10 Best Yoga Blogs in 2023

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy and find balance in life.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been practicing for years, plenty of resources are out there to help you along your journey.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled the top 10 yoga blogs that will keep you inspired and motivated on your yogic path.

From tips for beginners to advanced poses, these bloggers provide valuable insight into the practice of yoga and its many benefits.

With their thoughtful words and engaging content, they’ll give you the sense of belonging that comes with being part of an ever-growing community.

So let’s get started!

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene is an incredible resource for yoga practitioners of all levels. It offers quality, free videos that teach the basics and beyond in a down-to-earth manner with master teacher Adriene Mishler.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years, her classes are tailored to bring joy and transformation into your practice.

Adriene’s approach has resonated deeply with people worldwide; her YouTube channel currently has over 5 million subscribers! Her unique style and soothing voice make learning new poses accessible and fun – perfect for beginners who may be intimidated by more traditional studios.

Plus, she encourages people to listen to their bodies while moving through postures to get the most out of each session.

It’s no surprise why Yoga With Adriene is one of the best yoga blogs – it’s truly something special! From thoughtfully crafted sequences to heart-opening meditations, there’s something here for everyone looking to deepen their connection with themselves and connect with others on a similar journey.

Moving forward from here…


DoYouYoga is an incredible online resource for yogis of all levels. From experienced practitioners to beginners, it’s the perfect place to get your yoga fix! With a variety of articles and videos on poses, meditation and lifestyle topics, DoYouYoga has something for everyone.

The website also offers inspiring interviews with prominent teachers in the field as well as advice from experts about how to keep up your practice even when life gets hectic. It’s easy to find guidance tailored to each individual’s needs.

Plus, there are plenty of free resources available – no subscription required!

With its user-friendly design, helpful content and supportive community, it’s no surprise that DoYouYoga is considered one of the top 10 yoga blogs.

There’s something here for every aspiring or seasoned yogi – whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to stay connected with what’s happening in the world of yoga.

And now let us turn our attention towards Yoga Journal…

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Yoga Journal

Continuing on from DoYouYoga, Yoga Journal is another great source of inspiration and information.

A huge draw to this blog is their variety of content – they cover everything from yoga philosophy to the most up-to-date fitness trends.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner looking for advice, there’s something here that will help everyone reach their goals.

The articles are written in a clear and concise way; it’s easy to understand even if you’re new to yoga.

Plus, with so many different topics covered, you can always find something interesting to read – no matter what level of experience you have.

Beyond the blog itself, Yoga Journal also offers online classes and workshops where users can learn more about specific poses and techniques.

With all these resources at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to start practicing!

Moving forward, let’s explore how we can use yoga basics to create an effective practice that works best for us.

Yoga Basics

Yoga is a powerful practice that helps us to connect with ourselves and the world around us. It can help bring balance, peace and joy into our lives.

Here are four key ways yoga can benefit you:

  1. Physical Health: Yoga increases flexibility and strength, allowing your body to move more easily through everyday activities. This physical activity also leads to improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of disease, increased energy levels and better posture.
  2. Mental Clarity: Regularly practicing yoga encourages an attitude of mindfulness which allows for greater concentration, creativity and productivity throughout your day. With regular practice, stress levels decrease as your mind becomes clearer and calmer.
  3. Emotional Resilience: Practicing yoga helps build self-awareness while teaching us how to be in tune with our feelings so we can better understand them. As a result, it’s easier to cope with difficult emotions without becoming overwhelmed or distracted from life’s everyday demands.

Yoga is an amazing tool for cultivating peace within yourself and connecting with others on a deeper level – all of which makes living life much more enjoyable!

Now let’s explore ekhart yoga – one of the most popular online platforms for learning about this transformative practice…

Ekhart Yoga

After exploring the basics of yoga, it’s time to take a look at one of the most popular online resources for yogis: Ekhart Yoga.

This website is an amazing platform that offers guidance and support for anyone interested in deepening their practice or learning more about different styles of yoga.

From beginner courses to advanced sequences, there’s something here for everyone!

Ekhart Yoga was founded by Esther Ekhart in 2009 and has since grown into a global community with over 500 members from around the world.

With so many videos and classes available, it’s easy to find something that works best for you.

The instructors are all highly trained professionals who offer clear instructions on how to get into each pose safely and deepen your understanding of the practice.

They also provide tips on how to modify poses if needed and give advice on nutrition and lifestyle habits, making this a great resource not just for physical wellness but mental wellbeing too.

It’s no wonder why Ekhart Yoga is considered one of the top 10 yoga blogs.

It provides users with access to high-quality content tailored towards individual needs – whether you’re looking for some light stretching after work or want to challenge yourself with sun salutations every morning, this website will become your go-to spot for inspiration and guidance.

Aspiring yogis everywhere can learn new skills without having to leave home – now that’s what we call ‘yogi approved!’

