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Sometimes, giant hosting companies are just not what you need for your website, and a small, private company can be of better help. Sometimes, you don’t need large professional plans that include hundreds of impressive features and come at even more “impressive prices.” Sometimes, you need a company like MDD Hosting! A web host that has a straightforward approach and appreciates each customer.

Founded in 2007, the company does not have so many years of experience on the market as some other providers. Still, MDDHosting has quickly turned into the number 1 choice of many business owners due to their refreshing honesty and excellent service.

Even though its uptime is only 99.90%, it is indeed fast (358ms Load Time). MMDHosting offers great web hosting services: Cloud, VPS hosting, and Reseller plans. We decided to purchase the company’s basic cloud plan to do the tests needed for this thorough MDDHosting review. Keep on reading to find out our unbiased thoughts!

Pros of Using MDDHosting

MDDHosting Professional Cloud Hosting Solutions

Most hosting companies offer the same service, the only difference being the few extras being thrown in from time to time. However, there are three main factors you need to consider when choosing a company: uptime, speed, and customer service.

All web hosting reviews focus mainly on these three points, so we will keep the tradition! If a provider falls short in one of these areas, then there’s surely a problem. If there’s an issue in two or more…well, run! Luckily, MDDHosting scores high in two out of the three, so it is undoubtedly a reliable web host.

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1. Very Fast in Page Load Time (358ms)

MDDHosting Technical Specifications

We’ll start our MDDHosting review with a few words about the company’s speed. We’ve been testing the web host for the last 12 months, and we can say that it has put up an impressive page load time of 358ms. This incredible number made them number 3 on our list of the fastest web hosts we’ve tried.

Reading various other MDD Hosting reviews, we observed that the speed is pretty much the biggest reason why so many customers are happy with MDDHosting offers and services. The way the company accomplishes that is through its LiteSpeed servers. LiteSpeed web server is about 9 times faster than common Apache and 3 times faster than SSL Apache.

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2. Quick, Efficient Support

Based on our personal experience and the many user reviews we read, we can say that MDDHosting may be a small provider, but it has seen incredible growth since its founding. MDD Hosting has excellent customer support, which is available 24/7/365.

You can reach their experienced staff via live chat, phone, email, and ticketing system for the more complex problems.

We were pleased with their response time, and we believe their knowledge base was straightforward and helpful. The company also provides various articles on different topics, including cPanel, domain names, fraud detection, and more.

The company’s ticket system is high-speed and efficient in resolving most web hosting issues. If you need to contact the host’s experts via telephone, you can use the phone assistance for Sales and Billing. It is available Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm Eastern Time.

In conclusion, we would say that MDDHosting undoubtedly ticks this box! It does not have a perfect support score since their phone service is not available 24/7, but still, we would say that 9/10 would be an appropriate deduction. In terms of customer support, MDDHosting is worth it!

3. Straightforward Hosting

MDDHosting Cloud Hosting Solutions

The most significant disadvantage that MDD Hosting has is the fact that it no longer offers a shared hosting service. The options you have are VPS, Reseller hosting and shared cloud hosting. That means that the company has mainly focused on companies that need virtual private servers.

Still, even though the web hosting company does not offer the whole range of services as some other companies on the market, it tries really hard to live up to its customers’ main expectations “what you see is indeed what you get!”

The host has no hidden fees, and the prices you see are the prices you will pay, nothing more, nothing less.

4. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Most of MDD Hosting’s plans feature a 30-day money-back guarantee that is hassle-free and unconditional. Compared to some other companies like InMotion, which offer 90-day money-back guarantees, this does not sound as much.

However, we should also note that some hosts don’t even have a money-back guarantee, and when we put it that way, a 30-day one is more than good!

5. Free Migrations for cPanel Sites

MDDHosting Free Website Transfer

Hosting providers decide for themselves if they want to charge their clients for every single site migration. The number of providers who want an unrealistic amount of money for site migrations is disturbingly high. Luckily, MDDHosting is not one of them!

The best thing about this company is that it is ready to help you move any of your websites to its data center for free. Yes, that’s right! Not just 1 or 2 sites, no! There’s no limit! With MDD Hosting, you can move 10 of your sites and still not be charged extra.

There are, of course, two conditions. First, you need to transfer your account within the first 60 days. This, however, is logical, so we don’t think it is that big of a deal. After the first 60 days, a fee amounting to $10 per cPanel site or account will be applied.

The other condition you need to meet to take advantage of this free service is to transfer a provider that is cPanel powered. Moving sites with no access to this control panel will meet a fee of $25 for each account or site.

The good news is that nowadays, most sites have access to cPanel, so that should not be a problem. Keep in mind that in some situations, multiple domains that are configured in an external server may be considered to be multiple accounts for transfer.

In terms of Reseller transfer, MDDHoating will transfer up to 25 cPanel accounts per 1 reseller account for free. You just have to make sure you request that within the first sixty days of service.

