Best Mailchimp Alternatives to Save Money and Time in 2023

When you start pondering over email newsletter services, the first name that strikes your mind is Mailchimp. In the previous decade, this was a brilliant tool for the email marketing industry to refresh their minds using features like unlimited emails.

This service was affordable and could be used very quickly, so it was an instant hit for the small and medium businesses, store owners online, bloggers, and various other small-scale users as they were included in all the product recommendations.

The users are looking for alternatives to Mailchimp as they have made severe changes in their pricing model. They have also removed all ties of direct integration with the very famous Shopify for their customer service.

In case you are also seeking alternatives for MailChimp, then here we will review the other sites that can provide similar email marketing tools like that of Mailchimp to understand if an alternative to MailChimp will work for you or not in the aspect of email marketing needs. We will provide various options that will have incredible features and an outstanding interface.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives


Sendinblue Digital Marketing

This program is so much more than the ordinary email responder. It has features for marketing automation tools for nearly all fields, including marketing from SMS, automation, email campaigns, and ads from social media.

The company has an inspirational motto of “Grow, Sell, Engage,” and they describe these beautiful words with their work by all means. This is the best MailChimp competitor as it also offers you list management.

Suppose you are looking for a Mailchimp alternative. In that case, we have SendInBlue that is also conclusive of a free plan that will enable the users to access all the company’s features. But it is a known fact that there is only a limit of up to 300 emails per day, which some people may see as an issue.

The best part about the SendInBlue is that it provides the users with a whole range of integrations. You can easily upload contacts, signup forms, SMS marketing, sales CRM, and offer users this email marketing tool.

You will have access to real-time email reporting and analytics, including the SMS personalization and segmentation, which is unlimited for the user, which is perfect while looking for a Mailchimp alternative. SendInBLue looks like a brilliant alternative for MailChimp in terms of the features like straightforward UI and SMS and emails marketing.


SendInBlue Hubspot can help small businesses establish faster due to its fantastic features. People looking forward to ramping up their efforts for email marketing and automation and SMS marketing can access a vast range of features, including the options for the live chat in the email service. There are many other features for companies.

The company also provides email services, including email marketing and email automation segmentation. The email service provider will give the user control to target the people with a massive amount of templates that they can choose from the transactional email service provider.


The company has a plan for free to access most of the features, including email analytics. This can be the best free alternative to MailChimp for small businesses. There are paid packages that begin at $25 per month, and you can access 40 000 emails per month. The pricing range will also vary immensely, but SendinBlue is the best option, enabling you to pay as you go.


  • It is inclusive of the autoresponders.
  • One CRM functionality
  • Additional languages
  • Drag and drop email editor for One.
  • This is an easy-to-use interface for small businesses also.


  • The features that were added for the automation are quite limited for one.
  • The real-time reporting excludes the location and device report for one affiliate marketing.
  • The added templates and landing pages are not as good as MailChimp.


Moosend Email Marketing

Moosend is one of the best MailChimp alternatives for 2023 as it is a pocket-friendly platform for email marketing teams. Their pricing is very flexible, and businesses of every type can use Moosend. The inclusive options in the plans are desirable for startups and well-established companies.

Moosend has enhanced the email marketing campaigns with affiliate marketing with its automation workflow options as they are quite useful and reliable with emails. With the help of the drag-and-drop editor, WordPress, creating a campaign monitor has been so much more comfortable with constructing email marketing for emails.


While using Moosend, one can easily create email marketing campaigns and send them further to the subscribers. A tool named Campaign Monitor Creation Wizard will help you through the campaigns’ creation.

The site also provides excellent options to upload a new subscribers list and the existing 1 000 subscribers list for many contacts. It also has wonderful segmentation options that help you gain additional information about your subscribers’ emails to have landing page builder target lists.

At Moosend, you can access all the email automation options as it will send messages more easily, enhancing the communication rate with the subscribers. The recipe feature will allow you to make complicated automation work with its brilliant options.


