How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website

You can find many options for making money online. But honestly, choosing the correct online business is difficult. That’s because the options are never-ending and include everything from freelancing to dropshipping. But you can avoid this confusion by choosing the Amazon Associates affiliate model.

One of the best things about becoming an Amazon affiliate partner is that you can design your website just like you want it. If you want to start a business website, now is the time.

We will help you understand and learn the correct way of building an Amazon affiliate site from the ground up through this post. To keep things simple and easy, we have covered all the essential aspects of what it takes to start an Amazon Affiliate business.

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How does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work

To start building your website, you need to sign up. Once you do that, you get a unique tracking ID, like yourname-20. You can attach this ID to any Amazon product URLs to generate an affiliate link. 

Regular Amazon link:

Amazon affiliate link:

Now, if any customer clicks on the generated link within he gets a 24 hours duration cookie. If the customer makes an order during these 24 hours, you will get a commission on the sale.

The interesting thing here is that the cookie applies for any purchase during the 24-hours period. Even if the customer clicked a link to a kitchen knife and order a tennis racket instead, you will still get a commission. 

Also, if they purchase a tennis racket, kitchen knife, and a few other items, you will get a commission on every item. It is the main reason the Amazon affiliate program is more recognized than others. 

Since Amazon sells a large number of products, you can get a good commission on products that you might not even know about. 

Advantages of Building an Amazon Affiliate Site

Before you create a site, it’s essential to understand how helpful the Amazon Affiliate website can be in the first place. Surely, Amazon has a low payout for affiliates, but it also has profitable products that you can promote to get a better amount. 

Certain times, you might only have to sell 2-3 items a day to reach the $100/day threshold. Scroll down to know more about what makes the Amazon Affiliate website a great choice for online business. 

  • If you choose the right product, the opportunities are almoust endless
  • Long-term benefits are huge
  • Amazon Affiliate is easy to learn. Thus, you can get started with the internet market in no time
  • Selling products on Amazon is easier since it’s trusted worldwide
  • They have a clear path for profit
  • You can gain better profit and income from more than one product that you are promoting with the help of cookies
  • Review posts can be easily created
  • By picking the right niche, you can quickly scale the site 

Indeed Amazon Affiliate links have a lot of advantages, but that does not rule out its possible disadvantages. Below are some cons of Amazon Affiliate that you should know about. 

  • Creating content can become quite repetitive
  • Compared with the affiliate programs, Amazon commissions are often lower
  • To last longer in the market, you need to plan the Amazon niches sites smartly 
  • Creating links and increasing the ranking is not easy 

Do I Need to be Passionate About Niches to Succeed

While creating affiliate sites, people usually think about whether they should create one based on what they are passionate about or not. Honestly, there is no simple answer to this. That’s because it entirely depends on what you like and are passionate about. 

For instance, if you are passionate about dogs or other pets, you can start a business and earn a good amount of money by selling affiliate products. That’s because its market is large. 

But if you are passionate about basket weaving and would like to sell its product, you might not find a large enough market supporting you to generate income. 

So, while starting a business, choose an affiliate niche that you are comfortable writing about in the long run. Also, remember that you can quickly get passionate about something once you start earning a good amount of money from it. 

To further help you find a good niche, we have discussed its various aspects. Keep reading to know how they can help you reach your business goals. 

How to Find the Right Website Niche

As you know, before you start creating a business website, you need to find an Amazon niche that you are comfortable working with. Also, if your selected niche already has a good number of audiences, it would be beneficial. 

Thinking about creating a website that reviews every kind of product available on Amazon is not a good idea. Rather, you should cut down the items to attract more customers in a targeted market. 

If you really want your Amazon Affiliate website to work, you need to focus on two things. 

1. Consistent Volume of Targeted Traffic

You might notice that most of the online traffic directed towards your affiliate site comes from product reviews and product-related searches. 

For instance, people searching for long phrases such as “Ritual Essential vs. Garden Of Life Vitamin Code” or single product reviews are really looking for information to make a better purchasing decision. 

Informational content like “homemade cheese” or “how to construct a dollhouse” might not lead to sales. Yet, you must try to use these keywords to help your overall content strategy. 

Every business niche requires a different traffic volume to make its site successful. That’s because the success rate depends on three factors: at what rate your site can convert visitors into buyers, the prices of products you are promoting and the affiliate commissions percentage.

You don’t need lots of traffic to have a successful Amazon site in many situations. 