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Yogi Approved

Yogi Approved  offers practical advice and guidance for yogis of all levels. From beginners to advanced practitioners, the blog has something for everyone. Its mission is to provide an accessible platform for people looking to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga.

With articles about mindful eating, meditation techniques, pranayama breathing exercises, and even interviews with inspiring teachers from around the world, it’s no wonder why Yogi Approved continues to be one of the most popular yoga blogs on the Internet.

The blog also includes interesting columns like “5-Minute Yoga Fixes” which are great for busy yogis who don’t have time for long practices. For those needing more in depth instruction or interested in learning new poses, each post comes complete with detailed photographs demonstrating how to properly execute each pose safely.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals through comments and social media channels as well!

So whether you’re just starting out on your journey into yoga or already consider yourself a pro, Yogi Approved can help you take your practice further without feeling overwhelmed by information overload. It’s clear this resource wants its readers to feel at home within its community – so dive right in and see what you find!

Onward we go towards Yoganonymous where another realm of discovery awaits…

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Yoganonymous is a one-stop destination for yoga enthusiasts who are looking to explore their practice further. The site provides an extensive collection of instructional videos, articles, and interviews from the leading experts in yoga. It’s like having your own personal guru wrapped up into one neat package!

The content on Yoganonymous ranges from beginner to advanced topics and can help you take your practice to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or want to refine existing skills, there’s something here for everyone:

  • Tutorials & Videos:
  • Learn basic postures and breathing techniques with step by step tutorials
  • Check out interviews with experienced yogis to get inspired and stay motivated
  • Articles & Blog Posts:
  • Read up on the latest trends in yoga philosophy & lifestyle choices
  • Get tips on how to make your home practice more enjoyable and effective

The best part? All this information is available in one convenient place – no need to scour the internet trying to find what you need anymore! With Yoganonymous, it’s easy to keep learning and growing as a yogi without ever leaving home. If you’re looking for reliable guidance alongside quality content, then look no further than this incredible resource.


Yogaglo is an online yoga resource that has been a staple in the yoga community for many years. It’s incredibly comprehensive and offers classes, courses, and tutorials on everything from beginner to advanced poses and practices. Whether you’re looking to start your journey into yoga or take it up a notch, Yogaglo has something for everyone.

The platform also caters to different styles of practice with videos created by some of the world’s leading teachers in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and more – ensuring there are plenty of options for whatever type of class you need!

From its easy-to-navigate user interface to its extensive library of content designed to help yogis reach their goals, Yogaglo stands out as one of the top resources when it comes to quality online instruction.

With so much available at your fingertips, it’s no wonder Yogaglo remains one of the go-to places for information about all things yoga related.

Now let’s move onto myyogaworks – another great source for finding useful insights about this ancient art form.


Myyogaworks is a great resource for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. With hundreds of online classes and workshops, it’s the perfect place to find your next practice. Here are just five reasons why Myyogaworks should be on your must-visit list:

  • Classes that fit every lifestyle – From morning meditations to bedtime flows, there’s something for everyone at Myyogaworks. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating workout or gentle stretching session, they’ve got you covered!
  • A variety of teachers – Experienced instructors from around the world come together in one virtual space to offer unique classes and programs. You’ll never get bored with this diverse lineup!
  • Guidance when needed – If you need extra help along the way, their team of experts can provide personalized support so you don’t feel like you’re lost in the crowd.
  • Tips and tricks from pros – Get insider advice from some of the top yogis in the business through informative articles and videos. Learn how to take your practice to the next level!
  • Community connection – Connect with other passionate practitioners by joining group discussions or participating in weekly challenges. It’s inspiring to see people coming together over shared interests.

Myyogaworks offers everything you need to reach new heights — both physically and spiritually — making it a must-have addition to any yogi’s toolbox. And now let’s move onto Yoga International…

Yoga International

Yoga International is an incredible resource for yogis of all levels and backgrounds. It offers a wide variety of content to explore, from articles on yoga philosophy to beginner-friendly poses guides. It’s also home to some amazing online classes that cover everything from vinyasa flow to yin yoga. For those who prefer the physical practice, there are even global workshops hosted by Yoga International in cities around the world!

The community at Yoga International is unlike any other. With so many different types of classes available, it’s easy to find one that speaks to your individual needs. You can connect with fellow yogis through discussion forums and live events while learning more about yourself and deepening your practice every step of the way.

Moreover, you’ll be able to access exclusive tips and advice from experts in various aspects of yoga.

If you’re looking for an engaging and inspiring place to learn about yoga, then look no further than Yoga International! Its diverse range of materials makes it the perfect platform for expanding your knowledge and connecting with like-minded people across the globe – without ever leaving home.

Ready to take your practice up a notch? Let’s dive into Yogaglo next!


‘The only journey is the one within’ -Rainer Maria Rilke.

