Top Mind-Blowing Digital Marketing Statistics (2023)

Unquestionably, any form of business, from small to large scale, requires marketing their products or goods to extend their range and boundaries. Marketing is called this. While this is true, it is also essential for consumers or customers to get to know the characteristics and features of any specific area or the whole, which is the more significant reason for them to be familiar with marketing.

Numerous forms of marketing dominate digital marketing, among others. As online media and digital channels are popular with a wide variety of demographics, digital marketing is all the rage today. It makes it easier for businesses to communicate with the audience they need to deal with.

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Digital marketing has become an important marketing tool technique as it is a well-known platform and raises the reach of consumers and companies.

If you are a noob in business, then it must come as a surprise of how online or digital media platform has become invincible when it comes to expanding the reach and horizons of a business. You may still want to rely on traditional marketing methods but guess what digital platform has pros that someone in the right mind can never refuse. It may seem exhilarating at first, but once you get accustomed to the platform’s benefits and advantages, you realize it was all worth it.

The list of statistics presented will help you obtain a summary of marketing-related facts, including the increase in traffic to your business firms or websites, which in return helps to increase revenue. Now, let’s cut to the chase and get into the specifics of digital marketing statistics.

Top Digital Marketing Statistics

The digital media statistics listed below are some of the most effective and potential ways to extend the business range and increase traffic to the site by enabling consumers and business people to remain linked. This brief knowledge helps you better understand the marketing basics and the application of digital marketing ideas.

SEO Statistics

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which assists and can increase the quality of the traffic as well as quantity and can be relied on to bring in potential customers. Search engines are optimized to connect or direct customers who approach your site with a specific problem and lead them to the required solutions.

Simply put, a search engine helps optimize our content by highlighting a few keywords that are most probably anticipated to be searched and shows your content on top of the results list when searched by customers. SEO can get the right audience at the right place, and the close rates are 14.6%, while traditional print and mail advertising has a close rate of 1.7%

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How to Use it?

Here are a few simple examples that help in grasping the concept. Suppose you are a local entrepreneur and offer creative handmade stuff and gift articles. In that case, you should make sure to use the most predicted keywords while promoting or marketing your content, which can help increase website traffic and business. Using words like “handmade gift articles,” ” handicraft decorations,” and even including your town name can yield excellent search engine optimization results.

Recent reports from the year 2018 claim that google usage as a search engine by people is high, which is 90.46%, compared to Bing and yahoo, which are 3.13% and 2.21%, respectively. As the top engine, Google is an unquestionable reality as it has always been and will always be. People prefer approaching google far more when compared to others, and the usage is also quite consistent.

One of the marketing strategies includes on-page SEO. Still, it is often neglected and most underrated, but reports of 2017 state that 48% out of 1200 digital marketers use on-page SEO and still consider it the most effective tactic. Search engines unquestionably and mostly favor google like for 77%, and the organic search result rate is dropping. An important thing to keep in mind is that google uniquely filters content and article, so it is necessary to keep articles updated and mind the article’s length that determines your content to be noticed and to appear on the first page.

Content Marketing Statistics

The most productive way to reach out to the customers on this digital channel is content marketing. The chances of reaching them through the medium of your content or being seen are greater because everyone is online these days. Of the entire U.S. population of adults, 26% are still online.

Content marketing is nothing but approaching potential customers with the information they require, and on the parallel hand, gain revenue from the website traffic created by the useful content. Content marketing tactics have grown over time, and digital media or social media is the most effective way a wide range of audiences acknowledges the content.

How to Use it?

Reports of 2018 claim that mobile usage percent is relatively high to desktop usage, which is 52.95% and 43.11%, respectively. This proves that social media users on mobile are more as it is easily portable. Even if digital marketing can be increased is all the rage on social media, consumers demand quality and consistent content, which is an important tactic.

Successful marketers or b2b marketers spend 40% of their annual marketing budget on content marketing, and the legit response recorded is almost 26%, which is exceptional. When social selling is done through content marketing, exceptional results can be guaranteed only when the applicable tactics, like presenting quality content, are followed. This medium is also very influential and can expand ranges. Unlike traditional media, 70% of the product information is reached to mobile users or social media consumers through the internet.

The digital platform is efficient. The fact that 59% of the audience are spotted on various channels as their information sources can prove that it increases traffic and reduces marketing efforts. The utmost vital strategy to reach the audience is to provide quality content as that is what they need and want. 57% of content downloads produce leads with an extreme conversion rate. Segmented content marketing campaigns are much more beneficial than non-segmented campaigns, and the open rates and conversion rate for segmented campaigns are 14.31%.

72% of worldwide or b2b marketers claim that quality content creation is the most productive and effective strategy and an important SEO tactic.

