Podcast Episode #1 Introduction and What to Expect

This is the first episode of The FortuneLords Podcast!

I always wanted to start one. And finally, it is a fact.

This episode is just me sharing my thoughts and plans for the podcast.

All future episodes will have a structured format.

For the first few weeks I will teach you about:

Blogging and Why it is important.

How To Start An Online Business.

How to create content which attracts links and traffic.

How to generate traffic using different methods from SEO to paid ads.

How to start your freelancing career while you are still working on a regular job.

Basically most of the things you need to know to make the first steps in digital marketing and to start an online business.

I will publish a new episode every Tuesday. After we cover the basics, I will invite my successful friends and connections as special guests.

They will share useful and actionable information about their ventures.

If you have any questions or suggestions please use our contact form.

Full Transcript

Hello, guys. Welcome to the FortuneLords podcast, episode number one. My name is Danny Donchev, and today I will be your host.

Before I tell you more about me, let’s learn what you can expect from FortuneLords podcast.

It will be hosted on FortuneLord’s blog, and it is a place where you can get a free digital marketing education.

While I am very, very good at writing posts, I am a terrible public speaker, at least in my opinion, so bear with me. I will try to improve every single day and with every next episode, which will be released every Tuesday.

I will share more knowledge in podcast format, which I think is very, very good for busy people.

At the times when we read so much and our eyes are so tired that podcasts are a great way to learn new stuff, new things.

That’s why I took the leap after, probably, I wanted to start with podcasting for about one year or maybe more.

Today, I almost postpone it with one month, but I said to myself, “Today or never,” because this June I committed to release a new episode every Tuesday, and that’s the first one.

Okay, a few words about FortuneLords. We are getting traction. We get almost 45,000 unique visitors every month and growing. Every month, we are growing for the last 12 months in a row, maybe more.

In the podcast, I will also teach you about digital marketing, about how to start an online business, how to set up your blog, how to create content which attracts links and traffic, how to generate traffic using different methods from SEO to bloggers outreach or even PPC, which is paid advertising.

I will also teach you how to start your freelancing career when you’re still working on your regular job.

Or I will also help you to start a side project, side business while we are still working on a regular job. That’s how I’ve done it years ago. But more about me in a minute.

With everything I want to teach, I want to help you on the podcast.

My main goal is to allow you to live the life on your own terms because it’s really what, in my honest opinion, it’s what makes the difference.

We live in 2017 right now, by the time I’m recording this, and there are no boundaries. You can create a blog post, and people from all around the world can read it.

You can sell stuff to people from all around the world. You can work with clients which are on the other side of the globe, and you can sell services from anywhere.

So you don’t need to be a hostage of a regular nine-to-five job, and that’s my main goal.

I want to give freedom to as many people possible with FortuneLords.com and the podcast as well.

Okay. I’ll also help you with more information, not just digital marketing, but this is for starters.

For the first few weeks or even months, I’ll be probably the only one on the show teaching you digital marketing.

Later on, I will invite my friends and connections who are successful in different industries online, and they will share their knowledge as well.

Basically, that’s it. Stay tuned. I will repeat again that I think I’m an awful public speaker, but the information I’m sharing will be a killer, and you will learn why, sorry, in a minute.

Now about me. My name is Danny Donchev, and I’m almost 4.., wait a minute, 35 years old. For my almost 35 years, I worked a regular job probably for just about two years of my life.

All the time, since high school, I knew that I don’t want to live the nine-to-five lifestyle.

I tried different things. I was freelancing for years. I tested stuff. I even composed music for 10 years.

Long story short, I tried everything. I probably started 100 and maybe more websites. Many of my businesses failed, but a handful of them succeeded. I sold several.

I’m running several businesses at the moment as well. But I will share more about them in future episodes in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

What else? I started my digital marketing career back in 2004. That was the time, as far as I remember, when I started my first website.

In 2005, I got my first paying client, SEO client. I also provided digital marketing services for them.

From there, I worked with hundreds of people during the years, from small-sized businesses, family-run businesses, to very large corporations.

I helped them to get more traffic, more sales, and to make their businesses more successful.

Now, for the last 12 months, I invest most of my efforts to build FortuneLords, a great platform for digital marketing education.

I want also to expand this to teaching everything you need to start living online, to start your own business, to start doing freelancing gigs, etc.

Basically, this is it. I’m working with a few large clients, SEO clients.

I have several other websites. I already said that. Sorry about that.

I will share more later in the coming weeks. Okay, what else? Right now, I live in Eastern Europe.

It is Bulgaria. But we travel a lot with my girl and our cat. Okay, this was far more personal than I intended to do it, but okay.

What else? I think that’s all I had on the top of my head. I have really no agenda for this first episode.

I have no program. I just wanted to release unedited thoughts, my thoughts, my intensions about the FortuneLords podcast.

Make sure to subscribe or visit every Tuesday for every new episode because it will be an interesting experience.

That’s all for the first episode of FortuneLords podcast. See you later.

Podcast Episode #1 Introduction and What to Expect

by Danny Donchev time to read: 7 min