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The Best Small Business Website Builder in 2021

Want to open your online store but don’t know where to start? Are you facing troubles while building your virtual shop? If that is the case, we think we have a solution to your dilemma!

Since everyone worldwide is present on the digital platform, online stores have become popular. Their popularity is that the audience prefers to shop being in their comfortable space and refrain from stepping out and visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Even though the physical shops have maintained their customer flow, they have not yet made it to the level where the digital shops have reached within a short span.

Keeping this comparison in mind, we have a list of the best small business website builders. These website builders will help you in every possible way to set up your online store effortlessly and gain huge monetary benefits from the same.

So, let’s not waste more time and delve deeper to know which website builder for small businesses is suitable and excel in which area.

Best All-Around

Squarespace and Wix

A small business is the center of attraction for a website builder because, for the latter, a small business forms the best customer from where it can gain money. Since a small business staggers to build up a store at a new place, it requires the best website builder available to convert its dream project into reality.

For such businesses, Squarespace and Wix form the best website builders because they are all-rounder in every aspect. You get several features from both Wix and Squarespace. These website builders offer services like a restaurant menu card builder for your restaurant’s website, you can make an impressive portfolio, and you can use them for appointment scheduling and many other tasks.

Wix offers you ease of use and is the best site builder to opt for if you are a beginner. Wix’s versatility is unbeatable, and you cannot find any other website builder for small businesses that can offer you a wide range of features like Wix does. However, Wix cannot be used by all small business owners because of its pricing plan. It can be pricey for some businesses and hence takes a backseat even if it is easy to use.

Best Template


A template is a framework that lets you design the webpage of your store. Design templates form an integral part of the site builders and help you build a website. Any eCommerce website builder that you visit, you will find the web pages of that website to be well planned and organized. These well-organized pages are made using the design templates.

Squarespace is the best website builder for small businesses in terms of templates. You will find templates on Squarespace with modern designs that fit the small business owners’ contemporary taste. The templates are clean and crisp with bold fonts, large stock photographs, sharp features, etc.

What makes Squarespace the best template website? Its theme customization! Yes, in Squarespace, you can customize the theme and the templates using the drag and drop editor to match your store’s website. Not only the theme customization, but Squarespace also offers you ease of use and work flexibility.

Many other eCommerce website builders like Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Webflow, etc., have unique templates, but Squarespace’s templates are more versatile than others. Hence, making Squarespace the go-to website for web designing.

Best SEO

No website builders for small business are the best on the grounds of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Shocked? Well, you should be because SEO is a crucial element for any business. It is because your popularity and Google rankings are dependent on SEO. Whether it is Wix, Squarespace, or any other small business website builder, your Google rankings won’t change significantly. It means that your rankings won’t be affected by whichever website builder for small businesses you opt for.

All the website builders for small businesses in this article fulfill all the SEO requirements and optimize your website in the best possible way. However, some have an advanced SEO plan like Squarespace, which uses Google AMP pages to make your business visible to those in need of your service.

If you aren’t aware of how SEO functions, don’t miss this opportunity. Click here to begin your SEO tutorials from Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

Best Free Plan

Since all the small business website builders have affordable pricing plans, there is no competition between them regarding the plans that they offer.

Some offer exciting plans to their customers, and many a time, they even offer a free plan. To know more in-depth about the best free website builder and give it a thorough reading.

Besides, there are websites like Wix that offer a free trial but with ads on it. Such website builders intrigue you to upgrade your plans and buy the paid ones. However, if you have a tight budget, you can check out another website builder for a small business like Carrd, which offers cheaper plans and fulfills all your business needs.

Best eCommerce


Shopify leads the eCommerce platform and is the best website builder for your eCommerce site. While many other eCommerce business websites offer you the same features similar to Shopify, they take a back seat because they are not easy to use or don’t appeal to the user to work on them.

At this point, Shopify excels because it provides the user the ease of use and is visually appealing. The Shopify app store is the cherry on the top and works wonderfully for this site. As you call it, the app market, or the app store, provides you the necessary features that you need to build your eCommerce store. You get customization options and other useful features that are not present on other websites like BigCommerce, etc.

Besides, these apps allow third-party developers who come up with these wonderful applications to develop more useful apps for Shopify and gain benefit from it.

