Duda Website Builder Review 2021 | Should You Use It?

Are you a website growing its business? Are you searching for how to build a website and get a domain and web hosting? All your questions are answered in this article.

There are several platforms available in the market, like Wix and WordPress, that provide services for website building and also grant domain and hosting. However, these platforms have some limitations that certainly have an impact on the website.

You build a website so that visitors can know your brand, products, and providings. This is possible only with the help of three things – marketing, SEO, and electronic commerce. Why these three specifically? The reason is simple marketing helps improve your sales, SEO helps your website to reach people, and electronic commerce helps facilitate smooth shopping and credit card payment. Having multiple options and features, do you think that the platforms like Wix or WordPress and several others provide these three benefits?

The answer is a clear no; there are several limitations. Wix is not entirely SEO-friendly; it limits SEO due to its own limitations, some of which include it being almost impossible to export websites, Google bots can’t crawl within the website, crafted statements like meta description hold more importance for SEO, the same domain name with rankings on Google and many more.

The biggest disadvantage of building a site on WordPress is the requirement to install additional features and plug-ins. A website developed in WordPress also relays performance metrics accordingly. Thus, finding a balance between website building and implementation features is instrumental for running a business website.

Why Choose Duda as your platform?

As we head towards a tech-oriented future where there is a new trend in the app store every day, web and software development are the most widely spread niches globally. The app store is a great example of how technology is evolving and how the app store has it all-from food delivery apps to study apps.

In this era, web design has, by far, been one of the most effective tools in the technology space. It has given an entirely new shape to mankind.

Almost everything we read about today is with the help of blogs or sites offering us a wide variety of inputs in all fields -be it blogging to read people’s experiences or to learn a new skill, or perhaps getting access to a service or product; a site backs up everything.

As per different users and Duda website builder reviews, Duda has emerged as an offspring of the web development industry, making the lives of website builders much simpler. It is easily amongst the site builders that rank highest in demand.

It is a well-known fact that web development can be a real task for most of those who do not have a technical background or understand the core functions behind how a system works, or those who do not know how to code to manipulate the interface. Duda has been a savior for such beginners as it does the job of providing an extremely professional-looking site without any coding or the help of web professionals being a prerequisite.

Duda provides everything you could ask for to build an attractive site that is fully functional.

Ranging from responsive templates to themes and then extending features as its widget builder, Duda has it all covered to create one appealing site for your visitors without investing too much precious time or energy at technical fronts. You could also try its free plan to understand the software.

The free plan gives you an overview of the range of features Duda offers. It is perfect for those who want a polished and well-designed site to showcase their skills, write about their experiences, and sell their products or services. Duda also has marketing and electronic commerce features for a small business owner or a company to generate leads and skyrocket their sales, as per what user-opinion from Duda reviews and the sources say. It is one of the hosting companies that would benefit multiple aspects of your business site. Duda is, thus, one amazing platform for a small agency or company to begin their web development journey with.

Duda introduces a range of services that works the same as other platforms, but with some additional features. “Duda Website Builder” has now completed 450000+ websites. Duda aims to deliver a painless designing experience. It caters to many of the services, like marketing agencies, digital publishers, hosting the campaign, and SaaS platforms. It is very easy to use and design with.

The website builder just needs the use of a drag and drop editor, and you can insert pictures, edit fonts, and fine-tune the look of your website. The drag and drop editor is one exceptional feature for seamless work facilitated by the drag and drop builder.

We have mentioned a brief overview of the three things mentioned earlier, along with a range of other relevant features that you would look for in a website builder. SEO, Marketing, and E-commerce are the most wanted services people search for. Read along for a quick glimpse at some pros and cons of Duda.

