Best Free Hosting No Ads Review

The Free web hosting no ads must not consist of a professional company name, but they have to provide their users with incredible service. The free web hosting has an experience of around ten years in the open hosting services arena. The free hosting company can provide its users with the necessary features, although the free web hosting company has some limits that may be considered significant.

After you have signed up with the free web hosting company, you can have access to the installation, which is done automatically for Joomla, WordPress, and Grav. All of the websites mentioned above are the website builders who are based o the templates.

The free web hosting no ads company has significant restrictions, too, as it only offers you the space of 1 GB, which can handle monthly traffic of 5 GB. The hosting providers deliver the average page size of about 1.5 MB, which can be translated to just 110 page views for a day, a meager number count. This free web hosting provider’s company can perform well in terms of the fundamentals of support for the PHP, MySQL database, Perl, FTP, and even more.

The free hosting company also offers free of cost domain for its customers. They are also providing the users with optimum technical support as you can quickly contact them if you have any trouble accessing the company’s features.

If the customers can view the website builder with a close, they might see the restrictions that the shared hosting platform is causing for their clients. The MySQL databases have a restriction limit of 30 MB. For example, the shared hosting plan that is being provided by the site and tool builder, in the beginning, is just able to offer 500 MB. The clients can also install the easy-to-use WordPress in this case, but in that situation, the clients will be running out of space as the free cost service provides shallow disk space for the user.

But the ability to host your domain is going to provide you with some additional benefits. You will not see the free competition very often for the personal domain name as for the clients who do not have any free of the cost domain name, and they can have the free your subdomain, which is being provided by the website builder itself.

The free web hosting service no ads is also offering free email accounts for POP3 users. The limit of the free version is only one, though. Other site-building platforms will restrict their clients with the number of email forwards that you send out to the different email account. The other free website platforms for site building do not offer the users any provision for email support.

The Cpanel provided by the company is also a readily available interface that can assist in managing the apps, accounts, check stats, etc. The customers are also delivered with a perk of the free email host. With the help of that, the customer can send and receive emails from their website, which is very appealing.

The free web hosting no ads service is not provided with any control panel, but what more can you expect from the services free of cost? In that case, the company will have to pay for your license. The email account from the free website can an enhanced control panel responsible for handling most of the tasks.

This site building platform will not assist you in free SSL certificates because the open-plan they deliver to their clients does not include any SSL certificate, not even the one with the self-signed property. If you consider that the free service is pretty restrictive, then, in that case, we would like to recommend the paid options that will provide you with everything you need.

The VIP plan provided by the website building platform delivers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, with at least 100 small accounts, SSL, and almost five 100 MB MySQL database. It also provides customer support for installing web apps like blogs, image galleries, forums, and even more with weekly backups, and the free service also allows you to host more than two domains.

The plan’s price is starting at the cost of $ 0.50 per month for the first year. At the time of the renewal, the plan’s price may escalate up to $ 4.99 per month.

The pro plan, which is being offered by the free web hosting no ads, provides you with unlimited features and with a free domain. All of these excellent features are available for a price of $4.99, and at the time of the renewal of the plan, this pro pack may cost as much as $9.99 for the user.


When the client is signing up with the free web hosting No ads account, it might take some time to complete the signup. If you compare with the other companies, the no ads website builder asks about so much personal information like the email address, physical address, company name and phone, your name, etc., that you may end up investing too much time in the process of signup only.

After the verification process of the email addresses has been completed, the user can successfully login into their accounts via the custom control panel.

The delay of time and all the other features may seem to intimidate the beginners. Still, the experienced users will get fascinated by the wide range of features offered by the free web hosting no ads, and they get a free database management system. These features mainly include database management, email management, PHP, website builder tools, web stats, and more. The setup is not like the control panel, but it contains robust power and configurability, not provided by all website building hosts.

The free web hosting no ads has not provided the feature of asking the user to consider the subdomain feature as the other hosts ask the user for the subdomain at the signup time. When you have access to the domain manager, you will realize the unique features for creating the subdomain control panel offered by the free web hosting no ads.

