InterServer Reviews 2022 – Is it Comparable to Big Players?

The InterServer can provide the users with marvelous performance and provide unlimited resources for the shared hosting. It also delivers the customers excellent features, which play a massive role in boosting the website’s overall performance without compromising the web hosting company’s protection.

Although the service offered to the users can still be improved overall, the site is working just fine. The reasonable price rate makes the InterServer the appropriate platform to use.


InterServer Web Hosting

Is InterServer capable of providing your website with all that power required for it to succeed?

If we look at the shared hosting plans provided by the InterServer, one can quickly get suspicious. It is worth thinking about whether the InterServer subscription host for a $2.50 monthly low rate provides you with unlimited resources and the brilliant resources and powerful tools that it says are being offered in the hosting provider’s hosting plans.

The InterServer web hosting company claims to have experienced as many as 19 years in web hosting, which is enormous. The InterServer also offers a variety of plans in the range of shared hosting, VPS hosting plans, reseller plans, and dedicated servers.

All these data centers of the InterServer host, which are four in number, are situated in the US, so the customers residing in North America can expect to have incredible speeds in the web hosting plans from the InterServer.

Is InterServer hosting fair?

So, in short, we would like to say that InterServer can offer a brilliant service that can work very well for all customers. We tested the various hosting providers in the list of web hosts that are the best present in the market.

We discovered that the InterServer came in third place, and the hosting service was able to beat all of the hefty hitting competitors, including the Kinsta. To know in detail about the hosting service’s fantastic features, you can go through all the information we provided below.


InterServer Affordable Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Resources, and Powerful Extras

The shared hosting platform of the InterServer net is being offered in the following forms: the Linux hosting control panel, which is often being described as the Standard web hosting control panel. In contrast, windows hosting has been displayed as ASP. NET control panel.

There are specific platforms like the WordPress host and the other very famous CMS or the Content Management System, which perform their best on the Linux hosting platform based on the cPanel control panel. At the same time, the other hosting services like windows hosting or the ASP. NET is being used mainly for the host’s web projects, which run on the Microsoft technologies like the ASP. NET and the MSSQL.

Let’s talk in detail about the standard web hosting plan provided by the InterServer host. The shared hosting plan has a starting price of 42.50. The plan includes so many features that work efficiently, but it offers minimal resources to the users.

The term ” unlimited resources ” does not mean that the entire library can be parked on the account or reach up to the downloads portal. In clear words, it means that if the customers adhere to the InterServer host’s policy, they need not worry about the disk space or running out of bandwidth.

We know that all these sound great, but it does not indicate that you will keep the shared hosting plan forever or that your website will keep on growing. It is a fact that a website that is successful in all aspects will require more RAM and CPU resources, which are necessary because there are so many website visitors that are going to cause traffic on the VPS server. In such a case, it is recommended that the customer should shift to the VPS hosting provider.

InterServer is also offering free SSL certificates for all of the customers. The company is delivering free SSL certificates for all of its users. They have encrypted the SSL certificate on each shared account, assuring extra protection for your account. All the Linux accounts are provided with one-click tools for installation, which can be furthered to install Joomla, WordPress, and all the other Sitepad builders.

You need not worry about migrating your site from another server to the InterServer. The InterServer provides website migrations for free for all of their users with accounts from another website and the SSL certificates, which has also been praised in the web hosting reviews.

There are certain features though, that are lacking in the InterServer, like the remote backups. It is too easy to set some schedules in a local VPS hosting drive and create backups without any difficulty. Still, this feature is not present in the very famous InterServer, which otherwise claims user-friendly.

Security Tools and Protocols

It is imperative to keep the user free from any malicious files that can cause trouble on your website. There are specific hosting plans that fail to offer sound advice or optimum security for the necessary users. In this aspect, the InterServer hosting works outstandingly as the security firewall can block all foreign attackers. They also utilize learning to alert about any threat that may lead to severe damage.

