Ionos Website Builder Review: Best Site Builder for Your Biz?

Ionos Website Builder is one of the creators of the Germany-based Web empire IONOS 1&1. The 1&1 web builders’ parent company was established in 1988. It has steadily evolved by providing a range of facilities, such as free domain name registration by the best website builders.

The goods sold by 1&1 are accessible in various locations, like Austria, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Mexico. This organization’s workforce has now expanded to about 7,000 globally, and the business’s headquarters are situated in Montabaur, Germany.

By providing premium products to customers, 1&1 has grown to host more than 18 million+ + names. They are centered on supporting a wide range of particular business sectors, such as building and estate development, transport, tourism, retail, trade, etc.

It is focused on small and medium businesses seeking to create their direct online marketing presence. You may select from several formats, photographs, and texts customized to particular sectors.

IONOS by 1 1 MyWebsite



A great first move, which most rivals do not provide, is to develop an online business card so that people can at least have your contact details while you’re still developing your best website. It’s just as convenient to have a personalized online website by using 1&1’s best builder. You are free to customize any of the templates offered to your satisfaction. Also, there is an image archive data center of 20 million images.

It is important to remember that Duda supported the site builder as a 3rd party rather than built in-house. But 1&1 charges less than Duda itself. Besides, the business’s emphasis is on the two products, with 1&1 having adjusted all the well-designed products precisely. The digital business card is also an extra function that can be active before the website is released.

While 1&1 does not provide a free trial version instead, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Pricing and Packages

  • Now- $5

It’s for the creation of individual websites, all conventional features included. For beginners, too.

  • Creator- $5

To create business sites utilizing industry-specific layouts, skilled domain title, email addresses, and inbox included.

  • Advanced features- $20

For an online store, it includes extra marketing techniques to give newsletters. Title of domain involved; yearly prices extend for a 1-year contract period (excl. VAT); marked down rates accessible for the 1st year. Maybe a defined fee is paid.

Hosting plans pricing

Shared Web Hosting Solutions

1&1 Ionos Shared Web Hosting Hosting

1&1 IONOS provides a regular subscription website development fee but lowers the cost if you’re able to get the multiple-month or yearly packs. 1&1 IONOS enables you to select one package with any kit. A humble writer would enjoy IONOS’ 1-month simple hosting support alternative. Shared hosting is accessible in Windows or Linux flavors.

The basic package (beginning at $4 every month) contains a free site name that you can hold till you utilize 1&1 IONOS. The package also provides ten email addresses, 10GB of storage, ten servers, and the capacity to accommodate approximately 50 users every minute at a specific website.

VPS Hosting

1&1 Ionos VPS Hosting

1&1 IONOS’ cloud- VPS services (beginning with pocket-friendly $2 every month for 10GB of SSD space, 512MB of RAM, and unrestricted data transfer) provide you with the necessary resources to create a site. The site can manage the rigors of the web better than conventional shared hosting. You can upgrade Windows or Linux-based databases with up to 12GB of RAM and 240GB of space with a $35-every-month VPS XXL kit.

1&1 IONOS consist of value VPS web host plans, but Hostwinds, Editors’ Option for VPS hosting, provides unlimited pages and domain name. Hostwinds also provides Minecraft VPS hosting, beginning at $8 a month.

Cloud Hosting

1&1 IONOS MyWebsite has adopted this form of hosting, providing various levels of cloud host that can be equipped with Windows or Linux web browsers.

Plans begin at $0.0069 every 60 minutes (with a peak cost of $5 every month) for single-core CPUs, 30GB of SSD space,512MB of RAM, and unlimited monthly transmit. Offers up to $0.5 per hour for 24-core CPUs, 48GB of RAM, 480GB of SSD space, and unlimited monthly information transfers. Managed and anti-managed options are available, as are customized packages.

1&1 IONOS MyWebsite cloud host packages are fantastic. Here’s the decline: IONOS 1&1 is a long way to go if you need startup cloud hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

IONOS by 1&1 Dedicated hosting

1&1 IONOS MyWebsite has 4 Linux-based hosting third parties: XL-64, A8i, L-16, and XL-32. The package arrives with either standard hard disc drives or good drives that slightly shift the cost.

