Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Flywheel is a remarkable tool for the continuous and smooth working of WordPress sites to provide faster speed and robust performance. This Flywheel platform caters to building the website from scratch with excellent features. Flywheel WordPress hosting is made on a stable network with its infrastructure perfectly optimized for its speed, security, and scale.

The plans offered by them are unique and full of features. With their help, you can also have your site migration done for free. Other than this, auto backup is available, and WordPress is automatically updated.

You have SSL support from them and CDN integration, and many more. They can offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Flywheel also has inexpensive plans for WordPress hosting for its customers, which are available starting at a $13.00 monthly price.

In this article, we shall discuss all the essential details about the different features and services proffered by Flywheel Hosting and how they can help you achieve your hosting goals in just a few efforts.

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Core Features of Flywheel

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting

The Flywheel is a reputed WordPress hosting provider many big and small businesses choose. The counterparts of Flywheel are more famous in the review.

The hosting company offers a wide variety of exceptionally designed features to deliver all website-related work accurately. It is what makes Flywheel successful and famous in the hosting world. These features vary from constructing and launching the site to re-designing and managing.

Recently, Flywheel has also partnered with the vast Google Cloud platform to yield a hosting platform that is relatively fast, reliable, and secure.

In this section, we’ll describe the features offered by the Flywheel:

All plans include the staging of the sites.

  1.  Migration to the site is for free.
  2. The CDN is for free.
  3.  Auto-healing software technology provides instant fixes.
  4.  The backups are done every night.
  5.  They are more often used themes and plugins, which are packages along with the blueprints.
  6. It also enables its customers to close the current site.
  7. The sites are speedy.
  8.  The total malware clean-up is for free.
  9. It provides customers with collaboration tools.
  10. The site is designed specifically for WordPress.

According to the review, the services provided by this hosting company are consistent and can be relied upon. The infrastructure is constructed on a reliable, regularly maintained network, working on high-quality and robust software.

Let’s have a look at what features the company is offering for managed WordPress hosting in the market world.

Access to free and easy demo sites

All the companies do not offer the free demo site feature. The other web hosting services deliver plans with free trials and a money-back guarantee.

Flywheel provides free-of-cost demo sites to Flywheel customers who are still exploring whether managing WordPress suits them. The demo sites help you develop various test and running sites and test the features delivered by the Flywheel hosting providers as per review.

The demo site option is excellent for web designers, enabling them to build websites. No charges will be incurred as the demo sites do not require any payment until the staging site has gone live. The staging site does not require your billing information. As a result, you will not be asked to sign up for a premium package later on. Isn’t it the most amazing feature ever?

Personalized configurations for everyone

Flywheel offers WordPress hosting site features of custom configurations that help the flywheel customer adjust the elements in the host’s plan to suit their needs. The flywheel web hosting services offer hosting plans inclusive of different bandwidth disk storage facilities and have been fitted with CDN, SSL, and support to multiple sites. You can customize the available features in the plan to suit your needs, as the Flywheel offers custom configurations.

Flywheel hosting business provides you with all the features that you require to host and to be able to manage your site. The custom tools available at the Flywheel enable you to customize cache configurations and allow you to add your content or CDN. You can also purchase the SSL certificate from Flywheel.

Fully managed hosting

Flywheel WordPress hosting

Flywheel delivers its customers with the best WordPress managed hosting services. Due to their service, the users who are unaware of WordPress’s recent updates would now not need to deal with them.

They will also not need to hire professional work as the Flywheel will resort to that issue for the users. The company consists of a managed WordPress team of experts who personally upgrade their clients’ sites to make the client happy with WordPress’s smooth and optimum performance.

Caching System is in-built

People are looking for the best web hosting service because of the high website loading speed. Flywheel hosting name comes with a system specifically designed for this. The system is responsible for enhancing the server’s performance and drastically reduces the download time that results in the smooth running of the website with an increase in the site’s loading time without the need of any other caching services.

Flywheel WordPress reviews also state in the review that the customers experience loading time even less than 6 seconds.

Excellent dashboard to manage everything

The dashboard helps the host manage all the WordPress sites hosted by the Flywheel with the dashboard’s help. The dashboard is a relatively straightforward tool that assists you in doing stuff like:

  1. You can collaborate without sharing usernames or passwords with the help of the admin’s privileges.
  2. You can upload files for the host site easily.
  3. You can make changes to the files that lie under your control.

Flywheel has been able to design the dashboard with the web designers’ assistance, making it a bit easy to collaborate with other sites. You can easily manage the site or all the stuff related to your website.

Collaborate extensively

You will fall in love with the Flywheel’s collaboration function’s connection if you have a website, which we discussed in brief above. The collaboration function makes it easy for multiple sites with anyone who needs access to the site.

You can access the multiple site feature without sharing your username or password, and you do no need to create various logins like everyone else. You can use the collaboration function by simply adding a list with the teammates who need access.

