Best Windows VPS Hosting – Big Brands Aren’t Better [2022]

In a world filled with various web hosting plans, windows VPS web hosting has become the show’s star stealer for web hosting. Windows VPS is powerful and has extra perks than shared.

Picking a virtual private server hosting (windows VPS ) will improve your site execution if you’re presently on a common hosting plan. For those of you who are beginning another site without any preparation and anticipating vast loads of traffic from the starting point, getting a windows VPS hosting plan out of the entryway is a practical choice too.

There are, in a real sense, countless web hosting suppliers available today. That is why finding the correct web host plan for your webpage can be quite an intense choice. Luckily, you’ve gone to the opportune spot—this guide will furnish you with all you require to think about the performance of the windows VPS hosting plan.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)?

In case you need more computational power and other resources to grow your business than shared hosting, you need to opt for VPS. In this hosting, you will access a virtual machine where fewer users use the resources, and you can utilize the resources accordingly.

In general words, it lies between shared and dedicated hosting. With VPS hosting, you cross the limit of sharing resources with several other users.

However, as it happens in shared hosting, VPS hosting puts your site on a worker with different destinations running on it. Then again, there are fewer locales per worker. The locales share the expense of running on the worker, which brings about a month to month or yearly charge that is not exactly the moderately excessive cost tag of committed facilitating servers.

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What To Look For in the Best Windows VPS Hosting?

There are many best options out there. Several companies boast their services as the best shared facilitating plans for windows VPS hosting. However, you cannot choose the best one, just like that. You need to understand some aspects to pin down the best windows VPS hosting. While picking one of the VPS hosts on this rundown, you can be certain you’ll get the following performance metrics:


Likewise, we generally search for blasting quick speeds and solid uptime with some other sort of facilitating. We need sites to stack promptly and to be accessible in the best windows VPS hosting consistently. The performance metrics are very important to deem while selecting the best windows VPS hosting.

Windows Licenses

Windows VPS is a curious thing, as it requires explicit Microsoft licenses. Some so-called windows VPS hosting companies only sell the worker, leaving you to deal with the rest. However, the web hosts mentioned below take proper care of the licenses in their hosting plans and are the best contenders for windows VPS hosting.


Windows VPS is a serious facilitating arrangement that can address the issues of a quickly developing site. However, what happens when you get significantly more guests? Your VPS must have the option to scale up in like manner.

Overseen VPS

You’re here because you need to have a site, not because you need to get a Ph.D. equal in designing virtual workers. That is the thing that oversaw administrations are for. These folks are professionals, and they’re here for you.

Affordable VPS Hosting services

You may have become showbiz royalty, yet you’re as yet on a tight spending plan. We can’t consider a lot of utilization for an incredible help that costs as much as a subsequent home loan. These hosts are reasonable.

Types of windows VPS Hosting services

VPS Managed hosting service

A fully managed VPS plan is probably the best overall choice for you if you’re not a very technical person and don’t have a devoted IT squad. In short, you’re not even going to have to do it on your own. In fully managed plans, the hosting provider takes control of the database behind the curtains; you will be able to simply concentrate on operating your site. In general words, data management is fully managed in managed windows VPS.

Here are a few illustrations of what most windows VPS web hosts on a completely controlled plan can do for you:

  • Configure the server from the beginning
  • Download your OS, games, and control panel SERVERS
  • Handle all changes to the framework and OS updates
  • Monitoring and managing virtual servers
  • Adaptive Backups
  • Patches for Defense

Many hosting providers will offer a little too, or perhaps even a smaller area, but this is usually what you can anticipate if you choose this Windows VPS plan.

VPS unmanaged hosting services

The reverse of a managed developer is a self-developing windows VPS. Whenever it comes to building your program, display screen, protection, repair, improvements, and all else mentioned above, you’ll be fully on your own.

If you encounter a technical malfunction or an interruption, don’t anticipate your hosting company to offer a lot of help either. This form of windows VPS plan is meant for those of you who require full server-level customization.

Even as the hosting company does not have to do just as much, these plans are significantly cheaper.

Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers Plans Options

Hostinger – Scaling up quickly from hosting

With its claim to fame being incredibly cheap hosting providers, hosting titan Hostinger continues to be one of the most creative businesses around.

Hostinger VPS Hosting SSD Storage

The company has a lot of windows VPS hosting plans to offer. Here the discounts aren’t as wild, but you’ll still find some nice settings to choose from. Four Windows VPS plans are supported by Hostinger, providing users of the shared plans an opportunity to upgrade effortlessly. You will also have a connection to the 24/7/365 support provided by Hostinger.

Intel Xeon processor

Even a medium-sized e-commerce store would be satisfied with 50 GB of disc space and 4 TB of bandwidth in the most simple configuration, fuelled by the new Intel Xeon processors and 128 GB of RAM per server.

Ease of Use

You can change your schedule accordingly if you feel that you require more money.

Dedicated IP

In case another site shares your dedicated IP address, VPS saves you the possibility of being blacklisted. It enables full access without any establishing a DNS and can enhance SEO.

