Best HootSuite Alternatives for Marketing Agencies

As we all know, Social media is spreading its roots worldwide. This increased use of social media contributes to the rise in the number of smartphones associated with the internet worldwide.

Now users are not restricted to use a single social media platform and have different social accounts on multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. Social media accounts are another most straightforward way to spread your business worldwide by adding and sharing posts to increase your business’s online revenue, known as SMO (Social Media Marketing).

But there is one thing that needs your consideration. You need to manage Social media accounts that you have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and reach out to different demographics across multiple channels. This is where infinite social media management tools and platforms like Hootsuite come into existence.

It is an easy-to-use social media management platform that enables you to handle all social media accounts, personal profiles, and business pages from its comprehensive user interface. Hootsuite offers you easy to use web interface without installing any software and allows you to easily manage your accounts in several social media channels from one straightforward and single dashboard.

It provides you the ease to use, publish, schedule, analyze, and monitor your social activities. This post will briefly discuss the free alternatives to Hootsuite, why you need to consider them, and how the free Hootsuite alternative works. So let’s have a look at it.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is an incredible application to manage all your social media channels. In other words, you can say it is a social media management software that enables you to use your social networks and expand your business. With this one social platform, you can exploit the engagement features like curating informative blog posts and schedule posts to manage team members. This fantastic software and several social media tools are widely famous for easy application integration and is trusted by more than 16 million users worldwide.

Some basic features of Hootsuite

  • You can monitor your social profiles, posts, and updates on one single platform. It also promotes time management in your busy life and teaches the patience and cooperation you need to show while working with other team members.
  • It helps you with social media analytics and defines the impact of your efforts.
  • Hootsuite comes with real-time analytics, automation tools, and excellent timeline continuation property.
  • The content creation with Hootsuite helps you in sharing compelling pictures on your social profiles.

Why Consider Alternatives to Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a blessing for running online businesses and using social media platforms to increase their web presence. Your performance and activity are tracked and recorded on various social websites.

It allows you to monitor what people are thinking about your brand and help you to reply immediately. You connect with over 35 social networks, like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The best part is you don’t need to require any code to work, which means you can complete your work in less time.

Although Hootsuite undoubtedly offers an extensive range of flexible pricing plans to its users, including a free trial. But the people who are running small businesses might not be able to use this tool’s good services without spending the right amount of money on their pricing plans. It is because purchasing subscriptions for Hootsuite might not suit your budget, and you might end up facing this budget issue per month/Year.

But thanks to the Hootsuite alternative, you can opt and take care of your most desired social activities like content creation, publishing, post scheduling, and analytics. We will review each free alternative to Hootsuite so that you conclude which one is beneficial for you to make an informed decision for your posts and updates.

What are the best Hootsuite alternatives?

Check out all the top Hootsuite alternatives given below that will help you decide the best one for your business:

1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a cloud-based tool specially designed for social media professionals, small agencies, and businesses. It is one of the best social media marketing platforms and the best Hootsuite alternative. This platform is used by more than 40,000 agencies and social media marketing team. The social pilot helps you to enhance the efficiency of online marketing strategies and efforts and also allows you to save time and money.

Some of the critical features of SocialPilot offers

  • SocialPilot is a one-stop place to fulfill all your primary marketing purposes, from creating to scheduling posts. Here is a comprehensive list of the features.
  • It saves your time more efficiently by scheduling your posts on nine social media platforms.
  • You can create teams and can maintain a workflow with team collaboration.
  • Track-down and share the relevancy with the content curation.
  • You’ll get downloaded white label routing analytics reports to initiate your marketing strategies.
  • It enables you to take part in multiple conversations across Facebook pages with social inbox.
  • Unlike Hootsuite, it also allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance by bulk scheduling up to 500 images with their posts.
  • SocialPilot automatically shares content from your website/blog with RSS feed automation.

