Best Resume Website Builder

The job market evolves each day, requiring you to keep up with the changes to stand out. A measure to pull is to have a resume website. It is a handy tool that will connect you to prospective employers and clients.

A resume site showcases your skills, making it easy for clients to know your value. If you work online, the better as you can have portfolios of your previous work on display.

Many times people pay web developers to create such websites for them. The downside to outsourcing the job is that it lacks a personal touch, which may be costly.

If you are a hands-on person, you will love handling the task. You will need a resume builder to get the job done. Which resume builder should I use? Good question; we present you with the best site builders for your online resume.

How Did We Choose these Resume Builders?

We carefully curated the list of the best resume builders. The number one feature we looked at was functionality. All the toolkits in this piece are highly functional, guaranteeing you excellent results. Additionally, they are easy to use even if you are a beginner.

Affordability is another element we consider when choosing web builders. The cost of using the services is reasonable, offering you an excellent value from your spending. We also looked at the resume designs.

Additionally, we checked the tools that will help in SEO, making it easy for employers and collaborators to find you.

Compare the Seven Best Resume Builder Websites

Onto the icing of this article, we compare seven resume website builders. We emphasize their features for a clear picture of their functionality.

1.      Squarespace


The number one entry is an all-rounder, with impressive results judging from client reviews. A thing to love about Squarespace is reliability, serving you well even as a novice resume builder.  

Squarespace’s usability is top-notch, and you do not need coding skills to put it into use. A jump into its features brings to light its other standout attributes.


Squarespace has the following add-ons for your convenience when building a resume website.

Squarespace Blog

The blog section is an educational resource full of articles touching on various topics. As a first-time user of this web builder, it is advisable to go through the pieces. You may get essential tips for using it and similar relevant topics.


Still, on educational resources, you may benefit from the webinars on Squarespace’s platform. This resume builder has several webinars lined up. They touch on topics like Getting Started with Squarespace, Launching Your Online Store, and Scheduling. The webinars are in English and German.

Also, you find videos and forums in this section. Register for the webinars and know more about Squarespace.

Hire an Expert

If you do not want the hassles of building a resume site, you can hire an expert to handle the job for you. Squarespace connects you to third-party designers and developers who let their experience speak for them. You save time with the assurance of excellent results.

Website Analytics

With your resume website up and running, you need to know its performance. The Squarespace website analytics tool has you sorted on this. It is an essential SEO tool that shows your reach. If the statistics are not desirable, you make the necessary changes to expand your online reach.

SEO Page Settings

You control how you want your page to appear on search engine results. You can make changes via SEO page settings. For instance, you may tweak page titles and descriptions, hide pages and control your social image.

Other features you will love about Squarespace are sitemaps, automatic markup, mobile optimization, SSL security, and clean URLs.


As a beginner resume builder, design is essential as it helps give a blueprint of your website. Squarespace’s templates are excellent, with plenty of choices at your disposal. The Personal and CV category has many templates to pick from to make your site stick out.

Squarespace’s latest version allows you to add extras to your personal website, including a cover letter and social media links.


Squarespace has four packages to pick from. They include Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce. When creating a resume website, the first two plans will do just fine. You pay $14 for Personal and $23 for business. You pay less when you opt for annual payments over monthly payments.

Perks you get include 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, free custom domain, and mobile-optimized websites. 

You may use the free trial version for up to 14-days to get a hint of what Squarespace has to offer.

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2.      Weebly

Free Website Weebly

Price is a crucial element to consider when looking for a reliable resume site creator. Weebly is an affordable partner that will bring your online resume to life. Being cheap doesn’t mean it tones down on its features, as we will see.


Weebly Guides

As a newbie, you do not have to stress where to begin with your e-resume. Weebly guides come to your aid to show you how to create the website. Some of the skills you may get are photography, email marketing, and knowledge of Google analytics.

Integrated Analytics

You can check your site’s performance via the analytics tool. Here, you get a picture of your reach, enabling you to develop strategies to improve it to get to potential clients.

Weebly Mobile App

This website builder is very convenient, with an app being a supporting feature. Using the mobile app, you track performance, interact with site visitors, and do some editing. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

SEO Tools

When creating a resume builder, the primary purpose is to reach many people. Weebly makes it possible to have a decent reach courtesy of its SEO tools and social media integration. With your site operational, it will be a matter of time before you have potential employees hitting your inbox.