This system for protection is available in all of the hosting plans. Along with the protective tool, you are also provided along with the M0dSecurity tool, which will only add a layer of defense into the firewall, and the imunify360, which will scan all of the other files frequently for any malicious data. The best aspect of this is that it is being included in all of the hosting plans provided by the InterServer.

Cloudflare CDN, LiteSpeed Caching

The speed of the VPS website can be increased in great amounts with the help of Caching. This process will help save all of the static copies of the pages, which can be of great use in the future. Some of the technologies that are the best today in the market include Litespeed, which delivers all users’ caching tools to enhance their performance.

The VPS cPanel is going to provide you with access to Litespeed caching. This tool, which has been integrated, will play a massive role in quickly scanning the drive and making copies of the cached pages. The customer can save a lot of time in seconds, which is otherwise wasted in loading the advanced pages as they require more computer power.

Adding on to that, another integration is known as Cloudflare’s CDN or the content delivery network. Each website visitor will be provided along with the server location, which will lie close to the visitors. The CDN mainly benefits from static websites as it cuts out the loading times.

Domains and Websites that are unlimited

You will find that there are many limitations to the number of separate websites built with the web hosting plan’s help. The client may discover themselves in a scenario where you are limited with the subdomains, but you have disk space for bringing a small project onboard. In such a case, you sometimes might even lack the databases required more of the WordPress instances. However, the InterServer works very differently as it allows you to add all of the different domains and any of the databases you require otherwise.

Interserver Blog WordPress theme WordPress org

Free email account: The InterServer provides free email accounts to all of its clients. The InterServer offers the users a matching email account that will also suit their domain. Such an email account is unlimited without any cap imposed on the user. This facility of unlimited accounts is brilliant news for business owners. You need not use a third-party service for the email account like google Workspace with these incredible features. All these services for free save you from the expense that you will have to pay otherwise.

Free site migration: Large and small business sites can switch for free to InterServer. InterServer offers free migration of the website, which provides complete assistance to all the hosts. The free migration service is much required in the best hosting provider.

Ease of use

In terms of the features, the InterServer can offer brilliant services as the InterServer provides specific features to the VPS. There may be some issues with the InterServer, but leaving them aside, the InterServer works pretty well.

Selecting your plan

InterServer Web Hosting Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers

There is a scheme or tactic that most hosting companies are using as they are offering a list of the shared hosting plans which otherwise sound the same but are delivering the customer with the minor difference in the features. But the InterServer is a sorted web hosting service as it offers only a single shared plan, which does not confuse the user.

Creating an Account with the InterServer is not that easy

We chose to go with the standard shared hosting plan and then further make an account with the support. The process of the whole account creation is generous. After that, you can add the credit card information, domain name details, the support account is thus created. Still, the only issue we found was that the hosting was not active after completing the support account creation process.

Installing WordPress and Connecting a Domain

Is NameCheap any good?

Namecheap Web Hosting

When you have successfully developed your account, you can move on to their service. It takes no time for the hosting to connect the email accounts as the nameservers can be found in the area of the account, and then you can finally update the information in the Namecheap dashboard.

It assists in installing the WordPress platform, and it takes absolutely no time to install it automatically. Although there is something that you need to remember, otherwise, you will not be directed to your website. It would help remove the ‘wp’ part as the destination folder is the default for WordPress is the domain/wp/. In such a case, the visitor will end up reaching in place of If you feel like changing these settings, you will have to install WordPress again or go for the MySQL database.

What is FastComet?

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting

The FastComet is based in San Francisco in California. FastComet used to provide hosting initially and being an exclusive administration system exclusively for all the corporate clients. In the year 2013, FastComet successfully launched the cloud hosting platform after four years of its inception. This opened a gate for all private business owners, remote clients, and other businesses.

The uptime of the FastComet is incredible and is also a determining factor that why this company is so famous for its hosting services. Along with the fantastic uptime, the company also provides excellent speed for the page loading time, making it the first choice for most clients.