The people who have been added to the list will receive automatic access to the site. Now, they can add files, manage the host site, or even do any management-related task of their will. When the work has been completed, you can get the hosting service website back with yourself as you will be the only person who can access the staging area now.

Performance and uptime guarantee

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting Features

The Flywheel can deliver the best performance in the whole industry, and even the flywheel web host is not offering any uptime guarantee with all the other web host developers.

According to the web hosting reviews, the website builders tested the performance of the Flywheel and the uptime using tools like the load impact, which are quite reliable. The WordPress host company’s score lies near 100%; the performance is not suffering, even under the influence of the intense load.

Whooping disk space

The Flywheel’s plans are inclusive of a varying amount of disk space that has a limit of the maximum files that the hosting provider can upload. Expensive plans offer full storage space. The requirement of the site will depict the correct options for the host. The large disk space will be opted by those hosts who tend to upload pages or a considerable number of images that require more space.

High-end security and backup facility

The professional plan that is offered by the Flywheel hosting plans primarily includes the SSL certificate, and there all other programs also provide support to SSL. So you have two choices in terms of making the website secure. You can purchase the SSL supplied to the user by the cloud platform for additional costs of $10 per month, or you can have your certificate of free SSL installed.

The Flywheel supports 2FA or 2-factor authentication via social media options like Google Cloud authenticator.

If you choose to install your free SSL certificate, the flywheel web hosts team will support the installation process. Along with that, the WordPress hosting provider provides you with the support of continuous monitoring of the malware and the removal of the malware for free if anything happens to the staging sites. This also involves the automated backups and nightly backups of every file, which is done daily.

Full support and assistance available for 365 days

Flywheel managed hosting company has professionals who provide excellent support with live chat and 24/7 support tickets. If you want, you can consider sending a tweet for support.

Thus you can quickly access the agencies whenever you require, be it the odd hours of the day. Learn with the help of abundant resources like live chat using Flywheel from building a business to how to enhance the speed of the WordPress staging sites with great support.

The Flywheel is known to support 30 e-books on various topics like managed WordPress hosting, which are selling online along with the social media tolls and freelance plan that it offers.

Pros and Cons of using Flywheel

You can have a look to know if the flying wheel is an appropriate one-click staging web host business provider. The following data has been considered with the help of the flywheel reviews.


  1. The process of migration is done for free for your flywheel website.
  2. One dashboard is required to access the multiple websites that have been in the account of Flywheel business.
  3. Flywheel offers a personal dedicated IP address to all the websites that are there in your account.
  4. Flywheel offers email accounts for the users, unlike other WordPress hosting plans.
  5. There is a one-click staging that helps you try the new changes designed by the designers.
  6. Flywheel provides nightly backups for site backups for all the users in which all the files are backed up and are stored in a secure location off-site.
  7. You can host the sites according to your branding, as the white label makes it easy for you to build a site with dev tools.
  8. With the growth of the site, the scale also escalates.


  1. According to a review of designers, flywheel hosting is not that much of a versatile company, as few plugins are not allowed on the server for primary security reasons.
  2. The agencies are not that pocket-friendly.
  3. The name of the site has been raised as it was explicitly designed for brilliant WordPress, so it is the best option for only those who use WordPress.

Flywheel vs. WP engine

WP engine is excellent as it is considered the leading business in WordPress hosting; they target the more extensive websites with demographics. The packages that are offered by the engine are top-rated in the world.

The Flywheel can be considered a better option for a smaller business that does not require that massive WP engine but still needs the advantages of a managed WordPress company. Flywheel is also more affordable as you get almost everything of the managed WordPress proper plan with limited resources. But obviously, with a smaller site, the limitation of the resources would not be an issue at some low price rate and generous support.

Some final words

The Flywheel can deliver a faster speed rate, robust performance, and the optimum support required for the website’s smooth operation. Along with all of these features, Flywheel also ensures the easy handling of the website’s building process from scratch with the help of the free demo website and the one-click features that it can offer.

The billing transfer fantastic function is provided with the help of which it helps you create a website with the Flywheel for somebody else so that you can transfer the work of the site, which includes billing of the site to the client when you have completed the procedure with Flywheel.

Thus, if you are a designer, developer, or a person seeking to begin a website, Flywheel will always be one of the most significant hosting companies you can always count on.

Flywheel plans & prices

Well, you may think it is expensive as compared to all other providers. But we have provided a list of the plans and the current prices that are assigned for the 5 GB plans per month. We are sure all the features justify its price. You can choose any plan as per your own convenience and requirement. It will help you to make your business reach the zenith of its success.

Flywheel Managed WordPress hosting pricing and plans

  1. Starter plan- $30 per month for user
  2. Freelance plan(for up to 10 sites)- $115 per month for user
  3. Agency plan ( for 30 sites)- $290 per month for user
  4. Custom plan (30+ sites)- You can contact them.

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