Social Media Statistics

These days, social media became a piece of cake to use and is used almost by all age groups, but the idea of social media being capable of influencing digital marketing growth statistics is still left unaware. The digital media platform that assists in promoting the services or products of a firm by reaching the potential and the specific audience is social media marketing. There are various platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. Social media content tactic is proven to be among the most popular ones.

Social media marketing for sharing content strategy is useful, and people can be easily accessed required and relevant content that can accentuate marketing efforts. People can access visual content on their mobile devices on Facebook, Twitter, or any media platform, and smartphone users count is gradually growing. Content marketing stats of a product or service through mobile ads can help in lead generation and effective functioning of a firm. Marketers say that the use of social media icons in email signatures is incorporated by almost 80% of marketing professionals.

How to Use it?

Many influencers and brands collaborate to increase the web traffic to both their firms and almost 70% of influencers can make effective use of collaborations. Marketers said that they find brands and influencers collaborating as an effective content marketing strategy and increasing their marketing budget by 48%. More than 30% of consumers, most likely millennials, seem to be engaging with the brands they like at least once a month.

Facebook: Small businesses mostly depend on low-cost advertising and utilize every opportunity to do so. More than 50 million local or small businesses have relied on Facebook to expand their range and connect with customers. Also, 4 million of them are investing in Facebook for content advertising. Facebook is the most used platform and considered a top priority; 79% of U.S. internet users rely on this. The usage of video content on Facebook has relatively increased and will increase customers’ online traffic by 80%. Facebook was ranked second, with google first generating the most return on investment(ROI). Of all the mobile users and internet users on media platforms, Facebook is the popular one, and there was a 13% increase in 2019 from 2018.

Instagram: The fact that the marketing strategy of advertising services and products on Instagram has been more effective than others is undeniable, which has a significant effect on online marketing statistics. Instagram is used by 26% of men and 38% of women in the USA. Digital influencers’ number lately has been increasing drastically, and their marketing posts in 2017 almost doubled to 1.7 billion and continue to grow still. The percentage of accounts that follow a business is 80% on Instagram, and there are 25 million business profiles. 100,000 is the annual income of more than 60% of internet users on Instagram.

LinkedIn: This platform has an increased engagement rate of over 200% when pictures are posted. LinkedIn was the most effective platform till 2017 December. The number of these platform users are more than 450 million. 4% of B2b marketers and organizations take LinkedIn’s assistance for improving their statistics on digital marketing and advertising. The largest average age group of effective users is 25 to 29 years, and the second, come 30 to 49 years.

Twitter: Twitter consists of a total number of 1.3 billion accounts, while the users are 336 million. Twitter’s revenue is mostly gathered by mobile ads and has been increasing from the year 2015 and is continuing. The usage of Twitter by the millennials is over 80% regularly.

Email Marketing Statistics

As its use is almost worldwide, email can get the easiest of jobs done to the most difficult ones. It can promote basic academic work and be an effective strategic tool in the promotion and marketing of products. The fact is that email’s pervasive reality will never be anything but innocent to individuals until they look at the number of people concerned with and using email for different purposes.

In 2019, the number of users amounts to 3.9 million, and projected surveys prove that by 2023 the number will be 4.3 billion, which makes up half of the world’s population. These numbers make the email marketing success rate much higher than ever. It has the power to organize the pattern of communication between the owner and the client, regardless of the size of the company you are dealing with, and makes it a convenient way to communicate and extend the audience or make new ones.

The advantage offered by email is that less effort will yield more benefits and helps boost traffic for any site that results in a company’s growth.

How to Use it?

85 percent of U.S. retailers call email marketing one of their most effective consumer acquisition strategies. There is an average of 4400 percent ROI for email marketing (Lyfe marketing). Compared to segmented campaigns, segmented email marketing campaigns will raise the open rate by 14.65 percent, and list segmentation increases click-through rates by 59.99 percent.

For business purposes, 86 percent of professionals choose to use email when they communicate.

59 percent of customers say their purchasing decisions are impacted by marketing emails, and 50 percent say they purchase at least once a month from a marketing email (Cycle of Sales).

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Mobile marketing refers to targeting current and prospective consumers through mobile means. This includes smartphones, laptops, and other handheld devices. Consider how many times you’ve been looking for a restaurant or store when you’re in or out of your vehicle.

Marketers also consider this strategy by using a mobile device to share visual content and in the process of various methods of content creation. This helps in improving statistics for online marketing or digital marketing statistics.

Mobile marketing not only helps in improving marketing statistics but also allows the customers or consumers to have the ability to scan and generate information with a single touch in the palm of their hands for the requirements and services they need. Mobile marketing offers a wide range of benefits. Still, to fully make use of it, you will need to make sure that your website is designed for mobile browsing and offers the luxury of being searchable by the name and venue and making it look appealing to stand out.