The InterServer delivers excellent speed in Western Europe and North America

The visitors who are visiting the InterServer services are only concerned about two major factors: the 99. 9% uptime of the server and the excellent page loading time of the site. The data centers of the InterServer are located mainly in the US, where three of the data centers lie on the eastern coast while the one data center is located in LA. You want the website’s page loading times to be as fast as 1-2 seconds; otherwise, the client may use any other site with a better loading time.

The tools that we used to determine the time consumed in loading the pages were the incredible GTmetrix PRO, uptimeRobot’s pro plan, Time tester, and the Sucuri load that was also mentioned in the user reviews. The GTmetrix helped us determine the InterServer services’ speed, whereas the Uptime robot helped us choose the site’s uptime.


Multiple tests were conducted several times in a day, and after that, we calculated some figures to measure the average page loading time, worst page loading time, and the best page loading time. The clients who use the InterServer web server generally wish to keep the page loading time for the server in two seconds because they lose the visitors if the hosting providers take a lot of time loading the site.

While using the InterServer services, the web page loading time for our site was found out to be 1.94 s and the slowest loading time was nearly 3.4s while the fastest was the incredible 1 sec time, which is excellent. You should be well aware that the site’s optimization causes the page loading time to increase at faster speeds.

Sucuri time tester

We ran the Sucuri load tester multiple times to collect accurate results. We ended up calculating three works in all:

  1. The loading time of the location claimed to have the fastest loading speed, otherwise in the US.
  2. The average time for the global time, calculated by the Sucuri for all local landing times.
  3. The location took time to load and was termed the slowest loading time, like in Bangalore, India.

Our calculations for the IntrerServer testimonials services were as follows. The average time that we calculated for the fastest loading location turned out to be 0.282 seconds. The average global time for the InterServer hosting company was 1.513 seconds, and the third one for the average slowest time for the company was termed out to be 4.275 seconds.

For the people in North America or Secaucus, New Jersey, the company InterServer is the appropriate choice to be used efficiently. It offers the fastest page loading time in that location.

Uptime Robot

We discovered that the InterServer services claim to have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which has also been said in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). The InterServer adheres to its promises and provides the user with 99. 99% uptime guarantee. You should always track the uptime and carefully monitor the situation because the InterServer provides the user with a refund policy if they fail to provide you with the guaranteed uptime.

In the end, we would want to say that the InterServer may not be termed as the fastest hosting service. The reviews say that optimization can make the InterServer perform better and more reliable for the customer service and deliver better speed for the page loading time for the web hosts and the uptime guarantee.

We would also want to share the support experience that we gathered while using their user-friendly server.

In the shared server, we discovered that there were files that had to carry adult content. These websites with adult content are very sketchy, and they also get blacklisted a lot of times, so it is deadly to share the IP address with such adult content-carrying sites. But these are the scenarios that you might end up facing while using the shared web hosting server services. In such a case, you immediately contact customer service and update them on whatever the issue is. In our situation, they took the website.

We want to bring to your notice that it is not using the InterServer shared hosting services to host these sites on the shared hosting platform, so finding such adult content files is not okay for the clients. Although the InterServer web hosting has taken care of the issue quite professionally, we highly recommend our users keep an eye on such matters as they might cause trouble for you.


The support should be improved

The InterServer is a VPS hosting company that is all American, and the support agent team can be seen on the website’s homepage. The InterServer offers customer service 24/7 via live chat, support tickets, and email as it is a VPS and dedicated hosting platform. The web host is also operating a help center in multiple languages, mainly located in the US, Israel, Brazil, England, and Mexico.

The InterServer hosting also offers support for us with a knowledge base that is not organized. The information has no relevance for the questions that are being asked for support by the customers.

We tested the InterServer review and contacted the customer support team, but we were not very much satisfied with the help provided by their team.

The cloud hosting support team has been divided into different tiers, and you cannot hope for being provided with much support unless you are in contact with the people in the tier. Their live chat is also not available 24*7 as we found the service to be offline several times when we tried to contact customer support. When we finally got to talk with the live chat team, they proved to be of no help.

In short, if you ask the agents to assist you with something, they will either refer you for a tutorial or otherwise, they will ask you to hire a website developer. Although we cannot say that the customer support team’s support was that terrible as we asked for assistance to install the SSL certificate, and the agents responded within 20 minutes and guided us thoroughly through the whole process.

