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Are you an aspiring content marketer? Do you know what goes into becoming a successful content marketer worldwide? If no, then you need not worry because we have got your backs! Content Marketing is a significant domain of digital marketing and is at its peak these days.

However, to become one of the best content marketers, you need to follow a planned strategy.

The competition is high, and you need to do something different. First of all, you need to understand your audience’s needs and work accordingly. What will be your reaction if you will be served some dish that you dislike?

Precisely, the same goes for your audience. If you give them what they want, they will keep coming back, but if you serve them with the content they dislike, all your efforts will be ruined.

To know the needs and understand the marketing statistics, many research materials are available but browsing through each is time-consuming. On the other hand, if you don’t do it, you won’t be eligible for the race.

You won’t be benefitted either way, and to help you build the best type of content that appeals to your audience, we are here.

The content marketing statistics listed here are crucial and, when implemented, bring massive traffic to your site. The sales, leads, awareness all increase if you use these stats about content marketing.

So, let’s get started and make a big name in this digital marketing domain without any further delay.

Top 8 Content Marketing Statistics 

The highly useful statistics on content marketing are listed below. These stats will enable you to make data-driven strategies to generate more leads and increase your sales effortlessly. Let’s check each of them carefully and know how to implement them.

Stats on Content Marketing

Before we proceed any further, let’s first examine the stats to form a basic idea about the importance of content marketing and what is the key to its high success. Content marketing is the most effective way to reach out to your audience on this digital platform.

Since everyone is online these days, the chances of finding them through the medium of your content or being seen are more. Out of the entire US population consisting of Adults, 28% of them are always online.

Since a large population is present on the digital platform, it becomes effortless to find the right audience and increase sales.

The total digital population is around 4 billion, out of which 6 billion comprises mobile internet users. However, the population is more or less the same in social media platforms also.

Hence, you have many digital platforms to find suitable customers and get associated with them.

However, not everyone succeeds by using content. There has to be a plan and strategy for doing so. You will be surprised to know that 63% of the companies don’t have a documented content marketing strategy.

On the other hand, many are in the learning stage, and 60% out of the total find it hard to produce quality content and stay consistent regularly. This inconsistency leads to their downfall, and their existence vanishes.

How to use it?

These statistics about content marketing show how effective content marketing is if you do it correctly. When you put effort into content creation and get hold of the correct audience, your business will expand like never before.

Plan out a content strategy and put some marketing efforts into it to bring it into action.

It takes some time to become a pro at it, but content marketing will be a breeze if you put in effort and time. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 42% of B2B marketers say that they have mastered the art of content strategy and marketing.

According to them, content marketing is an effective strategy that one should use to reach the target audience. So, you need to understand the requirements of your audience and optimize your content accordingly.

Once you have succeeded in the content creation, you have won half the battle. The rest depends on your marketing skills and your audience.

By applying this strategy, you can increase your sales and generate more leads. Try to provide relevant information to your customer before asking him/her to use your services or purchase it.

The significant factor that leads to success in content marketing is consistency. Hence ensure that you produce your content consistently.

Through your content marketing strategy, you can keep your consumers happy and valued. A well-tailored content improves your business’ status and your brand’s presence on this digital platform, along with creating an everlasting bond with your consumer.

Stats on Content and SEO

Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand and are inseparable. Without SEO, you cannot attract customers and become a successful content marketer. It is through SEO only that you can ensure whether you are visible to your audience or not.

Successful marketers focus more on SEO and make their content interactive and informative to gain more customers. Their main focus, however, is on the rate of conversions and their sales.

Thus, optimizing the landing page and its content is paramount because if you don’t rank higher and appear on the first page of Google’s search results, all your efforts will go in vain, and nobody will be able to find you.

Surveys show that 95% of the people only look at the first 5 to 10 search results appearing on the first page. Hence, marketers use SEO to make their page rank higher and put quality content to increase their site’s conversion rate.

How to use it?

SEO is the most crucial aspect of digital marketing without which it would be difficult for you to be seen by your audience. SEO helps to optimize your page so that it gets good rankings from Google and features on the first page of the search results.

The first step is to do much research and make optimized content for your website. Have a content marketing strategy to put things in place and move in a planned manner. After you have well-tailored content in hand, implement these strategies, and try to increase the rankings.

Featuring on the first page is a small part of the entire battle. You need to do more and put a lot of content marketing efforts. A study revealed that 50% of clicks come from websites that rank in the search results’ top 3 positions. So, you see how tough the competition is in the digital world.

Hence, make your written content more influential to positively impact your customers and increase your sales simultaneously.

Blogging and Content Marketing Statistics

Most of the marketers these days are using content marketing for lead generation through the medium of blogging. Blogs are being used as the most effective marketing tactic by these marketers, and they are gaining significant benefits because of it.

Among all the contents available on the digital platform, blog posts are the highly shared ones. This increase in the sharing rate is why 53% of marketers use blogs to succeed in content marketing works.

