HostNine Review 2021 – Is It Worth It?

HostNine was founded in 2006 with one main aim to provide excellent services to its users so that even if you find any issues with their work, they will work to resolve them by putting maximum efforts. HostNine hosting company believes in evaluating and improving their product line and the service provided to you.

They use high-spec hardware and expert knowledge to maintain the quality and features of their services. HostNine is also considered as one of the youngest faces in the web hosting arena.

To provide honest HostNine reviews to our users, we considered purchasing the ‘Personal plan’ to monitor the HostNine site and ran a few tests over it. Our reviews compile essential data like uptime and speed to provide you with information that can be useful.

Why should you use HostNine hosting?

We found that the HostNine was able to provide useful features in many different fields. Their website has a modern touch to it and is relatively easy to operate, has a guarantee of money-back.

Faster and Easier sign up and registration process

Unlike other websites, Hostnine is an easily manageable website with a straightforward and easy organization that focuses on the data to ease the operation process of the hosting account. Simultaneously, the other older websites are quite outdated, difficult to operate, and unappealing. When you view such websites on your mobile device, you may have a tough time navigating through the website to find the essential data. 

Most of the websites were made in the 1990s or 2000s; that’s why they are quite outdated and challenging to operate on the mobile phone. HostNine, with its ability to outshine the details and emphasize the user’s requirement, is all set to be beneficial for you.

The Option to pick different data centers

HostNine has many data centers in multiple locations, and you can choose the location as per your choice. Mainly their data centers are located in six locations, which include the US, Amsterdam, Canada, UK, Australia, and Singapore. Their affordable shared hosting can be availed in the data center located in the US. But you can adjust these locations according to your plans.

Free website migration

What is better than getting the migration process done for free. Switching to HostNine couldn’t have been much more accessible with the option of getting it done for free. The company offers its new customers to migrate for free until their last host provides cPanel control panel access.

It is just a three-digit figure to get your site migrated at the HostNine control panel. Also, there is no pricing for per-site in case you have many sites. This feature makes the HostNine control panel the best option to be considered if you have many test site suites to be managed.

No Price Hikes on Renewal

At the HostNine company, you need not worry about the hike in prices for renewing your plans in a period of a few years. Other hosts might give you the perk of paying for just some dollars every month, but when it’s time to renew your package, the prices will increase at an escalating rate.

Unlike such hosts, HostNine company doesn’t charge you high prices every year. It will not double or triple the rate of your hosting plan. You will pay the same amount every time you renew your plan, just like you paid for the first time when you started using their service.

Money-back Guarantee For 45-days

The option of a 45-day Money-back guarantee is an ultimate luxury provided by the company for their business as per the reviews of our users. Such a deal is not offered by other web hosting services, so when your initial window for a refund closes, you will not get anything out of it.

HostNine company is willing to provide you with a complete 45-day refund if the just-joined customers are not satisfied with HostNine’s service. You will be refunded for everything that you paid. However, the cost that you paid for the dedicated IP address, SSL Certificate, processing fees, and WHMCS license will not be paid back as it is mentioned in their terms & conditions as they have all rights reserved. You can have their contact information on the forum and clarify the same. 

There are certain new plans that include SSL certificates and free domain names. But when you apply for a refund, the cost of these free services will be deducted from the amount you paid for the plan, and then you will get your refund.

HostNine company is willing to pay you a full refund, but if you are applying to get a refund of a 1-year to a 3-year deal, then they will provide you with a prorated figure. 

You can get your refund from the HostNine company through either PayPal, debit or credit. But wire transfers, money orders, and checks are not included in their method for refund.

HostNine Cons

We have listed some negative occurrences that are likely to happen when you are using a HostNine company. Let’s have a look at them.

Ineffective support

HostNine offers excellent customer support. Their technicians are up for help at live chat through Twitter or other forums. They will get connected to you in some minutes and will appreciate your patience and then answer your doubts along with passing all the necessary data with patience. So, live chat reviews can be counted in for an excellent overall experience.

However, we have seen a case application in which the website got down, and the HostNine customer support only sent one email to the user and gave no further steps on recovering the full site and bring the lost data back.

They also do not back up any data and provide zero refunds for the site was down and not in use. So all they did, in this case, was providing some insight through an email and assisted in no further help from their side.

But we cannot say that their customer service as they are ready to answer all our queries and they can be contacted easily. It’s just that they couldn’t do anything, and they can only assist us with something in their hands as guided by their company.

Quite bad uptime-99.87%

There was a background check which was explicitly conducted to review the service provided by the HostNine. According to our research in the last 24 months, the web hosting company got 99.87%, which was quite low than average which was 99.93%. This bad uptime was disappointing. There were reviews from customers complaining about the

inconvenience caused, which included complaints of the site being down for four consecutive days. The client rate is highly affected due to their crappy service, according to the users in the HostNine review.

Page loading time is low

Although HostNine Cpanel offered fast and robust loading times in the initial stages of their service, in recent times, HostNine has delivered slow results, which has caused drastic effects in the average speed of the site.

The last 24 months were considered for testing the page loading efficiency of Cpanel, but the average was 931ms for Cpanel, which is relatively slow and not supportable for the users.

Limited ‘cheap’ plan

Although HostNine does not renew its plan prices every year, that does not mean that they are offering their plans at the lowest price, the price for one month is as much as $9.12, even if you opt for a method for 2 or 3-year term, it will still cost you $7.69 per month.

No free domain is provided with this cheap plan, so the ultimate cost comes down to $15 per year. This price rate is just for one location that, too, at the US data center. We can say that they offer a restricted plan for an expensive price, which can be considered not to hold that much value.

Top highlights of HostNine plans and pricing

They have VPshared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting offer at any service level you need for the best experience. We have the following details of the features provided by the HostNine business reviews. You can contact them on unlimited mailing lists or Twitter or BBB.

Plans For Shared hosting


  • It will cost you $10.03 for one month for accounts. You can check the forum for knowledge.
  • $39.99 for SSL
  • $2 for a dedicated IP address.
  • The data-center is available in the US.

Business plan

  • It will cost you $17.90 for one month for accounts.
  • A free domain is available.
  • Pricing is $39.99 for SSL and 42 for dedicated IP addresses.
  • All 6 location for the data-center is available. You can check the forum for further knowledge or contact via email.


  • It will cost you $24.19 for one month for accounts.
  • Free domain and SSL.
  • Free priority support thing.
  • All location for the data center is available.

Reseller web hosting

They have the best reseller hosting plans that are available in the industry. It assists you to host websites worldwide. There are four levels for their reseller web hosting service plans, which start at $19.35/month and range to $66.54. This thing is specifically developed by the product development team for resellers as they are safe and reliable and has the standard of the enterprise as per reviews.

You can have access to multi-location and so many other features too. You can also design Perl 5, ruby on rails like programming scripts. You can see the user reviews through tweets or phone support.

VPS servers

Their VPS servers offer features like redundant cloud setup, which is safe and secure. The standard of enterprise and many more for businesses. It is appropriate for website owners, accounts, developers, and more to design ruby on rails. It helps you if, by any means, physical hardware in the cloud will not work. The cloud VPS will be migrating to another device.

Bottom Line

HostNine could be considered as an above-average company by the web hosting gurus only if their speed and some other features were able to work efficiently. The uptime is a big issue for the company and brings their performance down. Initially, they showed the smooth working of the uptime, but then again, it is something you cannot rely on for a more extended period. 

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