HostMonster Reviews: Important Pros & Cons to Consider

HostMonster is an excellent web hosting site founded many years ago in 1996, which considerably makes HostMonster an ancient and experienced tech support platform in the massive industry before it emerged along with the EIG or Endurance International Group year 2015.

For testing the site, we tried the basic plan from HostMonster to determine the efficiency of HostMonster based on their performance. After buying the basic outline, we made a WordPress-based website and tested it for our shared hosting website control panel’s speed and uptime. Based on these criteria, the HostMonster control panel is stacking up against all the web hosts present in the market.

Advantages of Using HostMonster Hosting

Professional Web Hosting from HostMonster

We expected high rate performance from HostMonster as they have been in the industry for ages, so they benefit from the experience. Some substantial industry conglomerates own the HostMonster. The hosting plans delivered by the HostMonster control panel are decent, but the company has certain drawbacks. Let’s have an exact look at the pros of using the HostMonster.

The Average Uptime (99.6%)

The HostMonster is offering nearly 99.93% of the uptime in our analysis for the web hosting company. The HostMonster can be on the top of the chart in the industry standards as it has an uptime of 99.96 percent and great speed. It has maintained this uptime for nearly 24 months, which is incredible.

Decent but Inconsistent Support

The customer support provided to us by the HostMonster was good. The response time offered by the live support agent was four minutes which was okay. The agent was able to answer almost all questions within two minutes. Although it was not that amazing, their response time was optimum.

The javascript support is served via email, phone, live chat support, and drag-and-drop editor. Getting in contact with customer support can be termed as inconvenient for the customers. However, we came across some unpleasant reviews from the customers while knowing more about their customer service.

Excellent Security Options

Different security features offered by the HostMonster assist the client. These security features provided by the web hosting companies protect the websites from all malicious programs and people. There have been many incidents of WordPress sites being hacked as the hosting company has left these WordPress sites vulnerable by these hosting services.

Almost 41% of sites have been hacked, which were supported by the hosting provider. There are specific themes that are insecure and vulnerable plugins that have been resulted by the third-party tools. These tools are trying to work along the HostMonster so that the websites’ security environment evolves continuously.

Hotlink protection, SSL support, SSH access, Spam Assassin protection, and the daily site backups have successfully provided unique security features by the dedicated server for the HostMonster.

Instant Provisioning & Speedy Setup

If the clients are going for the dedicated servers or the VPS hosting, they are provided instant provisioning for all servers. These new features are a big plus for those who want to start with their business quickly as they will not need to undergo a process of verification call or something like that. This can also be used as an advantage for those companies who are residing outside the US.

The HostMonster offers brilliant features that make the server website ready to be used in a matter of seconds only. Like all the other shared hosting plans, they provide their user with a free domain name with a time period of one year along with all of their website builder accounts that have done their domain registration recently.

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Good value (Unmetered Bandwidth, 50 GB storage, Free SSL)

Web Hosting Plans and Packages Web Hosting Rates

The HostMonster is offering a basic plan, which is not that cheap for $4.95 per month. However, the pack is not that cheap but the HostMonster. Com offers good value for the money as the features that have been included are incredible, leaving alone the restriction and some extra features.

The hosting providers offer 50 GB disk space and bandwidth, unmetered from the gates. Along with these reasons, you are also provided with an SSL certificate for free for your business website.

All the other hosting companies like GoDaddy etc., try to sell their customers with plans available at the high price of $100 per month. GoDaddy tries to sell you at high prices to realize later that the primary cost was only for the excellent value.

Disadvantages of using HostMonster Hosting

The customer service that the HostMonster website builder provides is considerably good. But we have discovered that the HostMonster has mixed reviews. The user reviews well appreciate the HostMonster web hosting services’ extra attention as the hosting packages feature ensures that the site is well protected, secure, and safe.

The customers should be well aware of the disadvantages of the HostMonster before they subscribe to something. Let’s have a look at the cons that the customer needs to keep in mind.