Weebly comes second to Squarespace in design, as it does not have many template options. However, its functionality is top-notch with plenty of themes and the Drag and Drop Builder.

Additionally, you have custom fonts, a video editor, and Parallax and Reveal, among other add-ons.

All these features ensure that you have an easy time creating your personal website. The editing resources are suitable for a unique outcome.

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If looking for a free resume builder, Weebly is your best bet. Weebly has four plans to pick from; Free, Connect, Pro and Business. The Free plan is the most popular, especially among novice website creators though it has limited resources.

The Connect package will cost you $5 monthly if paid annually. The other two plans are suitable for companies and organizations. 

When you go premium, you enjoy perks such as free SSL security, custom domain, 500MB storage, search engine optimization. Moreover, customer support is available round the clock to attend to your queries.

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 3. Wix

Wix Website Builder

Search engine optimization is critical for your job search. An optimized resume site is easy to find. Getting clients will be a hassle-free task if you rank well on search engine results. Wix is a suitable web builder if focusing on SEO.

It works like an SEO assistant, supported by its many personalized features. Highlighted are some of these features.

Wix’s Features

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Wix Blog

As a new Wix user, you should pass by the blog section to get tips on using the web builder. The blog contains several informative pieces that will guide you on the path of creating your online resume.

Advanced SEO Tools

As earlier mentioned, Wix is the go-to partner if you want your site to rank favorably. It has advanced SEO tools that make it easy for collaborators to find you. This web builder gives you the freedom to use and modify meta tags and URL structures.

The following are some of Wix’s tools that you will love.

  • Server side rendering
  • Custom meta tags
  • Robots meta tags
  • XML sitemaps
  • Bot log reports
  • Image optimization
Hire a Professional

At times, you badly need a website to showcase your skills, but you do not have the time. Wix has your back in such a situation where you can hire a professional to handle the task on your behalf.

The third-party professionals will create your website and optimize it to get ideal matches. Apart from web development, the professionals also tackle graphic design, marketing and promotion, and general web design.

App Integration

An element to appreciate about Wix web builder is its compatibility with over 250 apps. You can integrate the apps on your website to boost its functionality. They include social media, messaging, and e-commerce apps.


Wix has over 800 templates that make your designing task a walk in the park. To get a befitting template for your personal site, refine your search to Portfolio and CV Website templates. Explore the collection of 20 specialized “CV and Resume” templates and pick one that suits your image and services.


Wix has a free version, which is suitable for trial purposes. After getting an idea of how the builder works, you now upgrade to any of the four premium plans. You have Connect Domain going for $4.50 per month, Combo at $8.50, and Unlimited, which is the most popular at $12.50.

You can opt for the VIP plan if you want more premium services. For this plan, you part with $24.50 monthly. You can pay for the subscription using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more.

In addition, Wix has a money-back guarantee. If not satisfied with the product, you ask for a refund and get it in 14-days.

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WordPress Website Builder

If you are on a budget and want professional services, is a worthy option. While considered a lite version of, it still delivers excellent results.

Another selling appeal of this site builder is its simplicity. If you are a beginner, you will quickly learn its ropes. After a few trials, your skills will be top, and you can create a standout resume site.


The Block Editor

Thanks to the Block Editor, you will have an effortless time customizing your online platform. This tool lets you drag and drop elements to your page and tweak fonts and colors to meet your preferences.

App Integration

You can integrate several apps onto your website to make it more interactive. Some of the apps to add are YouTube, Pinterest, and Mailchimp. performs well when it comes to site customization.

Expert Help

If you encounter any issues when using this web creator, you should contact the support team for help. The team of engineers is readily accessible and will guide you on the right tools to sort out the issue at hand.

SEO Tools

This WordPress product has a load of SEO tools that helps achieve a good rank. The content delivery networks (CDN) aid in the speedy loading of your site. Other tools are SSL certificates for security and XML sitemaps for organization.

Design is home to tons of themes you use when creating your website. You are sure to get what you need, with mobile-friendly layouts being part of the catalog. Designing is a hassle-free task with a clear idea of what you want your site to look like.


A free version is an excellent starting point, giving you a chance to learn about the product. If satisfied, you can subscribe to the Personal or Premium plan. The former goes for $4 per month, while the other costs $8. 

You pay for the packages annually.

 5. Duda

Duda builder

Coming in the fifth position is Duda, a perfect resume builder for organizations. It has a vast collection of resources that enable you to have a befitting website that markets you to your target audience.

