JustHost Web Hosting Review 2022


Having a website these days is a MUST, especially if you want to take your business to another level. Even though there can be different solutions to the different kinds of websites you want and need to create, this can make your task difficult.

There is a variety of beginner-friendly and easy to work with server hosting websites that everyone can use – from bloggers and small business owners to huge enterprises. One of the best among them is JustHost. And here, you will find out why to choose it and how can JustHost allow your business or blog to grow and be successful.

Regardless of the type and size of the website you want to create and its purpose, JustHost can provide a wide range of hosting plans at an affordable price. Their subscriptions come with many different useful features and add-ons that will give you the chance to personalize, manage, and present your personal or business website the way you want. These can be backups, unlimited accounts, cPanel access, and many more.

Is JustHost The Right Host For Your Site?

Yes, basically, JustHost is made to suit all users’ needs. The platform offers web hosting packages with many advantages, such as domain name, free email accounts, and cPanel control panel.

JustHost Web Hosting

If you are worried that you might not find it suitable – there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you decide to cancel your subscription within the first month, you will get your money back. In this article, you will find a detailed description of what JustHost offers for you and why it would be one of the best web hosts for your needs.

What is JustHost Web Hosting?

To start with the article, first, it is important to say that JustHost is a beginner-friendly web hosting provider. The site will offer you most of the features you need, like the most popular hosting provers. The difference is that with JustHost, you will get access to all of them at an affordable price.

Basically, you will get the chance to create and manage your business website without destroying your budget. The Builder will help you to personalize your site, while the fabulous customer support will answer all your questions – at any time. As a result, your web hosting needs will be, for sure, met.

JustHost is powered by WordPress. You can install the WordPress themes and plug-ins with just one click through the Mojo Marketplace platform.

A quick overview of JustHost

Here you will find the most specifications and features that you will get when choosing JustHost web hosting.


  • WordPress

WordPress is the most reliable and simple way to create your site. Via Mojo Marketplace, you can easily install it and get the themes and add-ons.

  • Customer satisfaction and support

To answer all the questions you might have, JustHost offers spectacular 24/7/365 support via phone, email, ticket system, or live chat.

  • Site Management

Choosing JustHost will not only grant you access to a free domain name, but you can also have an unlimited host domain, and with them, you can effortlessly manage a number of websites.


If you already have an existing account, JustHost offers migration services, and their specialist can transfer up to 5 websites and 20 email accounts. Unfortunately, this is not included in the hosting plans. The fee for data migration is 149.99USD even though you can be sure that their specialists will take care of all the databases and files from your former hosting account to JustHost.

It is essential to say that this does not apply to resellers or VPS server accounts. And it is possible only to share hosting plans and users.

Quality of Support Material

You will be sure that you will get excellent support material whenever needed.

Control Panel

JustHosts uses cPanel, which will help you manage your website and hosting features.

Available Datacenters

JustHost, for now, has only one data center, placed in Provo, Utah.

Money-Back Guarantee Trial Period

JustHost web hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, less domain and setup fees, and prorated refunds.

Lower Price for Shared Hosting

The cheapest intro plan at JustHost is 3. 49 per month.

Backup Policy

Automatically and free of charge, JustHost performs backups daily and weekly, on a monthly basis.

However, as per the Backup Policies, it is clearly stated that no backups are guaranteed. This means that there can be failed automatic backups, resulting in losing data or integrity. This is why JustHost recommends performing manual backups through the cPanel to ensure your data will remain safe.

Website Builder Included?

The answer is YES. The Weebly is available for free with all of the web hosting plans provided by JustHost.

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PCI Compliant

Yes, your customers will be sure that their sensitive payment data is absolutely secured. And when your customers trust you – you can grow.

JustHost’s Background

Here you will find numerous hosting solutions. It can be suitable for shared, dedicated, VPS, and resellers as well. It supports all kinds of websites and blogs you might need to have.

JustHost is dedicated to great customer service, ease of use, great pricing, and features that cater to all WordPress site owners. It can be a great alternative to all the top web hosting, as it provides all of the features you will find there, but at a really reasonable price.

JustHost was founded in 2008, and its headquarters is based in Orem, Utah, USA.

JustHost’s parent company is Endurance International Group (EIG), which owns many other web-hosting providers, such as HostGator, BlueHost, and more.

We must say that even though EIG is a parent company for many web hosts, each provider works on its own, and the features, prices, and services of each can vary. Following the logic, we can confirm that JustHost can be considered an independent and self-running entity.

JustHost’s Shared Hosting Plans

Like with many other web hosting websites, here you will find different hosting plans, with different allowances and features included. The starter packs are three.