As we continue on our exploration of yoga blogs, let’s take a look at YogaGlo. This online yoga platform and blog provides access to an extensive library of classes and content for yogis all over the world.

At YogaGlo, you can find:

  • A variety of different class styles such as vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, gentle, pre-natal and more
  • Expert teachers who offer their insight into each practice
  • Guided meditations to help deepen your spiritual connection with yourself
  • Articles that discuss topics around health, wellness and spirituality
  • An inspiring community forum where yogis from all walks of life come together to share experiences and advice

YogaGlo creates an inviting environment for practitioners of every level with its thoughtful offerings. Whether you are looking for something challenging or calming, this competitively priced platform has something for everyone!

With its user friendly design allowing users to search by style, duration or teacher; it’s no wonder why so many have joined this amazing global yoga family.

Moving forward in our exploration let’s dive into YogabyCandace.


YogabyCandace is one of the top yoga blogs out there, and for good reason. It’s a place where yogis can come to learn all about the practice, with interesting articles, videos, podcasts and more – all exploring topics related to yoga and wellness. Not only that but it also provides an amazing community space too; it’s truly a hub for embracing your unique journey on the mat!

If you’re looking for ideas as to how to get started or deepen your existing practice then YogabyCandace has something for everyone. From informative tutorials and inspiring interviews with experts in the industry, this blog will give you plenty of insight into different styles and techniques of yoga – perfect whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years.

The content covers everything from nutrition tips and guidance around physical health benefits through to breathing exercises and meditation practices – allowing readers to discover what works best for them.

So if you’ve ever wanted to explore the world of yoga further (or even if you already are!) then be sure to check out YogabyCandace – it won’t fail to leave an impression! Plus, by joining their online community you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded people who love nothing more than sharing stories, tips and advice from various angles of wellbeing.

So why wait? Start exploring today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Learn Yoga?

Learning yoga can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right tools and resources, anyone can become an expert yogi in no time.

In fact, studies show that regular practice of yoga over just 8 weeks improves range of motion by up to 35%.

So if you’re looking for the best way to learn yoga, why not start with a commitment of 8 weeks? Dedicate yourself to practicing at least 3 times each week and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to mastering those difficult poses.

How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

Practicing yoga regularly is essential for reaping the full benefits.

Depending on your level of experience, frequency can vary:

Beginners should practice at least 2-3 times a week to build their strength and flexibility, while experienced yogis may want to aim for a daily practice.

Whatever your goal or skill level, try not to push yourself too hard – listen to your body and take breaks if you need them!

With consistency and mindfulness, you’ll be able to make progress in no time.

Make sure to enjoy the journey – it’s all part of learning how to love and connect with your own unique self.

What Type Of Yoga Is The Most Beneficial?

Soothingly stretching away the stress of life, yoga can be a blessing in more ways than one. But what kind is truly most beneficial?

From Hatha to Bikram, there’s no shortage of styles out there – but if you’re looking for just one that’ll give you maximum benefit with minimal effort, look no further than Vinyasa Flow.

This dynamic style of yoga combines mindful movement with breathwork and meditative postures to create an experience designed to bring your body and mind into blissful harmony. It may not be the easiest practice on the block, but it’s certainly worth every second spent!

What Is The Best Type Of Yoga Mat To Use?

When it comes to choosing the best yoga mat, there are a few things you need to consider.

For starters, think about what type of poses you’ll be doing and how much cushioning you need for your body.

If you’re looking for something more supportive to practice standing poses on, then cork mats or rubber mats with extra padding might be the way to go.

On the other hand, if you want something light and travel-friendly then lightweight foam mats should do the trick.

It’s also important to choose a material that won’t slide around during transitions between postures – like sticky PVC or polyurethane mats which have excellent grip even when wet!

Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference and needs so take some time to shop around before investing in one.

What Are The Potential Health Benefits Of Yoga?

Have you ever wondered about the potential health benefits of yoga?

From improved flexibility to a stronger immune system, there’s no denying that there are numerous ways this ancient practice can help your body and mind.

Practicing regular yoga poses has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle tone and strength, boost metabolism and bone density, not to mention an often overlooked benefit – contentment.

Not only does regular yoga bring physical rewards but also mental ones too; studies have shown it can promote mindfulness, better sleep patterns and even help battle depression.

So why wait any longer? Get on the mat today and start reaping all these amazing benefits!


Yoga has so much to offer. It can be used as a form of exercise, stress relief, or even a spiritual journey depending on the type of yoga you choose to practice and how often you do it.

Taking the time to find out which blog is right for your needs can make all the difference in your yoga experience. From physical health benefits to mental clarity, there’s something for everyone when practicing yoga.

So why not give it a try? You never know what kind of transformation could occur – after all, that’s part of the fun! Who knows? Maybe this will be the year you finally become an avid yogi!

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