Shopify is a revolutionary eCommerce web builder that has taken this industry far and helped it reach the position it is now at. With advanced options like Shopify payments and Shopify Channels, this site has incorporated everything to help any small business owner make and expand his business.

Best for Restaurants


If you are interested in opening a restaurant and inviting customers by building a restaurant site, click here to get redirected to the guide on how to build a restaurant website.

A restaurant website needs to have a visually appealing web page and a menu card. Since Squarespace has the best templates, which are well-organized, your restaurant website building becomes a breeze. They have many different templates that will help you create an attention-grabbing web page and a menu card.

Besides offering the desired templates, Squarespace also provides you an option that you can use to let your customers place an order online. This online ordering feature is not found anywhere else, and hence Squarespace rocks when online restaurant websites are concerned.

Best for Ease of Use


Not everyone is a web designer by birth, and not everyone is supposed to have a technical background. Users who are not familiar with the technological know-how seek the builders who provide ease of use.

The best website builder is not meant to be very difficult to start with and should be user-friendly. GoDaddy is one such site that provides you easy usage. The beginners who are planning to start their business and don’t know any technicalities, GoDaddy offers them the necessary support. This website is straightforward and has excellent customer support to help users.

The only drawback that GoDaddy has is that it can restrict you in some areas like page building. You have to add the sections to build your page, which can sometimes be tricky. The drag and drop builder is highly effective and relatively simple to work with compared to sites other than GoDaddy. There is an excellent new creation that is GoDaddy, and that is the iPhone app. This app is incredibly fascinating because it enables you to edit even while you are on the move. Interesting, isn’t it?



Who doesn’t like to avail of all the exciting benefits at the lowest price? You, You, and even you! Yes, it is undeniable that if any person gets all the required features at a cheap price, he will blindly opt for the website that offers it.

Carrd is the small business website builder that offers you cheaper plans and is among the best website builder that is the most affordable. However, this platform is suitable only for websites that include only one page and not more.

So, if you want to make a one-page website that has all the necessary information in it, you can go for Carrd without any second thought.

Design from Scratch


Sometimes, you don’t feel like using the templates available on different platforms used by everyone. Then your inner Picasso arises, and you feel like building your custom templates and designing your website your way. But do you have a suitable website? Yes, you do!

Webflow is a site that enables you to build the webpage of your store or service from scratch. It means that you can put your own imagination on the empty canvas that Weebly provides you.

Even though you get a customizable template, you need to be familiar with the basic coding knowledge because you will have to code your template design on Weebly. This feature is not available in any of the business website builders listed here except Weebly.

This customization feature has garnered many web designers, and this popularity is why Weebly has landed on our article.

What about WordPress?


WordPress is always considered to be a website builder, but this assumption is not correct. It is a content management system that provides you the format and support to manage your articles and web content.

For using WordPress, you need to know basic coding and technical knowledge. It is not as easy to use as Wix or Squarespace, but it’s an excellent website in itself.

Since this website is a little bit different, some differences need the limelight. Here, we have presented the key differences for your convenience. Let’s look at them!

Web Hosting

While other website builders have a built-in hosting software in them, in WordPress. com you need to install the software separately.

The Editor

When you are editing your web pages on other website builders, you will be able to preview your page and make the changes accordingly. However, there is no provision for getting a sneak peek at how your final page will look in WordPress.


WordPress is known for providing flexibility to its users. Thanks to their plugin library that enables you to make a social network within WordPress. This feature is not present in other website building sites, enhancing the flexible feature of WordPress.


What Website Builder Should I opt for to establish my Small Business?

From all the Small business website builders listed above, our top choice is WordPress. The reason behind choosing it is that it provides you flexibility, it is scalable and extensible. Also, since you can form your social network on WordPress, you can interact with others and get the resources required.

Which Website Builder is Easy to use?

In our opinion, Wix is the most straightforward website that one can use to design their website effortlessly. You need not have any technical knowledge to operate it. Besides, the customer support is excellent, and you can stay in constant contact with the team of experts via live chat or emails and get your problems resolved.

Is Wix Good for Small Businesses?

Wix is highly recommended for a small business because of its versatility. If you are a newbie and have no previous experience on a digital platform, Wix is the only website you can use comfortably without the need of any technical knowledge and skill set at all.

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