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Cloud hosting: What are the very best providers? Read evaluations of the different solutions offered. You’ve arrived at the proper spot.

With all the excellent features provided by A2 Hosting, you need to be certain that they are going to give you a refund in case you’re unhappy with the service. Close behind tend to be Kamatera and Cloudways, which we are going to check out more in this guidebook.

With regards to the ability, flexibility, and scalability to deal with massive traffic, cloud hosting can be best. Cloud hosting is certainly the very best choice for you, but you have to browse around to find out which ones are the top deals.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

One of the ways that this works is known as cloud hosting, which uses a distributed computing model, which implies that each server hosts several copies of your website. Cloud hosting is extremely flexible and scalable, which makes it perfect for websites that experience traffic spikes and drops.

Selecting a web hosting provider can be a massive challenge because there’re literally hundreds of choices available. Because of this, we invest considerable effort and time to locate the very best cloud hosts available.

Our top 9 cloud hosting companies have been selected for their outstanding customer support and cash-back guarantees. Let us get rolling

Best Cloud Hosting Providers and Services

  1. A2 Hosting: The currently best choice for Cloud Hosting.
  2. Cloudways: The second best option to choose from.
  3. Kamatera: Changing and customizing made easy.
  4. SiteGround: Offers the most various and optimal features.
  5. HostGator: Huge storage space.
  6. Hostwinds: A budget-friendly option.
  7. InMotion: Supports their users in the best possible way.
  8. DreamHost: Another very affordable option.
  9. Hostinger: Best to navigate

We didn’t just pull this list from the air. We carefully cross-referenced the features, compared reliability and uptime, tested prices, and tested support channels to make sure we are bringing you only the best.

Below are the star ratings for these three top providers.

For a full breakdown of our ratings, read on. We will discuss which providers are best suited for which needs, how they price, and give honorable mentions. Now let’s get going!

Side-By-Side Cloud Hosting Comparison

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of digital brainpower. It stores the necessary data for computers to perform tasks. Your site can handle more work if it has more RAM. A gigabyte (GB), or two, should suffice for most websites.

CPUs are the fundamental foundation of the server. These units act as the brain and process information. Naturally, the more information you have naturally, the more efficient your website becomes.

Bandwidth is how much data can flow between servers (i.e., Your site, the internet, and users. The value that determines the amount of info that could be sent between servers is the bandwidth. High traffic can be handled by hosting with good bandwidth.

Root access allows you to modify the environment of your server. You can do a lot of things, for example, making changes to the hardware settings adding software, which overall gives you more flexibility.

Uptime simply refers to how long your website has been online. Although it is impossible to guarantee 100% uptime, the goal is to be as close as possible. Your site can’t be accessed if it goes down.

Best Overall for Cloud Hosting

A2 Hosting

  1. Price range: USD 4.99 — USD 69.99 /
  2. Broadband capacity 2TB — 9TB
  3. 20GB — 250GB of storage capacity
  4. Indeed, do you mean no-cost backups?
  5. No free domain name?
  6. Sure, you possess root access.
  7. Can you provide me with a money-back guarantee anytime? Yes.

A2 Hosting: What we love about it

A2 Hosting is among the very best in the cloud hosting game. We appreciated the point that they provided a cash back guarantee which was exclusive to this particular organization.

Cloud plans start at just USD 4.99 per month and while uptime is really good at 99.95 %, you will also get a lot of good features. Overall, it is not too costly.

You will also discover they include an unlimited number of sites, together with having up to twelve CPU cores, and they include up to 250GB of storage.

What could be done to improve?

Even though you do not get a totally free domain name, buying an SSL certificate is an add-on for $4.99. So there is nothing to lose.

A Close Runner-Up


  1. Pricing is $10 USD to $1290.04 USD.
  2. Broadband 1TB — 10TB Bandwidth
  3. In between 25GB and 3840GB of storage area.
  4. No cost backups.
  5. No free domain name.
  6. No root access.
  7. No money-back guarantee?

What we like about Cloudways

Cloudways provides a decent second choice and depending on what you are searching for, it might be the best one available. With this platform, you are able to select your location from among twenty-five global locations, and you are able to also choose your own city and region.

This would make sure you’re never too far from your server, which is actually great for speed. Cloudways plans tend to be also much more flexible compared to competitors’. The cost you are going to pay is determined by the data center you select, but you are able to also choose between an hourly or a monthly package based on what you need.

For instance, you are able to buy a simple program of 10 dollars a month with a Digital Ocean data center in London, San Francisco, New York, and a couple of other cities. You may even receive exactly the same data and plan center for USD 0.0139 / hour in case you would like more flexibility.

