How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Such an error is one of the most common and frightening errors you face while using your laptop. Surprisingly, one fine morning when you wake up and check your database, you see an error message on the screen showing an error Establishing a database connection Wp.

It doesn’t matter how many times you try to refresh; it won’t work. The cause of this can be the incorrect information in your WordPress site, the responsiveness of the database server, etc. The WordPress database might go corrupt, and it will be difficult to retrieve files that you have lost.

The database in our laptop uses a language which is called MySQL. Your website is reliant on a server-side language called PHP, and when you enter the URL in your browser, the WordPress site gathers the database from the Wp config PHP file and stores it. Such a configuration helps you store, analyze, and retrieve your file and data in your system.

The error establishing a database connection can be because of the following reasons:

Database credentials

Sometimes your database login credentials may get changed by themselves, and you won’t even know about the changes made. There is a greater possibility for this to happen if you have moved your WordPress site to a new host. The name database username and password of your account might be wrong and cause this error.

These credentials are stored in the wp-config .php file. The configuration contains vital WordPress settings, and that is the reason for the database error.

Look at your Database Host Information

Check the database name, username, password, and others to ensure that you haven’t changed it. If you haven’t changed it, you need to make sure you are using the correct database host information.

Most of the time, the WordPress hosting companies use the local hosting accounts as your database hosting account. A good host will give you the right guide while fixing the problem, and you will be at ease.

Repair WordPress Database

There is a possibility that you get different kinds of error wp-admin, i.e., one or more database tables are unavailable, and the database may need repair. You can do this by including the line “‘define WP ALLOW REPAIR,’ true); “in your wp-config. PHP file.

This line can initiate the Wp-admin maint repair PHP mode. You will probably have to troubleshoot the WordPress error establishing a database connection, so initiating the repair mode will be quicker, or you have an option to repair from phpMyAdmin.

After that, visit http://yoursite com wp-admin /maint/repair.php.

Check the Database server.

If the screen still displays an error establishing a database connection in WordPress, then the error might lie with the MySQL server. The speed might get slow and take time in establishing the connection, so the best way is to contact your hosting provider to check if MySQL is responsive. If MySQL is working, your work gets done there.

It can happen because of the traffic spike on your server as the host cannot load that much of the traffic.

All the quality hosting providers these days support fast-reacting support to the database user via live chats. Therefore, try to access and get your host provider or web host to leave a reply.

Also, if you have other websites running on the same server, you can check if the reason is the same.

Fixing Corrupt Files

One of the reasons for the error can be that your file has gone corrupt. This file corruption may have happened because of the transfer via FTP connection, some hacker gaining access to your connection, or it might be the problem with your host. To fix the error establishing a database connection, first, take a backup. It will help you quickly resolve it.

By changing the core version of this WordPress without touching the plugins, media, or anything and just the installation of WordPress itself by downloading the fresh copy of WordPress from

After downloading the file, unzip this file and delete the wp-content folder and wp-config-sample.php file. Following this process, upload the remaining files via SFTP, and just after that, overwrite your existing files.

This process will not even need a support team, and the screen, if shows unavailable, the database may still get repaired.

Restoring the latest backup

One of the options available to you for database connection error is, restoring the latest data whose backup you took at last. This step might work for you faster if you aren’t worried about losing the data between the previous backup and present data and get the repair page done.

However, Suppose you have a regular database backup plan like updraft plus. In that case, this will be a lot easier for you to get the data lost, as having a simple backup plugin makes it most suitable for people when it comes to fixing this kind of error.

The information about the same can be given to you by the host. Many hosts who are well established keep a backup of your data that can be used in the database connection error for their client.

Use WordPress’ repair functionality

The error in WordPress can be fixed by using this function may not be aware of. To use this function, you will need to enable it, and for doing so, you will need to access your website via FTP and head to the root folder, click on the wp-config .php file using a text editor.

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the file you have opened, and the line which reads “That’s all, stop editing” is the code you need to add before this line:

define( ‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);. This wp allow repair true will make your work a bit easier.

Once this is changed and added, the code is saved to wp-config. PHP file, you can access WordPress’ repair feature by using the particular URL: admin maint repair.php.

This method is not very common among everyone but is one of the easiest ways to fix the error. You will need time and skill to get accustomed to every method used in fixing this error.

Other options available with users

Update your WordPress site URL

Try updating the URL of your WordPress by merely accessing phpMyAdmin from your respective hosting account dashboard and choose your database server. After selecting it from the WordPress website, you will see the SQL menu on the top. Choose that SQL menu and enter the following MySQL query.

This is one of the ways you can get your database repair.

Rebooting your Web Server

Users using dedicated or local servers or virtual private servers (VPS) can try rebooting their webserver to fix the error establishing a database connection. They can retrieve the file or the WordPress files, which are stored in the database information. It will also see the temporary glitches in your WordPress database.

Rebooting the web server will restart the whole web and database and get your MySQL databases back into your laptop.

Reach out for Help

If your web host cannot help you with the error establishing a database connection in WordPress, you can even hire the WordPress developers to retrieve the files and get the error of the WordPress fixed.

Established WordPress hosting companies will also help you troubleshoot the website error establishing a database connection. These developers will not only troubleshoot your problem, but they will also point you in the right direction and even fix your problem.

How to avoid this error in the future?

There is never a 100% guaranteed process of avoiding this kind of error, but there are two considerations that will help you to get 90% safe are:

Premium Hosting-

You should choose the host, which is optimized for their respective platforms with WordPress. It will ensure you safe support and an easy hand at the host. It will ensure that you avoid the primary and most common problems one faces in processing WordPress. It will make possible the repair and optimization of the database and retrieve the file.

Regular Backup-

A simple and regular backup plugin like Updraft Plus works automatically, and the working WordPress backup will ensure the files if you lose everything. The database name, username, and password, the root directory will be restored, and it will help to let us know files that existed.


Everything in WordPress is made possible because of your database. The database has all the information, i.e., database username, file manager details, database names, etc. So, establishing a database is more important to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress.

There are ‘n’ number of issues that can cause errors in the database, but these errors are usually easy to troubleshoot. If you feel overwhelmed while understanding how to fix errors establishing a database connection, you might need to upgrade your WordPress and need premium hosting support for your WordPress.

Therefore, concluding all the points, the ways in which you can set up the database error in WordPress are:

  1. Checking database login credentials, i.e., database name, etc
  2. Fixing corrupt files.
  3. Checking the WordPress database server
  4. Using WordPress repair functionality
  5. Restoring the latest backup.
  6. Checking the database host information

Using one of these methods will most likely solve the error and will make your job easier. However, keeping backup and using a premium host is more preferred in each case to never get this error in the first place. So, are you ready to fix it permanently?

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