The Best Minecraft Tekkit Server Hosting: Who’s The Best For Your Site?

If you are a fan of the Tekkit mods for your Minecraft server, there are some factors that you might want to keep in mind before choosing the Minecraft Tekkit server hosting service or setting up your own home-based Minecraft server.

About the Tekkit Minecraft server experience

The Tekkit system is a throwback to the original Minecraft game design, which many players feel nostalgic about, and are keen on returning to the old-school classic format of the game.

This collection of mods is based on the famous Bukkit toolset for Minecraft. The Tekkit Server, based on the Technic Pack Platform, contains hundreds of enhancements, features, add-ons, and other elements that will allow you to customize your virtual environment and your overall playing experience.

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Some of the elements included are interdimensional travel, factory, rocket, space exploration, energy systems, dimensional portals, automation tools, new means of transportation, and more. You can also add Tekkit style clothes, tools, and blocks to your Minecraft world. Also featured in the Tekkit server are features like the construction of the production of automated resources like setting up automated mines.

There are also neat tools like the Treecapitator, which allow players to break a tree apart. You can even add mods to the server, which will allow you to write your own computer code for controlling the assets of the virtual Minecraft world.

The Tekkit server is open-source and free. It was developed by the large Minecraft community and can be downloaded easily from the Technic Platform.

The Tekkit Server includes its unique Java files, which will allow you to customize just about every aspect of your Minecraft server and world.

You can also add the improved gameplay mechanics based on new programmatic layers for an enhanced gaming experience as well.

Apart from the engineering-based Tekkit, the other packs which you can add to your Minecraft server include Hexxit, Voltz, Attack of the B-Team, and hundreds of other mod packs.

Hexxit is more based on the magic concepts which originated in the classic Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. These mods will allow the players to brew their own magic potions, learn and use spells, explore dungeons, ruins, and towering spires, as well as morph into different creatures and search for artifacts for improving their magical spell crafting abilities.

Voltz is focused on designing and using electricity properly, improving the features which already exist in the core Technic and Tekkit servers.

Attack of the B-Team is a set of mod packs inspired by sci-fi literature and movies. With this modpack, you can add various tools and elements such as the exploration of fossils for cloning dinosaurs, constructing spaceships for missions to Mars and the Moon, designing and building robots for battle, and many more. There are also new tropical-based biomes to the game, including giant trees that can be used as forts.

The additional mod packs you can use for your Minecraft game platform will allow you to customize the difficulty level of your game, add new storylines like survival on a deserted planet, adding new enemies, and hundreds more content packs with each version.

The Technic server operates over TCP and UDP and runs on Java.

The server-based on Bukkit adds more layers to the game and allows for the dissemination of content among players on the server – dedicated or directly hosted.

Hosting your own Minecraft server

First of all, you will need to ensure that you have hardware with sufficient memory in order to install and play your Tekkit Minecraft game and a reliable and fast internet connection to keep it up and running.

If you want to host your own Minecraft server, you can either host it on your own dedicated machine, set it up on your home computer, or purchase a VPS hosting plan from a hosting company.

Some companies offer specialized Tekkit Server packs and plans, which are perfect for nostalgic players.

You can purchase a hosting plan in accordance with the players you want to share the Tekkit gameplay experience with and with the memory and space you need.

With a suitable plan, you can install the classic mod packs and choose among the thousands of the original ones and those modified through the years in order to be able to enjoy the original version of the sandbox game.

You can easily install any retro graphics, technologies, and all items you want on your gameplay platform.

Even new players will probably enjoy some of the perks and options of the Tekkit mods.

Setting up your own server will allow you to enjoy playing Minecraft only with people you invite and in an environment that you have set up in accordance with your personal preference.

You can also set the rules for the gameplay, and be in charge of all of the content, the use, the life, and everything in the game’s world.

Most of the reputable and best Minecraft hosting companies offer server management, automatic backup, and non-stop customer support for their clients.

Also, the specialized services often include one-click installation packs and easy-to-install mod packages with their plans. This will save you the time and effort of downloading and installing the Tekkit mod packs manually and ensure that you can exchange the information via the ports and sockets of your own server, overriding the network security.

So, suppose you are not too experienced in setting up or hosting a server, or you want the process to be as safe, fast, and easy as possible. In that case, it is recommended that you find a suitable Tekkit hosting service for your purpose, money and resources.

The best hosting companies offer 99.9 to 100 percent internet uptime, continuous support, and DDoS protection.

If you plan on hosting the server on your own machine, you will need to keep it powered on 24/7 and ensure that you and the players and your information are protected from cyber-attacks.

Various excellent hosting services offer specialized plans for game servers, which you can choose for the best Tekkit gameplay experience.

