HostRocket Review 2023 – Is It Worth Your Money?

HostRocket is a very successful web hosting provider that has been delivering world-class services ever since 1999, when it was founded. The company is influencing the web hosting industry daily by offering plans and performances that are more than impressive. HostGator’s data center and Headquarters are in Clifton Park, NY.

HostRocket specializes in Reseller VPS hosting and dedicated hosting and no longer offers SSD-shared hosting plans, which is a bummer. Our article will focus on Reseller VPS hosting since this is exactly what most people using HostRocket choose. We will also comment on customer support, speed, features, web design, pricing, etc., so keep reading!

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What Are The Pros Of Choosing HostRocket Hosting Plans?

You might want to consider signing up for a HostRocket hosting plan for many reasons. Let’s take a look!

HostRocket Web Hosting

Customizable Hosting Plans

One of the things we really like about HostRocket reseller VPS hosting is that you can choose the specifications of your hosting plan. The cheapest plan you can get starts at $9.95 per month and includes 1 core CPU, 20 GB SSD storage, 1 GB RAM, and 500 GB bandwidth. You can also choose the desired hosting location: New York, Chicago, San Jose, or the Netherlands.

The more cores, storage, and bandwidth you want, the higher the price gets.

That way, for $89.95 per month, you can use 100 GB SSD storage, 4 cores CPU, unmetered bandwidth, and 9 GB RAM.

The most expensive VPS web hosting reseller plan starts at $239.95 per month and offers 250 GB SSD RAID storage, unmetered bandwidth, 12 cores, and 24 GB RAM.

You can also add a cPanel License and instantly get plenty of additional features. It’s important to mention that these prices are for unmanaged plans.

The managed web hosting reseller plans are a lot more expensive, starting from $119.00 for 2 cores CPU, 1 TB bandwidth, 2 GB RAM, and 30 GB SSD RAID storage. They, however, include a control panel (cPanel) license.

Good Web Design Services

Whether you’re redesigning your old site or you’re about to start from scratch, HostRocket’s web designers can help you create the site of your dreams. You will get a stunning web design and various website add-on applications that meets your expectations.

The company offers 4 different web design plans. The cheapest one, Starter Design, costs $699 and includes one custom designed to your needs, one professionally designed page, and design consultation. If you want more pages, each next age will cost you $150.

Excellent Ticketing System

Web hosting companies pay great attention to their customer support, and there’s a reason for that. When it comes to ticketing systems, receiving an answer to your questions often takes days and weeks, which may be crucial. For that reason, many people choose to use the phone number provided.

HostRocket actually surprised us with their quick support responses. In less than 15 minutes, we received an answer to our question and efficient resolve of our problems. The company also has a straightforward knowledge base with a FAQ where you can read helpful information on everything that concerns you and your businesses.

Plenty of App Integrations

HostRocket offers integrations with some of the best applications such as Drupal, WordPress, Open Cart, Magento, and more. Apps like WordPress will help you get started quicker, especially if you choose to take advantage of some of HostRocket’s eCommerce suggestions. Moreover, you will be able to design your site to your needs.

What Are The Cons Of Choosing HostRocket Hosting Plans?

To give you an unbiased opinion, we read many reviews and considered our own personal experience with HostRocket.

No Backup Storage in Unmanaged Plans

HostRocket’s unmanaged plans do not include Backup storage, which is a huge disadvantage. Fortunately, there’s also no setup fee, so one is at the expense of the other. Still, considering that there’s no shared hosting and you have to choose between dedicated server hosting and VPS reseller hosting, we thought the hosting plans would be more attractive.

Unaffordable Pricing

As you have already seen, HostRocket’s Reseller VPS plans are everything but affordable. The same can be said about the company’s web design suggestions and dedicated server hosting plans. Speaking of dedicated server hosting, we should also note that none of the plans include free domain name or transfer, cPanel, and dedicated IP addresses.

All of the above-mentioned are available only as add-ons. The domain registration and transfer cost $20, whereas the cPanel- $29.95 per month.

If you want a dedicated IP address, you’ll have to pay an additional $2 per month to the plan you choose. Moreover, the bandwidth in these dedicated server hosting plans is also limited.

The good thing is that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, HostRocket offers colocation services in their private data center located in New York. These services include generator backup, DDOS protection, battery backup, and on-call staffing.

Poor Customer Service

Yes, we know we said we were delighted with Host Rocket’s ticketing system, but that does not change the fact that there’s no live chat and email. In terms of customer support, HostRocket just does not score as high as an excellent web host would.

95.5% Uptime Guarantee

If we could swallow the facts that HostRocket ‘s plans have limited SSD storage, huge costs, and just not as many features as needed, we can’t ignore the poor uptime performance. The industry-standard uptie is about 99.93%, which equals minimal downtime in a month that won’t affect your customer support or sales that much.

However, with HostRocket, we experienced 99.83% uptime, which, as you can see, is way below the industry standard. Many user reviews state the same problem. Moreover, most hosting companies out there have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Expensive Domain Registration

With HostRocket, domain registration costs $20. That means customers have to pay for the plan they choose and for a domain name separately. We can think of several other web hosting providers that offer a free domain in their plans, or at least a domain name for half the price.

In terms of payment methods, we were also disappointed that HostRocket does not accept PayPal. On the other hand, the company does not have a setup fee, and all prices details are listed in the hosting plans pages, so we should at least be grateful for that!

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HostRocket Dedicated Pricing

We already mentioned that HostRocket no longer offers shared hosting, and we discussed the company’s reseller VPS hosting packages. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at HostRocket’s dedicated server hosting offers.

HostRoket Dedicated Server Hosting

16 GB INTEL E5-2620: 119 $per month

With this dedicated server hosting plan, you get 15 TB bandwidth, 12 visible cores, 16 GB memory, and 2×500 GB HDD or2x120 GB SSD storage.

32 GB INTEL E5-2620: $129/mo

Customers who choose this dedicated server hosting plan will get 32 GB memory, 12 visible cores, free RAID 1, 15 TB bandwidth, and 2×500 GB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD storage.

16 GB DUAL INTEL E5-2620: $159/mo

This dedicated server hosting suggestion will give your business 24 visible cores, 100 Mbit uplink, 15 TB bandwidth, 16 GB memory, and 2×500 GB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD storage.

32 GB DUAL INTEL E5-2620: $169/mo

With this dedicated server hosting plan, customers will get 24 Visible Cores, 32 GB memory, 15 TB bandwidth, and 2×500 GB HDD or 2×120 GB SSD storage.

Do We Recommend HostRocket?

In the beginning, we had very positive expectations for HostRocket. The host no longer offers shared hosting, but it does offer VPS hosting, reseller VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting. We were also happy to see that HostRocket offers web design and eCommerce solutions.

However, we were really shocked by how expensive all of HostRocket’s plans are. They are not suitable for people on a budget, and customers will also have to pay for domains ($20 for one) since there is no free domain included in the dedicated plans. When we say expansive plans, we mean everything from hosting to web design.

Moreover, customer service is not that good, mainly because there is no live chat. Their speed was relatively good, but their uptime was NOT! In our opinion, this platform’s performance is way too average, considering the high costs, and no, we do not recommend HostRocket service.

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