Builderall vs Clickfunnels: Battle Between Sales Funnel Builders

The ClickFunnels builders assist the users in enhancing and increasing the rate of conversion marketers. If you have experience working with an online business, you have probably heard about the sales funnel builder’s marketer.

We have discussed the Builderall vs. ClickFunnel software comparison for the marketer in detail. The features provided include tools that count the user experiences, marketer prices, packages, and pros and cons.

Builderall vs. ClickFunnels: Which is the best solution for your project?

Erick Salgado has newly introduced Builderall in the market. ClickFunnels company has been around in the market for a while. Also, both of these email marketing platforms with funnels are immensely popular. They have also considered efficient sales funnel tools with similarities in features and differences in features and credit card details.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of every tool for the ClickFunnel vs. Builderall design elements.


  • ClickFunnels pricing: ClickFunnels offers three pricing plans for funnels, which are available at the price rate of $97 for the starter plans, $297, and $2,497 for the premium packages per month.
  • Builderall package Pricing: Builderall offers two pricing for its customers, which is for $69.90 per month, or the customer can pay $199 as a one-time transaction fee and the $469.90 per month price.

Builderall vs. ClickFunnels Features

  • ClickFunnel Features: The plans at ClickFunnels, more importantly, involve sales funnel and the page builders along with the payment gateways, email builder, chat support, A/B support, pop-ups, and options for adding to the funnels domains, which depend on the type of plan offered, weekly review from the hackathons which begins with the $297 plan provided with the large volume of the courses that one can watch and the follow-up sales funnels which starts with $297 plan.
  • Builderall features: The Builderall has successfully listed so many features like SEO optimization, which works well with PDF files. This tool is also well-rounded for the sales funnels and the page builder, payment gateway, pop-ups, email builder, Chatbox, SMS messaging, and so many other sales funnels primarily by the ClickFunnel.

So, which one should you pick?

Although it can be tricky to decide which one to pick as the features provided by both the ClickFunnels vs. Builderall are essential for efficient usage. The pricing criteria might differentiate both of them as the ClickFunnel is considered superior majorly because of the community and the support that will assist your funnel builder skills to enhance in significantly less time.

Also, if you seek a pocket-friendly option, you should select Builderall. At the same time, if you want quick results, then ClickFunnels should be your choice. Read below for the elaborated information about the Builderall vs. ClickFunnels comparison.

Builderall details explained.


Builderall has gained so much popularity in the marketing world due to the company’s tools, which help users manage their online business without difficulty. The marketing platform is an inclusive digital platform that the customers consider the best.

The Builderall was developed in 2017 by Eric Salgado. Builderall provides opportunities for small business owners or entrepreneurs to manage their market efficiently along with the online presence and sales processes. Builderall has been newly introduced and has not been around for much time compared to the ClickFunnels, but it has still been able to win the online marketers’ confidence with ease.

Builderall has gained the popularity and trust of marketers, which can easily be seen with the escalating numbers of satisfied users, which are nearly 40,000. Builderall has also been successful in publishing at least 500,000 fascinating websites around the world. So if Builderall is rising to heights in this marketing field, they must follow and yield good results for their customers.

While you are seeking to build a fascinating website, blog, landing page, mobile app, landing page, sales funnels, etc., Builderall has been able to allow the users to perform all of their tasks on a platform, which has been an excellent option for all of the email marketing and sales funnels platforms. It has removed the requirement of purchasing multiple tools for the marketing sales funnels part.

Top features for the Builderall

Let us look at the excellent features offered by Builderall so that we can also have an idea that Builderall serves what purpose.