In the end, we would say that if you are using the InterServer review, then you should not consider going with the Live chat or email support. However, the tickets can be of some help to you.


InterServer’s affordable plan Includes everything that you require

Who is the best website host?

You might be well aware of the various ways the other web host company can trick you into buying the expensive price plans with unlimited storage. We found out that the InterServer offers fair pricing and unlimited storage in terms of the price per month. Whereas the InterServer offers the user a fair approach and does not even attempt for the single upsell and does not even have the hidden setup price, most of the other web hosts end up revealing lots of prices at the time of payment without the unlimited storage company.

Another factor helps the users differentiate the InterServer servers and storage space advantage from the various other companies in the Price lock guarantee. Different web hosts servers trick the clients into paying for the reduced entry price, but they charge the client at least four or five times more at the renewal of the affiliate program.

InterServer e-commerce, on the other hand, does not trick you with such false claims. You will pay the same price at the time of the renewal, which you paid at the plan starting. Thus InterServer review claims that it is a dedicated hosting site builder, which proves out to be a factor for the value of money for the client.

These e-commerce prices for the servers offered by the shared hosting plans are incredibly affordable as they show us the Linux or the Windows shared hosting plans, which are available at a rate of $2.50 per month for the servers. You can also find plans that are not this expensive with the other web hosts’ help, but such plans will only be viable if you agree to sign for a year or more.

InterServer offers the best service, which is extremely user-friendly and can be easily operated by small businesses. InterServer is considered the best choice if you want to have a flexible and cheap service. The InterServer reviews also offer additional features required by the clients and the small business in studies along with the flexible pricing.

The basic VPS plans at the InterServer review are also not as expensive as what the other web host offers to their customers and the dedicated hosting. This VPS plans reviews that it begins for $6.00 a month. It needs to be noted that the price rate for the dedicated servers and the advanced VPS is being offered in line with the various other industries. The price rate for the dedicated servers begins with a price of $66.00 per month.

The InterServer offers various payment methods like the one month, six months, three months, three years, two years methods, and the 30-day money-back guarantee. The InterServer company provides the customers with discounts up to 20% for large and small businesses if they sign in for a more extended period of dedicated hosting and a money-back guarantee, as mentioned in the reviews. The InterServer provides a hosting plan in the monthly plan form, which is incredible, and we surely recommend the clients stick with the monthly program offered by the InterServer.

The clients are also provided with a discounted domain name if they sign up for a hosting plan, which is for a year or more. For such hosting plans, you can pay via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, PayPal, and American Express. for all of these hosting plans, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee available by the Interserver site builder.

The bottom line on InterServer

The InterServer site builder is a generous support VPS and dedicated hosting platform which supports all the e-commerce sites. This InterServer hosting is being able to provide the user with excellent features and support and stunning performance for the users who reside in North America. The InterServer cloud hosting platform cannot be termed as the most comfortable VPS hosting plan available to host clients with domain support. Also, the customer support provided by the InterServer is not that efficient as the live chat support feature is not always available 24*7.

We suggest that if you are working with a smartphone, you can effectively reach the InterServer support, and it might also work efficiently for you.

If the audience you want to reach resides in North America, and more importantly, if you require hosting multiple domains, Interserver is a no-brainer. The incredible basic plans offered by the InterServer, along with so much space to grow, are what a flourishing large and small business requires, mainly the price lock guarantee. When these fantastic features are coupled with the Price lock guarantee, you can be free of any worries about paying the reduced prices for all of the packages offered by the InterServer support.

But it also needs to be noted that if you have Australia, America, or Asia as the target audience, then, in that case, we do not recommend the InterServer hosting companies. The pages’ loading speed is quite bearable in Western Europe, but we cannot say the same for all the locations that lie far from the US. You can also check the other hosting alternatives like the Liquid Web and Hostinger for the hosting platform to provide optimal hosting if you cannot get the required results from the InterServer hosting platform.

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