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Here are some of the best to choose from:


Liquid Web VPS Hosting Managed

Key features that make it the best Tekkit Server Hosting Provider:

  • It offers reasonably priced VPS hosting plans for every need – including 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB plans
  • You can pay on a monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis
  • It offers cPanel Pro, Plesk Web Pro, and InterWorx as control panels to choose from
  • A 10TB bandwidth for seamless gameplay with no lag
  • The plans include 40 to 200GB SSD Disk space, and 2 vCPU, 4 vCPU, or 8 vCPU
  • The company guarantees 100% uptime of its virtual private servers
  • You get an added 100GB for backups per plan
  • You can have unlimited sites and will be provided with a dedicated IP address
  • There is a built-in firewall and advanced  security and DDoS protection against attacks
  • You will also have root access to the files and database
  • You can pick between Windows and Linux servers
  • The wide variety of plans can easily be customized – upgraded or downgraded in accordance with your preferences
  • The provider offers complete server management so you can focus on your game rather than have to handle the technical stuff
  • You can get 50% off from the first 3 months via the current voucher code offered by LiquidWeb (50SAVELW)
  • There is 24/7 live chat and email customer support from the team of experts


1&1 IONOS Web Hosting

Key features that make it the best Tekkit Server Hosting Provider:

  • The company offers a wide array of hosting services, including web hosting, WordPress, ASP.Net hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, professional hosting plans and solutions
  • You can try out the entry-level VPS plan for just $2 per month, which includes 512MB RAM and 10GB SSD storage
  • The plans start from $2, and the others are very affordable, including VPS L with 4GB memory and 120GB SSD for $15, and VPS XXL with 12GB memory, 240GB SSD, and 6 vCores CPU for $35 per month
  • The hosting service relies on its data centers located in the USA, the UK, Spain, and Germany
  • You will get a guaranteed 99.9% uptime on your game server
  • Unlimited traffic and an external connection bandwidth of 400Mbit/sec
  • Access to 24/7 expert technical support
  • DDoS protection, wildcard SSL certificate, firewall management, and more
  • Optional backup for an inexpensive fee of 6.5 cents per GB
  • A variety of operating systems and control panels to choose from for easy configuration of the environments, events, tools and requirements in your world
  • You can also choose a cloud or dedicated server for your gaming if you want to have more player slots

Dedicated Solutions

DedicatedSolutions Game Servers

Key features that make it the best Tekkit Server Hosting Provider:

  • The hosting provider has dedicated game servers, including servers for gamers and more
  • The game server plans offer high reliability, low latency, and 24/7 support
  • An option for easy remote managing of the Tekkit server and cPanel control panel for user-friendly configuration and installation
  • Reliable connections to the data centers around the world
  • Easy one-click setup, auto operating system installer, and a KVM reboot console
  • Linux and Windows operating systems available
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100+ Gbit/sec
  • 24/7 customer support with fast ticket response
  • 100% guaranteed uptime
  • The plans are sold with 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantees


Contabo Virtual Private Servers

Key factors that make it the best Tekkit Server Hosting provider:

  • The prices for the dedicated server plans for gaming hosting start from $3.50 per month
  • There are plans for 50GB up to 500GB of web space, and all have unlimited traffic
  • There is FTP access to the file resources on the Tekkit server
  • All plans come with an easy to use website builder interface and site launcher
  • Live customer support 365 days a year
  • SSL certificates, DDoS protection to avoid attacks
  • Interface available in a wide array of languages
  • Unlimited emails and a domain name of your choice
  • Backup function
  • cPanel control panel for Tekkit server platform management
  • One-click install of various packages for a seamless setup


Sharktech DDoS Protected Game Servers

Key factors that make it the best Tekkit Server Hosting Company:

  • The company offers specialized game servers with low latency and extra fast bandwidth for seamless gaming
  • Automatic and secure DDoS protection technology
  • Data centers which are located in the USA and Europe for a close connection to your server
  • 24/7 expert customer service
  • You can choose between plans on Tekkit servers in LA or Amsterdam with 12-16GB RAM, 2TB storage and 30TB bandwidth
  • The setup is easy and free
  • Included remote management
  • You can also choose a VPS plan starting from $11.95 per month for 2GB, and 30GB SSD storage, 4TB data transfer
  • The premium plan includes 32GB of RAM, 130GB of SSD, 4 cores, and 64TB transfer
  • There are plenty of other options to choose from by this provider depending on your specific performance requirements and need for resources

Dream Host

DreamHost Web Hosting

Key features that make it the best Tekkit Server Hosting Company:

  • The VPS hosting plans start at $10 per month and include from 1GB up to 8GB memory, from 30GB to 240GB SSD storage, SSL certificates, and others
  • A custom-built DreamHost control panel for easy customization and management
  • A quick start wizard for setting up your site or server
  • Easy to upgrade or downgrade the Tekkit server to other options according to your gameplay and functionality needs
  • You can pay monthly, per year, or for 3 years, with discounts when choosing the 1 or 3-year payment
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic to and from your Tekkit site by the provider
  • They are US-based
  • The shared plans start at a price of just $2.59 per month 

Final words

Hopefully, you have found the best solution for your own personal Minecraft Tekkit Server.

By setting up such a game server, your gaming will no doubt improve immensely, especially once you start customizing your world with all of the unique features, tools, and elements available in the amazing Tekkit server and Bukkit modpack according to your interests.

Remember to ensure that you have enough memory and sufficient player slots in order to ensure that your gameplay runs seamlessly and that you can play on your own terms with as many friends as you want.

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