NameCheap Website Builder Review: The Right Site Builder for Your Business?

A website is needed to take a business to new heights of success. To create a website, you need a website builder tool. Finding a feature-loaded and easy-to-use site builder may seem simple to some, but only those who have truly searched for the best site builders know the real struggle. 

Since website builders are in demand, many options are available. While these many options can increase your chance of picking a great tool, it also increases confusion.

However, to use a website builder worth every penny, you should check NameCheap. It’s popularly known as a remarkable domain name registrar and web host but also offers a website builder.

Take a deep dive into this NameCheap hosting review to understand this website builder in a better way.

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NameCheap Website Builder Overview 

The story behind the origin of NameCheap goes back to 2000, when it was initially started as a simple domain registrar. The helpful customer support and excellent service made this company popular at that time. 

Even then, NameCheap offered a domain name registry for companies at an affordable rate. 

Then seven years later, it started offering web hosting services to help people build powerful and friendly websites. And after some years, NameCheap started its website building software. 

This website-building service is created for newbies and seasoned webmasters. That means whether you have technical skills, you can easily use the website builder.

NameCheap’s website builder includes different hosting packages. So, you can easily browse through its platform to find a suitable plan. 

Here’s what makes it better than many other website builders. 

  • It offers daily backups and free migration for existing sites. 
  • Using NameCheap’s website builder, you can quickly get a WordPress site in no time. 
  • Lastly, it offers better storage and domain privacy. 

Business Types NameCheap is Suitable For

Users like the NameCheap website builder mainly because it supports different kinds of business. Industries like art, education, entertainment, event, eCommerce, food, business, energy, hotel, media, health, sports, personal, nature, travel, technology, transport, and many sectors work best with NameCheap website services. 

It doesn’t matter what your website is about; if you want to see it grow, you can use this website builder’s help. The remarkable features that come packed with it are beneficial.

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NameCheap Pricing 

If you want services from NameCheap, you must choose a service plan. The good news is that you can choose from different price plans, each offering features your website might need.

Also, NameCheap delivers various offers and discounts on its plans to keep its prices even more affordable.

No matter if you are looking for a website building plan for your personal use, want to attract more traffic to your website, or are willing to start a website, NameCheap will surprise you with its affordable plans. 

Currently, it offers five different plans, each available at a different price. These plans are designed for different uses. So, go through each of them to understand which is ideal for you. 

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NameCheap Shared Hosting

The first web hosting plan that you will find under NameCheap is Shared Hosting. This plan is ideal for people who have a limited budget. Also, users who want to start a business website choose this plan as it offers enough features required in the initial phase.  

By choosing Shared Hosting Plan, you can get a chance to use unique features like SSL certificates, personalized email service, 24/7 live support, and WordPress and cPanel. 

NameCheap not only offers free SSL certificates but also comes with 50 free PositiveSSL certificates. If you find any issues while using the offered features, the NameCheap customer care team will be ready to help. In fact, you can expect 24/7 live support. 

Talking about the personalized email service, you can enjoy domain-based email addresses, which perfectly represent your business. This feature lets you create a mailing, enable auto-responses, and set up forwarders. 

Under Shared Hosting, you can choose from three different plans:

Shared Hosting Plan Stellar Stellar Plus Stellar Business
Disk Space 20 GB SSD Unmetered SSD 50 GB SSD
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Hosted Domains 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Backups Twice a week Twice a week + auto backup Twice a week + auto backup
Cloud Storage Included with EU datacenter Included with EU datacenter Included with EU and US datacenters
Dedicated IP $2 per month $2 per month $2 per month
cPanel Yes Yes Yes
Free Apps 100 + apps with one click install 100 + apps with one click install 100 + apps with one click install

In addition, Shared Hosting plans include free supersonic CDN and lifetime free WhoisGuard privacy for the domain. 

NameCheap VPS Hosting 

Next comes the VPS hosting plan explicitly designed to offer better control and flexibility to users. If you want everything the Shared Hosting plan provides and more, VPS hosting is ideal. 

