HostPapa Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Hostpapa hosts nearly 500,000 websites, which is quite fascinating because it was developed in 2006 by Jamie Opalchuck. The hosting company Hostpapa has two data centers in the US and Canada and uses renewable energy for the data centers.

The excellent customer support can be the main reason why Hostpapa has seen an escalating rise, including the appropriate phone support available in various languages like English, Spanish, German, and French for all the domestic and international clients. Hostpapa company is attracting so many clients with their brilliant features.

The starter plan of the HostPapa is to take into account the uptime and speed of the site. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the review of the Hostpapa.

Things To Know About Its Company

HostPapa Web Hosting

Hostpapa has also been able to claim so many awards since its founding. Some of them are from NCM online and the WH Top.

Hostpapa was also able to claim a position amongst Canada’s fastest-growing companies, and the company also appeared on the lists of the PROFIT 500 ranking. They have made up to this position at least three times.

The company has also made a deal to partner with the Dropmysite. Dropmysite is a global cloud software web hosting software platform that will enable HostPapa to provide backup for its databases and websites. Dropmysite is a company that is based in Singapore.

The company is leading in the competition with all of its competitors. It has maintained its focus on staying green as it uses renewable energy sources in all of its data centers, including all the electronic devices, web servers, etc.

They have been featured for their company’s promotional material is causing on the changing environment and atmosphere. This has been their selling note from the start of their company.

The company also took the initiative to plant 10,000 trees in 2011 effectively. This event happened on Earth Day, and the trees were planted in Africa as a part of a charity called Love Trees.

Pros of using Hostpapa Hosting

Hosting services in Hostpapa are delivered with good customer support and great uptime.

Good Uptime

Hostpapa has been able to cope up with the uptime guarantee since day one. They deliver their customers with 99.95% and 24-month average uptime. Many web hosts struggle with the site’s development and hosting and find it very difficult to keep the site live.

Above Industry-Average Speed

The loading speed of the web hosting site pages Hostpapa was optimum, and their uptime was also excellent. From the last 24 months, the web hosting site had a shared hosting page loading time of nearly 705 ms, which is thus a good result.

Extensive Support options 

Many features are available at the HostPapa for offering extensive support to all of their customers in the best possible way. They have an enormous library full of information related to self-help videos or video tutorials, which can help the clients get guidance at every communication step. They also offer 24/7 customer service via email, phone, mail, and fax.

They proffer support in at least 18 countries, which no other hosting provider can show yet. Hostpapa is the shared hosting platform that effectively delivers its services in French, English, Spanish, and German languages.

Above all these features, they provide a fascinating support feature that helps connect with all the service providers with one-on-one plans like the “Papa Squad Experts.” These plans have been made by all the guidance, which usually requires a video or telephone conference. Their customer support system has the most exciting title.

They usually respond within the minute as they have the best hosting service. Their experts can answer your questions in only a matter of two minutes. So, in short, they have an effectively working good extensive support options.

Proactive Security Features 

The shared hosting plans that HostPapa offers are available with Panda cloud protection from the antispam. For security, they have a server firewall, intrusion detection, and monitoring. This is necessary as nearly 37,000 websites are at a massive risk of being hacked daily, so these measures offered by HostPapa are essential for reassuring the protection of the business site.

They also provide their users with their Business pro plan, which includes privacy for the protection of the domain, a free SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address, and a website with automated backups.

30-Day money back Guarantee & migration of site

Hostpapa has provided the users with the industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee for its clients for the hosting plan. The HostPapa tech support is also helping its clients in the transfer process, including transferring an existing site from a different host to their disk space. They also provide a free domain name in their business plan, a relatively value-for-money hosting plan.

Their main aim is to offer excellent features for its users in the hosting package at the least price. The cashback guarantee is only applicable for the reseller web and the shared plans, which seems quite limited.

Good value for the site

HostPapa Hosting plans

The standard pricing rates at the HostPapa begin at $3.95 per month, which is constant for the initial three years. But if you are not opting for their plan of three years and instead of going with the two-year or one-year program, then, in that case, the price will be increased by a buck in both the cases with details.

This is a reduced price for all new customers. So the renewal prices for the web hosting services might increase to up to $7.99 per month for the starter plans. We know this is not good news, but this is common for all small business owners.

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The best part about the user-friendly services is that they provide us with so many features in the starter-offed plan. The businesses will get two websites, which the regular drag and drop website builder suggests. They provide features such as free domain registration, unmetered bandwidth, and 100 GB SSD storage.

HostPapa Website Builder

But along with all these fantastic features, they also provide their users with the essential elements like the migration of the website for free, Cloudflare CDN, access to most of the apps, which are more than 400. So, in the end, we can say they are providing excellent and useful value features for free, for which the other hosting plans would have made you pay at your email addresses.

Cons of using the Hostpapa hosting

The reviews on HostPapa claim to have an excellent speed for loading pages and brilliant uptime. Yet, there are certain drawbacks that some users experience. There are problems related to the hidden fees, which shows how ‘free’ is the money-back guarantee and the setup for the website is in reality. Let’s have a look at the cons in the HostPapa hosting reviews.

Poor customer Experience with support

The customer experience difficulty maintaining contact with the customer service even though the hosting company has introduced various options for providing support to its clients. Many times, the users reported below average experience with the website builder and support team.

Additional fees

These hosting companies mostly set your website for free as claimed in their starter-offed plan from the hosting companies with the control panel. Hostpapa offers Free cash back guarantee, but there is more to it. So the refund scenario is that if you apply for a refund in the 30-day window, they will charge you around $29.95 on canceling on them, and they will impose the setup fee on you.

So you cannot exactly say that it is a free cashback guarantee as mentioned in the user reviews, and they also do not provide you with the free setup for the site builder. You realize that on seeing things.

Do we recommend HostPapa?

We do not recommend using HostPapa account manager even though it has good speed and uptime and provides a free domain name.

Hostpapa does not use Windows-supported software. They have a massive variety of features available, so they offer their users optimum server performance. But on a closer look at the HostPapa review, we discovered that the support that the HostPapa offers for the drag and drop website was quite inconsistent across the board and had a low overall rating.

Their starter test plans also have many hidden fees, making them gain an intense sport during the promotions. Suppose you seek an easy-to-use web host service for optimum performance for large and small businesses. In that case, there are many other VPS hosting options available that can work for various email accounts and provide value for the money you have spent.

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