What could be improved

You are able to get excellent customer support through Cloudways, with ticketing systems that are user-friendly and 24 / 7 live chat. In the event that you wish to get more features, though, you have to pay for 2 separate paid support programs. The advanced support package consists of proactive site monitoring and investigations for 100 USD per month and includes help with customization. You are able to choose a premium support plan, but this will set you back about USD 500 monthly, in case you would like 24 / 7 telephone support.

Best for Customization


  1. The cost range is between USD four to USD 3700.
  2. Bandwidth 1GB — 40GB Bandwidth.
  3. Capacity of storage 20GB — 1000GB.
  4. No cost backups.
  5. No free domain name.
  6. You possess root access.
  7. No money-back guarantee.

What we like about Kamatera

Whether you want to determine who’s root access to your servers or manage your IP allocation, Kamatera provides you with the perfect control of your cloud hosting.

The flexibility supplied by Kamatera enables you to scale resources up or down when needed. It is simple to alter everything on your server in a couple of clicks, including adding or removing parts of your personal computer, storage space, RAM, as well as firewalls.

In general, in case you would like something personal, Kamatera is most likely the best hosting solution for you.

What could be improved

You have to understand that Kamatera doesn’t guarantee 99.95 % uptime in case you place a high premium on uptime. This’s nonetheless a considerable percentage, and it accounts for approximately 4.5 hours of total system downtime each year. ” Nevertheless, uptime does fall far short of the 99.99 % guarantees provided by Cloudways and HostGator.

Best Features


  1. Range of prices: 80 – 240 US dollars.
  2. 5TB of Bandwidth
  3. 40GB – 120GB of storage readily available.
  4. Free backups
  5. No free domain name
  6. No root access.
  7. Provide me with a money-back guarantee for fifteen days? Yes.

What we like about SiteGround

SiteGround offers excellent support via phone, chat, and email. There’s also a strong uptime guarantee of 99.98% and other great features. This provider was rated 3.7/5 in our hosting research.

What could be improved

SiteGround has lost some points in a few areas. SiteGround doesn’t offer a complimentary domain name with any of its plans. It doesn’t provide a free domain name if you don’t have one yet. This is something that many other providers offer. The $80 start price will be a significant increase over other providers. If you are coming from a shared account, this will feel quite like an upsell.

SiteGround scores generally well, but its 5TB bandwidth, great support, and excellent uptime make it stand out.

Customer care at Siteground is unsurpassed. Help is always available, with live chat support and telephone support. It’s genuinely impressive!

Best for Those on a Budget


  1. Price range: USD 4.99 — USD 328.99
  2. Broadband 1TB — 9TB Bandwidth.
  3. The capacity of storage is 30GB — 750GB.
  4. Backups cost extra.
  5. No free domain name
  6. You possess root access for free.
  7. You have a sixty-day money-back guarantee.

What we like about Hostwinds

For cloud storage, Hostwinds offers a lot of Storage space, bandwidth, and RAM in addition to one-click install options for nearly all applications.

Hourly price breakdown may be the very best component of a Hostwinds program. For example, its most basic cloud hosting plan costs USD 0.006931 / hour, while its most advanced cloud plan costs USD 0.456931 / hour. ” It costs between USD 4.99 and USD 328.99 monthly, and Hostwind provides a great deal more for its customers than competitors. (Although DreamHost offers far better deals). Additionally to this, they provide a cash back guarantee which can last up to 2 months.

What could be improved

Hostwinds is affordable and offers decent value. However, you won’t get the same level of service as a higher-priced provider. This provider doesn’t include free backups, domain registrations, or server customization.

Best Help & Support


  1. The cost range will be $17.99 – $114.99.
  2. Bandwidth 4TB — 86TB Bandwidth
  3. Between 75GB and 260GB of storage capacity
  4. No cost backups?
  5. Obtain a domain name totally free with the six and 12-month plans?
  6. You possess root access.
  7. You are able to get a complete refund on your order (but it’s restricted to six months) within 30 days of placing your order).

What we like about InMotion

InMotion is best known for its shared hosting, but it doesn’t stop there. Customer support is the main selling point. It offers 24/7 live chat, phone support, help tickets, and a comprehensive knowledge center for any questions.

It also scores high for features. You can expect unlimited domains, backups, unlimited email addresses and websites, unmetered CPU cores, root access, and free parts. We have found that the help available is powerful, which in our experience always helps.