The pricing plan offered by the Moosend is unique, and you will pay the price according to the number of subscribers you are having. You can also choose the free plan or go for the pro and the enterprise options. But the pricing changes will be much dependent on the number of subscribers that you have.


  • You can have a trial with the help of the free plan.
  • It also provides you with customization templates that are of outstanding quality.
  • The automation features are excellent.
  • This interface is relatively easy to use and is very straightforward.
  • It provides the user with good customer service.


  • A lot of improvement is required in the signup forms.
  • The site can be a bit slow to load sometimes.
  • The emails can be flagged as spam sometimes.
  • It does not provide us with any specified information about the industries it supports and the landing pages.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Marketing Software

Constant contact stands at the third position in our reviewing list. As the name suggests, Constant contact enhances its platform every day to make their company more user-friendly and deliver constant customer support. They also guide and instruct users in various ways.

They have various features that begin with learning material and extend to a vast, advanced email template library. The company is one of the best as their company is well integrated with social media and is also inclusive of marketing tools. It also provides us with an app to help you arrange all contacts into one list.


Constant contact offers so many features that are all easy to use that are perfect for both small and large businesses that are in line to reach heights with their marketing efforts.

Constant contact includes an impressive list of building tools for all social media integrations. They are tools that will help in clicking through the prices and all other stuff. They also provide the users with help and support through their fantastic customer support in WordPress, which is available with a comprehensive content management suite.


The plan at Constant contact will not always be free, but they deliver you with two highly flexible and adjustable plans based on the requirement of the operation.

The plans at Constant contact begin at $20 after the free trial period of 60 days is completed. The plan’s price will climb high as you will have a massive gain in subscribers, and the price will also depend on the emails you send within a day.


  • The user interface at Constant contact is very intuitive.
  • It provides features such as event and commerce integrations.
  • It also provides us features that are integrated with a social media campaign.
  • They have great email templates and landing pages.
  • Besides the email campaigns, the customer contact company offers users so much value.


  • This can become expensive as your subscribers begin to increase.
  • The templates offered by them are not that flexible.
  • Some customers reported that their accounts were closed without any warning.
  • They do not offer two-factor authentication with the assistance of the TOTP algorithm and WordPress.


GetResponse Email Marketing

Getresponse is another alternative to MailChimp, which provides us with brilliant email automation and an email marketing tool that helps the company get in line among the best names in the industry.

This could be the best option if you seek a cheap alternative with the best features. Getresponse is the best tool that can yield significant value and be the best if you’re looking for something with many customization features. This user-friendly tool helps you get everything an email marketing platform would have yielded you with additional charges.

The platform offers us fantastic customization options in WordPress, which allows the brand to have their voice and will be able to remain consistent other than just working on the tool to yield them an approximation of what they would want. Getresponse is not inclusive of a third option, but it does have a chance of using the tool for a free plan for a 30-day free trial.


Getresponse is inclusive of its excellent mobile responsive template integrations. They also provide you with an option to choose from so many templates that they provide. The tool is inclusive of a very easy to use creator of emails along with a totally user-friendly landing page. It also provides us with excellent A/B testing features, nurturing social CRM, segmentation options, and highly advanced WordPress with more features.


The free plan at Getresponsive does not last forever, but their offering is very pocket-friendly for WordPress. If your subscribers are less than 1,000, they will likely not require all those bells and whistles to pay for the biannual yearly plan. There are plans that cost you $10.50 per month and a plan with advanced features that will cost you $12.30 per month and also the one with $15 per month for the biannual year.


  • It comprises a reporting tool.
  • It is also inclusive of webinar integrations.
  • It provides the users with so many additional features other than just the email marketing tools in WordPress for business.
  • It has marketing automation integrations intelligent list for business.
  • It has a conversion funnel leading generation for integrations in email marketing services.