Blogs are informative and provide the audience with what they want. No other content appeals to the audience more than these blog posts and relevant articles on specific subjects. It helps you expand your business and allows you to attract more people by writing the kind of content they want.

72% of the marketers are now producing more blog posts than last year because they fear that their content may get hidden and buried under so many other posts. The more you upgrade your posts, the better rankings you will have on the search results because Google loves pages that upgrade themselves quite often.

How to use it?

On average, 2 million posts are being published daily, and how do you think you can be the best? The key to being a successful content marketer is the content quality and, most importantly, the content format.

According to a source, 64% of B2B content marketers hire freelancers or professional writers to write high-quality content for their website.

The trick to being the best content provider is to offer people quality content instead of giving them variety, which would be of no use. The next significant thing on the list is the content format.

Marketers reported that to set your foot in content marketing, you need to focus on blog content creation spending more time on the presentation, word count, and the information.

To attract massive traffic, emphasize more on the characters of your headline and make it juicy. Experienced bloggers say that a blog post’s headline should contain a maximum of 6 to 13 characters.

With the headline, you also need to check whether your written content is long enough to match the competition or not. The preferred content has to be at least 3000 words long.

Hence, by using these content marketing stats, you can gather more internet users and increase your conversion rates by influencing them to join you and get converted.

Audio and Podcast Content Marketing Statistics

The following marketing statistics consist of audios and podcasts. With the advancement in technology, people are migrating to digital platforms because of their variety and undeniably easy accessibility.

While a blog post is a way to attract your consumers, podcasts and audio clips are not left behind in this race.

Many B2B marketers are using podcasts these days to reach a large number of audiences within no time. The marketing efforts they put in are incredible, and no wonder these marketing statistics produce excellent results.

A source reports that 45% of the entire population on the digital platform listens to podcasts, and there is no age limit.

If you consider the United States population, you will find that 1 person in every 5 Americans prefers to listen to audiobooks instead of reading a textbook. Another data reveals that 40% of Americans use podcasts and listen to them whenever they feel like.

Since podcasts and audiobooks are gaining massive popularity with each passing day, marketers plan to implement this B2B content marketing strategy. By doing so, they are aiming at increased sales and traffic and spread their brand awareness.

How to use it?

If you have laid your hands on the art of podcasting and have mastered it, nothing can stop you from becoming one of the best content marketers.

According to a source, 28% of the B2B marketers want to learn podcasting and master it because, according to them, this path will generate more prospects in the content marketing industry and attract organic traffic.

Since people are addicted to podcasts and prefer listening to them whenever they get free time, the demand is high, and the chances to generate increased leads and revenue are more. Hence, you should master the art of podcasting and creating audiobooks to entice your consumers and join you.

However, the content success will be based on the type of content you offer and its impact on the listener.

These content marketing stats work wonders because all the podcast addicted people listen to it every week, and so your chances of becoming the best podcast source increase considerably.

This content strategy is worthwhile and should be implemented while you are heading for content marketing.

Visual Content Marketing Statistics: Images

According to 44% of B2B marketers, their biggest challenge is to develop quality content and impress the people who want to get associated with them.

If you don’t find an interesting subject or engaging content, you will not get any success through it, no matter how hard you try.

On the other hand, images play a significant role in content marketing, which is why visual content has landed up in our list of the top content marketing stats.

Many marketers have a documented content marketing strategy, but this doesn’t suffice until you have a planned content structure and add relevant information to it. Marketing experts say by using images, you can increase the effectiveness of your content.

An image is like the cherry on top of the cake, which breathes life into your lifeless content and makes it engaging.

To expand your business and entice people to come and get converted, you need to entice them, and visuals leave no stones unturned.

Content with images in it gets high view rates and works well in the market. Images convey your message loud and clear, which intrigues people to know more about your services and what you have to offer them.

How to use it?

Content helps you to expand your business by reaching more people and introducing them to your services.

Visuals play a significant role as they make your content pop out and look different from others. The best way to make your content more effective is to use relevant images and visuals.

The audience perceives the pictures more quickly than the text. Experienced marketers reported that using stock photography and infographics in the content makes it stand out and garners more traffic, which you wouldn’t have got otherwise.

Put some content marketing efforts and create a strong impact on the audience by using visuals on your web pages.

The demand for infographics increases with each passing day, which provides you a perfect opportunity to use them to your advantage. Marketers say that the demand has increased by 800% and so it is essential that you incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Write an engaging blog post with a relevant image and behold the magic.

You need to know that visual content gets more shares and view rates than an ordinary blog post. Hence, enhancing your visual content is more important to win the digital race.

Video Content Marketing Statistics

The next effective strategy that marketers use out of all the content marketing strategies is video marketing. People love watching moving pictures because they find them more engaging and get information real quick.

Video marketers are the most successful in digital marketing because they provide all types of content that the consumers want to see. Be it for entertainment, learning, or vlogging. Various video content has flooded the internet.

Videos are the most trusted visual element found in any blog post, and 40% of millennials find them exciting and binge-watch. Besides, 73% of the B2B marketers distribute their information or contents using Youtube to establish their business and gain massive traffic.