How to Use it?

51 percent of smartphone users found new brands or products when browsing on their mobile devices. Many users claim to have found or get to know about their favorite brands on mobile devices while browsing randomly on the internet. Marketers use of mobile marketing has been a boon to increase web traffic.

87% of smartphone owners use a search engine every day. In simple words, a search engine helps optimize our content by highlighting a few keywords that are most probably anticipated to be searched and shows your content on top of the results list when searched by customers.

The average mobile conversion rate is 64 percent higher in the case of mobile marketing statistics, and the marketing industry is drastically growing and improving.

85 percent of smartphone marketers say or claim that their open rate or social selling tactic fulfills consumers’ needs and offers them a good experience. Still, only 47 percent of the consumers agree with this.

Lead Generation Statistics

Any company should have more clients or at least decent ones. If you don’t take the assistance of the lead generation to draw new companies, you should be. Inbound lead generation helps you to connect to customers who have already expressed interest in what you do, rather than make the dreaded cold calls that nobody likes. This also plays a crucial role in improving online marketing stats or digital marketing stats.

Inbound lead generation lets you relate to consumers who have already shown curiosity in what you do, rather than making the infamous cold calls that nobody wants.

This will help you draw more high-quality future clients. However, it is crucial to follow up immediately and prove that you are willing to have them as a customer and always remain on the top of the mind till they buy it.

How to Use it?

62 percent of advertisers or marketers focus on producing web traffic and creating quality content along with the generation of leads, which is the top priority of a marketer. A marketer and the concentration on the development of useful content also focus on the effective ways of advertising them in such a way that gains an advantage to both the marketer and the consumer(The

68 percent of marketers say or claim that b2b companies mostly receive leads via strategic landing pages, which yield great search results and good conversion rates along with improving digital marketing stats (The

63 % of customers who ask for information about your company or goods will not make a transaction for at least three months. (Donut Promotion, 2019). When online companies follow up leads that are inbound generated in lesser than five minutes, then the conversion rate of those leads into consumers is nine times higher. Just 18 percent of marketers or advertisers see high quality leads from outbound activities.

Sales Statistics

If you’re selling your company well, your profits should be growing. If you don’t, you need to treat the ads accordingly. Understanding revenue figures will allow you to know if you’re on the right track. Along with the understanding of relevant content, understanding revenue figures helps improve stats or digital marketing statistics.

Relationship development will still be the most critical aspect of promotions and sales. Salespeople who accept this and learn to do so correctly will still outsell those who rely on a marketing department to supply them with qualified customers. Marketers may be exceptionally great at digital marketing and understand the needs and requirements of consumers but the sales conversion rates only increase when the right tactics and strategies are incorporated.

This way, the ad spend money will not be wasted and, instead, put to effective use. The ad spends money should be utilized in improvising business by promoting products and generating sales and finally improving digital marketing statistics.

How to Use it?

18 percent of salespeople do not know what the CRM or Customer Relationship Management System is. Our nature or style of advertising might be unique and different, but it is also essential to know all the strategies and tactics of how a firm functions and requirements for its sufficient growth. CRM allows marketers to generate brand awareness and promote products and services, generate leads, and then follow up to gain customers, and in this way, increase and expand their range.

80 percent of profits are made by 20 percent of salespeople and 65 percent of salespeople who use social sales and search results of Google to generate leads and fill their funnel, whereas 47 percent do not follow any kind of stats and fail.

Blogging Statistics

Many people blog and have their blogs that serve as platforms to share topics they are interested in and gather an audience who can connect and relate. While blogging was considered more of an own thing lead by a single person, its importance is now being understood by different firms and organizations and how it can be used as a marketing strategy to improve statistics on online marketing.

Blogging can be beneficial in advertising products (digital marketing), targeting a specific audience, answering any kind of queries regarding the services and products provided, and reviewing and sharing stories of experience. If needed, blogs can also introduce solutions as per the problems faced. This digital platform can increase digital marketing stats and help marketers connect with their consumers.

Despite millions of blogs and blog posts, people are always attracted to a well-written, relevant blog post. People generally expect blogs to direct the solution without random banter. Google has a way of explaining things to people, but even that could not beat a precise and relevant blog post. This is an essential tactic for marketers to improve and increase their digital marketing stats.

How to Use it?

Companies whose blogs are consistent and relevant tend to earn 97% links to their websites. Usage of the subject line with 6-13 words can gather more web traffic than those where the subject line is crowded. Business to market businesses who blog more than 11 times a month get more than 4 times the amount of leads of those that blog just 5 times a month.

Marketers who assign preference to blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see optimistic ROI and improve digital marketing statistics. Listings are the most common blog post format among business bloggers.


These digital marketing statistics will be your helping hand in deciding the best for your business.

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