  • Email marketing: The mailing boss is known to be the autoresponder service of the Builderall own services. There is no limit to the maximum amount of emails that can be sent, and you can also create unlimited email campaigns with the help of Builderall. With these marketing tools, you can create amazing engaging emails that can assist you in targeting your clients. In the end, to increase conversions, you can also implement the behavioral trigger for the canvas funnel builder.
  • eLearning: If you are a person whose work mainly involves creating tutorials for learning or any online courses from a third party, this platform will serve you very efficiently. With the eLearning platform’s help, one can make the tests, classes, landing pages, lessons for individuals, and so much more. The eLearning also enables the user to lock their content, which is incredible as not many users have access to this after paying for the plan. Overall the learning platform makes the user experience provided by the Builderall company should be excellent.
  • eCommerce: Even if you are selling digitally or physically or with the related products, the eCommerce platform by Builderall will provide you with an excellent user experience for the business builder. With the help of the eCommerce platform, you can build a multipurpose eCommerce business. The eCommerce platform enables the user to manage and promote the goods, receive payments, and even help create the affiliated program for the user.
  • Customizable templates: The customization software by Builderall provides the users with a variety of selections for professional and sophisticated templates. Even if you are creating a blog, landing page, website, landing pages, or even the sales funnel, you will have no trouble finding a suitable template for the project with templates.
  • Design Tools:  You will find many Builderall design tools to help you create images and videos. These tools involve the image spinner, Photo Studio, video editor, and design studio.
  • Hosting: The hosting software of the digital marketing platform Builderall has been using the CDN or content delivery network along with the dedicated servers for hosting the sites and the pages that have been designed on the sales page of their platform. This is done to ensure that website and your content is not interrupted and can be loaded faster. This will ensure that the downtime can be reduced to as low as possible.
  • Membership Sites: Builderall provides its users with an opportunity to create their membership website. The users can also charge the people who have access to the recurring subscription fees to have a ticket to the content. Along with that, you can also build the personal and private area on your website, which can assist you in blocking access for specific pages and posts. If the users want to have access to such pages, then they will have to create a login, or they will have to initiate a payment. Only then will they be able to have access to that blocked content.
  • Drag-and-Drop website and the Sales Funnel Builder: This drag-and-drop software by Builderall has been offering the customers the three website builders known as Responsive Builder, Mobile-first builder, and the PixelPixel perfect Builder for the website.
  • Webinars: The tools for webinars on the digital marketing platform will allow the customer to stream the pre-recorded or live webinars that their site can record.
  • Integrations: The Builderall has a variety of integrations along with third-party providers and services. These mainly include PayPal, Shopify, Aweber, etc.
  • Split testing: The content, design elements, web pages, and the sales funnel at Builderall can be split tested, which can assist us in finding out which elements design will work the best for the users.
  • App Builder: This is the last feature of the Builderall on our list. App builder allows the users to build iOS and Android applications with the assistance of their software.

Builderall can be the tool you require for the efficient working of your large and small business. You can check out their page for the best deals and discounts or detailed information about the digital marketing company.

ClickFunnels details explained


ClickFunnels is also a vital website builder that provides all marketing and sales funnel builder. This has also delivered with better design with high converting efficient landing pages and sales pages quite quickly. All these features can be accessed without any need for a coding background.

Russell Brunson successfully co-founded ClickFunnels in the year 2014, and from that time, it has been able to assist at least 93.6k incredible entrepreneurs in establishing their own business online. The ClickFunnels software is now worth as much as $360 million.

There are various case studies involved in their business where the entrepreneurs have currently managed the scale of their business way past the 6-figures for a month. The software for ClickFunnels has explicitly been for all the huge companies, small startups, and those considering establishing their online presence. Such entrepreneurs can use this platform to sell their products, generate leads, promote webinars and fascinating events, and so much more.

ClickFunnels has also provided pre-built customized templates and sales funnels, which can also be easily customized with the assistance of the drag and drop editor. These can also be demonstrated in the domain. With the HTML help, one can also add to the site and share the same on social media platforms.

Top features for ClickFunnels

Below, we have discussed in detail the features and tools offered by the ClickFunnels. Let’s look at all the features of the ClickFunnels if you are wondering what the purpose of using the ClickFunnels is.