2. High-Price Products to Promote

While promoting Amazon link products, you need to remember that promoting low-priced products is not profitable. How, you might wonder? Well, a product that’s priced between $1-5 might not help you make a solid income. 

On the other hand, if you promote products like BBQ, blenders and juicers, furniture, bikes, or high-end appliances, you are likely to make $50 per sale. 

While promoting high-end products is more profitable, it doesn’t mean you should only focus on them. If you can’t find any similar product, you can stick to promoting cheaper products if the volume is high enough. This way, you are likely to generate more profit. 

How to Vet a Website Niche

How would you feel if, after starting a website, you found that there aren’t enough customers that can help you sustain? Or that the competitor is too stiff? We are sure that you might not like it. 

That’s why we have mentioned a few points that can help you know about the overall traffic for your Amazon affiliate niche. 

1. Strategized Keyword Research

Get started by narrowing your research. 

Finding Seed Keywords With Google

Take the help of Google to find out the possible keywords of your niche. For the sake of this example, we’re going to use the niche of Pokemon plush dolls. 

First, we’ll type in “Pokemon plush dolls amazon” into Google’s search bar. It will give us a series of products we can think about promoting. 

Find links to the best-rated products on on the SERPs. Look for products with high ratings and positive reviews. 

It’s also a good idea to check out the products being sold on competing eCommerce websites. It will give you an idea of the quality of the available products and help you decide which products are worth promoting. 

Finding a niche website can be challenging, but the idea is to keep looking for different and using keyword research to understand the size of the market and competitor affiliate’s keyword rankings. You must essentially scope out the market and determine whether there is a gap you can fill.

This 4″ Pokemon stuff toy had excellent ratings and seems like a product that would be easy to promote and sell. 

However, it is worth looking for higher-priced products in a relatively small niche when looking for niche ideas and products. High product quality in smaller, relatively obscure niches indicates that the product niche may increase demand. The pricier the product you sell, the bigger your commissions could be. 

The idea is to keep searching and not settle for one of the first niches you find. The most successful Amazon affiliate sites carefully consider various ranking factors and keep searching for niches until they stumble upon one with a high potential for success.

Keyword Breakdown With Google Keyword Tool

You can use Google Keyword Planner to find the accurate keyword research phrase. You can start by navigating the tool and then creating an account. 

You can easily open Google Keyword Planner by clicking on the Tools & Settings present on the right top corner. Then you will see a dropdown menu. From there, you need to choose the Keyword Planner listed under Planning. 

After that, you will come across two possible options:

  • Discover new keywords: If you are looking for a way to get new keywords for increasing your website traffic, you can use this option. 
  •  Get search volume and forecasts: If you want to know about the historical search volume, trend, and future forecast of the possible keywords, you should use this option. 

Use the “Get search volume and forecasts” option to get an idea of a keyword’s search volume every month.

Start by entering the phrases or keywords inside the box. Keep them separated using commas or lines. And at last, click on get started. 

Google Keyword Planner will show the average position, overall cost, and cost-per-click (CPC) for the keyword that you have entered. It will also display impressions, i.e., how many possible times your ad can run if it was live and the total number of clicks. 

If you can’t think of possible keywords, take the help of the ‘Keyword Ideas’ tab. This way, you can get an idea of how much search volume each keyword gets. By doing this, you need to understand that a good volume can convert visitors to sales for the first few months. 

2. Careful Competition Analysis

When you find a product interesting and obscure enough to sell, careful competitor analysis will help you gauge how difficult ranking on the SERPs will be. 

For instance, we found an interesting keyword, “magnetic pickup tool.” Searching for it on Google presented many products and links to some manufacturer websites. 

One of the top-ranking websites caught our eye, and we decided to investigate further.

While the site’s design makes it seem authoritative, it doesn’t provide a good enough reading experience. The content is too simplistic and doesn’t cater to the reader. 

Creating a website that reviews the product and provides a more informative reading experience should be easy. 

However, when we checked the number of backlinks on the website, we found 226 backlinks.

Making these many backlinks can be challenging, and the high backlinks reduce the chances of ranking on the top of the SERPs. 

Checking both: the quality of content and backlink volume and relevance is essential in competitor analysis.

Quality of Content

While doing competitor analysis, if you find a site with poor quality content, meaning the content has low word count or is poorly written, then it’s a good sign. 

That’s because then you can simply spend some time creating better quality content, which will increase your site’s ranking. 

Backlink Volume and Relevance

After the content, you need to look for a site with a low number of backlinks. If a site has more backlinks, it will get hard to outrank. To quickly know about a site’s backlink, you can use Semrush.