What could be improved

InMotion’s RAM cap is 8GB, which is relatively low compared to other providers. Bandwidth is also limited. This could be a problem if you have a site that experiences rapid surges in traffic.

Unmetered Storage


  1. Pricing ranges from USD 4.95 to USD 9.95.
  2. unmetered bandwidth
  3. Unmetered Storage.
  4. No-cost backups?
  5. No free domain name
  6. No root access.
  7. Provide with a money-back guarantee for forty-five days? Yes.

What we like about HostGator

HostGator is ranked among the best web hosting providers. HostGator’s 99.99% uptime not only well-known for its dedicated hosting packages but also covers all types of hosting it offers. HostGator’s unlimited storage is an excellent option for large websites, whether they are significant in terms of a number of pages or quality content such as imagery. You can also serve fluctuating traffic with unmetered bandwidth.

HostGator offers three cloud hosting packages at a very affordable price of $4.95 to $9.95 per month. Unlimited email accounts are included, as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee.

What could be improved

Your resources will be limited due to the low cost. You won’t get a free domain or backups, and you won’t have root access. Think about whether these features are a deal-breaker.

Cheapest Cloud Hosting


  1. Price ranges from USD 4.50 to USD 96.
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. 100GB of storage capacity
  4. If you use WordPress, are you obtaining no-cost backups for your websites
  5. No free domain name
  6. You possess root access.
  7. No money-back guarantee.

What we like about DreamHost

Although a provider may have the best features, the cost of hosting will not be affordable for you. DreamHost makes cloud-hosting accessible to everyone. Plans as low as $4.50 and as cheap as $100 for the most expensive project. An hourly rate will be used instead of a fixed price. Unmetered bandwidth is available, with up to 16GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and a free SSL security certification.

What could be improved

There are some severe downsides to this plan: there is no free domain, no support via live chat or phone, and no money-back guarantee. This plan is acceptable if it’s the cheapest, but not so if it costs $96/month. DreamHost cloud hosting plans have a limit of 100GB storage. This limits your ability to grow your website.

Best Control Panel


  1. Price ranges from $9.99 to $56.99.
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. 100GB – 200GB of storage space.
  4. No cost backups
  5. No cost domain name.
  6. No root access.
  7. You have a thirty-day money-back guarantee, which is good for 2 months.

What we like about Hostinger

Hostinger offers three cloud plans at a reasonable price. These plans include unlimited bandwidth and speed boosts thanks to its custom-built infrastructure. Hostinger‘s security features also impress – each project comes with a free SSL certificate and the option to add Cloudflare to increase protection against hackers or attacks.

Hostinger is also notable for its unique control panel. This was developed in-house, as opposed to the cPanel software used by most providers on this list. Hostinger‘s control panel makes it easy for beginners to learn and is very simple to use.

What could be improved

Hostinger’s 99.97% uptime guarantee is excellent but not the best. If uptime is your priority, HostGator and Cloudways offer 99.99% uptime guaranteed. Hostinger doesn’t provide support over the phone – although its live chat is excellent, you might prefer to speak with the support team by phone.

How Do You Choose the Right Cloud Hosting Provider?

When choosing a cloud hosting service provider, there are many factors you should consider. These are the main factors we have tried to address. Only you know what you want. We can only point you in the right direction.

We recommend prioritizing the following key points:

Personal Budget. What budget are you prepared to spend on hosting?

Customer Support is an excellent resource if you are new to web hosting. It will not only help you with any hosting issues, but it will also teach you how it works.

Money-back guarantees ensure that you aren’t locked into an 18-month contract for services you don’t need or want. This allows you to meet the provider in person.

Uptime is a crucial feature to look for. It can be a disaster for all involved if your website is down frequently. This is why it is essential to find a provider that provides near-perfect uptime.

Root access can also be helpful for more technical people. You can install additional software to benefit your site by having more control over the server environment.

The Best Cloud Hosting Providers: Conclusion

Cloud hosting is a reliable, modern form of hosting. It’s not surprising that you are interested!

Our research has revealed that there are nine top-rated cloud hosting providers. Each provider brings something different, so it is essential to understand what you are looking for.

Let’s recap: We will be looking at the top providers and their specialties.

A2 Hosting will be your best choice if you want the best cloud hosting. It offers more features than its competitors and isn’t expensive.

DreamHost is our recommendation for hosting if you are tight on cash. Cloud hosting starts at $4.50 per month, which is the best value.

You should consider features more than price. You should identify what is most important to your needs – RAM, storage, uptime, etc. Start from there. For a more thorough comparison of web hosting providers, take a look at our comparison chart.

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