Pros and Cons of Duda


  • Simple Interface- The simple interface of Duda makes it extremely handy for everyone to understand the niche-‘web designing’, which would otherwise be a pain for anyone who hasn’t built a website before.
  • The Quick Access Search- A very promising tool of Duda is for you to quickly get access to any kind of feature that the software has to offer. Be it adding images or SEO, the Quick Access Search feature helps you with anything you’re struggling with.
  • A site for your business without coding- Yes, you read it right. A professional site without coding sounds rare, but you need not have coding skills to build your site with Duda.
  • Easy navigation between designs for each device type- You could easily switch to see how your site would look on various devices- say PC or smartphone with Duda.
  • Professional-looking templates – The amazing range of highly professional-looking templates in Duda enables the users to build a highly appealing and attractive site effortlessly.


  • Free Trial – Duda gives you an option to have a 30-day free trial, but you could get access to all the features and functionalities only with the team plan and not with the basic plan. If you are just looking for very basic features, and if you move to the basic plan, you would not get access to a few features. So, the 30-day free trial can help you get a brief overview of the site and know its basic features.
  • Restricted creativity- Although Duda has a lot of commendable features, it does lack in terms of extensive creative spaces to explore. It would limit you to its pre-defined templates or design ideas.
  • Pricey- As its target audience is small agencies primarily, the opinion gathered by Duda website reviews and other source views show its cost would not be affordable for all kinds of small business or agencies, as it ranges between $14-$74 per month, which might be out of budget for some users.


Duda Website Builder Review

Duda Ease of Use

Website builders have been and shall be sustained because of sheer demand, but finding the perfect and simplest website builder might be difficult. Some website builders might be too difficult to interpret, while other website builders could be extremely time-consuming. Among all website builders, Duda presents much-required ease of use.

Duda is a highly flexible and easy to use website builder. Coding is not a prerequisite for developing a website with Duda. Duda’s website builder review and every relevant source emphasize this merit. If you are a beginner and can’t find a way, to begin with, Duda is what you need. It also gives its users a free trial. It provides you with all the features you need to create a highly professional looking website effortlessly. Duda’s ease of use is what makes it so popular and demanding. This can be seen as follows:

  • The templates Duda offers range from business to travel, so you get everything you need to incorporate in your website. The templates look extremely appealing and easy to try out. For the website, Duda is known for its design features and newsletter tool, so it leaves no stone unturned if you want a decently attractive design in your website without having to shoulder the burden of coding or any other heavy task.
  • It is very time efficient to use Duda because of its ease of use as it allows you to create a website in almost no time compared to most other software, which demand a lot of time and effort to build websites. It implements drag and drop editing, which allows you to customize your website as per your needs. The drag and drop editor helps you design your website easily by simply dragging and dropping images and text.
  • For building your website, Duda has one extremely simple interface, which becomes not just user-friendly, but beginner-friendly, to be specific, as it allows you to have first-hand knowledge of web-designing. From adding images to changing fonts, and everything you can think of, you will find it all as easy to implement as it sounds.
  • Duda also offers a perk that gives you the option to use multilingual tools, which, according to Duda reviews and source, has helped people customize their design and website in multiple languages. Its search option, known as The Quick Access Search, never fails to help you get through if you are stuck in the process. It is said to have been helpful multiple times by the reviews and source indicators.

Conclusively, reviews indicate that Duda is definitely one of the best website builder if you’re new to the game and looking for ease of use in a website builder or perhaps if you’re tired of searching for the best website builder. Reviews also indicate that users have had a great experience with Duda’s design features, which are the most popular among the website builder reviews in the Duda website review panel.

Duda Website Personalization Tool

Duda comes with a lot of pre-work done for your website. Still, as stated by Duda reviews and source indicators, it leaves enough space for you to customize designs and templates, use colors of your choice, use text and font of your choice and be as creative as possible with this website personalization tool.

It provides about 100 font styles for you to distinguish between the different sections of your website. Something worthy enough to be mentioned about Duda is that it extends a built-in photo editor, which is loved by many, as per Duda reviews. You could also create your widgets according to your target audience as you would know your audience the best! For example, it is easy enough with Duda to trigger videos, promotions, pop-ups, special messages, and a lot more.