You can purchase the basic plan for $3.95 per month, the Plus plan is $6.95 per month, and Choice Plus – $6.95 USD. After the first contract expires, the regular prices of these plans start from $11.99/monthly to $17.99 per month.

It is worth noticing that even though the pricing is similar to the majority of web hosts, JustHost offers some exceptional features and marketing tools that can hardly be found in the basic web providers.

Unlimited Resources

You can find it useful that with JustHost, you can have an unlimited amount of hosting disk space, and you will not be billed or charged in accordance with bandwidth or disk space usage. Your website will be able to operate successfully without you worrying about resource over-usage.

On the other hand, for the Basic plan, the website disk space is limited to 50GB.

Unlimited Email accounts

With the cheapest plan, you will get 100MB of data per email account and a maximum of 5 email accounts.

But if you decide to choose one of the other shared hosting plans, you will get unlimited email accounts, so you can easily manage your site and transfer an unmetered amount of data. Regardless of the amount of data you will transfer to your new hosting provider, you will not be charged additionally.

Furthermore, you can send as many emails as you want to and get unlimited add-ons and subdomains. This feature can be in considerable advance for managing your online business successfully and with ease.

Plan differences

As you might have seen, the unlimited features are available only for more expensive plans even though the basic plans also have some pros and are affordable. You also get a free SSL certificate, access to WordPress, parked, and subdomains.

With the higher pricing, you get more features as well, such as marketing offers, spam protection, and backup protection.

Which one you will choose depends only on your preferences and your website’s needs, so it is essential to make sure to get the right one. With the correct choice, you and your website will receive the hosting services required.

  • WordPress Hosting

We need to mention that JustHost does not offer managed WordPress hosting plans. Even though creating a website via WordPress is straightforward and easy.

The installation of WordPress on your web hosting account is just a one-click action from the MojoMarketplace. From the cPanel, you can also enable automatic WordPress core, a variety of plug-ins, and theme updates. Naturally, these are all features of the managed hosting plans, but as ell available with JustHost.

  • Dedicated Hosting Service

Larger websites logically produce a more considerable amount of traffic daily. In these cases, dedicated server hosting is the solution needed.

This type of hosting is an option in which there is a physical server dedicated to only one business customer. It grants the user access and control over it, which means that it can be personalized according to their performance, security and features requirements. Therefore, users using a dedicated server will not share it with others and will not depend on them.

  • VPS Hosting Service

VPS hosting is almost the same as a dedicated one. The difference is just that VPS stands for Virtual Private Server – so you will get a dedicated server as well, but virtual. Like with the dedicated server hosting, with VPS, you get your own server, so you will not depend on anyone else’s amount of resources or traffic.

The VPS hosting with JustHost is created via unique cloud technology. You can get a VPS hosting plan along with root access. They come with an enhanced cPanel, server resources, and multi-account management, which are useful tools for any website, regardless of its size and type.

Important Features

With JustHost, you will get some essential features with all of the pricing plans. In addition to the included free domain name, SSL certificate, and domains, you will get the following:

  • Control Panel and Databases

Whether you are a blogger or you own a large corporate website, having access to all the server-side services is essential. JustHost understands that and will grant access to them, even with the cheapest hosting plan.

Some of the most popular among them are: MySQL and PostgreSQL databases / DHTML, Flash, and Shockwave support / Perl 5 / Python and SimpleScripts 1-click script install.

  • PHP 7

JustHost supports PHP 7 as well. But why is this important? Php7 is a lot faster, and with it, you will never face low speed and performance issues.

  • Free Website Scripts

All of the JustHost users will have access to SimpleScripts. But what can you do with it? Basically, they can only be in favor of your website, ensuring a higher number of visits. For example, you would be able to create message forums via PHPBB, build a bigger email list, and add image galleries. You can boost the users’ engagement by creating pools and surveys as well.

Moreover, with the SimpleScripts, you can install Moodle, Tikiwiki, and blogging CMS such as, for example, Drupal, Joomla, and of course, WordPress.

  • e-Commerce features

Shopping online is becoming more and more popular with time. If you want your website to become a successful e-shop, JustHost has a solution for you. Some requirements need to be covered in order to launch your e-commerce business. These can be Free SSL certificate / different shopping carts/directories for limiting the access that is password protected / OpenPGP/GPG encryption and multi-currency payment systems, which will allow you to accept and manage clients’ funds.

Having a reliable web host can make earning money online not only possible but easy and effective.

  • Weebly website builder

Some users might not be interested in using WordPress and want an alternative way to create their website with ease. This is the reason why JustHost offers Weebly for free with every hosting plan.

