Best Free WooCommerce Themes in 2022

While someone is thinking of launching an online store, there are so many options that he needs to consider. Getting any business into running condition may take some time, and users also need to invest money to gain the best results. For helping you with cutting down on your expenditure for the site without compromising the quality of the eCommerce, we have described some of the best free WooCommerce themes to make this process easier.

Free WooCommerce themes will be of great help as they will keep you on budget when you launch your website. Adding to that, if WooCommerce finds your website is compatible with it, they may give you access to the features needed by your store. We have discussed below some of the features required in the high-quality WooCommerce WordPress theme, and after that, we have discussed the top ten WooCommerce themes.

What to look for in a WooCommerce WordPress Theme

It can be a bit tricky for you to look for the perfect WooCommerce WordPress theme. Specific free themes are shown in the advertisements for online retailers, but they might be lacking some high-priority features that can make running your store a lot easier.

Some themes have been designed to be multipurpose to quickly adapt to the eCommerce sites. It is suggested that you don’t just go for a theme with “WooCommerce” in its name as in that way, you may miss the best features for your online store.

When kept in mind, specific steps can help you spot high-quality WooCommerce WordPress themes. Have a look at the following features.

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Integration with WooCommerce:

It may seem obvious, but choosing a theme that can work efficiently with the eCommerce plugin is essential. You don’t want to go for a theme that has difficulty plugging in with your site.

  •  Shop Page Layouts: The theme which will be perfect will have the layouts for the online store. WooCommerce can easily add cart, products, checkout pages, etc., to your website.
  • Customization options: It is essential to customize your store to give it your touch as then only you can attract the audience towards your online store. Keep an eye for a theme inclusive of the advanced customization features and compatible with the page builders.
  • Performance optimization: If your website is loading slowly, it can harm the audience and the store’s bounce rate and make you lose your customer’s loyalty. It is crucial to have a lightweight theme as it will enable the page to load faster.

It is also vital that you choose a theme that suits your taste, which will be highly subjective along with all these features. So the free themes will help reduce the cost of your store so you can go with them.

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Ten best free WooCommerce Themes

Based on the popularity of the free WooCommerce themes, theme directory ratings are official. With our judgment of the customization options and designs, we have picked out these ten free themes.

We have also carried a performance test for each of the themes mentioned below. Initially, we installed each of these themes on the staging site, and then we added the same content on the staging site for all ten themes.

We used Pingdom tools to analyze the theme’s page size, rating of the performance, and HTTP requests. The actual page speed time has not been included as that will depend more on the hosting site and the other features for optimizing the performance, fully responsive.


Astra Free WordPress Theme

Astra is among the most popular multipurpose solutions in the WordPress theme directory. The Astra is quite known for its minimalist style and incredible performance.

In terms of customization, Astra has nothing much for the personalization of your store. It can integrate well with multiple page builders, including the Elementor and the Beaver Builder. It is available with many starter site templates and built, especially for the eCommerce theme store.

This WordPress theme for business has gained immense popularity for its super-fast performance. One can easily opt from the demos that have been pre-built to customize your drag and drop theme without touching any code line.

With Astra’s use, one can create catalogs to display products and the page layouts for the WooCommerce integration. This theme comes with an SEO-friendly blog to enhance the efforts of your marketing skills. The theme comes with perfect lightweight features for the brilliant performance of social media and online shop.

Neva Shop


The next one on the list is the Neva Shop. It is amongst the free store starter site for you to provide the several layouts required to build a top-notch store for WooCommerce. It has also been designed to be amongst the fastest themes with WordPress available in the market. The free theme provided for WooCommerce can integrate with the page builders that are quite popular, like the Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc.


OceanWP WordPress Theme

This is also known to be a multipurpose WordPress free WooCommerce theme for business. It is quite famous for being able to pair well with Wocommerce in all. It comprises various features that are conclusive in the essential eCommerce features like the pop-up of the cart, floating add to cart bar and quick view displays of products.

It can also get integrated with a vast list of page builders, Beaver builder, and the Elementor. There are one-click demo import features that require a premium license for the business products. The OceanWP WordPress provides us with theme options of 13 free themes, especially for the online store.


Storefront WordPress theme

Storefront is the best theme amongst the WordPress free WooCommerce WordPress themes, so thus, the Storefront theme is quite popular. The free WordPress theme was manufactured by the same company that developed the Wocommerce, which helps run the responsive design theme.

In terms of compatibility, the Store of Wooommerce is very profoundly integrated along with its extensions. It provides the users with a fully responsive performance to hold up with the theme. However, there are some drawbacks in the customization options, which one can relate to when comparing it with the other multipurpose color options to use page builder themes.