  • Analytics: The tool by the website builders plays the role of inspecting the funnel analytics and enables the customer to learn every detail of how the funnels function. With this data’s help, you can easily monitor user behavior, conversion rates, etc.
  • Split testing: The A/B split testing tool enables the user to split the content text, design elements, colors, and all other characteristics of the funnels. With the help of all these tools, you can easily find a suitable design for your audience. Above all, you’ll be able to decide which design will produce conversions.
  • Integrations: The ClickFunnels website builder is integrated along with various other third-party tools and services. These services mainly involve Zapier, WordPress, and Shopify.
  • Email marketing: The account from ClickFunnels can also get linked along with various other email marketing services, for example, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc. Likewise, if you consider going for the premium package, it will be delivered with the access of Actionetics, which is also a well-known marketing tool.
  • Webinars: With the assistance of the ClickFunnels membership site’s easy-to-use tools, the user can also host webinars with the aid of the webinar funnels for assistance.
  • Membership site: Similar to Builderall, ClickFunnels also delivers the customers with a massive amount of membership site funnels with which the user can advertise their website. The user will have to signup and log in to the site to have access to the content.
  • Backpack Affiliate program: The unique feature enables the user to manage and design the affiliate program for the funnel on their own without any assistance. With the backpack, the user experience with the Facebook page can also be enhanced to track the affiliate’s conversion and sales efficiently.
  • eCommerce The user and the customer can benefit from each other as via the funnels from the ClickFunnels, the user can sell the products quickly by their business plan for a funnel. Suppose you are selling physical or digital commodities on the platform. You will be able to receive the payments very quickly from the online payments option. The eCommerce is also integrated along with the ship station marketing tools. People who want their packages and products carried with care and managed well can consider this a good option.
  • Drag and drop funnel editor: This feature from the online business platform has delivered customizable options for each of your webpage of the funnel. The user can easily add or design elements, change texts, alter the background, and do so much more with these fantastic customizable options.
  • Pre-built templates for funnel: This pre-built feature from the online business platform ClickFunnels has provided various pre-built funnel and templates, making it easy to use for designing an attractive and relatively professional funnel. With their assistance, you can also select the blank tool to develop the funnel from scratch.
  • Support: The knowledge base at the ClickFunnels can provide the users with easy access to the support video, pdfs, etc. The user can also seek help by connecting with their community through support forums, YouTube, and Facebook pages. All these methods will help in guiding the user in the process of scaling their business.

If you seek to know much about the ClickFunnels tool, you can have more information on their site.

Overall, we can say that both the ClickFunnels and the Builderall have so many tools and high-quality features that will provide an excellent user experience.

We should have a look at the premium features so that we can make a comparison between both the ClickFunnels vs. Builderall efficiently.

Templates for the Builderall vs. ClickFunnels

Builderall and ClickFunnels have provided the users with high-quality templates to easily construct a suitable website for the user. The templates of a wide variety are all for free at the Builderall, meaning it is a cost-efficient site for users following a budget. While in the ClickFunnels, the users are provided by both the premium funnel and the free templates funnel.

The landing page templates can be availed for free of cost and the high converting templates if you attend the webinars organized by the ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels templates

In ClickFunnels, once you complete the signup procedure, you can easily decide the templates suitable for the business and your project type. Subcategories follow all these categories for the ClickFunnels. With the assistance of these subcategories, one can easily find the templates that suit their needs in ClickfFunnels.

You can quickly check out the ClickFunnels templates and easily segregate the parts of these funnels. You can do what you like with this funnel and customize ClickFunnels to yield the funnel which fascinates you the most in ClickFunnels.

Builderall Templates

The Builderall assists the users to be able to design the sales funnel, blog, landing page templates, online store, websites, etc. also, each of their templates reflects all of this via the funnel. All of these templates are divided into subcategories for the user’s convenience. So whatever might be the niche of the entrepreneurs or the industries funnel, one can easily find the template that suits its requirements.

These various type of templates generally includes:

All these templates can be easily customized. One can also add blank templates for convenience to create their website right from scratch. From the viewing point of view, all these websites are contemporary, and they contain features and elements design that can suit every other niche’s requirements. Once you have completed the suitable category selection process from ClickFunnels, you can choose the design regarded as the best for your business.