The costliest package,($140 per month) XL-64 192 NVMe, arrives with an Intel Xeon Gold, 1,000GB SSD,192GB RAM, and unlimited data usage transactions. The HDD counterpart begins at $47 a month and consists of a 1,000GB HDD. All dedicated hosting packages provide Site lock malware security and Rail Gun CDN for quicker site loads.

WordPress Hosting

1&1 Ionos Managed WordPress Hosting

There are two options to have WordPress and work on the IONOS 1&1 database. You can download WordPress on the regular server or register for a managed WordPress site. IONOS provides 3 Linux WordPress packs:

  • Critical ($3 first year, $4 per month)
  • Enterprise ($0.50 every month for a year, then $8 per month)
  • Pro ($8 every month for a year, then $16 monthly)

The package is controlled; thus, 1&1 IONOS offers it the care of white gloves to manage back-end issues.

Essential provides SSD space of 25GB, ten email addresses, the opportunity to host a sole domain, and a free URL. Company offers an SSD capacity of 100GB and 100 email addresses. The most packed of the three choices, Unlimited offers limitless SSD space, unlimited email account, and WordPress package.

Every plan includes automated malware identification and elimination, a Wildcard Protected Socket Layer, automatic WordPress updates (SSL) certification, and a selected list of suggested WordPress themes.

It is a strong bid; however, A2 gets the prize as a WordPress Option Editor for PCMag. Accessible in regular and managed variants, A2’s Unlimited Package (beginning $36.98 every month) provides unlimited hosting and data usage transactions. It arrives along with a free certificate of SSL, too.

Pros and Cons


  • Optimal for multilingual locations

If your company has an international audience, you can easily discuss them utilizing an interconnected translation feature (Basic and Plus package). There are 60 dialects usable.

  • Create-a-business-website-with-IONOS-by-1-1-MyWebsite

Phone help is included with all MyWebsite 1&1 offers.

  • An alternative to generate backup

You can have backups at any moment and restore those editions anytime you require them. So if anything goes wrong, you’re just a click from placing it correctly.

  • An alternative to importing a blog

If you have an RSS feed blog, you can quickly relocate it to 1&1 MyWebsite.


  • No trial choice without signing up

Unfortunately, 1&1 doesn’t give a version that you can evaluate before buying a product. There is no refund guarantee for the regular trial period, but you must recognize to suspend your membership in time.

  • Problems with recommendations for content

The advantage of the availability of industry-specific content can also demonstrate problems. If you don’t adjust the text recommendations at all, search engines will identify duplicate material that will negatively impact your standings.

  • Excellence of image

An old file comprising 20 million photos may sound truly spectacular, but the performance of most of them is debatable as they look so contrived. We believe that real-looking images are the best approach to a site being spotted.

Rating Details

  • Easy to use: Although you may feel a little overloaded by the immense options provided by 1&1 when you initially get started to handle your website, the editor is currently well organized. It’s easy to drag and drop specific items before moving them to precisely where you want them on the page.

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  • Templates: This site builder provides a range of visually stunning models for your Online Store Website. As a company, you will be pleased to have a range of sector-specific business models that are made for your use. If you’re someone who likes to construct and modify your design, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can achieve the same with this website builder since it helps you navigate the HTML and CSS code.
  • You will have references to a range of images that comply with copyright laws and fit the various formats and themes made accessible to these website builders. Overall, there is sufficient space to customize the site according to your dynamic specifications and retain your company’s branding.
  • Advertising-free of charge: Exactly! a small 1&1 banner is showcased at the end of the screen, but you can get rid of it with one more click of a button.
  • Features of 1& 1 MyWebsite
  • Domain Name: The domain name is available with the program provided by the website builders. You can select from: .com, .co, .uk, .ca, .net, .org, .info etc. The option is to connect an established external domain name or move it to these website builders. SSL encryption is allowed by default. The email account and address are also provided.
  • Navigation: You can put up to 3 levels, which should be a lot in many places. Mentioning that, it might be easier to provide a bit more versatility here for other complicated navigation systems.
  • Widgets: No official app store exists, but you can make your favorite widgets. They may appear in the format of a pop-up advertisement for a special offer or providing details for visitors. For instance, if you have somebody who has already accessed your website and purchased something, you may want to trigger an automated promotional code pop-up.
  • SEO-search engine optimization: You can adjust the name and explanation of the page, the URL, and the encoding via SEO configuration. You can establish even 301 redirects, which is essential if you ever switch the URLs of a business website.
  • Monetization: Yes, yes. AdSense and Banner advertising etc. can be integrated very conveniently.
  • eCommerce: You can insert an online store in the Online Retailer plan. It’s focused on the eCommerce plan of Duda.