There is a massive list of free web hosting options, no ads company like,,,, etc. The options that are being provided by the open web hosting no ads are good, but they are a bit longer as per the requirement of the user. Thankfully the company allows its clients to use the custom domain, which they are also using elsewhere.

Creating a Website

Free web hosting no ads also offers four routes for setting the first website, and all of these features have been well highlighted in the ‘First steps Made easy’ panel. We had seen some reviews from the users where they had encountered issues when they clicked the template icon as they were receiving errors.

Upon closer inspection, we found that the free web hosting with no ads could not set up the creation of the website features correctly for the user. Also, they were unable to deliver any professional domain name as the site was only showing Leaving alone this area of creating the website, we found the other features of the site up to the mark, and there were no issues with them.

There is another tool known as the Zacky tools installer, which is known to a simple platform that assists in installing famous web applications. Although these features may fascinate you initially, there is a drawback of the free web hosting no ads tool.

It is only able to support the Joomla, WordPress, and the CMS grav platform. This drawback can be considered to be a little disappointing on their behalf as the free web hosting no ads claims that it can assist with the PHPBB and also provided some information related to the help being provided by the Drupal support for free accounts.

If you are satisfied with the WordPress services, then these drawbacks will not affect you at all. Also, there are some advantages too that are being provided by Zacky. Other one-click installers will drop you in the standard WordPress setup, which is assisted by a default theme, and it also does not support how to get rid of the default theme.

In the services, you are provided support with the image credit gallery’s help, which allows you to choose the theme of your choice while you are installing the software.

The simple template site builder tool is the Zacky builder. While using this easy-to-use tool, the user can only build some of the minimal sites, including five pages, 10 MB storage. But if the clients are seeking to display the CV or for the customers to view the schedule of your real-world business, then, in that case, the free plan should be enough for the client.

The file manager provides the user with all options to upload the content, edit, and reorganize files with permission from the user if they have their website ready already. The manager cannot be termed as very powerful or an easily usable tool for the client, but it helps the user get their job done. The manager can be easily used by the beginners too.

The users can upload their data on the website despite the monthly traffic via the FTP. The clients can create more accounts at the FTP, and the FTP also allows the client to view the information of the default FTP account.

In short, we can say that the company provides the customers with enough power to build the site. With their assistance, the customer can install more than three web pages and files, but we cannot complain about the features that are being provided to the customers for no cost. In reality, the free web hosting with no ads covers all the essential features that need to be provided by the control panel, which will assist the user in enhancing the results provided by the WordPress tool.


Free web hosting with no ads will never provide the users with the optimum speed that most of the top-rated WordPress tools and services offer to their customers, but it is also not that slow. To test the performance of the WordPress company tool, we have used some of the best monitoring and testing services provided to us to try the company. The gave us results based on the server’s performance, which were found for a week.

The uptime was reduced to an unsatisfactory rate of 95%, which can also be termed as the shortest testing period, which lasted for 8 hours and 24 minutes. The average response time that we got from them was nearly 300 ms, which was okay as most other hosting providers can provide the customers with a response time of around 200-400 ms. They delivered us with a consistent performance rate as we expected.

The other tools that we used for testing yielded us a result in which the Dotcom tools provides us with products for the speed test, which showed that our website got loaded at least from 16 different locations. We got not up to the mark as the average load time for our website was nearly 1.5s when it ran for the first time. We can clearly say that the North America Canada Edition for the free website does not provide us with the best speed results, but it is a free service.

Final verdict

The company earns more praise for the massive variety of features they have been offering for free to their customers. These features typically include some restrictions like the 5GB bandwidth, No SSL certificate, etc.

We can rate 3.5 stars for their performance because the features that they have been providing to their customers are pretty useful for simple sites and the beginners who love to learn much about web technology. Also, we would like to say that if you require more advanced features for making a complex site, then, in that case, you should go for any other alternative.

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