  • They do not offer any free business plan.
  • The templates provided by them are mostly outdated for business.
  • The deliverability rates provided by them are not that great for business.


MailerLite Email Marketing

The MailerLite is the free alternative to MailChimp and stands fourth in our list. It provides the user with a fantastic set of features that can help you in the right manner to enhance the growth of your SME to rise to new heights.

MailerLite is the best and the easily usable email marketing software on the planet for integration. It includes so many templates and excellent customer support, along with all the tools required for a proper email marketing software campaign.


There are so many incredible features offered by MailerLite that will help you achieve all your market goals. Thus it is a perfect alternative for MailChimp, and the manager it delivers to us is very user-friendly.

The company also provides us with a subscriber management function that can notify the subscribers that require more concentration and need to be ignored. You are also provided with the pop-up and landing page for the web page’s embedded forms. It provides you with email tools for marketing automation and integrations.

They will also help you with the customer support in business with the email marketing automation services that are helping you with 24/7 help with the live chat and calls.


MailerLite is an excellent option for providing value for money in the whole market. This is highly due to the many features the company provides for relatively low prices. The paid plans begin for at least $10 per month, which allows you to send 12,000 emails per month for a limit of 1000 subscribers.

Mailerlite provides you with the campaign monitor free plan. But the program offers limited features. The only drawback of their service is that the free plan offers absolutely no customer support. But in conclusion, we would like to say that the Mailerlite is the perfect option for the people willing to send so many emails per month at an optimal price rate and offers an excellent and yielding delivery rate.


  • It is inclusive of the easily usable drag-and-drop designs.
  • It yields reasonable deliverability rates.
  • Mailerlite also offers its users brilliant customer support.
  • If you are new to Mailerlite, you can begin learning from the online tutorials.
  • You can begin to use their email marketing solution for free.


  • The creation of an automation workflow can require a lot of time investment.
  • It does not provide us with much integration with the third-party service.
  • The process of getting your account approved can be very tedious.

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AWeber Email Marketing

AWeber is the perfect free MailChimp alternative if you require many of the different tools available at companies like Mailchimp. This is the ideal platform if you are looking for an easily integrated platform. The best feature about AWeber is that it is a brilliant option that can help you personalize the email marketing campaigns for the audience.

It includes a unique set of features that can assist you in developing a stable and everlasting relationship with your subscribers to boost the marketing automation of conversations. AWeber can be used with all the integrations platforms like the Unbounce and the eCommerce platforms similar to that of the Magento and provides excellent testing options available at a fantastic price.


AWeber is conclusive of the great automation tools, definitive of the drag and drop email builder and email template library. They are also conclusive of the excellent analytic tools and the mobile application that will give access to manage the email marketing service campaigns. AWeber makes it easy to use the email templates and use the tools for segmentation in emails.

Their platform offers so many options, which makes it an excellent tool for the engagement of the email templates and provides to track with the help of the tracking tools. The only drawback of using the AWeber is that importing data from it can be problematic and is not the best feature of the AWeber.


AWeber does not provide its users with the free forever plan, but instead, they will give the users a 30 day free trial time period, which can help the users deal with all the features of the tools for emails.

It is to be noted that they do not have a free forever plan and their charges will increase depending upon the rise in the number of subscribers and number of contacts. Their paid plans start at $19 for a total of 500 subscribers.

You can also select for paying at an annual rate, so the price range shows a definite change. You can edit your plan according to your needs whenever you wish to, as the customer service will assist you with the email list for the marketer.


  • Their a/b testing can be easily used and it also has sign up forms.
  • It is comprised of a free version and the drag and drop editor.
  • Their all plans are conclusive of incredible features.
  • It is also inclusive of excellent customer service.
  • You can easily track your sales for a/b testing.
  • It is also inclusive of the management tools for the list.


  • The automation features provided by them are essential.
  • One cannot broadcast multiple segments all at once.

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