Windows Server 2012

Not the current server Windows OS, but a great option to operate web applications built on NET and MS SQL server.

Liquid web – best VPS hosting provider

The liquid web has one of the most respected and competent businesses, though serving a smaller user base but keeping it solid. The liquid web provides VPS services fully controlled, and they arrive with a host of great perks.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Managed

In view of page loading and server responsiveness, reliable metrics put the firm’s swift VPS hosting as one of the top choices commercially available, surpassing several key players.

Liquid Web Windows VPS hosting is only accessible from the 2nd plan up and when every month hosting is purchased. It is a little more expensive, but just like others, this is a major boon. The company has a lot of windows VPS hosting plans to offer.

Cloud Hosting Flare CDN

Physical server positions can no longer affect the loading time of a foreign client.

DDoS Protection and Server Security

All VPS plans provide anti-malware and keep your data confidential from any unauthorized access.


You can work with comfort via local storage. There will be a backup of your site, regardless of what tragedy happens to you.

Windows Server 2012 and 2016

Select the desired edition of the OS as per your specifications and the requirements of your website.

GoDaddy -World Famous Host

For years, proven web domain supplier GoDaddy has always been around making headlines with its advertising. Owing to most of its promotions, it has earned quite a popularity. Its VPS services are good.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting

GoDaddy helps you to easily get a Windows VPS using the same tested newbie interface. The company has a lot of windows VPS hosting plans to offer.

You can have four different packages to select from, varying from 2 GB to 8 GB of RAM, providing a large space to expand for small to medium websites. The pricing scheme can get confusing, as Windows OS licenses or Plesk control panel licenses do not provide the “unmanaged” selection.

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Three types of management

  1. Self-managed
  2. managed
  3. completely managed

Proprietary licenses cover only managed and completely managed. For server practitioners, self-managed is apt.

OS choice: 2008 or 2012 Windows Server- Windows Server 2016 is not there

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Free relocations are shown in the level regulated.

While other providers offer these services for free, features such as SSL certificates and automated backups must be bought from GoDaddy individually. Various additional features are available.

InterServer – a Windows VPS American Muscle

InterServer, the American leader, provides a number of hosting facilities running from its data centers. The business pays great consideration to Windows hosting, which is frequently ignored, offering no fewer than 16 separate Windows VPS settings.

InterServer Windows VPS Hyper v Powered

This option allows practically everything from a popular blog to a multi-site network to be hosted. The company provides several VPS hosting plans.

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Controlled VPS

Interferer employees are accessible 24/7 to solve every OS problem you can find. In fact, the staff will update your server and firewall themselves.

99.9 percent Uptime Guarantee

InterServer, right in the service agreement, commits to a binding 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. If the promise is not fulfilled in any particular month, 50 percent of the monthly fee would be repaid in cash.

Pick among Windows 10, Server 2012, or Server 2016

You will have the correct OS version, regardless of what Windows hosting project you are operating.

24/7 Support

Members of attentive, competent, in-house personnel who are always on call.


Kamatera provides the most versatile server sites related to the other hosts: data centers are located in the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, and Hong Kong. Only impressed? What Else would you be?

Kamatera VPS Hosting

Kamatera fully knows the meaning of global cloud hosting, and in a matter of seconds, its integrated technology enables you to deploy a server. From the iconic 2008 to the brand new 2019, the business also offers a wide range of Windows Server OS models.

The only “trap” would be that the cost is comparatively high for a professionally operated operation. Then again, there’s a 30-day free trial, so there is still enough time for Kamatera’s group of specialists to demonstrate to you just how fantastic it is when someone takes full care of your server.

No one-size-fits-all strategy here. Modular virtual servers Select precisely how often virtual cores you like to start with, RAM, and SSD storage. You will still be in a spot to adjust up or down.

Limitless OS Models

There are no limits on OS models, and there are no variations in the cost of their licenses. You could go the unchecked way, install a management panel (Plesk for Windows), or clarify to the Kamatera staff your requirements and let them keep hold of it.

99.95 uptime guarantee

Each of the organization’s data centers is fitted with different backup measures, and you are guaranteed almost flawless uptime.

InMotion – Best VPS Plans for Ecommerce Sites

InMotion is a popular hosting provider that has a large variety of hosting options with VPS plans for you to choose from. They provide controlled VPS hosting, both operated by Linux SSD virtual servers and self-managed cloud VPS hosting.

InMotion Hosting Managed VPS Hosting

Fully Managed pricing starts at $29.99 per month and $5 per month begins with the entrance self-developing VPS with a control panel.

Fully Managed plans would help most of you as these data centers are configured out of the box for e-commerce. These plans are designed for efficiency and quality with e-Commerce website builders such as Woo Commerce, Magneto, PrestaShop, and more.

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Other benefits of using InMotion for the management of Windows VPS include:

  • Decent basic SSLs and snapshots that are planned
  • Enable databases, email, and domain configuration with cPanel secure updates and monitoring of servers
  • DDoS defense and stable SSH keys (with a self-developing plan)
  • Fast and automated software installations.