You can choose a personalized look for your website, which is fully customizable. Customization becomes one important factor because it triggers audience interaction and helps the creator create what his/her consumers wish to see and expect from the service provider. Duda reviews further indicate that the personalization factor is what has helped extract a layered use from the tool.

Duda allows electronic commerce on its platform for people to sell their services, with 30+ payment options, categorized product displays, customizable shipping options for the buyers, and coupon codes too! It’s a very good deal for the service provider to attract consumers to their products.

Duda review claims it to be one of the most comprehensive website personalization tools. Duda could also give you decent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features so as to customize titles, descriptions, and page URLs to rank effectively higher. It also enables marketing and lead generation for the business.

Overall, Duda is best known for its dynamic designing features; so, if you want to create one eye-pleasing website with a simple road map for the visitors to head to their desired section, Duda is the tool for you.

Duda Template Designs

Duda provides over a hundred professionally designed templates to choose from. It also gives you ten blank templates for you to be creative and design independently from scratch.

The templates are classified as travel, business, portfolio, and online store to make your travel blog look fabulous and intriguing to the readers. This creative flair lets your business flourish by giving great knowledge and a catchy professional interface to the source readers. The template options sure make an important impact as versatility with templates becomes a primary lookout when it comes to website building.

One of Duda’s options also allows you to navigate between designs for different device types. It basically allows you to keep a check on how your website would look on a desktop, tablet, and mobile, so you can customize or edit it as per your requirements. It enables you to make sure that your website is at its best for all kinds of devices, so you are never behind in the eyes of any user. This boosts your overall relevance and business as mobile users are as much on your radar as other desktop and device users.

Device compatibility is an important concern, and Duda caters to it well for website building and development functions.

Flexible templates also make it easy for you to edit and format the parts you wish to keep or remove based on what does or does not suit your requirement. You could add images to the templates or remove something that you do not like. You could add new sections, testimonials, galleries, edit border widths and background colors, and all that you wish to do by just tweaking the already mostly filled template.

The settings tab can help alter other settings. That is the reason why Duda claims that you could make a website for yourself within minutes as compared to the long procedures of struggling with web development for hours.

Many web development procedures become very tiresome since you need to move to a new window and refresh the page now and then see how the changes you have made would actually look on your website. On Duda, it all happens in front of your eyes on the same window! Thus, it is fair to say Duda is a great platform that is extremely design-flexible and easy to use. The software, due to its simple interface and the pre-work done to makes things even easier for you.

Duda Features for Collaboration and Client Management

Using Duda will help you with team collaboration and client management, owing to a range of remarkable management and collaboration options. It is very helpful for a small business or a company to implement team collaboration and client management. Especially for small businesses that haven’t had much exposure, Duda gives an all-in-one platform.

Features For SEO

There are several businesses that tend to depend upon SEO for their marketing. SEO can impact your sales drastically if implemented effectively. It includes different facets like drafting an apt and optimized meta description, backlinks, strong keyword search, etc. Duda provides these features while building the website itself to take care of the often later handled SEO metrics readily.

While some website builders make it almost impossible to make your website SEO- friendly due to the lack of flexible features such as customizable titles, Duda caters to this requirement of web builders with a responsive template range that includes many categories like travel, food, business, etc.

Hence, Duda has proved to be a highly beneficial website builder with responsive templates facilitating optimization of different on-page elements. It has made a significant online presence across the world and is currently rated at 4 stars globally. Listed below are some of the readily provided features for SEO with Duda:

  • SSL certificate is already provided to the website builder who has completed the website and published it.
  • Duda provides customizable meta descriptions, titles, page URLs, etc.
  • It allows Google page optimization. This feature improves the website loading speed.
  • You can add text to your images to make them more visually catchy.
  • Duda is a great and highly responsive website builder that can easily fit and adjust itself for device compatibility.

