NTC Hosting Review 2022 – Can You Really Trust It?


If you want to know a piece of information, where do you all search for it? Of course, you will search only through websites. Have you thought about where their websites come from? This article provides you with a clear outline of this question. These websites appear by web hosts. Hosting is a service that offers web hosting packages to start your website. It is also referred to as a hosting website.

NTC Hosting is a hosting platform that allows you to start your new website with full computing resources. It makes your website to be globally accessible on the internet.

Features of NTC Hosting

NTC Hosting features

This hosting suggests your website must be IP address-based. It can build a specialized disk space, live chat, and Joomla hosting plan. Moreover, It provides you with an email account which is mandatory for your website verification process.

These servers also offer file Transfer Protocol (FTP) access. The purpose of FTP is to upload files from your local computer to your web server. Or else, if you build your website using your HTML files, you can transfer those files from your computer to the web servers through FTP.

It provides you with a website-building tool, WordPress support. It is a convenient way to create your website through WordPress. 25% of websites on the internet are using WordPress support. The NTC Hosting platform tells whether your hosting plan is Word press compatible or not. The Word press supports only the websites with PHP version 7 or greater and My SQL version 5.6 or greater. With shared hosting, you don’t have to care about data centers.

It offers you the website builder. The use of this website builder shows that there is no need to build your website with coding. Also, there is no need to transfer your files from your desktop to the website server through FTP.

Pricing and Support

NTC Hosting Pricing

The most exciting packages of hosting NTC are:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Data/storage hosting
  • App/software hosting
  • IT services hosting
  • Cloud computing
  • Visualization techniques with live chat

All the website hosting packages of NTC Hosting have a common web hosting control panel called the Hepsia Control Panel.

Its packages start from $ 4.95 to $ 7.95 only per month, where it offers a free domain in all 30-day reviews packages. It proffers wider disk space and full customer support. All types of advanced features are available, like a 99% network uptime guarantee.

It has a combination of 99.9 % cost-effective ($ 4.95 – $ 7.95 ), ($ 11.00 – $ 35.95 ) and quality.

They are risk-free plans with a 30-day money-back option for:

  • Cloud web hosting package
  • VPS hosting package
  • Semi-dedicated hosting package
  • Dedicated hosting package within 30-day

Bottom Line on NTC Hosting

NTC Hosting proudly offers web hosting that builds all the websites in the right way. You’ll find this review pretty good as you get the essential things in all hosting plans. NTC Hosting is a well-rounded company with a strong focus on a free domain, rights reserved, and hosting reviews. It also provides you unlimited space hosting plan on your website.

Dedicated servers are the lifeline of the NTC web hosting company. Smooth hosting service is the responsibility of NTC. A website’s success depends on the dedicated servers of the hosting companies.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • There is a choice to choose from five dedicated servers
  • The prices of packages are reasonable. In some cases, a day money-back guarantee is also available
  • It has gained a lot of love among user-friendly hosting reviews
  • 99 9% server uptime guarantee
  • The overall performance of the NTC is awesome
  • NTC has a large Joomla focus and the resources to back it up
  • If you need help or troubleshooting on your website, the NTC supports you to resolve the issues
  • Simple ways for domain registration
  • More memory storage ranging from 5 Gb or 11 Gb to 500 Gb
  • Hepsia control panel for the users in all review plans


  • NTC Hosting and emails crash at least once a week
  • There is an average response as per hosting review
  • Privacy issues in VPS hosting were found
  • Low reliability is 1 dedicated service
  • The NTC Hosting websites are simple and only text-based. It is a little outdated
  • The custom control panel is a little bit confusing
  • The data center sometimes disconnects from the hosting servers


What is NTC Hosting?

NTC Hosting is one of the best website hosting service providers in the social world. It has been in the web hosting business for more than 6 years, making it more popular globally.

If you are looking for the best web hosting provider, then NTC satisfies your needs to launch your website on the internet.

NTC Hosting is a well-reputed organization that provides you with all kinds of support to establish your website. The NTC Hosting company ranks 350 from 3921 web hosting. It is one of the most preferred web hosts in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Which Website Hosting is Best?

If the NTC Hosting service doesn’t suit your needs, you may go with the other hosting services. Some of them are Chemicloud, Interserver, and DreamHost. Or else you may choose the best web hosting service, the Fast Comet with Joomla feature.

Do I need cPanel hosting?

Of course. Getting the C panel hosting is essential for your website hosting reviews. C panel is used as a control panel to simplify your website review and server management. It is also a part of their hosting package. C panel is a third-party application. It allows you to launch your websites, creating domains, email accounts, and website reviews.

How do I start my web hosting service?

First, outline your plans and then execute them confidently. Frame your attractive company name with an impressive logo. Make your domain name. Then build your website. Design the disk space and Joomla features that are most wanted by the users. Launch new hosting packages. An easy payment gateway is a must for your company. Following these small steps, you can start your service.

Why NTC Hosting is the best?

NTC Hosting is a professional web hosting service with 24/7 customer support. Great hosting plans, good ratings and user reviews, plus dedicated servers are some of the benefits of this hosting.

The Joomla package, disk space, and live chat resources highlight the NTC Hosting from other web hosting services.

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