Best Lead Nurturing Statistics To Boost Your Sales

Every brand in the corporate world knows that to pave their way to the top, only lead generation will not be enough. It is vital to covert the leads or prospects to customers that generate revenue for their brand. The whole process of transforming a lead into a customer goes through the occurrence of lead generation.

No doubt the lead generation process is essential, but nurturing, it holds the same place.

Lead nurturing is a process of reinforcing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. It involves guiding new-generated leads via sales funnel to a point where they can execute to doing business with you. It goes after the lead generation process.

A successful lead nurturing focuses on communication and marketing efforts on listening to individuals’ needs while giving the answers and information you need to increase brand awareness, build trust, and maintain the connection until people are ready to purchase.

Lead nurturing is all about educating the people about service or products, making them aware of your company/product to influence their buying decision in your favor. If you are interested to know how businesses are proceeding with the lead nurturing challenge, here are some of the facts and statistics to help you with the research.

Lead Nurturing Charts and Statistics

You cannot nurture if you don’t have anything. This implies that the first stage of your marketing efforts after lead generation is still lead nurturing. But the question is, what kind of leads are brands trying to nurture and how you get them? Well, for this, I am going to describe lead nurturing statistics in different parts. So let’s have a quick look at the importance of lead nurturing.

General Lead Nurturing Statistics

Before proceeding further, let’s examine the status of the general lead nurturing by the statistics. Lead nurturing is not as easy as it once was. Today it is not that easy to convince anyone about your brand or product.

Marketing automation makes a lot of difference for the companies in elevating the conversion rates.

From the source, we get that 68% of the companies have been using at least one marketing automation tool. Moreover, according to the source, 63% of marketers in top-performing companies will make sure that they have a massive budget for marketing automation. Before this, you have to develop a strategy for lead generation.

When it comes to nurturing leads, people always try new strategies to generate more business to profit. As marketing automation has already changed the scenario, companies are investing in marketing automation software. However, before reaching to nurtured leads, it is crucial to generate leads.

According to the report of Hubspot source, about 65% of business marketers consider generating leads, and traffic is their biggest marketing challenge. This means you need to make some more effort or need to make some more lead nurturing strategies.

Some studies show that about 53% of marketers spend nearly half of the budget on nurturing the leads to back up the process. As the nurtured leads are moving out of the funnel, the leads’ inflow is also crucial. Without lead generation, the funnel itself will dry out. According to the source, 20% of marketers use marketing automation tools and automation software for lead nurturing emails to raise the conversion rate.

According to the source, only 18% of marketers in the corporate world think that the outbound process provides sales leads with the highest quality.

How to Use it?

One thing that has not changed over the years is that lead nurturing is still the biggest challenge for different companies. Every corporate still feels that generating leads, and traffic is their biggest challenge. But by adapting different lead nurturing strategies, you can generate more and more business.

It is all about the customers. The engagement rate of the customers with the landing pages of your business will define the sales cycle. With all the lead nurturing and lead generation statistics backing customers’ importance, companies should adopt the strategies using automation software to understand the trends and elevate the conversion rates.

It allows you to inform, educate, and build trust with your leads and move them from the top of the buyer’s funnel (when they aren’t ready to buy your products) into the funnel’s bottom-most part (when buyers are ready to buy). Maintaining and creating pre-eminent relationships are still key in this new buyer world.

For companies, lead generation and nurturing is crucial to maintain a balance in the funnel and its aspects like revenue cost, number of qualified leads, and engagement rate with customers to generate more leads. Marketers using automation software target on generating traffic and leads to see an increase in qualified leads. According to the source, marketers say email campaigns see approximately a 17% oper rate.

B2B Companies should understand that automation software elevates the engagement of the customer with your services. Companies that excel at lead nurturing and marketing know about managing the cost while generating more sales opportunities by understanding the latest trends in the market.

Social Media Statistics For Lead Nurturing

What is the most effective channel for lead nurturing? This question often popup your mind. To get the answer, you need to look deeply into the lead generation statistics across different marketing channels and start with the social platforms.

Social media has done a great job in terms of generating lead nurturing strategies. If you have a great strategy in place with sales-ready leads, you can see some of the amazing lead generation outcomes on the platforms with very little time investment. Concerning the given source, it has been observed that about 66% of marketers generate leads from social media posts only after spending a couple of hours per week on social marketing.

Amazing, isn’t it?

The more you approach people on Facebook, the more traffic you will generate on your website. You can provide your website’s link on social media and promote it in different social groups. This helps you with the lead nurturing and promotes your business on social media in many ways.

As you already know, there are numerous platforms available in the market, but if we talk about the most effective lead nurturing strategies, LinkedIn always comes on top. It is the most potent channel for B2B lead nurturing.

It is one of the best and most professional social media platforms where you can target customers by sending them connection requests and messages.

According to the source, marketers say LinkedIn dominates lead nurturing for B2B business, with nearly 80% of B2B leads are generated from this particular platform. You can make different strategies by searching your target audience and by sending your connection requests.

Despite being so great for generating leads, LinkedIn seems relatively underutilized. Studies show that only 47% of marketers using the LinkedIn platform. Despite this, it is a fact that only 45% have been successful in generating more leads.

How to use it?

Social media might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to nurturing leads. But it should be. Because it encourages sales leads and branding offers businesses generate ROI and enables them to reach a border audience at a minimal cost.

Many businesses use the platforms for generating traffic and leads to achieving outstanding results throughout the funnel – right from boosting sales conversions to building brand awareness.

So it’s right to say that social media is an important aspect when making the lead nurturing strategies for your valuable business. Because it increases your brand awareness, increases your website traffic, and helps you to reach out to new customers.

