who don’t want to bypass a fully decked website design suit and want to create a site for their business painlessly and quickly. PageCloud is one of the best website-building platforms that offer all the tools you’ll need to create a beautiful, high-performance website.

Since you can change anything on PageCloud, we think it’s effortless to use.

Template design and customization

The platform has silky templates and a lot of scope for meaningful customizations that are more than ordinary drag and drop. Mobile responsiveness is a problem that needs to be solved, though. You cannot edit your website on the go.


PageCloud comes with a great collection of apps, but not all are part of the website builder. You’ll have to build an account with a third-party service provider and then embed the code. It is somewhat long-winded and can get costly based on your needs.

Help and support

This website builder provides several helpful video clips to help you during the site creation procedure. While the support team is knowledgeable, the live chat reply time might be slow.


PageCloud is costly if you are building a simple website. The price is competitive if you are planning to sell products and install many other apps.

Final Word

PageCloud is a user-friendly web-building platform that allows you to design a visually beautiful and high-performance site without any coding skills or experience.

While it is not flexible like other website builders in terms of customization, the winning card is that the editing suite is user-friendly for anyone without prior design skills and experience. Besides, you will not feel displaced in a pool of alternatives that you do not know how to use and do not have enough time to learn.

Suppose you are not sure if the builder is the perfect option for your growing business; it’s good to attempt the builder. As a new user, you’ll automatically get a 14-day free trial to create your site. You don’t need a credit card.

Since no risk is involved, sign up and start creating your stunning site with PageCloud now!

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