Nexcess Hosting Review – What To Know Before Signing Up

This review will help all of you who came here to find Nexcess worth the hype as a hosting company or not. It will also help you decide between some of its competitors and give you additional information on how exactly it surpasses them.

Even the most accomplished and experienced web designers and developers talk about Nexcess and why it is so good.

The industry of web hosting is vast and continues to grow. However, some companies stay throughout time, preserve, and constantly develop new ways of climbing the ladder. Nexcess is one of the best managed US-based hosting providers.

If you are on the verge of deciding which hosting services to use, we hope that this review will help you make the right choice based on our honest opinion.

Nexcess Pricing

Managed web hosting can be costly, so it’s standard first to check this information. We understand your concerns, so we cut right to the chase.

The truth is, Nexcess is the web hosting provider that offers budget-friendly and reasonable pricing to its users. It’s safe to say it’s one of the best out there in this matter. The good news is that low-priced doesn’t mean a low-quality hosting experience (at least with Nexcess).

The company offers WordPress server packages starting at $19 per month. If you are sure you want to sign up for their services for 12 months straight, it can cost you $15 per month.

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting

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Nexcess shared server options are much better than most hosting providers because they are secure, fast, and have many valuable features. You can have unlimited Email accounts and free authentication for your website (SSL certificate) using Let’s encrypt.

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Nexcess cloud hosting plans are also decent, starting at $49 per month.

Nexcess Cloud Hosting

Honestly, a couple of years earlier, they offered even cheaper cloud services. We think it’s a pity because this is one thing that sets them apart from the others. Regardless of our opinion on that, though, the cloud servers by Nexcess offer a lot of storage space and bandwidth.

Suppose you are on a hunt for a more effective service. In that case, the company provides dedicated server options pre-configured for one of the best content management systems: WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. For a US-based company, the price is pretty affordable for a dedicated server.

Nexcess Server Stack & Performance

Nexcess Managed Hosting

Websites usually perform better on Nexcesss server. An average user might not feel the differences clear, but an experienced developer would be able to tell. Depending on which content management system your site runs on, Nexcess offers different options.

Most features are optimized for WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce, so the same benefits might not work for your situation if you are not using any of these platforms.

Nexcess web hosting provides many options for each content management system. This includes shared hosting, and as we already mentioned – a dedicated server option and cloud hosting that are optimized for Magento. Magento 2, combined with Nexcess dedicated servers, is an excellent option.

Apache HTTP server software is used for the Nexcess stack. Apache is known for its fundamental role in the early growth of Nexcess. It is primarily engineered for PHP apps, but it also supports other languages such as Ruby, Python, and Node.js.


  • PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3
  • Ruby 2.2, 2.3, 2.5
  • Python 2.7, 3.4 & 3.6
  • NodeJS 8 & 10

The latest version of Apache for application delivery helps add to the Nexcess service an increased performance combined with a low memory footprint.

There are many packages that the company offers, but regardless of which one you choose, and whether you go with a standard shared server or cloud hosting, you always end up with a lot of disk space and bandwidth. You don’t believe us? See the numbers.

For Magento, the smallest plan for their hosting services will provide you with 50GB of disk space and 1TB of bandwidth. With the Starter plan for WooCommerce, they give you 30GB of storage and 3TB of bandwidth. WordPress option provides less storage space, but it’s still decent for the price. The smallest plan includes 15GB of storage and 2TB bandwidth.

Nexcess runs both MariaDB and MYSQL when it comes to the database management system of the stack. Although MYSQL writes MariaDB, they are still very different database management systems. The MariaDB configuration is created for improved performance.

In an ideal world, the website for your business would grow and change throughout time. Nexcess offers cloud services that allow easy scalability. Some of the options they provide for add-on services are Apache Solr, Varnish, and ElasticSearch.

The latter is an open-source search and analytic engine that works with big volumes of data. Apache Solr is highly-scalable and focused on fault tolerance. On the other hand, Varnish is a very popular “web application accelerator,” as their own website states.