But the best way to create an active audience on the platforms is to focus on the people who know you best. By sharing relevant content, acknowledge their feedback, interacting with them, you can enlarge your audience and strengthen your relationships with users.

Content Marketing for Nurturing Leads

This is another one of the most effective lead nurturing strategy which you can use to make the excellent visibility of your brand. Content marketing involves publishing informative blogs and articles about the services and products of your brand and attract more prospects.

You can also add unique and valuable website content so that whenever a person lands on your page via any link or by clicking on any banner, they will get to know what is your brand is all about. Here are some major statistics that show you how the marketing of the content is an essential part of lead generation in top b2b companies.

Content plays a vital role in lead nurturing strategies. If we talk about B2B marketers, 93% of the B2B companies say that content marketing gives rise to more leads nurturing statistics than the traditional marketing strategies.

This means you need to give detailed information about your products and brands on your website so that whenever people land on your website (by clicking any banner or link), they will get detailed information and show their interest.

As per the figures of Demand Metric, marketing of content is effective at nurturing leads as compared to outbound marketing, and the costs are reduced by a factor of 62%. Marketers say that content marketing generates 3x as many leads as outbound marketing at less than half of the price.

By focusing lead generation efforts on building and promoting great content instead of reaching out directly to a potential customer, your budget will stretch, and you will see more leads. But only seeing leads is not essential until you nurtured those leads.

And it is only possible making some lead nurturing strategies. For this, you need to give more and more focus on your website content so that whenever the customer reads the content, he/she will make a click on contact.

How to use it?

In the modern era of lead nurturing, there is a massive demand from users for high- value content for lead nurturing. If you meet your user’s needs, they will start trusting you with whatever social media marketing you throw their way.

Besides advertising, blogging is the main avenue through which B2B companies and B2C marketers generate leads in numerous marketing channels. Different variety of content will help you to create several leads for you. But there are some steps that you need to follow for generating inbound leads with your content.

As a first step, you will need to do extensive market research. Conducting exclusive and extensive media marketing research is not an option for you. It is a necessity, and one should be the first stage of product building.

In the second step, you need to build high converting landing pages. The first thing you should understand is the anatomy of a perfect landing page, which must start with a compelling headline. It should have a strong, captivating opening and then create interest as readers move down through the copy.

In the third step, you need to create lead bait. Your target audience needs a resource or hub to learn more about you and know how awesome you are and what you do. Lead bait helps your audience to know you well in every manner.

In the fourth step, you need to identify the content that the user wants. No marketer will know, with absolute certainty, what their user wants. But you can evaluate specific metrics by finding what your users want and raise the sales opportunities, and generate more leads.

In the last step, you need to give focus on promotion techniques. If you have got different formats such as videos, blog posts, articles, e-book, white papers, infographics, online courses, etc. then you have to decide the best way to promote them.

Without adequate promotion, the content pieces will generate anything for your brand. You need to give focus on reaching out to the people for promotion because your blog posts are the only way to get a new audience through content marketing and convert them to leads.

Email Marketing For Lead Nurturing 

If we talk about another lead generation channel, then email marketing is another name that helps you to make lead nurturing statistics. Marketers are using email to nurture and generate their leads. Let us dive into some of the marketing statistics that are quite important.

About 42% of the organizations consider email as a prominent channel for lead generation. If you think that email is dead, then you are absolutely wrong. Sometimes the lead nurturing emails get ignored, but marketing and sales teams should make sure that these emails generate b2b leads.

With more leads, b2b marketers can look into different prospects and manage the expense cost more efficiently. As they get a lot of hype around social media and content marketing, they continue to be one of the best channels.

About 79% of the B2B marketers say that email is the safest for generating demand for your brand. Marketers say that content marketing created emails as their most effective channel for demand generation. It is a safe, easy, and most professional way to approach the customer for lead nurturing.

Email works as an official statement because when you send someone an email for lead nurturing, you are sending them a kind of a surety via your official email address and contact details. This helps customers to believe that if something gets wrong, he/she can approach you through those contact details.

There is one best thing about email marketing that attracts everyone, and that is higher ROIs. According to the source, whenever you spend even 1 dollar on the marketing strategy, you are open to the opportunity to earn $42 back. It means you get a 4400% return on investment, which is pretty good as compared to other lead generation tools.

How to use it?

For a marketer, it is essential to blend email marketing with lead nurturing. It is crucial to groom the nurtured emails to understand the needs of potential prospects and get insights into your brand.

The privacy in someone’s email inbox will provide you a strategic benefit. You will get a fantastic opportunity to get the undivided attention of your leads without any interruption.

It feels like it was just you and your reader. And because every ready check their email inbox numerous times every day, you will get plenty of time to get a word in.

Here some of the essential steps of email marketing for lead nurturing and generation.

Qualify leads

In the initial stage of nurturing leads, you need to figure out where your prospects in the sales funnel. The right message at the wrong time can be just as devastating as the wrong message. When someone newly subscribes to your emails, asking for their crucial information will help you score where they are in the buying process.

Automate your campaigns

Once you have qualified your audience and placed them into a relevant segment, just take advantage of the automation to make the most of it for lead nurturing. By automating your email campaigns, you ensure that you never miss an opportunity to reach out to a prospect and never miss a conversion.

In the third and final step, you need to personalize email campaigns and customize nurture journeys.


Those are all lead nurture statistics we have for you. They will give you some new insight to apply to your marketing strategy and helps you to nurture more and more leads to your business. These all are significant lead nurturing statistics and ensures that you will convert as many new leads into customers as possible and bring the maximum revenue for your business.

There are plenty of ways to nurture leads to get more and more business for your brand.

The above study shows that nurtured leads make large purchases than non-nurtured leads. This will help your customers to get to know you better before they commit to buying. But when they do, they are willing to spend far more money.

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