SocialPilot vs. Hootsuite:

  • Generally, both the platforms are (SocialPilot and Hootsuite) are quite similar. But there are some advantages to using socialPilot. Some of the examples are, Hootsuite is limited scheduling features as it can only schedule 350 posts at a time to your social networks. On the other hand, SocialPiolt enables you to schedule up to 500 posts with the images.
  • Hootsuite provides you link shortener, while SocialPilot offers you to use other famous link shorteners like,,, etc.
  • SocialPilot provides you the merged dashboard, which is quite similar to Hootsuite and enables you to put different social media platforms in a group. This feature is helpful for you, especially when you are dealing with other clients every day.
  • You can easily search for the content related to your field while getting RSS feeds. But Hootsuite doesn’t provide you this feature.

2. eClincher

eClincher is another amongst the Hootsuite alternatives. It is a cloud-based social media management tool that helps you manage your accounts and online marketing activities. Unlike Hootsuite, it also allows you to manage your profiles on several platforms in a single place for the awareness of your brand, engagement, publishing, content curation and selling.

These social media management tools help you to create and manage drafts, auto-post, and queue. You can monitor and engage with the live social feeds, and custom search feeds. It provides you with a great set of capabilities and functionalities to manage your social media management more effectively, fast, and efficiently.

Some of the features include a centralized inbox, a robust dashboard, a marketing automation tool, analytics, a centralized social box, hashtags, and keyword tracking, and much more.

Key features of eClincher

  • You don’t need to separately shorten the links as eClincher automatically shortens your links with the help of Google UTM.
  • You can easily pick and edit stunning videos and images with free commercial use libraries.
  • It allows you to use the drag and drop feature to re-arrange all your Instagram posts within your Instagram live fee.
  • You can see all your social interactions in a single place.
  • You can easily monitor what is happening to your pages and posts by using hashtags and keywords.
  • You’ll get advanced analytics reporting, unlimited reports, and charts.
  • It comes with the complete integration of the Pocket app to share blogs and articles from the pocket.

eClincher vs. Hootsuite         

  • Compared to Hootsuite, eClincher is more famous for its monitoring, publishing, and reporting capabilities. It comes with an exciting and unique feature, name pocket integration. This feature helps you share any content stored in your pocket account directly correlated to your accounts.
  • eClincher is perfect for businesses that care about reports, only required social media platform, and doesn’t want to pay for a refined and pleasing version of a platform with less or the same functionality. Whereas Hootsuite free version is best for small businesses that don’t require that much detailed social media tracking, you can easily publish content across several social media platforms.
  • eClincher braces every social platform and connects to many sources (Articles/blogs, Google my business, Google Analytics). This makes your whole workflow prodigious easy. Hootsuite comes with the incredible ability to write a single post and apply it to different platforms. This is a great timesaver and makes sure about the consistency of the content across your platforms.

3. Buffer

It is one of the best and free Hootsuite alternatives because it is a bit similar to Hootsuite. Buffers are also a robust social media management tool that offers you all the features that give a shoulder to shoulder competition to Hootsuite.

With its outstanding features in the past few years, Buffer has gained more than two million active users. Just like Hootsuite, you can schedule, track, and access multiple social media channels with Buffer. It provides you the best option to improve your social media presence and expand your business.

It is because social media is the best platform to strengthen your business’s roots and generate significant revenue by actively managing them. It is one of the most suitable platforms to manage and monitor your different social accounts for small businesses and those in need to improve their customer service.

Key Features of Buffer

  • It allows you to schedule your retweets on social media like Twitter.
  • It’s Feedly integration lets you quickly access the URL, title, and the content of the article you are reading without opening a different browser.
  • You can choose the right day and time for customer scheduling, update that details with sensitive topics, and check their followers online.
  • With Buffer, you’ll get scheduling options to schedule posts with Inside Echofon without leaving your Twitter windows.
  • You can compare different titles of the blogs to check which one works the best for you.
  • Every page that you have used has different analytics history stored in separate tabs for reference.