Duda does not disappoint when it comes to its resources, as we will see.


Duda Learning Tools

An impressive element of Duda is the many educational tools it stocks. As a beginner, you will benefit from the learning resources. The Duda University section has many courses, like Introduction to Duda, Build Your Site, and lessons about optimization.

They are online classes that go for up to an hour, divided into courses for learning ease. You can also enroll in the webinars or check out the blog section full of informative articles on this product.

Duda Client Management

Client input is critical when handling a project, and once in a while, they may need some changes on the work assigned. With your site running, you can work together with your clients on your website, supported by the Duda client management feature.

Your clients can view site data, make changes and check on work progress.

Duda Experts

If you do not have ample time on your hands, you might consider hiring Duda experts to take on the web creation task. The experts serve many regions, offering services like web migration, template creation, and API integration.

Site Editor

Getting an online resume may be an uphill task, but Duda’s site editors make the job relatively straightforward. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor saves you a lot of time. It eliminates the need for programming knowledge in web development.

For customizability, you can edit by device. Here, you create various layouts for site access by different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and PC.


You have the freedom to pick any of the several modern templates to uphold your site’s layout. They are versatile, and you may reset them at any time. In case you created a custom template, you can save it for future use in the My Templates section on the editor.


Duda’s prices are highly competitive, and most newbies may get discouraged by their steepness. You have four plans at your disposal. As a freelancer, picking the Basic or Team package is advisable, going for $14 and $22 per month, respectively. The latter comes with a 14-day free trial period.

If the resume site is for a company or agency, consider the Agency and Custom plans. The Agency plan costs $44 per month. You have to reach out to Duda’s sales team for quotes on the Custom package. Paying annually grants you a 25% discount.

6.      Site123

SITE123 website builder

Creating a website is a daunting task for many people. Some may give up along the way due to unavoidable hurdles. 

Site123 makes it to the best resume website builders list due to its convenience. Web creation with this companion is stress-free, despite its limited resources.

A look at its features shows you how good it is.


Intuitive Web Editor

You do not need to be a pro coder to use Site123’s web development services. Its intuitive web editor makes every step easy. As a novice web creator, the simplicity of this tool works to your benefit.


At the moment, most sites have a mobile version that is as good as the PC’s, seeing that many people browse using their smartphones. You can create a highly functional platform for your resume accessible by phone using Site123.

With a mobile-friendly website, you improve your chances of landing a collaborator or employer.

SEO Tools

Site123 has plenty of SEO tools at your disposal for fast reach to your targets. The tools improve your visibility and work in tandem with the site’s responsiveness to retain visitors. 

This resume web creator lets you create and edit meta tags, check your sitemap, and weigh your site’s performance.

Multilingual Support

If looking for a broader audience, you set the multilingual support for access by visitors from different parts of the world. You add the languages you want supported and wait for offers to start coming.

Image Galleries

Photos are an excellent form of communication. A handful of pictures can do you justice in getting the right partner for your gig, especially if you are into photography or a similar visual venture.

Site123 allows you to integrate image galleries when designing the website. You may add as many images as you want, together with videos.


At only six, this platform does not have many template options for your personal site. The good news is that you can edit the few choices you have to develop a unique layout that will sell.


Site123 has two pricing options, free and premium. You can use it for free to test the product, though it is not ideal for long-term use due to resource limits. You get 250MB of storage and bandwidth and a subdomain.

The premium plan requires you to pay $5.80 per month. Perks of this package are free domain for a year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, and connection to your domain. The price is fair, and if you have any queries, you contact the support team via the 24/7 live chat.


WordPress org Blog Tool Publishing Platform

The final entry on this list is another WordPress product. Unlike other entries, it is a content management system instead of an actual web builder. This means you have to bring additional tools on board when creating an online resume.

While the cost-effectiveness of is not apparent at first, with patience, you will appreciate its affordability.

Features of

Support of Multiple Plugins

An endearing feature of this management system is its compatibility with thousands of plugins. You add as many plugins as you want to improve the personal website’s functionality.

Learn About WordPress

As a novice user of this platform, you have several learning resources to use. First of all, you can join the vast workshops that tackle many topics. Also, lesson plans will lead you through the ropes of


Your online resume will be accessible via mobile phones. WordPress supports mobile access; thus, it will expand the reach of your portfolio.

Media Management

This platform allows for media integration, where you add images, audio, and video files to the site. If put together with the right plugins, the media files will do more justice to your e-resume.


