Backblaze Review – Pros & Cons of Using Backblaze

Backblaze has more brand value than any other company in the cloud backup service market. And if you’ve been listening to a podcast, you’ve probably noticed the brand several times over. Although Back blaze backup providers have a simplified system with unlimited data storage backup files space, the question persists: Does it match your expectations?

Backblaze prioritizes streamlining the continuous backup plan over stacking its application full of options and parameters that you can monitor individually. While this results in a simple system to configure and move, it also requires much to be expected regarding usability and power. A nightmare! On top of that, more innovative functionality, such as photo online backup service and smartphone online backup service, is lacking.

Points that make Backblaze Worthy

Only a password and email are necessary to register for using Backblaze. Backblaze then produces a custom installation linked to your profile that installs quickly. Backblaze operates for macOS and Windows computers and provides software applications for all Android and iOS devices.

Hassle-Free Backup

Backblaze Backup and Cloud Storage Services

Once the Backblaze setup finishes, your hard USB drive searches for file size types (like media, one computer backed up files, and downloads) and measures the full online backup services backup codes. Press the Continue button will start the backup phase. This is perfect for consumers who don’t need to think about what they want to back up. Even so, if you want a little more power over whatever is transferred to the Backblaze cloud backup services, this initial backup behavior can be irritating.

You can stop the scan directly even after the backup phase begins, but you will still have to work with the denigration method of Backblaze if you wish to make adjustments. Notice that while Backblaze corroborates all user data on your device, it can be utilized for disc imagery. Backblaze allows you to return a USB hard drive; however, you have to pay more for Carbonite.

Excellent Web Interface

BackBlaze Unlimited Backup and Cloud Storage

Backblaze shows a symbol in the alert tray on a Windows computer. This provides you easy-to-use access to the Control Panel, a key to the restoration process of the Files page of the site, and a choice to retain backup status for new settings. Backblaze does not provide backup space device integration, like right-click choices to remove files or directories from your archive.

The interface is lightweight and excellent, even if it doesn’t look as stylish. You won’t have any trouble identifying and adjusting specific settings. Remember that the repair capabilities of Backblaze can only be accessed from the site. You have to move into the Configuration panel to customize your recovery settings. Simple settings include renaming the backup system and selecting which external hard drive to recover.

You can directly add configuration and throttling requirements on the Performance tab, but most users should transfer this to Automated settings.

Security and Privacy

Backblaze claims that it utilizes “2048-bit public and private elements to protect the symmetrical AES 128-bit key that varies for every recovery operation on your one computer.” Once they are private encryption keys, backups are submitted to Back blaze’s data centers via an SSL link, where they stay encrypted.

If you are worried about Backblaze workers, a hack, or a law enforcing agency prying on your backup, you can handle your same encrypted data. However, if you ever forget the password, Backblaze will not be unable to support you restore your key, and you will not access any encrypted recovery data.

You can allow a two-factor authentication device for your profile on the internet. Backblaze helps consumers to incorporate logins with the G- (SSO) system in the new update. These are everything in strong security solutions, and we would like them to be key equipment for everything in online backups.


To share backup data with Backblaze, you must allow the B2 Cloud backup feature in your settings. The two services are distinct; Backblaze contains the authentication and online backup Backblaze component, while B2 is a cloud storage service that is not influenced by any regional changes you create. Backblaze users get 10GB of maximum storage and one GB of free previews. Extra B2 space requires $0.005 per GB, while expanded transferability requires an extra $0.0 one per GB every 30 days.

From the View and Restore page of the website portal, press on the document, and then press the Sharing button on the page. This will create a shared connection that you can give to others for entry. Backblaze attaches this folder to a ‘Bucket’ on the rear side. You can reach all ‘Buckets’ in the B2 Cloud Storage portion of the key navigation list. When you exchange a document, it’s public, and everyone with a shared connection can reach it.

According to the Identify My Computer screen, Backblaze will monitor the position of your backup unit, the last upload collection of your computer. Backblaze effectively identified our test machine in the PCMag department during testing. In case your PC is damaged, Backblaze advises that you plan a rebuild, notify the authorities, and track any future involvement in your profile.

Mobile app

Backblaze also provides an iOS software app which is quite amazing. The main screen displays all the backup tools connected to your profile. From the secret left list, you can view any data that you transfer from your archive or access the software application Backblaze features. Similarly, the Configuration portion is scant. The only choices accessible are to recall your login details, permit biometric login, and enable cell link downloads.