The features you get by choosing a VPS plan include powerful VPS security, incredibly fast service, complete customization, and live support. 

With the power of customization, you can give a unique touch to your website, making it stand out. VPS hosting plans take the security of its users very seriously. That’s why it uses powerful firewalls to keep the virtual hosting environment safe and secure. 

VPS offers two helpful hosting plans from which you can choose one. 

VPS Hosting Plan Pulsar Quasar
CPU 2 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores
Storage 40 GB SSD RAID 10 120 GB SSD RAID 10
Bandwidth 1000 GB Bandwidth 3000 GB Bandwidth

NameCheap WordPress Hosting 

If you want a hosting plan to help your WordPress website grow, you should choose NameCheap WordPress Hosting. This plan is fast, reliable, affordable, and comes with unique features that can make your website stand out. 

Under NameCheap WordPress Hosting, you can get three different plans. Each of them includes easy backups and restores, seamless scalability as the visitor grows, and can be installed in under 90 seconds. Also, the plans are 3X faster than the traditional hosting providers and offer support for any domain provider. 

WordPress Hosting Plan EasyWP Starter EasyWP Turbo EasyWP Supersonic
Storage 10 GB SSD 50 GB SSD 100 GB SSD
Visitor 50k visitors 200k visitors 500k visitors
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Free CDN No Yes Yes

NameCheap Dedicated Hosting 

If you are willing to own servers so that you can have free reign, purchasing the NameCheap Dedicated hosting plan is recommended. This plan comes with a free migration feature that lets you easily transfer your current server with NameCheap. The best thing is that it’s simple and free to use. 

The next Dedicated server feature that you will like is server management options. It gives you the power to manage your server the way you want. Also, you get airtight security, which offers a stable network. 

Lastly, the NameCheap Dedicated Web Hosting Server is known for its optimized network. This feature makes sure that you do not experience any downtime or slow loading speed. 

Under this hosting, you get a chance to choose from three different plans:

NameCheap Dedicated Hosting Xeon E-2234 Xeon E-2236 Dual Xeon Silver 4208
Cores 4 Cores 6 Cores Dual 16 Cores
Bandwidth 100 TB per month 100 TB per month Unmetered
Storage 480 GB SSD 2 x 480 GB SSD 2 x 2 TB NVMe
RAM 16 GB DDR4 32 GB DDR4 64 GB DDR4

NameCheap Reseller Hosting 

The last one is the NameCheap Reseller Hosting plan. Purchasing this plan is an excellent way to earn income. How, you might wonder? You can purchase this NameCheap plan and then sell it to your customers. 

A thing to note here is that the server’s name stays anonymous so that no one knows that you are actually reselling the hosting plan. 

Undoubtedly other providers also offer a Reseller Plan, but this one is better. It’s packed with all excellent features, such as a rich dashboard that allows you to control everything about your site from one place.

Not just this, but you can also build your private nameserver. It can also handle numerous visitors without giving up. And lastly, it comes with built-in firewalls for security. 

As far as WHM control is considered, you can easily modify or create your client’s hosting account with WHM. This way, when you create a new account for anyone, it stays separated from yours. 

Under the account management tools, you can create client invoices. Also, the tools can make it easy for you to take advantage of the WHMCS billing platform. 

The three plans that you get under NameCheap Reseller Hosting are: 

NameCheap Reseller Hosting Nebula Galaxy Expert Universe Pro
Disk Space 30 GB 90 GB 150 GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Hosted Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP $2 per month $2 per month $2 per month
Personal Nameservers Yes Yes Yes
Money-back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days

Extra Fees

Regarding extra fees, you would have to pay fees for the SSL certificate because it’s free only for the first year. Depending on your security needs, the annual purchasing rate of SSL will differ.

These SSL certificates range in so many ways, available at different prices. The different SSL certificates offered by NameCheap include PositiveSSL Certificate, EssentialSSL Certificate, InstantSSL Certificate, and PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate. 