Buffer vs. Hootsuite:

  • Both Buffer and Hootsuite have almost similar dashboards, but like Hootsuite, Buffer doesn’t show you notifications about the comments and the messages. Buffer only offers you the scheduled post and previously scheduled posts.
  • Buffer’s primary focus is on content scheduling and posting. Rather than adding other features to its main application, it emphasizes creating different apps for other brands with special needs. At the same time, Hootsuite offers its focus on queues for your posts and highlight social streams.
  • HootSuite is very flexible with its digital marketing stream and allows you to make and schedule posts. But you can also use your streams as a replacement for existing social accounts. But Buffer enables you to build posts and then add to the Buffer and lastly schedule your posts.

4. CoSchedule

This Hootsuite alternative is an all in one platform for organizing, planning, and executing all things content marketing. CoSchedule is easy to use and comes with the drag and drop calendar interface that makes it super easy to schedule and collaborate on all your projects in one place.

You can easily plan projects and keep your content calendar well organized with team collaboration, all within a single dashboard. CoSchedule is a scheduling tool that connects with your social media profile and blog content in one calendar view.

Google docs, WordPress, Evernote, and Google analytics can be easily integrated with CoSchedules. If you are looking to improve your marketing management and social networking sites, you need to learn how CoSchedule as the top Hootsuite alternative will help you.

You need to plan your content in the most efficient way and should plan your social marketing projects on time with its free plan. You must learn how to execute your online content marketing strategy effectively.

Key features of CoSchedule

  • Content management
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Custom branding
  • Campaign analysis
  • Automatic notifications
  • Third-party integrations
  • Campaign management
  • Monitoring

CoSchedule vs. Hootsuite

  • CoSchedule is dealing with a professional marketing team, marketers, and marketing agencies. Marketers looking to get well organized to complete more work, prove marketing values to stakeholders, and deliver projects. While Hootsuite focuses on Enterprises and SMB, it is the most widely used platform for managing your social accounts. It is demandable by more than 16 million people all over the world.
  • Both the tools are quite expensive because of their pricing structure, and as you go up with the services, you will have to pay more for redeeming advanced features.
  • Apart from this, CoSchedule also provides you a free trial for testing.

5. Sendible

Sendible is a renowned tool that is aiding different businesses around the world with its enterprise paid plans. You can start with their day free trial to understand the ease of use where you can manage comments on all your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook in one place.

With streamlined processes, any agency can manage its work from different categories on one platform. Sendible is a great Hootsuite alternative recognized on Google My Business with a positive review. Its paid plans per month cover all the extra features that were not available in its free plan.

So, what are you still waiting for? Check out its website and quickly start its free trial and then, analyze its paid plans to opt for the one that best suits the agency works and operations.

Some Advanced Key Features of Sendible Platform

  • Enables you to generate lead via social CRM
  • Provides your an incredible social media publishing
  • Unified Social inbox
  • Social listening
  • Effective team collaboration
  • Social media publishing
  • RSS Feed and Bulk scheduling
  • Well organized social calendar
  • Custom reporting

Hootsuite vs. Sendible

  • The robust social media management tool of Sendible make it easy for SMEs, digital agencies, and corporate marketing solution to promote, track, and analyze their brands across different platforms. Whereas Hootsuite focused on SMB and enterprises, it is the most demandable platform for managing multiple social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Its customizable streams in Hootsuite is its coolest feature. You can directly go in the dashboard in a dashboard instead of adapting yourself to a default. On the other side, it is straightforward to find what you are searching for in a Sendible. If you cannot find a post that didn’t go up, there is a place in this tool to find it and report it.
  • Sendible is far away then social media. Uploading HTML for email campaigns, tracking campings, setting auto-response for email, comments, tweets from Twitter, etc., and tracking famous bookmarking websites.

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