The goal categories for the Builderall mainly involves:

  • Creation of event
  • Running a webinar
  • Generating leads
  • Selling products

We can see that both of these software’s offer a massive number of fascinating templates from where you can easily pick the desired template. If you seek to design a funnel via ClickFunnels, you will be delighted with the optimized funnel and the landing pages provided.

If you consider building a website funnel, you can find the perfect template for yourself and the required resources for all of those purposes on Builderall.

Builderall vs. ClickFunnels Drag and drop Builder

Builderall and ClickFunnels have successfully incorporated the drag and drop tool for their users to easily yield high-end customized templates.

ClickFunnels Drag and drop Builder

ClickFunnels offers its users the single drag-and-drop option. Anyone can customize the templates provided.

ClickFunnels also incorporates a very different dashboard for the funnel. All the funnel settings can be customized and personalized according to the user. The email marketing team and the user are satisfied with the sales funnel presentation.

You can also view your sites on various devices via ClickFunnels. You can add different new blocks; also, you can thoroughly edit the CSS and even the HTML of the area of ClickFunnels. So, in short, you will be provided with mostly all of the features from the ClickFunnels and Builderall.

The website builder can also add a huge variety of design elements for their funnel, which will make them look all the more fascinating. The website builder can also upload various images and several media. They can also look for the new stock for the photos via Iconfinder, Unsplash, and Pixabay. Above all that, the user can also add more videos via YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo.

Builderall Drag and Drop builder

The Builderall has offered its users the following drag-and-drop editors, which are named:

  • Pixel Perfect builder Editor drag and drop
  • Mobile-first drag and drop editor
  • Responsive editor drag and drop
  • Application creator

The Builderall provides the users with the perfect original editor. You will be required to build the site three times via the Pixel Perfect builder: the tablet mobile and desktop versions.

But this is also an advantage as it delivers you with the control of how the site will look via the different available devices. Some might find it inconvenient to create three websites consecutively on the email marketing platform on the Facebook page.

If you seek to make your software responsive, you should go with the other option, following the responsive editor option. The Pixel perfect builder is the Builderall and ClickFunnels original editor.

Email marketing for the Builderall vs. ClickFunnels

This excellent email marketing feature avails you to enjoy and create fantastic email campaigns, target specific audiences, and generate autoresponder.

Builderall and ClickFunnels email tools:

ClickFunnels Actionetics

With the help of the ClickFunnels email tool, one does incredible things. Like with Actionetics, you can develop lists, landing pages, funnel builders, and automate the campaigns. This tool also allows the users to design, operate, and send the schedule and emails to the users.

  • Build follow up funnels
  • create email campaigns
  • Track the email metrics
  • incorporate the emails with the funnels

Builderall email marketing tool – the Mailing boss

The mailing boss has enabled the users to design and send emails via email campaigns publishing options quickly. You can also build and create your email quickly and to make it look professional and fascinating.

The features included are:

  • Adding the new subscribers mainly
  • Monitoring the campaign analytics
  • Tracking new subscribers
  • Sending personalized emails

Builderall Vs. ClickFunnels: user-friendliness

The business owners and the entrepreneur have been relatively busy, and they can’t give much time to study the complicated technology of today’s world. Having software that is easy to use with the publishing options and does not require much coding can be beneficial.

Who has an excellent Affiliate program, Builderall or Clickfunnels?

Both platforms provide an affiliate program that enables the users to earn commissions for purchases through their affiliate program links.

Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that when comparing ClickFunnels and Builderall, both are very incredible platforms. The competitors offer so much with the page builder, the landing page builder and the landing page.

The users would likely prefer to go for the ClickFunnels as they have successfully established a good reputation for quite a long time. The ClickFunnels have also provided the pre-built templates, the 14-day free trial, and the live chat support via the web pages via publishing options through the table of contents.

On the other hand, Builderall also provides excellent choices for the user. Its budget-friendly options can deliver great features that help you establish your business and achieve great goals.

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