For each account beyond these initial 25, the fee required to be paid is $10. The same fee applies for standard account transfers after the first 60 days. The fee for custom control panel transfers starts at $25.

6. No Renewal Price Hikes

Many people are attracted to other hosts due to the shockingly low rate advertised on their websites. This is normal since this low rate seems like an amazing value, especially if you sign up for 2-year or 3-year plans. The problem, however, comes when these years pass and the introductory plan expires.

When that happens, clients are left with the so-called “renewal rate” that is often 2-3x the initial money you have paid. Many people hurry to sign up to lock in the low rate they see advertised, and they often forget to check the renewal rate, so when the time comes, a surprising price increase shows up.

What we like about MDDHosting is that they do not count on such price tricks. The prices stated on their website are precisely the prices you will pay after your initial plan expires. No surprising price increase, no surprising fees!

7. “100%” Uptime Guarantee

MDDHosting Hosting Solutions uptime

Now here’s something else we bet you will like just as much as we did! MDDHosting is really confident about the reliability of their Storpool powered servers, so they have no problem offering a “100% Uptime Guarantee”. Do you wonder what exactly is this?

A 100% uptime guarantee means that in case your server has a physical downtime of 1 hour or more, you can ask the company for 10 times the amount of downtime. Can you believe that? You get 10 hours of credit! Of course, there are some simple terms and conditions.

To take advantage of this guarantee backed by a Service Level Agreement, you have to write to the company’s billing department within 7 days of the downtime. Regular maintenance downtime is not included.

Nevertheless, if you experience downtime for mistakes or internal issues, the hosting company will take care of it! This guarantee is included only in MDDHosting Reseller and Cloud plans.

Cons of Using MDDHosting

Everything in this world has its pros and cons, and MDDHosting is not different.

1. Below Industry-Standard Uptime

Since we wanted to give you the best review possible, we had to carefully track MDDHosting’s uptime for our site. That way, we made sure there were no hiccups and everything ran smoothly, but we also observed how many of the months were strong with 100% uptime and how many of them were a bit disappointing.

The standard uptime of most hosts out there is around 99.93%. Unfortunately, MDDHosting could not live up to that expectation, and its 24-month overall was below that rate- around 99.90%.

Even though they had a couple of solid months, MDDHosting could not raise their average percentage.

As a user, you will still be pleased with the uptime offered by the company. Still, considering the price you will pay for their plans, we would get it if this con is enough to forget all the pros we mentioned above.

We say we would get it, but that does not mean we would agree with you! MDDHosting uptime may not be as high as one of the other companies, but all the other great features the company offers make up for it!

2. Additional Costs for Extra Services

Just like other hosts, MMDHosting charges extra for anything additional you want to add to your plan. This should not come as a surprise; still, we felt obliged to mention it in our review. For instance, we did not like that there is no “free domain name” included in the packages.

MDDHosting has many useful extra security features. Those, however, will cost you extra. Our favorite one was their SiteLock’s Daily Malware Scanning. With this feature, you get to choose between three different plans, the cheapest one costs $24.99 for a year, and the most expensive one costs $299.99 per year. The latter can find, fix, and prevent all types of threats with website acceleration.

We also enjoyed the SpamExperts email filtration and the CodeGuard automated backups, but they also require additional payment. Luckily, MDDhosting’s cloud plans include an unbounded number of free SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt and cPanel AutoSSL.

MDDHosting Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

MDDHosting Cloud Hosting

The good thing about MDDHosting is that it offers plenty of plans to choose from. The company offers 15 cloud plans, the cheapest hosting plan costing $5 per month for 1 year, $4.50 per month for 2 years, and $4 per month for 3 years. The cheapest VPS plan offered costs $71.21/mo for 1 year, $67.46/ mo if you choose the biennial payment and $63.71/mo for a triennial payment.

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Quick Facts

  • There’s no free domain included;
  • MDDHosting provides a free SSL certificate;
  • The cloud plans include a 30-Day Money Guarantee, unlimited SSD storage platform, unlimited email accounts; unlimited domains, cPanel control panel, and are LiteSpeed cache supported;
  • MDDHosting accepts credit cards as well as PayPal payments;
  • The activation of the account is quick;
  • The Reseller packages include unlimited bandwidth.

MDDHosting Reseller Hosting Solutions

Do We Recommend MDDHosting?

Even though MDDHosting is a relatively new company, we would recommend them to any user who wants excellent customer support (phone support, email, articles, etc.).

Yes, in our review, we observe that they have put up questionable uptime numbers, and they are definitely not the best hosting provider out there, but we kinda liked them!

They are straightforward, and even their Basic plan includes various ‘unlimited’ features. We wouldn’t say they are the best choice for a small personal site, and we really don’t like the fact they no longer offer shared hosting and free domain, but we cannot deny that their no-BS approach is indeed a breath of fresh air!

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