On top of all that, Nexcess hosting features cloud auto-scaling, load balancers, a cloud accelerator, PCI compliance to securely receive money transactions, and plenty of other things.

The best thing about them is that they perform daily backups. It’s not likely to occur a system crash or hard drive failure with Nexcess, but still, it’s better if your files and databases are secured and safe.

Security measures are vital when choosing a hosting company. You will sleep safe and sound, knowing you are completely covered, and your website will be unharmed if the worst happens. In this situation, you would lose one day’s data, which is close to losing nothing.

Nexcess data centers are located at several points in the United States. All of them are carefully selected, considering strategic positioning, security, and performance. Each data center is PCI compliant, uses advanced securities protocols, a 24/7 support team, and many additional redundancies.

Nexcess offers server configurations that can enrich any business or application. Overall, it is a hosting company that can meet different kinds of performance requirements and high expectations.

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Nexcess Technical Support

How about customer service? Nexcess offers to its users a customer support service that shines bright compared to others. The technical support experts’ team makes this hosting provider better than its alternatives in the industry.

Nexcess Resources

A big part of the managed hosting companies provides telephone support, usually answered by a customer service representative. Unfortunately, these people are trained to help with general issues about the services and, if necessary, create support tickets. The rest takes a lot of time and days of waiting for your problem to be fixed.

Nexcess seems to care for its users and offers phone support, which immediately connects you with an experienced system administrator. This person can log in to your server to find what’s wrong with it. While you are both still on the phone, the tech support specialist creates an action plan or tells you what to do, following through with the whole process.

Every customer would be satisfied with Nexcess approach to customer support. In case the tech support specialists can’t provide a quick solution, you still wouldn’t wait for hours and hours to get back to you. The team is fast, knowledgeable (at least in our experience), and willing to help.

Of course, support might vary depending on the server you have. But, customer support does have acknowledgment for common website issues. However, they usually have plenty of experience in troubleshooting common issues with Magento and WordPress.However, you should expect them to have answers for fixing website errors and bugs since it’s not their responsibility.

The majority of managed hosting options out there use online chat to support their customers. Siteground, for example, has strong online support. Their service, though, doesn’t provide the common user enough attention and high-level expertise the way that Nexcess does.

Nexcess is a popular hosting provider, and you can find thousands of user reviews in favor of our thoughts for their customer support.

We have tested plenty of hosting options and researched user reviews with different opinions on that matter. Nexcess hosting services are reliable, the pricing is competitive, but what really makes them outstanding is the concern and the great service for their customers.

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Nexcess vs. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services AWS

Amazon Web Services is frequently compared to Nexcess. Although they are two different products, in many reviews, people feel the need to say a word or two for both hosting companies and compare the quality of their service. We will also go with the tide and share our point of view.

Let’s start with the fact that AWS is not a managed hosting provider. Although they provide numerous server options and environments, there is nobody to set up things for you. You have to do it all by yourself. This means that you have to know exactly what you are doing to grow successful sites and use all the resources provided by your host.

If you are a beginner site owner, we don’t recommend starting with AWS. The company does offer “quick deployment” server guides and pre-configured server options, but it would still be difficult for a newbie unless you are an exceptionally quick learner.

There are a lot of available tools and server configurations to choose from. When it comes to flexibility, AWS is on top of the game. In other words, a website owner can start a new server environment to their precise specifications.

Amazon Web Services is suitable for web developers that want to manage a website or sell hosting packages. However, people with insufficient web development skills would struggle to build prospering sites. In case you are one of these people, please consider choosing managed hosting.

Nexcess is a hosting service that puts aside any wondering about platform deployment, optimization, or server configuration. When you first start building up your site with Nexcess, and it configures your server, the latest versions of Magento and WordPress are already installed.

The dedicated server by Nexcess comes to you set and ready for performance. AWS, though, would take an experienced site owner to configure, and even if you have a huge desire to try, it might cost you a lot of time and probably a few headaches.

Let’s imagine an occasion where someone decides to purchase a WordPress theme or a template by Magento. Eager and impatient for their new site, they would want to start to build it as fast as possible. If they have Nexcess hosting, the minute their server is ready, they will have access to the Content management system and can start building the site immediately.