NameCheap Ease Of Use 

The next thing you should know about is the ease of use. Well, finding your way to this website builder is a tricky process. That’s because first, you need to sign up. Then you need to select a hosting plan. Following this, you will receive an email that will have a link to your NameCheap. After completing all the processes, you will get a chance to enter cPanel. 

This control panel lets you easily manage all the aspects of your hosting service. Also, the cPanel has the website builder tool. The confusing part is that this builder account is separated from your main account. That means it will have separate login information. 

In addition, the cPanel is also a little confusing, and beginners might find it a little difficult to understand. 

After you access your web building account, you will come across multiple templates. To get a better idea of each template, you can preview them. You also get a chance to watch demos, but it sometimes freezes midstream. 

Once you select a demo, you will be directed to the template editing part, where you can customize, resize, and drag-and-drop different page elements. 

Again confusion arises while navigating the toolbar. 

  • Missing Dropdown Menus: While there is a drag-and-drop option in the toolbar, most items do not have a dropdown menu. 
  • Incomplete Undo Tool: NameCheap doesn’t let you undo an item you have dropped. All you can do is make subsequent edits. 
  • Difficulty in Deleting Blocks: Another issue is difficulty in deleting the blocks. The thing is, if you drag-and-drop a block that has multiple components, you can’t delete it at once. 
  • Complex ‘Properties’ Screen: While editing on this platform, you will realize that each component has its own properties interface. Below is a quick example: 

All in all, NameCheap is a little confusing, but if you get proper assistance, you can easily use this tool to create an attractive website. 

Hardware and Software Requirements 

Hopefully, NameCheap does not require you to have any specific hardware or software. With an updated browser and stable internet connection, you can start the work. 

Features Included in NameCheap Hosting Plan 

NameCheap is an outstanding website builder that is packed with interesting features. Each of its hosting plans brings a pack of features that you can use to grow your website. 

Compared with other website builders, NameCheap is really doing well. Each of its hosting plans comes with the below-mentioned features:

Personalized Service 

Although NameCheap is a smaller company, it is known to offer quality personalized customer-centric services. Its customer care team is available 24/7 for your help.

Domain Privacy Protection

The best thing about purchasing domain names with NameCheap is that it offers a domain privacy protection service. It means your email id and phone number stay protected. 

As a small business owner, you should get domain privacy. That is because you can save your email address from getting targeted for unwanted spam. 

DNS Hosting 

Another interesting thing about NameCheap hosting plans is that they come with DNS hosting. With this service on your side, you get the power to translate your domain name into a unique IP address. 

So, if you have a better DNS network, the loading time of your website pages will decrease. NameCheap offers you an opportunity to choose from two DNS hosting services, i.e., premium DNS hosting and FreeDNS. 

Now, FreeDNS offers better security. It’s reliable and geographically dispersed. Also, it’s easy to understand and comes with better customer support. On the other hand, this DNS plan’s premium version helps minimize downtime. This plan is generally useful for businesses where downtime can result in loss. 

Talking about NameCheap’s drag-and-drop, it includes multiple items. These include contact forms, an Mp3 player, social media buttons, HTML codes, simple tables, a payment processor, a language switcher, etc. 

In addition, you also get an option to choose from different pre-made blocks, which you can add to your website. These include teams, media, contact, about us, services, testimonials, products, footer, blog, social, and welcome. 

Money-Back Guarantee

One thing that users truly like about NameCheap is its money-back guarantee. The hosting plans of this website builder come with a 30 days guarantee. That means if you are not satisfied with the offered services after trying them for a month, you can either claim for money back or switch to a different plan. 

Excellent Basic Plan

The name of NameCheap suggests that it’s a cheap, i.e., affordable platform that offers pocket-friendly hosting plans. Well, that’s true. And one more interesting thing is that its basic plans are excellent. 

Not just are they affordable, but they are also packed with features that you would require while starting a website. And once your website starts growing, you can switch to a bigger plan as per your requirements. 