Video marketing also helps you drive your content and customize it according to your audience’s wants to see and help them in their buying journey.

Since all the customers start their buying journey from the digital platform, videos play a significant role. This is why 49% of the B2B marketers learn to make optimized video content to make their customers’ buying journey plain sailing.

A source reveals that it is estimated by the end of 2021, video content marketing will be at its peak, and 82% of the total internet traffic will be represented by video marketing.

How to use it?

Videos are trending everywhere, be it on Youtube, Google, Facebook, or any other place. Social media is flooded with reels, vines, short videos, and many more of these kinds.

To make your content more effective and reach more audiences by showcasing your specialties and skills, video content is an excellent choice. This content marketing strategy yields desired results, and many marketers use it for their benefit.

All you need to do is understand your audience’s mindset and discover what they want to see. Based on it, make different types of content and see which one works well. Create an exciting and engaging video that is not too long and provides quick solutions to the viewers.

Make it concise but informative, and then upload it on the desired platform. You will see that this content strategy statistics will work wonders for you.

Using videos increases your chances by 66% of getting more leads and witnessing an increase in your sales. You can also include small clips between your blog posts to make them more understandable and engaging.

Blog posts with small illustrative videos attract more customers because they grasp the information effortlessly and in a short span by watching a video. Hence, many marketers use this content strategy to increase their rates of conversion and generate leads.

Email Content Marketing Statistics

Out of all the communication modes present currently, email stays the most effective one even after so many years of existence. What makes an email stand out from others? We will get to it quite shortly.

In marketing, email is the most preferred way for businesses to communicate with each other. Data reveal that the return on investment for every dollar spent on content marketing is estimated to be $40.

Email marketing is flourishing because emails are the most convenient way to communicate with many people. You can keep a record of all your conversations, and the significant aspect is that it is free. With these content marketing ROI statistics, one can determine how this marketing type will expand in the coming years.

B2B content marketing statistics are used by the majority of the marketers who practice email marketing for the ROI it generates and also because they can reach a large audience in no time. According to some studies, 95% of marketers converse over emails and get their job done.

How to use it?

For email marketing, you need to optimize your content according to what your customers want to see. Frame a catchy email subject line, which entices them to click open your mail and then browse it.

Email is the most effective way to communicate with many customers and introduce them to your services. It is the best source to start your conversation with your consumers and generate high leads and conversion rates. Email marketing ROI is huge and will help you establish your business and convert it into a big brand.

Mobile and Other Content Marketing Statistics

Mobile devices are a staple of every person’s life, and nobody can live without them. Being such an integral member of everyone’s family, how can you miss not looking at these content marketing statistics and move ahead. Majority of the worldwide population search for their queries on their mobile devices because they are easy to access.

It is also expected that soon, 52% of the total digital traffic will be through mobile. Through mobile content marketing, you can easily reach the majority of the users online effortlessly. Most content marketers take advantage of mobile content marketing and achieve their goals.

Besides, 79% of social media time is contributed only via mobile devices. This is the best method to generate leads and conversions on your website, which is essential to growing your brand. Suppose you show your presence on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, or other social media platforms. In that case, your page is more likely to grow because consumers are more active on it and share the right content with others.

Other than mobile devices and social media, other content marketing stats are also essential, which you should know. Around 79% of the B2B buyers exchange white papers with their other business colleagues’ to expand their services. Even ebooks are no exception and act as lead magnets to attract customers and generate leads.

Hence, content marketing is used everywhere, but you should know the correct usage to achieve the desired position.

How to use it?

If you are one of those aspiring content marketers, the first thing you need to do is build mobile-optimized content to appeal to your customers. Since mobile-friendly web pages experience high watch time, it is essential that your site also be one of those. Mobile optimization helps increase conversion and open rates, and many content marketers use it to grow their pages.

Secondly, have an active presence on social media to understand what your audience wants from you. After knowing what they want and the competition that other marketers have set, you can put more effort into your content marketing and develop quality content that appeals to the audience.

If your audience likes what you offer them, your growing prospects increase, and you will witness heavy traffic on your page.

Also, ensure that your page has high speed because your audience lacks patience and wants everything quickly. Data reveal that 53% of the users who visit a page to find something leave that site if it doesn’t open within 3 seconds. So, making a fast page is essential to survive in the digital platform. The quicker your page will be, the more chances of mobile conversions your page will have.

Some Final Words

Content marketing is the king of digital marketing and will remain forever. It is through content marketing only that you can attract customers and provide the service. Without any content on your webpage, how will a person know what you are providing them? Hence, to tell your audience about your services and enticing them to join you, content marketing is an essential step.

It is relatively simple but beneficial, and no other type of marketing can match its ability. Social media is the best place where content marketing shows its effectiveness because you get a large audience, helping you with a high conversion rate, and generate leads.

However, good content can cast its magic spell everywhere, whether it be your email, blog post, case studies, video, image, etc. All you need to do is frame informative and quality content that you can use in your content marketing to garner customers and grow your business.

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