Customer Support

During regular US office hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific Time), you can connect with users’ support through online chat. Conversely, an encrypted email system typically receives a reply within a few moments, along with the ability to monitor the ticket progress.

Upload Speed

Speed is an essential criterion when choosing a backup provider’s services, particularly when storing an unlimited amount of standard data. It shows 90% excellence, at least for original backup—downloading a 3.61GB folder over a 20Mbps and 10Mbps transfer link to measure its pace. Theoretically, if the link was completely secure and there is little or no more traffic to Back blaze’s database, that would imply that our transfer would require about 30 minutes, and the update would require around 60 minutes.

Backblaze Cloning Drive

You cannot even build a clone on your USB flash drive that would enable you to reproduce your program on a new computer. If these things are essential to you, we suggest that you test out the IDrive, as it contains all we’ve just mentioned, and more do refer to IDrive vs. Backblaze comparison before.

Instead of retrieving your data via a desktop server, Backblaze allows you to sign in to its online portal to recover your information. This raises some serious consequences for protection and confidentiality.

Data retrieval

To recover your files on your computer, move to the File types of the site, as the PC application does not provide this feature. Here are four choices: Download files, USB Hard Drive, Save computer Files to B2, and USB Flash Disk. For instance, the first choice is free of charge, while the B2 alternative utilizes your B2 space allowance.

If you want to revert to B2, the data collection will be configured as a sample, basically, a wedged array of computer files as they occurred at a specific moment in time. Hard Drive provides a similar level of recovery functionality.

Shortcomings of Backblaze

Backblaze Cloud Storage Services

  • Back blaze’s basic features restrict it to only a basic backup feature on your computer.
  • Subscription is restricted to just one device per profile on hard.
  • If you use a personal password and have forgotten it, the information in your subscription will be forever frozen without any possibility of recovery.
  • Previous copies of your document files can only survive up to 30 days until deleted.
  • Mobile apps can not be utilized to synchronize documents with your profile files.


Backblaze Cloud Backup

Backblaze allows you to restore an infinite quantity of data from a single device without any limitation on the specific files type Here’s how their price appears: monthly: $7.00 per month; one year: $70.00 (you safe $14/year); two years: $130.00 (you safe $38/year).

You can receive significant savings on Back blaze’s system when you prepay for one or 2 per year at check-in. Gain more with Refer-A-Friend services, where you can receive a free month for your buddy to sign up. Backblaze is one of the cheapest unlimited online backup selection packages tested. Backblaze also provides a specific business unlimited storage plan that you can learn about in our Business Online Backup services guide or check their website. You can seek Backblaze’s unlimited backup storage for 15 days until you have to agree to a regular or annual backup. They do not, however, give 100 percent free of charge.

It is necessary to switch which system is registered with Backblaze, whether by moving the license or having inherited the backup status on the new device. When you move a certificate, Backblaze will erase your backup files and begin again. If you want to maintain the backup system, Backblaze will recognize the data you substantiated to your previous system to prevent replication. Other providers with a specific application license operate in the same way.

Conclusion on Backblaze

Utilize Backblaze for digital storage at work for what it’s value. It is strongly recommended to use Backblaze for your personal users’ needs as well. It’s smooth, easy to utilize, and easy to overlook. Oh, that’s a positive thing! Not persuaded that Backblaze had been the best idea? Test out our impressions of Carbonite and SOS Online Storage, other cloud storage online backup services at the peak of our listings.

Backblaze has a lot of users and a ton of fans, and it’s simple to understand why – if you choose to return up anything from one device and the external drive, easily and safely, without costing much, it’s tough to resist it. There are no restrictions on file sizes and no restrictions on the sum of information you can upload to the cloud.

Just be sure you understand precisely what Backblaze is until you part with some money: it’s not about integrating files between machines or having quick access to your files via a search engine. It’s a robust, frame-basic asset to secure your information if the worst happens, and it’s good at that task.

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Is Backblaze any good?

Yes, It is a top digital storage platform to help you with everything in the best way possible.

Is Backblaze secure?

They have a high-end security feature which means if even your password gets lost, your account will get frozen forever. They Even provide 1 password per device to keep it as simple for you as possible.

Why is Backblaze so cheap?

It is cheap because this company wants to serve all the people without worrying about money. Their services are super affordable.

Is Backblaze really unlimited?

Yes, no file restrictions and file size restrictions make it perfect for people with a lot of data.

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