To ensure that you promote a series of products with low competition, you must repeat the process a couple of times.

Why Good SEO is Necessary for a Successful Amazon Affiliate Site

Amazon’s Affiliate Site is an excellent way of making money. But if you want to be successful in doing so, you need to attract online traffic. That’s because if there is no traffic, that means there are no visitors. And if there is no visitor, no one would check the affiliate links, meaning no commission. 

But don’t worry because there are numerous ways to direct traffic to the website. Among the possible ways, SEO is the popular option since it helps get bulk traffic. 

Here’s how SEO can help you. 

The thing is, if you are using a paid adds or promoting your blog on social media, people will see it. But after that, your traffic will drop again. And if you want to stop this, you must choose SEO because it has the opposite effect. 

What happens is that when you rank your site on Google using the popular keywords, people will search these keywords month after month. That means the traffic will be consistent, even better, it will increase with time. It won’t drop. 

You might argue that you can get the same result using paid ads. So, what’s the difference? Well, the issue with paid ads is that:

  • You need to pay for them
  • You will hardly make any profit because the ad will eat up the affiliate commission
  • And lastly, paid ads are similar to all or nothing. Once you stop paying for the ads, your traffic will drop to zero

So, it’s safe to say that SEO is better because it helps you to have consistent and natural traffic. 

Setting Up an Amazon Affiliate Site with WordPress

You can move to building your website once you have done the niche selection process, competition analysis, and keyword search. If you don’t want your website to fail, try not skipping any of these steps.

To make your site a success, you can further use WordPress. Below’s how using this platform can be beneficial. 

1. Choose a Domain Name

While picking a domain name, you need to be careful. You need to select a name that does not limit the growth of your site in the future. 

For example, selecting a domain name like might limit your growth to just writing about pokemon plushies. However, if you choose something like, your growth will not be limited because you can expand your site into different niches. 

Careful planning and better research can help you get successful. And once you are successful, you need to expand to stay in the market. That’s why it’s essential to select a domain name that does not push you out of business in a longer picture. 

If you want to purchase a better domain name, taking the help of popular domain registrars like NameCheap, Hostgator, or Bluehost is suggested. You can avoid using GoDaddy. 

The below example suits you best if you purchase a domain name from NameCheap. So, after buying a domain name, you should point it towards the web host. That means you should invest in hosting before setting up a domain name. 

Navigate to Your Dashboard

If you purchase a domain name using NameCheap, its dashboard will show all the names you have purchased through it. The below-mentioned nameservers are edited according to your web host

Start by clicking the ‘Manage’ button on the right side of the domain name. This way, all the relevant information about your domain will be displayed. After that, you can navigate to where it says ‘Nameservers.’ 

Then you need to click on the ‘Add Nameserver’ option, where you can mention the relevant information you have received from the hosting provider. If you are doing it correctly, it will look like this:

1st Nameserver:

2nd Nameserver:

2. Select a Website Hosting Provider

Did you know that your web host plays an important role when hosting all the relevant files of your site? That’s why you must choose a web host properly. Some of the available web host options, specialize in WordPress hosting. Others will be directed towards sites with a large volume of traffic. 

The below-mentioned example is drafted assuming you have selected HostGator for website hosting

The best thing about choosing HostGator is that you can get hosting + a FREE domain name from HostGator. All these things are available at just $2.75 per month. 

Once you have signed up, the experts of HostGator will send an email list that comes with access to cPanel and login credentials. If you don’t have a domain name linked with your hosting account, you can navigate to cPanel. Then go to the ‘Domains’ section and click the ‘AddOn’ domain.

After this screen is displayed, you can input the purchased domain name. It can be done by clicking on ‘Add Domain.’ Doing this will then link your hosting account and domain. Then you can install WordPress. 

3. Install WordPress

Since WordPress website builder is popular, several hosts have simplified its installation process. Generally, they let the users complete the installation in one click. After that, they guide you throughout the process.  

You will then see the’ QuickInstall’ option when navigating cPanel to Software and Services. From the QuickInstall page, you must move to the link that’s present on the left-hand sidebar. Then you have to fill out a form. 

Complete the process by selecting a domain name from the dropdown option. Then input your email address, admin user’s name, and the blog’s name. Finally, click on ‘Install WordPress.’

Once the installation is completed, you will get an email that will contain your login credentials. You will need the credential details later. 

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes You Should Try

While choosing a theme, it’s essential to select something that tells about your affiliate site. And a theme that’s fresh, not dull. Below are five such recommendations that you can consider. 