Duda not only focuses on website development but also allows for SEO features to be incorporated during designing. It is open for use by a freelancer, agencies, and especially any kind of small businesses.

Features For Marketing

Marketing is the aspect of website building that brings the focus to your products. It is to improve your sales, increase brand awareness, handle the new client’s requirement, and follow-up with the leads generated from websites. If you run a campaign on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and target the correct audience, it will positively impact sales.

Duda, as a website builder, has template features and makes it easy to market and reach. Duda has many pro tips, tricks, and tools to market your goods/services effectively. However, you can avail of this only if you are a pro member. On selecting a suitable plan with marketing features enabled, you can try out target features to market your services better. The list of features for marketing includes:

  • Dedicated Lead generation landing page template
  • White label sales cover
  • White label benefit
  • White label support community
  • Email header tagged images

Thus, Duda has launched several marketing-specific options that can help you out from a business perspective. Small businesses can expect a rise in their sales by implementing these marketing options. Duda’s management features contribute as another factor to the versatility of the platform.

Features For E-Commerce

After using different website creation platforms, you must be frustrated with the lack of an E-commerce integration to your website for selling. Duda is the right platform for you if that is a priority for your brand.

As a source website builder, Duda provides an option where if you want to expand your website and convert it into an electronic commerce website, you can easily do so. Apart from this service, you can design a store with Duda’s website builder and source one of Duda’s prominent benefits of selling your products. The list of e-commerce features include:

  • More than 30 payment options are available
  • Augmented tax calculation and invoice generation
  • Get instant discounts on the product by applying a coupon code
  • Get notified when you are running out of stock or when there’s less stock
  • Less expensive shipping charges.


Duda Customer Help and Support

Duda has a good range of help and support options for users that need assistance. Their support could be accessed by visiting the Support Portal and using your Duda credentials. Having said that, options of help and support are largely dependent on what plan you have signed up for. What you get from Duda according to your plan is listed below:

  • Basic Plan- Email support.
  • Team Plan- Chat, email support, phone.
  • Agency Plan- Priority email support, chat, phone.

Duda also offers a live chat service, which has a chatbot to help you in case you have any simple questions that need answering. The platform also has a Help Centre consisting of guides and articles to help you with your difficulty or query. The Resource Centre has product updates, holds webinars, and a lot more to offer for help.

How much does Duda Cost?

Duda plans start from $14 and range up to $74 per month if billed annually. Coming to the monthly price, it ranges from $19 to $99 for different plans. Duda offers you three kinds of plans: basic plan, Team plan, and Agency plan. The plans have distinct features to offer.

  • The Basic Plan is billed $14 per month if billed annually and $19 if billed monthly.
  • The Team Plan is for $22 per month if billed annually and $29 if billed monthly.
  • The Agency Plan for $74 per month if billed annually and $99 if billed monthly.

Duda offers some pretty advanced tools in the agency plan. Hence, the agency plan is a bit pricey. The basic plan will be the best for you if you are to work on a small project or a personal or specifically client-oriented website. You would get access to limited but all the necessary basic features of the software, which will suffice for a decent website.

The team plan will serve you the best if it is a medium-scaled project including, say, freelancers or team collaborations or a small business or company that demands a professional level website creation and handling mechanism to meet the team’s needs.

The agency plan would best suit you if you are on a large-scale project and require several sites and a majority of advanced tools to bring out the best for your website. Thus, you can analyze the plans’ features and select the plan that suits you the best.

Final Words

Thus, the website builder, Duda, is easy to use for website building with multiple built-in benefits. In this article, we have introduced Duda, with its client management tools, where you can collaborate for business, develop a responsive site, and get a variety of features and plans at your fingertips using Duda. Client management features can be smoother and more efficient.

We recommend Duda for website designing and benefits for SEO, marketing, electronic commerce, template design, customization, and several other robust features.

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