Web Design and Editing 

If you want to create a customized website that looks better, NameCheap has got you covered. Scroll down to see what it offers. 


This website builder comes with different web design and editing options, including numerous templates for you to select. In fact, NameCheap offers around 200 templates that include a diverse range of collections. 

Among the available template options, some are basic, but the overall quality of templates is good. Comparing the NameCheap template designs with the modern and elegant designs of Wix or Squarespace is not fair. 

While making edits to the NameCheap templates, remember that after editing, if you change the templates, all the customization to the current template will be lost. 

Desktop Editor 

NameCheap gives you the power to see how your website will look through phone and laptop. Also, previews for every format are available. That means you can either save a draft of your site, save a draft and publish it or simply backup and restore your site. 

Mobile Responsiveness 

NameCheap Website Builder offers a tool that you can use to make your site fully mobile responsive. This tool is called Auto Layout. Until you don’t select this option, you have the freedom to control the way your website looks. And your website will still be responsive. 

However, it’s recommended to choose this tool as it can actually make your website look better. 

Integrations and Add-Ons 

While checking the NameCheap description, you might see that it offers access to 100+ apps. Well, that’s the reference to the Softaculous app store that you can easily check through cPanel. This app store is linked with a Shared hosting account. 

As much as we like the fact that NameCheap offers access to these many apps, we cannot deny that most users won’t use them. 

In addition, this website builder also offers 15 apps of its own such as EasyWP, NameCheap VPN, Hosting app, and more. But again, they are also not relevant to the website building process. 


NameCheap actually takes the security of its users very seriously. And it does every possible thing to make sure that their data does not get leaked. 

Like other website builders, it also includes 50 free SSL certificates and a virus scanner, but this is not it. Along with these things, NameCheap also offers a reliable and secure hosting system. Not just this, but NameCheap also promises 100% uptime. 

Customer Service and Technical Support 

The customer support team of NameCheap has really impressed us because they are available 24/7 for help. Users can reach out to this via live chat or web ticketing. But there is no possibility of connecting with the customer service team via phone. 

If you select basic plans, there will be a delay in forming a connection with the support team. So, if you want an immediate response, you are advised to choose the advanced plans. 

Also, NameCheap websites have how-to videos and blogs because this platform’s main self-help resource is knowledge. So, if you have any issues and can’t connect with customer care, don’t forget to check the blogs and videos for help. 

If you are interested in using the NameCheap hosting alternatives, you can pick one from the below-mentioned options. 

User Reviews 

When it comes to the user reviews for NameCheap, there are mixed reasons. Certain users seem to like the services offered by this website builder, while others were quite really not satisfied with them. 

Here’s how users have reviewed this website builder so far:

Negative User Reviews and Complaints 

Surely NameCheap is a wonderful platform that offers the best domain and hosting services. But users have complained regarding technical and payment issues. Also, certain users have experienced poor customer service, which is a point of discussion. 

Certain times, users have also noticed that some features mentioned in the description are not actually available for real use. Regarding this particular thing, certain people have reviewed NameCheap as a bad and misleading platform, but in a stronger language. 

But you must not form a judgment about this website builder without actually using it because it offers multiple amazing features that are hard to overlook. 

Positive User Reviews and Testimonial 

The users who like NameCheap have really appreciated its affordable prices. They are stunned to see the features they get even after paying little. 

Besides the affordable price, users have also praised NameCheap for its special deals, easy usage, clear pricing, and impressive first-time user deals. 

Final Verdict 

Overall, NameCheap is a pretty impressive website builder that you must consider using to create a powerful website. Although it’s not an ideal option for all business types, it’s known for offering plenty of features. 

The interface of NameCheap might look confusing at the beginning, but with little help, you can correctly understand the platform. 

To offer its users better services, it delivers features like SSL certificates and management of technical issues. That means NameCheap can help you get the job done without any hassle. 

You can start your journey with the NameCheap website by choosing one of the hosting plans that it offers. Make sure that you choose a plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. 

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