Best (REALLY) Free Landing Page Builders in 2022

Not every landing page has all the required features to build a free landing page. You can’t waste much of your time and money on a marketing campaign when your landing page will not yield the desired results. We have tested these free landing page creators for every site to test their features like the ease of use, limitations, etc. We have discussed these free landing pages in detail below, based on their efficiency.

Some website builders in the list had landing page capabilities to create a free landing page, but the others were landing page builders with a better focus on the marketing platforms. The general page builders have also worked right to create free landing pages. The huge benefit of these landing page builders is that they are for free, and you can use them for free forever as a landing page creator.

What we look for in the best landing page builders

The landing page builders require the following features for the best working landing pages.

  • Ease of use:  The building process of the landing page forms should not be complicated to use. Most of the tools can be easily used as compared to the others, and they are straightforward.
  • Plenty of Customization options: The landing page templates always need to match your page’s brand forms. The page builders provide the users with many customization options for building the page, like changing the font, color, forms, size, etc. With the help of such features, one can also upload images and content, etc.
  • Built-in analytics:  The users might want to track their data to measure their success and make changes to create a free landing page for all of their future campaigns. They are also comprised of the landing page tools, which will help to customize and create landing pages for free with forms for the free plan.
  • Email and social media Marketing Integrations: With the help of a useful landing page, one can easily incorporate the landing page plan into whichever channel the users have their campaign action going on. It can be accomplished via the built-in tools and the third party’s integrations, which is typical for the marketing tools as they ensure their efficiency.
  • Optimization for maximum conversion rateThe landing page templates or the tutorial plan are offered by the best landing page builders within a range, which assist in constructing the landing page design with more significant efficiency per month according to the plan for the design.

Best website builders for landing Pages

Let us see why the free website builders‘ design is a great option to create a landing page for free.

During our research for the top rate free landing page builders, we have discovered that the website builders can be easily used other than the dedicated landing page builders. This will help as you will have to learn fewer things for design, and you can create the landing pages speedily with better efficiency.

They are easy to use and will deliver customizing tools per month, which will help customize the landing page to easily track your success of the marketing campaign, which is done via the free plan.

These website builders provide their users with free plans and great design so that you can have access to the tools for as long as you need.

But you will ultimately have to pay for the stunning features and design for the visitors.

If you wish to have access to the most stunning and advanced features specializing in having a great landing page with brilliant features for the visitors, we have discussed below some of the best free landing page creators that can assist you.

Wix– Great landing page templates that can assist you to boost the conversion rate

Wix Website Builder

Wix is known for its general website builder efficiency. Still, one can easily use it to enhance the creation of influential landing page builders, which can either be a part of the stand-alone pages or can sum up in making the leading website for visitors.

The landing page templates provided by them are very solid amongst all the other website builders, so it is possible to find the one with all the same features and the layouts required by you. Wix is very easy to use and comprises intuitive interfaces for visitors and can help you add whatever you want so that you can easily customize the landing pages.

These tools have built-in features and products for the email marketing visitors and the social media activity that can allow you to customize the emails and all of your social posts with the Wix framework’s help. It can then connect you with all the relevant accounts to put your marketing campaigns into action.

With Wix’s use, one can create social media videos that can entice your customers to visit your landing page with the help of the Wix video maker, which can help you customize all the video templates.

Wix is virtually integrated with almost all of the marketing tools, which primarily make sure that the products included are from Mailchimp, Hubspot, googlеads, and the Facebook platform for the analytics. The free plan provided by Wix is quite robust and offers access to all of the features like integrations and analytics, which you might end up needing. But there are certain drawbacks, like you may end up getting stuck along with the Wix’s subdomain and the Wix’s branding if you wish to stay on the free plan provided by them, which is very important to consider.

SITE123– A straightforward way for building a landing page

SITE123 website builder

The most significant benefit offered by the SITE123 as a landing page builder is that it will make sure that it will help build a single-page website for the landing builder by default. This makes it easy for the users to add the links on each page’s various parts. One can add as much information they can on their landing page.

They can also efficiently operate their pages with the assistance of the buttons or the CTAs, which can help guide the users to the various parts of the landing page. It’s more like jumping from a location to direct the contact form.

The editor can also be used very quickly by anyone. Even if you are using the landing page builder for the first time, you can still get online in just a matter of minutes. However, this simplicity will otherwise mean that you have a reduced amount of features to customize the landing pages.

The customization features in SITE123 are less than the other sites like the Wix or any other site used to create a free landing page. One can easily select from all the layouts present for all types of information, making sure to make a successful landing page with a domain name.

These layouts can also be easily adjusted with buttons like call-to-action, which also help remove or add the buttons. One can also customize the color of the fonts and the background with the help of the present’s customizing options.

