InfinityFree Hosting Expert Review: Is It REALLY Free? 2021

All of the web hosting sites that are available on the web are not for free. Some companies begin to offer free services in the starting. Their services include a certain amount of free days or a period of free services. This is done to discover later that these services are not free in real, and you need to pay for what you are being offered.

Other hosting services reviews say that they are also not for the completely free price as the user will have to pay a certain amount of fee. With these free web hosting sites, you might waste your time, and the many resources like it spam you with ads, and it also offers you a limited amount of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

But there is one user-friendly web hosting option, InfinityFree, which is vowing to serve the audience with a free hosting option for as long as they wish to use the software. The difference is that the customers are not interrupted by the ads. But if you still want to pay for their services with the plan with minimal expense, it is better to go for the website hosting platform Hostinger that has all rights reserved.

Hostinger hosting site review says that it provides the customers with all the necessary features and hits that the free hosting Infinity free platform lacks. Also, the Hostinger has been able to score correctly in our performance tests list for the best hosting platform, which has not been achieved by another hosting provider for the reviews. Let’s see what features and qualities InfinityFree has to offer to its customers and if they are any better than the other premium hosting providers.

Features and ease of use

Infinity free is one hosting service that has been able to offer free services with the following features for people:

  • Free subdomain
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 99 .9% uptime
  • Unlimited storage
  • domain names

The company has been able to offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth to its people, but that doesn’t mean that it will be able to provide premium features like 99 .9% uptime and English language for the user.

InfinityFree has been able to few free services, so one should not expect too much from them in terms of services as said by the customers in reviews. They have few limits as they have to work according to the server resources, so you have to pay a specific price to avail of the few free services review.

Suppose one is thinking of hosting a website with images. In that case, while using the InfinityFree images option, it is likely that very soon, you will get a message on your screen with the readings that “server limit reached.” This message might be displayed way sooner when you have not even finished building your website.

It would be best to consider using InfinityFree when you want to test the website-making procedure or build a website for us. It was for some hobby-related reason etc. In short, use the InfinityFree app as a file manager for only simple activities.

InfinityFree also does not supports encrypt SSL certificates and the free SSL services, which are for free. Thus the free hosting service provides the otherwise free SSL certificate feature in the paid plan and more. So this restriction of not giving access to free services is relatively beyond our zone of understanding and seems unfair.

Despite all these drawbacks, the InfinityFree has been able to perform well for beginners and the assistance of the Softaculous application installer. The users who have some experience of using the software can use the other PHP programming method to pricing plan their website and select the version they loved.

The hosting service uses the 400 MySQL databases, Apache web server, and Linux operating system. The customers are benefited from at least 10 email accounts, which is more than enough for the website. It can help the users enhance the optimum performance to easily connect along with the Cloudflare CDN, which can be accessed easily through their control panel. The panel is visible as a Cpanel.

Pricing and Support

The InfinityFree services have been well known for offering free web hosting services. You can use the free domain name provided by them as InfinityFree has free plans for everyone. We have also discussed that you should not use the free website for building other than hobby websites as it can only provide limited features and is perfect for a simple website.

The hosting company can earn money through all the ads that they are giving to the users. The ads are not visible on the customer’s website, but they exist on the control panel and the company website.

The company cannot provide optimum customer support to its users as it is not earning any extra income from the customers as a free website. Thus you cannot email or call them for any help or queries. The InfinityFree company has itself informed the users that their email addresses are not for any customer support.

However, they have provided the users with information and knowledge base and questions and answers that have been already answered for the users, which will help them when they get stuck while using InfinityFree. It is also comprised of a very robust search engine so that you are provided with an immediate response.

How much does InfinityFree cost?

The plans that are offered by InfinityFree are in the range from $0 to $6.90. The free hosting plan’s price will entirely depend on the type of free hosting plan chosen by your opinion.

Which InfinityFree plan should I get?

It is strongly recommended to begin with the cheaper plans in rate as you have an option to upgrade your plan later if you want to update. InfinityFree will assist its customer in migrating onto the expensive list quickly. It is more likely to expect an increasing amount of visitors at some time, and until that happens, you should not invest much in your site by your choice.

The requirements of the different users will vary for the web hosting service. In that case, you can always refer to the website builder expert.

How good is InfinityFree’s free customer support?

InfinityFree cannot be regarded amongst the top-rated best free hosts. But that is because InfinityFree is a small hosting provider, which is still under the radar as this is a small hosting company, so the customer will likely be of significant value for the host.

The bottom line on InfinityFree

You can check out the premium plans and more options of the ultimately free web host InfinityFree. This is an incredible platform as they are hosting no ads, but the host does not offer you little text or some pages. If you are thinking of adding many graphics and verification email, then it is more likely that the website will go down as the individual site does not support it due to limited resources.

Due to primarily this reason, InfinityFree is not recommended by us as there is another brilliant browser, as mentioned in the InfinityFree review who provides better features like the Hostinger, which delivers the customer with premium quality free hosting that is available at inexpensive pricing which seems almost free.

The pros and cons of InfinityFree so that you can decide for yourself whether InfinityFree is going to suit your requirements or not.


  • The site is completely free.
  • The customer website is free of business ads.
  • For the management, they have been provided with the Cpanel.
  • The information knowledge base is excellent.


  • It is not sufficient for the business site.
  • It is not equipped with email or phone support.

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