Plugins and themes are the designing units of You cannot exhaust the two; hence, your web designing session is a game of many possibilities, making it a fun exercise. The pattern feature lets you copy-paste a layout design and put it on your WordPress site.

Pricing’s costs vary, but they can be $10 to $20 monthly at the bare minimum. The price of plugins and other extras shoots it up. 

Get the right plugins according to your needs and use a reliable hosting service. We recommend using WordPress with Bluehost.

Why We Recommend Building a Resume Website

Do I need a resume website? As a growing professional who needs to draw more clients or collaborators to your products and services, you need one. 

Looking at the roles that the resume website plays will convince you why you need to build one.

  •  Help You Stand Out

When looking for a job, you need to stand out to beat other competitors seeking the same opportunity. You can show how tech-savvy and evolving you are by investing in a resume website. It will do you wonders if you are in the tech or artistic niches, as it shows how flexible and quick you are to adopting new approaches.

On standing out, a quality web builder sees that you have an excellent presentation that sells your skill set to prospective clients.

  • Be Found by The Right People

It is way easier for clients to sift through online resumes than physical ones. They can filter search results to land on the best pick for the task at hand. If you correctly design an e-resume and have the right skills, it won’t be long until you find the right match.

Some web creators have SEO tools that rank you top depending on the search parameters. If everything ticks right, clients will contact you in impressive numbers.

  • Display for Your Work

An online resume is an excellent way to display your work. Many clients or collaborators want to see your expertise in your respective field. You can have some work samples for the target audience to check out on the website.

It works perfectly in photography, where you attach branded samples of photos and videos. If the clients see what they want, they hit you up immediately for a deal. Always have the best samples on your site.

Online Resume Builders (For PDF Resumes)

Opportunity searching needs you to be versatile and be ready for any situation. Some openings may also require a physical copy. In this case, a website with a download option comes in handy. You can download the resume in PDF format and print it out.

Best Resume Builder Websites: Summary

A resume shows your work experience and availability for work opportunities. You can take your presentation to the next level by investing in a resume website.

This article brings you the best selection of resume builder websites and their features. Pick a preferable web builder and have your skills on display to get an employer or collaborator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Resume?

This form of resume is an online description of your work experience and expertise. It is like the traditional resume, only that it exists as a website, which makes it easy for online employers to find you.

Are Resume Builder Websites Free?

If you want a resume website, you either create one or pay someone to do it for you. There exist free building sites, though the features may be minimal. For more resources that will make the web creation process smooth and fruitful,  you go for premium sites.

Do I Need Tech Skills to Use a Resume Builder Website?

Unlike building a site from scratch, you do not need complex tech skills to create a resume website using a builder. Basic know-how of how websites work is all you need to bring a resume website to life. 

Coding and programming skills are a plus, especially when it comes to troubleshooting and site maintenance.

How Do I Make My Resume Website Using a Website Builder?

You start by signing up for the services of the website builder, more so if you have to pay for them. You then follow outlined steps in the provided guides, where you pick a template. Work on the template by providing necessary information about yourself. Some sites allow you to add photos and videos to the website you are creating for marketability.

Once your site has a satisfying look, you can go live with it. Always check on analytics to see how well it performs.

Should I Use a Custom Domain for My Website?

A custom domain speaks a lot about you and the services you offer. Most clients see a custom domain as a mark of legitimacy; therefore, a high chance of contacting you for your services. If your resume web builder has the option of a custom domain name, you should go for it.

What is the Correct Length for an Online Resume?

When working on an online resume, avoid being too stuffy. Be precise and provide relevant information, as that is what most potential collaborators are looking for in your resume. 

It is best not to go past two pages. More than that may be too much for site visitors to read.

What Additional Materials Could Help Your Resume?

Your online resume needs to stand out for you to land a dream job opening. Besides a brief description of yourself, add links to your previous works or referral contacts. You may add some photos or videos of your previous work where necessary.

What are the Top Three Sites to Post Your Resume?

There are several platforms to use to post your online CV. The popular sites include Squarespace, Weebly, Duda, and WordPress. They take the distinction of being the best due to attributes like ease of use, affordability, and presence of support resources such as SEO tools.

Can I use My Resume Website as an E-commerce Store?

The resume website’s main role is to market you and your services. You have the freedom to use it as an online store, though you will need to edit the provided templates further to achieve this purpose. Additionally, you need plugins to give it the functions suitable for an online store.

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