Hestia Lite

Hestia Free Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Hestia Lite theme is also a trendy, responsive design for the WordPress Theme Directory numbers’ directory. For online retailers, we have specially created the eCommerce starter site theme to use. This can be very easy to use for clients who are looking for a responsive design. Hestia Lite is comprised of the customizer options and the custom widgets, which can easily integrate along with the multiple page builders for the theme.


ZAKRA Fast Customizable SEO Optimized Free WordPress Theme

Zakra is a theme that is fully compatible with WooCommerce. It is a multipurpose WordPress theme that online stores can easily use. It comprises the multiple options of the eCommerce one-click demo, which can help you get your site started. For ease of customization, it can easily integrate with the Elementor.

The drawbacks of the Zakra mainly include that the WooCommerce starter sites related features have not been included in the Woocommerce integration like most of the themes that we have mentioned above. The themes are very well optimized for the customers with the fastest loading times for use on the store with the WooCommerce plugin.

Rife Free

Rife Free WordPress theme

Rife Free is a fully responsive eCommerce theme that has been primarily designed for the portfolio and page layouts photography sites with features. It does involve WooCommerce integration. The image gallery seems to have a whole list of featured listings of the products whenever you apply the shop demo for Woocommerce.

The WooCommerce theme is fully compatible with the Woocommerce Elementor and comprises a variety of unique customizer theme options. One can easily personalize the best WooCommerce theme’s demos to add a little touch to their taste. Reflecting on your online store’s brand identity with a WooCommerce plugin and the referral links with a drag and drop page is easy to use that is translation ready.

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ShoppingCart WordPress theme

Our opinion is that for the best WooCommerce themes, the multipurpose themes are the best choice. But we cannot say the same for choosing a theme specially built for all the online stores with features.

ShoppingCart comprises many custom widgets and sections of the front pages that you can easily personalize using the customizer. This lacks the page builder feature, but it can use its own component features with SEO to ease customization.

It is comprised of an exquisite layout to arrange your products in the center and front. One can easily add widgets on the homepage, which will guide the customer to the assigned categories. It also has the feature to rotate the brands’ names within a carousel so that the buyers are aware of the products that the site has.


Leto Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Sometimes launching your very own first online shop can be a bit overwhelming, especially if your budget is a bit tight. The last one on our list of themes is the Leto for the Free WooCommerce WordPress themes comprised of a minimal design, and Leto is also in integration with the eCommerce WordPress theme.

Leto is a free WordPress theme that is translation-ready for all of the international sales also. All these themes are meant for the free WooCommerce WordPress theme and the personalization we rely heavily on the customizer, which is not comprised of the demos or the starter site. The design provided by the eCommerce stores is very appealing for the clients.

These best free WooCommerce themes can quickly adapt to multiple niches, which will help in making them compatible with various online shops. You can also easily customize your fantastic design with custom widgets and an outstanding collection of Google fonts.

Customizers can also assist you in changing the colors, font sizes, etc. Leto is also comprised of an excellent header feature that can showcase a video or image. The WooCommerce plugin theme is also translation-ready, which will enable the users to communicate with the audience in their native language.

Zigcy Lite

The WooCommerce theme, which is based on the customizer, is full of eCommerce features. The Zigcy lite can offer deep integration and all the page layouts for multiple shops. While you are starting to use WooCommerce, it also provides you with the three demos’ SEO website. The performance offers a slow loading time for the themes, but you can still say that it has decent speed and a perfect theme.

The eCommerce website has a fully responsive theme that has been optimized for SEO. The advanced layouts at Woocommerce have contributed a lot in displaying the products for the customers, which will make the social media features look appealing for its clients with no price for the eCommerce themes.

How to choose the best free WooCommerce WordPress theme for your e-commerce store

The theme that we have mentioned above in detail can be amongst the top-rated e-commerce theme for your free WooCommerce theme for an online store.

If you need to shorten the top three free WooCommerce themes, we recommend these three WooCommerce themes in the search results.

Astra and Neve have been rated in the same category for their best performance in the Ecommerce store in the top free WooCommerce theme. It has also delivered advanced customization options for the free themes; WooCommerce has a customizer and a multiple page builder store for the theme.

The free online shop starter eCommerce website delivers excellent WooCommerce page layouts for the user’s requirement and the page builder. Suppose you are considering upgrading to the Neve Pro. In that case, you can have the advantage of the eCommerce website WooCommerce for the extensive features available to be used in the SEO-friendly online shop or online store for the best shopping experience.

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