1. Zeen

Zeen is a next-generation theme designed by an experienced designer. Also, it’s optimized and coded by specialists to offer an unbeatable product to users. 

It has news and magazines as its base. This innovative theme can power your creative and beautiful ideas. Zeen is an ideal theme for multiple niches like travel, food, viral, and more. 

2. REHub

It is a modern WordPress theme that has a multipurpose hybrid touch. It’s ideal for modern business because each part can be separately used. 

This innovative theme comes with added 3D/AR options to make better WooCommerce pages and products. Also, it has extended post layouts, responsive table constructor, and top review list constructor. 

3. Voice

It’s a responsive news magazine WordPress theme. This unique theme comes packed with multiple features like WooCommerce integration and bbPress. 

The best thing about this theme is that it’s highly customizable. Also, it lets you easily create a style that meets your needs. 

4. Price Compare

If you want to create a price comparison site, you can choose this theme. After selecting this theme, your website will look just like the demo. Also, there’s no hidden cost included. 

5. Mercury 

The last theme option is Mercury. It’s recommended for building profitable affiliate marketing websites. You don’t require any technical knowledge to use it. It has four post templates, 25 custom shortcodes, and 26 custom widgets. 

How to Install Theme on WordPress

You can install a theme by visiting the dashboard and then going to “” After that, you are required to enter your password and username. Then you will be directed to the WordPress dashboard. 

Then you can move from Appearance>Themes. Then click on ‘Add New,’ then ‘Upload.’ After that, upload the theme. 

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

You can find a number of beneficial website WordPress plugins to choose from. But don’t get overwhelmed with the multiple options because we have highlighted the best plugins, both paid and free. 

1. EasyAzon

By using EasyAzon, you can earn more, and it will also save your time, allowing you to quickly create Amazon Affiliate links. You can get this powerful affiliate plugin for free. You can use it on unlimited personal websites, client websites, and websites to flip. 

2. Yoast SEO

Next is Yoast SEO, made for everyone because it’s so simple to understand and easy to use. This plugin has helped thousands of people to improve their website SEO and rank higher on the SERPs. 

3. WP Review

The third plugin on this list is WP Review which comes with 16 predefined designs and is compatible with any WordPress theme. Its pro version has Google Place Reviews integrated, Yelp Reviews integrated, Facebook Reviews integrated, and more. 

4. Pretty Links

You can see this plugin as a surprise inheritance because it can unlock better revenue affiliates by hiding your original hyperlink, making it look less spamy. 

5. W3 Total Cache

The last plugin recommendation is W3 Total Cache which improves overall user experience and SEO. It’s the a web hosting agnostic that cashes your website and improves its speed and is trusted by many people. 

How to Create Evergreen Amazon Affiliate Content

We have discussed how you could take over a niche site with low-quality content creation through this post. So, if you don’t create better content, your website is most likely to be forgotten. That’s why we have listed four common types of content. 

The In-Depth Review Post

It’s the frequently used content type that is used for promoting products. Writing this kind of post requires a lot of time as it acts as a piece of sales copy that can convert visitors into customers. 

The best thing about in-depth product reviews is that they offer all the essential details to the customer to make an informed decision. Here’s how you can create a better in-depth review post. 

  • Try to connect with their journey
  • Tell about the product’s benefits
  • Highlight any possible drawbacks 
  • Mention the information that Amazon description doesn’t talk about
  • Answer any possible product objection 
  • Give a quick summary 

The Comparison Post

You will compare two or more similar products through the comparison post. Make sure that the product you are selecting for comparison has similar ratings. 

The comparison post shows how one product is better than the rest. To write this post, you can follow the similar instructions of the in-depth post. But along with that, you must also highlight the possible difference between the compared products. 

The How-To Post

Next is the how-to post that is beneficial to publish because they serve the target market. For example, if your site is about backyard furniture, you can write about:

  • 5 Backyard-Friendly Ways to Spend Quality Time With Family 
  • Things to Remember When Hosting a BBQ Party 
  • 10 Things to Check When Buying a New Grill 
  • 5 Table and Chair Set That are Getting Popular This Season 

Roundup and Listicle Posts

The last one is a roundup and listicle posts that are incredibly popular among people. You can bring huge traffic to your website through this kind of post. They can attract relevant links that can improve your search engine rankings.

Here are some examples of interesting posts you could write if your website is about backyard furniture:

  • 30 Popular Designs that Makes the Perfect Backyard 
  • 50 Unique Patios You Should Know About 
  • 25 Best Outdoor Furniture of This Year

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