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Hostwinds – Completely adaptable to meet your exact requirements

As an open and equitable company, Hostwinds gained a reputation, illustrating every reasonable feature in the hosting plans. You will have absolute authority over what server setup you get and what resources it includes, and the VPS plans are no exception.

Hostwinds Fully Managed Windows VPS

This approach enables Hostwinds to have what could be the lowest plans for VPS on the market. The Windows VPS packages are no different, and you would be surprised at first by their relatively affordable prices for shared hosting.

It is necessary to consider that as initial rates typically double after the first billing period, rates can grow very rapidly. Additionally, Windows Server OS licenses and Plesk licenses will be applied to your cart during checkout. There are a lot of options in VPS hosting plans. You can opt for windows, Linux VPS, managed VPS, or unmanaged VPS according to your choice.

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Highest possible level of customization-Choose your setup and improve or scale down in the future instantly. Attach every edition of the OS, program, panel, or any other extension you like. Your own OS installation can also be supplied!

ScreenShots- Screenshots restores enable anyone to reconstruct your site to any past moment in time at which a snapshot was taken.

Hostwinds Fully Managed Windows VPS Features

Free Transfer of Website- Let the pros of Hostwinds keep track of transferring your website for you. After all has been expected to take care of, love your new windows VPS system.

Enterprise Firewall- Enhance your safety with an integrated firewall that offers reliable protection against various online lurking cyber hackers.

Contabo – Blazing Success

The website of Contabo may not be the prevailing theory in architecture, but it more than compensates in output for what the business fails in visuals. Contabo offers among the most secure hosting facilities in all of Europe.

Contabo Virtual Private Servers

With Linux and Windows as their operating systems, all 7 VPS services are offered and tailored to your requirements. Both plans are supported by Windows Server 2012, and the 4 Hundred percent SSD plans do follow the newer version, 2016.

Contabo is a no-brainer for approaching European consumers in terms of bargain rates, flexible payment times, and the best examples available. Bear in mind that all proposals are unmanaged, so it’s important for you to build strong and carry the databases informed.

SSD-boosted databases are slower but much affordable and provide much more capacity. Decide with an SSD storage boost or 100% SSD storage. You’ll get faster and more powerful computers but less space with the pricier 100 percent SSD plans.

Powerful processing management: The client control center of Contabo helps you to quickly create root privileges, restart your VPS, and, if necessary, even reinstall Windows.

Server screenshots are only possible on 100% SSD plans. Snap away to save all the present state of the VPS before undertaking a system update. Only restore the snapshot if something goes wrong and you want to rewind it.

BlueHost Review

If you are using VPS Hosting already and would like to move to a good web host, Bluehost is an excellent option. So unless you’re searching for a feature-rich and inexpensive VPS hosting provider, it’s also fantastic.

Bluehost VPS Hosting with SSD Storage

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Every Bluehost plan comes with hundreds of powerful characteristics, including:

  • Every first-year free domain name
  • A cash back guarantee for 30 days
  • SSL certificates for free
  • Core control via cPanel
  • Fully accessible Open Stack and KVM technologies
  • Instant servicing for immediate access
  • An assured supply of services
  • Vibrant tools for spikes in traffic
  • Multi-virtual server control features
  • Sophisticated handling of files
  • Live Chat Support

Not only do you profit from honorable customer service, but with other comparably priced deals, you still get a big bang for your buck, and loads of benefits are never included.

With that, you will have to charge for site privacy individually.

What to Go for?

Windows VPS is much more costly, less common, and typically more difficult to start with than its Linux equivalent. A reliance on Microsoft technologies, such as .NET, ASP.NET, and MS SQL server, is most often the factor in choosing Windows hosting.

Many hosting providers do not even align in a shocking turn of events to provide provision for Microsoft’s operating systems. Many of the strongest suppliers of VPS chose to concentrate on Linux VPS completely, driving the system up for sale. Linux VPS is also quite secure and reliable.

Top companies like Hostinger and GoDaddy offer their best, although, in the field, the trophy is taken home by smaller, lesser-known names. They keep the prices down and produce the products, delivering an outstanding combination of quality-controlled services and leaving plenty of space for customization. Hostwinds is advisable if you’re trying to launch a website app or software, whether a podcast, a corporate website or an e-commerce store.

When to go for VPS?

Windows VPS is a good choice for your company if you want easy to use relatively affordable computing resources that will not load pages at a breakneck pace when a neighboring website gets a massive traffic surge.

We have checked several windows VPS hosting and have included the best of the lot in this review. If you’d like to make a site on a somewhat better basis and manage the bill, you can look at a dedicated virtual server.

Be careful to verify our guide about building a website unless you’re just getting going with web facilitating. But on the other hand, if you think you’re prepared to start a web design service of your own, you can check out this reseller hosting guide.

The Best Courses for Designing And creating Websites provide excellent video training for individuals who favor that teaching outcome.

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