On the flip side, Amazon Web Services will require setting up and configuring their server and then deploying the Content management system.

This review is not to throw shade on AWS; we know that the platform is excellent in so many aspects. If you are a website designer who has built business-related websites for years, you will enjoy working on client projects with AWS. However, Nexcess works better for hosting Magento or WordPress sites.

Nexcess Vs. HostGator

Best Website Hosting HostGator

HostGator is a hosting provider that has also won many users’ hearts in the past few years. We are almost certain you know the name even if you have never taken an interest in its services. Although the name recognition and reasonable pricing have put HostGator up the ladder, both host options are worlds apart from each other, considering the quality of hosting they provide.

HostGator servers won’t perform amazingly well because they are likely not optimized for CMS or for the specific platform you are running. The configuration of the servers HostGator offers is further away from what Nexcess can provide.

We read a HostGator review written by a delighted user for their customer service. Sure, we don’t want to say that it’s not true. However, dealing with Nexcess hosting issues through the phone has been nothing but a good experience for us. The HostGator team can help with basic questions only, email setup, and domain configurations. Everything else is rarely of their competence right away.

Depending on your needs and budget, both host products are great. A growing online business site will require more possibilities. In this case, it’s better to choose Nexcess. Inexpensive sites with less ambition for rapid growth can work completely fine on HostGator.

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Nexcess vs. WP Engine

WP Engine WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is well known as a leading WordPress platform, making the company a severe competitor to Nexcess. The performance and server optimization are more than great. However, we consider a downside the fact that it’s limited to WordPress users only. If you have a Magento site, WP Engine is not going to work for you.

Although WP Engine is nothing spectacular in our opinion, it is a great host that has excellent uptime. Sites with heavy traffic and many sales could be a great match for WP Engine to affirm its place online.

Website security is a big deal for WP Engine creators. And we like that about them. While using their hosting services, you will receive daily backups, regular malware scanning, IP address restrictions for extra security, and many more.

Since WordPress is its main (and only) focus, WP Engine offers specific features to improve your website’s performance. Overall, it’s a brilliant provider, but not so much when compared to Nexcess.

First, the pricing is different. Although you can use only WordPress as a web publishing software with WP Engine, you have to pay more money than with Nexcess. This, of course, is not a problem if you are a fan of WordPress. However, if you work on a few different client projects, it might be an unnecessary restriction.

It also doesn’t offer as much storage space as Nexcess. Practically speaking, even if you choose the smallest hosting package by Nexcess, it would be possible to host two sites, while with the competitor – only one.

Besides, phone support is not featured, making contacting them not so easy. Speaking with their representatives in real-time would shorten the time until the problem is fixed. Time is money, but money can’t buy you time in this case. Nexcess just does it better and faster.

Email hosting or inbox services are not among WP Engine’s features. Would you still pay for them if you have a hosting provider that delivers these services to you for free? Google GSuite is one of the companies that could help with that, but you have to pay additionally for their assistance.

Nexcess vs. Siteground


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Siteground is a hosting company based in Bulgaria.

The company offers shared hosting servers that are also pre-configured for WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce. Similar to Nexcess, Siteground servers are optimized for all the popular Content management systems.

The performance is not as great as with Nexcess, though. Nevertheless, if your site is not heavy traffic, and you like it to be simple and efficient, Siteground is an exceptionally good choice.

Pricing is crucial for this comparison. Siteground is very affordable, starting from $4 per month. The dedicated servers with Siteground cost half what you would pay to Nexcess.

The bottom line is that for a small business and someone’s first website, Siteground would be a perfect choice. They don’t have phone support, only live chat, and it’s possible to experience some language barrier problems as well. However, the operators do a great job of troubleshooting many issues. Both companies offer valuable, managed hosting and support.

Nexcess Hosting Features

To sum up, Nexcess hosting features include:

  • Datacenters based in the United States
  • Optimized for WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce
  • Scalable server plans
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable tech support specialists

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