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  • Blog: To be reasonable, it’s pretty simple to utilize the blog feature. Looking at stuff from an SEO point of view, though, it would also be pleasant if the SEO headline were distinct from the post heading. Sadly, only one field is presently available. You can also upload current blogs employing the Import RSS feature.

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  • Statistics for Visitors: No integrated statistical tool exists, but you can insert conventional alternatives such as Google Analytics and Matomo using the pertinent code.
  • Contact Form: Yes, yes. You can establish your own forms, and we think it’s a good idea to have direct integration with a couple of other providers, such as Constant Contact and MailChimp.
  • Password & Participant Area: You can create a separate login for each site.
  • The Newsletter Tool: A newsletter tool is there in the Online Store package, but we haven’t tested it.
  • Insert HTML code: There is a component that you utilize custom HTML or JavaScript on your homepage, or you could even insert this code to the site header.
  • Space Storage: Unlimited storage space is provided with all offers. The percentage of articles is also unlimited.
  • Backup & Restore: You can generate a backup at any moment, and anything is instantly backed up each time you swipe to submit the site. Regain a recovered version with just another click of your mouse.
  • Support: 1&1 is one of the few companies providing internet support. However, before contacting the line for your online store, it is suggested to read the FAQs. Alternatively, you can still attach an email to the customer service team. The live chat feature is generally accessible for sales guidance only. You can also have several interesting conversations and learn a few main tips to utilize this website builder from other people in the forum group of this website builder. If you cannot locate a response from 1&1’s online information data centers, you can email their customer support team. They have different email addresses for the various divisions that manage unique types of inquiries. However, the total response time for your queries can be 48 hours.
  • Security:1&1 IONOS MyWebsite provides a free Geo-Trust Dedicated Certificate with its database, Developer Shared Hosting, and Developer E-Shop services. Suppose you don’t want either of those packages. In that case, you can buy a Geo Trust Dedicated Certificate beginning at $20 per year with a complete Geo Trust True Business ID Extended Validation SSL Certificate charging $200 per year. Free SSL Wildcard and Site Scan from Site Lock are free applications provided by 1&1 IONOS to secure your website from attackers, malware, and unauthorized access. If you want to view your site’s Site Lock Trust Seal, your users can notice that the website is safe in real-time.
  • Fun Factor: Once you’ve operated out how to keep moving the aspects around wherever you wish, the editor is currently enjoyable to work with. It’s just a pity that you can’t offer it a free plan ride without going through the full enrollment process.

Overall Rating: The 1&1 website builder is secure has different marketing tools for website building. You get full support is various support options. There is a free trial of a month available to get familiar with all the features. With a fantastic website editor, the tool is an all-rounder option to opt in the industry.

Honest Opinion

If you plan to build a basic business site with a fantastic look to please people, 1&1 is the right choice! However, this is not the ideal choice as far as E-Commerce sites are involved.

This site designer’s 30-day free trial span gives you a considerable benefit, and if you don’t love it, you can choose any other site to construct the framework. One aspect is certain from the point of view of layout and ease of use: the easy-to-use drag-and-drop website creator suits the bill!

We hope that the details provided above will help you determine if 1&1 is worth testing on your company site. 1&1 is a web developer that has specifically been built with businesses in mind.

The business card function helps you get the process rolling by placing your contact information online before you even start working on the rest of your digital presence. This will take the stress off and give you more time to set up your site. And you have many industry-specific models to support you.

As with Duda, it’s simple to convert your website’s material. And you don’t have to screw about inserting new languages to the list as with other website developers – 1&1 enables you to allow them to utilize the language function efficiently.

Once you’ve come to grips with how the editor functions, you’ll consider it easy to create a sophisticated website with superior results. The backup choice is a big selling point, as you can store a backup and recover it when you want to. The blog is a useful bonus function, and it’s great to learn that store choices are accessible if you require them, but the extremely versatile web editor is the best part of the display here.

Their phone support is a benefit—other companies do not. If you’re trying to set up a profitable business website, you can’t go wrong with 1&1 MyWebsite.

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