The initial and most significant thing about Weebly is that it is straightforward to use. With this simple drag and drop system, you can design your website the way you require. It can be used for building blogs, e-shops, websites, and anyone from a total beginner to a PRO can handle it.

Imagine that if you do not have such a tool on hand, you might need a developer to build your site, which is time-consuming and expensive. But with Weebly, you get access to a number of themes, and via drag and drop, you can personalize your site’s layouts, sections, and appearance. It is so easy that your website will be ready in no time!

JustHost’s Datacenters

Naturally, some of the biggest web hosting providers have multiple data centers placed all over the world. Usually, this can guarantee faster performance and can decrease downtime. Also, this might have a role in better-performing results for your website’s visitors.

JustHost has only one data center, located in Provo, Utah, USA. Following the login, there might be some users that will question the reliability of this web host. Still, we have to say that JustHost has alternative methods of preventing excess downtime, along with slow performance.

CPU protection

This type of protection will ensure that no program will be stuck in a loop and will return the control over to the OS. Usually, at such a point, OS might send a fatal error message or allow for a higher timer limit.

All of the shared servers in JustHost are monitored using this software. It ensures that each user receives a fair share of the resources. If, by any chance, there is a server, which resources are abused, the CPU protection notified JustHost immediately, so their specialists can act accordingly.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudface is a type of content delivery network, which all of the users who chose JustHost will get for free with all of the host plans. It is a distributed network of servers that will grant different advantages to a site, and one of them is the cached content. It means that Cloudflare will help to increase the page loading speed, lower the usage of bandwidth, and as a result – decrease the CPU usage on the server.

The Cloudflare can easily be enabled from the cPanel in your JustHost account. It will catch the content of your website across the network, so everyone around the world will receive the content of your website quickly.

Uptime and response time

It is important to say that JustHost does not guarantee uptime. Also, none of the shared hosting plans promises any compensation for a possible downtime that users might experience, and this is declared in their terms of service. Even that JustHost cannot guarantee that downtime will not occur, they are constantly improving on lowering it, which can be seen in recent statistics.

Not as Fast as Competitors

Uptime can be critical to the development of your website. Accessing it anytime is vital.

Considering the uptime, it is important to mention that JustHost’s competitors, such as SiteGround, or BlueHost, can sometimes be twice as fast compared to JustHost. The response time can be below the one with the top hosting companies, but still, there is always a place to grow and develop.

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Behind the Scenes


JustHost allows all of the website owners to use the cPanel with all of the shared hosting plans available. The cPanel will give you the possibility to easily manage all of the aspects of your website or blog. From its home screen, you can:

  • Access and change domain details
  • Place a new domain registration
  • Transfer a new free domain name
  • Change domain redirections
  • Export a free domain list into a CSV file.
G-Suite, Add-ons, and Extras

It is worth mentioning that via the cPanel, you can allow G-Suite, along with access to the other hosted websites, your correspondence, and the Mojo Marketplace as well. Additionally, you can allow other useful features, such as different themes, add-ons, and even premium WP live support.


Using the cPanel, you can even log in to your website! Even more – you can access the Help Center directly in case any assistance is needed. Usually, the cPanel can be really extensive, but with JustHost, things are organized perfectly into categories. Below you will see some vital features that you can access from the cPanel easily.

  • One-click installs – easy and rapid enabling of different features;
  • Mailing lists – to keep your correspondence on hand;
  • Cloudflare CDN – you can allow it for extra protection;
  • File Transfer Protocol Manager – allowing you to transfer files from your computer to files on the server;
  • Statistics of your site – these can be bandwidth use, error logs, visitors, and more;
  • Possible upgrades including domain privacy, protection, and Constant Contact;
  • Professional services like site migrations services;
  • Assistance with Google AdWords and Bing Ads;
  • SSH shell access – it allows for encrypted data transferring;
  • Database tools to provide administrative tasks;
  • Programming access.

Customer Service

One of the best things about JustHost is that they care about their customers. And this is proven by the excellent customer support available. This web hosting company offers to its users 24/7/365 support. Even more – there are plenty of ways to get in touch with them. The most popular are: via a phone call, live chat, or email.

Moreover, JustHost integrated a ticketing system that will define your query into a category. The categories can be concerning affiliates, pre and sales, tech support, and verification and billing. When done so, you will be redirected to the relevant department right away, and you will be given assistance from a person specialized in the relevant area immediately.

Of course, the most used way is getting a prompt reply via the live chat support option. You can take advantage of it if you have no-matter-what questions regarding different topics. The best thing is that the live chat of JustHost is accessible even for people who are not yet customers of JustHost.

