Protect Your Eyes With Iris

Name: Daniel Georgiev

Inspiring Entrepreneur







I want to introduce to you, Daniel Georgiev. A 22 years old youngster who is running his own business.

We met about 3 years ago and I knew right from the start that his business idea is going to score big.

He is building a software called Iris which help you to reduce the damage to your eyes while you are working on a computer or mobile device.

Danny reminds me of my younger self. This is the reason why I like to help him with free business advice how to grow his company.

Facts about Daniel

  • He quits his well paid 9-5 job to pursue his dream at the age of 19
  • TEDx Speaker
  • He was in Bulgarian National Team in rowing and won several medals,
  • His company is making 4 to 5 figures a month,
  • He made $5,000 in sales in just one day.

How to keep your eyes healthy

  • Use IPS monitors with high refresh rate.
  • Use matte screens.
  • The light/windows should be on your left or right.
  • Increase the brightness of your monitor and reduce the monitor flickering with
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