The free plan of the SITE123 is conclusive of many contacts form templates, which are already geared towards the very successful marketing goals that will assist in establishing a learning curve. They lack the ability to being able to customize these options any further for the domain name.

Along with the inability of customization, it also lacks the leads for the third-party integrations and the analytics made for the additional functionality. To use these features, one needs to pay for the paid plan; otherwise, you will not access the same plan. So this is considered the best for all the marketing campaigns.

Weebly– The best for short term targeted marketing campaigns

Free Website Weebly

Weebly serves for being the appropriate landing page builder and has also established a learning curve. It includes many landing page templates required by the user and some capabilities for marketing.

Getting some of the page elements perfectly aligned might be a challenge for the users. Each component has been designed with its menu, which is also customizable by the users. Thus the menu option allows the user to get specific leads with all the changes you require for the landing page builder site.

Weebly also consists of an email marketing platform known as the Weebly promote for leads. This platform allows the user to create emails with the assistance of an editor who is otherwise quite familiar with the one used to build the landing page. Other than the Weebly promote, no tool is different in Weebly than all the other landing page builder leads.

Weebly also provides the users with an option to send almost two emails to as many as 500 recipients on trial, which is entirely free. You can also track the statistics which the landing page builder offers. This can also be considered as an excellent option for small marketing campaigns.

Certain features are lacking the Weebly, like the advanced analytics and integrations for the rich social media. The more extensive campaigns can hit the limit for the free landing page very fast.

Leadpages– The most straightforward dedicated landing page builder

The editor for the lead pages is straightforward to use and offers the users options for the pre-designed sections, which can be easily arranged in the preferred order. You can also customize the landing pages a bit further.

You can start with the conversion rates, optimized email marketing tools, and landing page templates to work at a faster pace. This will give you a guaranteed pleasing design, which is the best to be used for the best free landing page.

The lead page is conclusive of so many integrations like all the other landing page builders. These integrations range from analytics to email marketing and also the scheduling posts to the marketing campaigns. Every category is provided with so many options that the users will require while creating landing pages.

The users will also be provided with all the detailed analytics needed for the users to track your campaign’s success rate. It also provides the clients with the ability to A/B split all the test landing sites for the landing page variations, which will ultimately ensure whether you are using the perfect layout and content for the simple landing page.

Other unique features are available in the landing page builders’ email marketing software, which is known as the lead magnets. With the lead magnets’ help, you can easily attach any file or any link to specific landing pages. When the visitors have completed filling their form, they can have immediate access to all the landing page features.

The features that are lacking in the Leadpage are that it is relatively slow in loading the site. This all includes having not having quick access to the landing page, trouble logging in, and waiting for something to get loaded. This did not stop the landing page designs’ progress, but these drawbacks are very annoying compared with the builders we have mentioned in the list above.

Unbounce– AI tools to personalize your landing pages

Unbounce Landing Page Builder Platform

unbounce is a landing page builder that offers excellent features to the users, including fields and options for the customization of the landing page. At the same time, some reviews may indicate that it is somewhat confusing when you get started with Unbounce. After you know how the site functions, you can easily be comfortable with the interface of Unbounce. The responsive landing page is very detailed towards customizing the landing pages once you start building them.

Any template can easily match up with your brand, so do not settle for just any template. Try to look for the best template which can portray your personality. Unbounce comprises so many landing page email templates, which are categorized according to the goal of the page. If you want, you can also go for ThemeForest or many more options, which can be available quickly.

The users can easily browse through all the templates for all the landing in the same window, giving them a better view so that they can easily compare all the available options for the landing pages.

A pre-filled template text explains precisely how the tips for creating the high converting landing page benefit us. This feature is stunning and very useful if you are just a beginner looking for better options to have a good user experience with Unbounce.

Many other features are available at Unbounce, like tracking and integrating the landing pages and the capabilities for testing A/B. There have also been unique features for personalizing and customizing the friendly landing pages. There are options like the dynamic replacement of the text, which can help display a carrier matching your visitor’s search items.

The marketing agency also uses AI tools to serve all the various variants made available based on these variants. The users can decide on the perfect tool.

Instapage– Streamlined publishing to WordPress


Suppose you are willing to begin your landing page with the assistance of the Instapage. You can select any template from the list categorized based on the whole use case, including the app download or the newsletter’s signup.

These templates have been designed explicitly with the conversion rate with an aim in mind. Thus it proves to be an effective way to yield the results which your business owners of the landing page require. One can easily customize their template and all the content options provided in so many categories.

Instapage can also provide the users with a great feature like the ability to add multi-step contact forms and form fields.

With the assistance of these features, the visitors can easily add custom domains name and the email on one screen so that the interface can direct them onto the additional form fields to deliver them the vital information in the further steps. So it will yield a more concise landing page with features like drag and drops and custom domains, etc., for your marketing campaigns.