You will receive a fast first response (under a minute) from an educated customer support team member in each case. This can be really useful if you are still unsure if you want to go with JustHost – you can ask anything that comes to your mind. Plus, JustHost has an online knowledge base to boot.

Improvements needed

Yes, JustHost provides a great and reliable web hosting service, but like with anything, there is still room for improvement.

Automated Backups cost extra.

Imagine how much of the important data can be lost if there is no successful backup performed. No one wants to get there, right?

JustHost offers manually performed backups, but for you to be able to perform such, you should buy a premium backup package, which will allow and guarantee the success of a backup. Other hosting companies offer free automated backup plans with all of their shared hosting plans.

Website Migration is not For Free.

JustHost indeed offers site migration, performed by specialists, ensuring you will save the data and files from your former shared hosting provider. But, unfortunately, this service can be considered expensive. JustHost can transfer up to five website domains and twenty emails if you choose them, but it will cost 149.99USD.

Uptime Should Be Guaranteed

Even though the uptime provided by JustHost is great and continually increasing, it is still not guaranteed. It is crucial for JustHost to be able to guarantee or at least offer a kind of compensation to users if higher downtime is experienced.

Alternatives to JustHost


Actually, BlueHost and JustHost are sister companies, both owned by Endurance International Group.

JustHost is also using BlueHost as a backend for some services. Even though each of them is a self-governing entity, this is why there are a few variations. BlueHost offers guaranteed automatic backups for all of your website’s content. However, here you will still need to pay the $149.99 fee for website migration. With BlueHost, you will receive a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

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WP Engine

As confirmed, JustHost offers many of the managed hosting features but does not offer actual managed hosting. If you want access to a higher number of managed features, including a content delivery network, caching, automated backups, and specific kinds of WordPress support, you can definitely try WP Engine. IT will definitely suit your needs, but it is one of the most expensive hosting providers on the market nowadays.


The main thing that makes SiteGround a good option is that this web host canensure consistent 99.9% uptime and even more – compensation in case of any downtime. Therefore, you can rely on them to keep your website running. Plus, the pricing plans are similar to those in JustHost, but still, many of the features that JustHost offers are not available with SiteGround.

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Is JustHost Worth It?

Although there can be some things that need to be improved, overall, JustHost is a proven alternative to any of the high-end web hosts.

  • Beginner-Friendly
  • WordPress can be easily installed via Mojo Marketplace
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited domains
  • Easily accessible and manageable control panel – cPanel
  • Educated customer service and technical support
  • Website migration performed by specialists
  • Weebly website builder for free, included in all hosting packages
  • Unlimited disk space available
  • VPS and Dedicated Server options available
  • Variety of affordable hosting packages
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Transfer migration is expensive;
  • Automated backups are only available for an additional cost;
  • There is no uptime guaranteed;
  • No compensations in case of downtime;
  • JustHost does not offer managed WordPress hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is JustHost?

A: JustHost is a domain host where you can create and manage your blog or website.

Q: Is JustHost expensive to use?

A: Compared to most of the top-rated companies providing hosting services, JustHost can even be considered as cheap. The cheapest plan is 3. 85 per month while signing up, and then, when renewing your subscription, the regular price of the cheapest plan is 11.99/month. All of the plans include free domain name, WordPress access, and unlimited bandwidth.

Q: Can I can VPS and Dedicated hosting with JustHost?

A: Yes, JustHost offers special hosting solutions, where you can get a dedicated IP address.

Q: Can I use WordPress with JustHost?

A: Yes, JustHost operates with WordPress, and it can be easily installed from the Mojo Marketplace in the control panel. If you want an alternative to WordPress, you can build your website with the installed Weebly.

Q: Can I create more than one website with my JustHost account?

A: Yes, this would be possible, depending on your pricing plan. With the cheapest one, though, you can only have a single website and domain name.

Q: What control panel does JustHost work with?

A: With all hosting plans, cPanel is available.

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Wrap Up

In this honest review, we have pointed everything you need to know if you are looking for a reliable solution for your website. JustHost reviews and the features prove it as one of the best hosting providers nowadays. It can be compared to the top-rated ones, but with one main difference-it is affordable.

The money-back guarantee allows you to give up at any chosen moment if you are not satisfied enough within the first 30 days and get your funds back.

We must say that JustHost will surely provide the relevant hosting services if you are a blogger, small business owner, or want to build a corporate website.

However, personal preferences are the thing that has the heaviest matter. Everyone should evaluate their needs and decline if the PROS are enough to neutralize the CONS that JustHost has. It is worth trying!

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