Average Page Load time

The HostMonster can provide their customers with a page loading speed of up to 936 ms. They have maintained this constant speed for the last 24 months. We cannot say that this is the best page loading time that we have seen, but this is not that bad either.

This can be serious if we consider the recent findings from the Aberdeen Group that any delay in the page loading time just for a second can lead to various losses on the board:

  • 11% decrease in the views of the pages.
  • 7% decrease in the conversions.
  • 16% loss in the satisfaction of the customer.

The Prices are Misleading and are With Long Commitment

We do not recommend the website HostMonster as it does not deliver the proper and right month-to-month plan for the customers. As the minimum payment requirement by the HostMonster is for 12 months. This is the main reason why people do not consider HostMonster in their reviews. The high prices of the website add to that with a few-day money-back guarantee.

Also, if you want to go with the cheaper rates that they have displayed on the site, you need to agree to sign up for a term of 3 years. Also, the payment is made for the whole upfront. In our opinion, signing up for three years is a considerable commitment to agree with. You don’t even know yet what the features will offer you or whether you will be satisfied with the services provided to you. Also, this method is used by almost all e-commerce hosting companies in the market area.

Hidden Costs and Fees

It is sad to know that the website will end up revealing some hidden costs at the time of payment information, which is both painful and annoying. The other facts only add ons to the point of the poorly hidden fee, like the low promotional rate for all hosting plans. After the signed-up term has ended, these plans on renewal will jump to escalated prices, which can sometimes be not termed user-friendly.

The HostMonster also does not provide the user with exactly ‘a free domain name’. If you consider canceling your email accounts, then, in that case, you will be required to pay a fee for the free domain, which will be non-refundable except for the 30-day money-back guarantee, which is also not for the domain name.

The Backups are Not Free

The HostMonster is charging an additional fee for the facility of the backups that they are providing. This additional fee is being charged at a monthly rate of $1.99. Other companies are like the host monster, but they do not charge for the backup feature. These features are treated as a free features like Facebook, which makes these companies completely user-friendly. This fee can be considered just another cost you might need to pay if you create email accounts and a website with the host monster.

The Migration Costs are Expensive

It’s not very tough to move your website with unlimited bandwidth from one host browser of the first term kind onto the other hosting plan company. This process is said to be very easy if you have information related to whatever you are doing. Our point is the migration of time requires time, and it cannot be done if you do not have any technical knowledge.

We have many alternatives for the HostMonster that deliver you with free site migration without any additional transaction fee.

We completely understand why this customer service is being offered to you. It is sad that HostMonster is not offering the same feature to its customers. This is because they gain a new client by doing this, so this can be achieved easily. They make additional benefits out of this opportunity.

They will permit you to migrate your site for no cost via the FT or the File Transfer Protocol; like we mentioned above, this work is not worth investing your time if you lack technical support or user-friendly support.

The plan renewal Costs are high

We cannot say that these websites lie entirely in payment, but they sometimes do not speak the truth. The pricing sheet, for example, looks great as the prices are not that high. But you will only come to know about the hidden truth if you dig deep into the FAQs about the domain names, disk space, the unlimited bandwidth from the Hostgator, etc. You will then know about the facts like these plans at low prices are only available if you agree to sign up with the HostMonster for three years. Adding to that, at the time of renewal, these plans have renewed prices at a significantly higher side. All these features make the pricing feature worse to be used by the customers.

Do we recommend HostMonster?

We do not recommend our viewers to use HostMonster. The performance that the HostMonster is offering is average, and the service is also inconsistent. The company failed to pass our speed tests, which may be a massive concern for some customers.

The pricing tricks and the hidden costs that the HostMonster is giving are also sad. The advertisement depicts that the service offered by the Host is good, but then they begin to add various hidden prices for the backups and even the site migration at the time of the payment through the credit card.

In short, we would like to say that there are better hosting platforms available in the mojo marketplace, which will not charge you much and will also provide you with the necessary features that you require. We recommend our users to go with the A2 Hosting and the Siteground instead of the Host. They can offer better features in all aspects and there is no harm in viewing their services once.

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