The Instapage is also comprised of features like streamlined publishing. The users can select amongst all of the four methods for publishing. One should not default and go for a subdomain, which most the landing page builders go for.

The audience can directly publish at WordPress or can achieve this by connecting to a custom domain. Various landing page builders also offer these features, but on Instapage, you can use them with ease.

The Instapage consists of certain drawbacks too. The users complained that their account got canceled while editing on the page, which was a big issue.

The customer support assisted the user for the remaining days of the trial, but that took more than four days, which is quite long. The customer support stated the cancellation as a one-time glitch, but one may find that the time taken by their service team to resolve the issue was very much.

Landingi– High-converting form templates

Landingi Build Landing Pages

Landingi is also a similar marketing tool for the landing page tools builders that we have discussed above. People can quickly go through all options for customization of the website builder, integration of the top options available in forms, and so many options for google analytics, which have been there to test the A/B capabilities.

Another beneficial feature is the free landing page builder templates, which are also categorized by both the goal and the industry. It will primarily help narrow the layout, which will yield an increased amount of conversions.

Along with the templates for the free landing page builder, Landingi also provides people with a series of form templates with the content blocks to customize according to their personal choice.

Most of the free landing page builders offer people a separate tab, which will help edit the content block and a thank you email marketing page when the signup form has been successfully submitted. The best landing page builders offer people along with a default thank you page, but one also considers adding some branding with the email marketing tool’s help.

Landingi has built-in google analytics, which is very simple to use and has so much in common with the business website builders than the beautiful landing pages. Still, one easily integrates them with the help of the integrating options which have been present there to extend the capability of the user’s landing page whenever they require.

The social networks web page offers a free plan, limiting visitors’ visits to only up to 200 on a single page. This option is considered suitable for all small business campaigns.

Squarespace– Best landing page builder for restaurants and creatives


Squarespace is a website builder with quite a reputation for all of the brilliant and beautiful designs, which can also be added to the landing pages’ marketing tools. It comprises a vast selection of the landing page template, which is more often known by the name of the Launch or cover.

Squarespace does not provide people with the free plan, so they need to upgrade, but they do provide their users with a 14-day trial so that you can try their most outstanding features for the email marketing tool and more.

  • They have unique integrations for Mailchimp and all the other social media platforms.
  • They also have a built-in email marketing tool that can be used to send campaigns for business from the site editor.
  • There are tools like the ChowNow and open table used for the many layouts and all the integrations.

Sendinblue– Most Templates optimized for page goals.

Sendinblue Digital Marketing

This marketing platform is robust, allowing the users to build landing pages and send them through with the help of email, chat, or SMS to all of the customers’ email list. SendinBlue is a website builder inclusive of a free plan that helps you get access to all the landing pages to collect email addresses on the page of the paid plans. The features primarily include the best options for a single page.

  • The page goal organizes the template library to create a landing page.
  • A/B testing is done for the testing of the layout and the landing page.
  • They are also comprised of tools that help in personalization, marketing automation, and segmentation.

GetResponse– best Landing Page builder for E-commerce


Like the SendInBlue, GetResponse is also a multi-faceted website builder platform for marketing, including the landing page builder. The themes that are added in GetResponse are mobile-responsive and drag and drop editor themes.

The free trial for the GetResponse is available 30 days per month, and it is recommended that you try the plan before getting yourself a paid plan with a custom domain and marketer. Certain features are loved by the visitors in the design that is mobile friendly and can generate leads. They also have all rights reserved for one-place customization.

  • It comprises the built-in image editor and the image editor from Shutterstock and the gifts available from the giphy.
  • The products and services from real-time places like Etsy, Bigcommerce, and more can be done quickly with the integrations’ help.
  • For the holistic marketing strategy, there is present a conversion funnel builder.

What’s the best free landing page builder?

After testing so many lead generation custom domain sites with paid and free plans, content blocks, search terms with pop up, we highly recommend with an experience that there are certain features whose presence is necessary for free landing pages creator. For instance, the audience needs to be able to customize the form.

SITE123 provides the users with custom domain forms designed for landing pages in just a few minutes. They lack some key features to create a free landing page with a smooth marketing campaign experience.

Wix created a free landing page with an open plan for mostly all designs and features. These are also the most easily accessible tools that can be used by the audience. A/B Testing has approved them for building the web pages for all of the small businesses. This can enable you to achieve everything you require.

If you require a landing page action that needs to be used in just a shorter period, Weebly is the right choice as it is a simple landing page with good design.

The landing pages which are not that robust are not suitable for the audience. If you have access to the tools used for design and email marketing, you require a loading page action to plug in these tools.

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