The Best AdSense Alternatives to Consider for Your Site in 2022

Nicely putting ads on your site could be of big help if you want to make extra money from it. A great ad network to connect you with advertisers is a necessity for a successful blog. Тhis is how many people have established their places on the web nowadays.

If you have already considered putting advertising on your site, you just arrived at the right place.

Website publishers choose the area on their page where they want the ads to come up and pick up an ad network with an automated system.

When people view, click, or make a purchase through these ads, publishers receive a small amount of money, while the rest of the earnings from online advertisers goes to the network.

Google Adsense is a reliable, lightweight, pay-per-click program, and if you are starting your website journey, you will be pleased with the revenue from the generated clicks. However, many Google Adsense alternatives are worth your attention. Our team gathered the best out there, and we are so excited to share them with you!

Why Use an AdSense Alternative?

Do not get us wrong. Adsense is an amazing Google platform. But what we want to focus on is that it might not be the most suitable for your blog. There are some disadvantages, and it is always better to have options. Monetizing your blog should be well-considered like every other thing in it.

Eligibility Requirements

Like many others, Google Adsense requires publishers to reach a certain level of popularity on the web before allowing them to use their privileges. If you are still not authorized for the Google ad network, you will need an alternative that does not have too many requirements.

The platform has strict click fraud control, which sometimes leads to a disabled Adsense account. This can happen for ridiculous reasons, such as accidentally clicking on your own ads or placing them on a page you are not supposed to. We think there are more forgiving platforms that will not make you walk on ice all the time.

Revenue Share

Monetizing your website with Adsense can provide you with 68% of the revenue from your website’s ads. Overall this is not bad, but if you consider some of the disadvantages, you might want to try out an alternative solution.

The best Adsense alternative platforms can offer you more share than that. Of course, your site needs to be with high traffic and hosted by a steady provider. However, if you have all that figured out, it is worth going for the advertising networks we are about to mention down below.

Ad Customization

This Google platform is not really flexible when we talk about ad customization. Adsense alternatives allow you to change the look of the ads and adapt them to your website theme. This way, they will appear as parts of your content and not separate units. This can enrich your original content, but either way, ads will look way more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

What you can customize varies depending on the different platforms. Customization could be only the sizing and color of the unit, which is something that Google Adsense does not even feature.

Minimum Payout

Minim Payout refers to a certain amount of earnings you need to gain before they are actually paid to you. Google policy is $100, which is significantly higher than with other Adsense alternatives. If you have recently started your website, it might take longer than you expect to receive anything from ads.

This is why we prefer other platforms that offer a lower minimum payout for a quick start.

Additional Revenue Sources

Is Google AdSense the best? Adsense is one of the best available ad networks, but it gives you a minimum payout and has many restrictions for the newbies. The good thing is you can get a companion that will work alongside Adsense and be an extra source of revenue.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

If you want to try Adsense alternatives, you can check the following suggestions. Our team wants to ensure you that we did thorough research, tried each one of them, and we will give you our honest opinion.


Media net Advertising Programmatic Platform

This is one of our favorites for Adsense alternatives, and we are willing to share what it offers. The platform is undoubtedly top-notch in contextual advertising. Instead of Google, Media net is run by Yahoo and Bing, and most website publishers that avoid Adsense are using this one. It features a variety of native ads and displays ads for mobile users or desktops.

As for the revenue, you would earn almost the same amount as with Adsense. It also has approval requirements that need to look through. If you want to be accepted, you need a clean-looking blog with a professional design and high-quality content. You can use this ad network to monetize your site only if your visitors are from the U.S., Canada, or U.K. The minimum payout is $100 via PayPal.

2. PropellerAds

PropellerAds Display and Mobile Advertising Network

This platform is more willing to give new blog owners and the more experienced ones a chance. PropellerAds is still growing and showing its potential for the last few years. It is famous for the pop-under ads, also known as OnClick ads, which will show up after the window is closed.

For some bloggers, pop-under ads might seem too aggressive but don’t worry since this platform offers native ads, video ads, and banners. What else? It includes features for applications and mobile sites, such as a push notification ad type.

We love that there are no requirements for your site’s traffic. You get an activated account immediately after registration, and the minimum payout for this advertising network is only $5 through PayPal. You get your money every month.

3. Revcontent

Revcontent native advertising

If you are a perfectionist and want your ads to match your website’s design and feel, this platform might be an excellent match for you. Revcontent is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives since it offers a great quality of native ads for your site. They are targeted to blend in, thus generating more clicks. In most cases, this is the recipe for guaranteed revenue uplift with time.

It also includes display ads (banners), mobile, and video ads. Revcontent has gained a reputation for working with outstanding publishers as well as exceptional advertisers. This ad monetization network has a content recommendation technology and partners with publishers that are likely to have more visitors, which in the long term, attracts advertisers willing to pay more for the service.

Where is the catch? Your website or blog should be excellent to be selected. It is safe to say that Revcontent is even pickier than Google Adsense. This ad network requires 50,000 monthly visitors and regular content. It also provides you with real-time reporting and world-class support.

However, it is worth taking a shot with this one. At first, you might get rejected, but you can always try again once you succeed and grow. Their motto could be quality over quantity. The value of this ad network could help your site significantly. Statistics show that engagement rates with Revcontecnt increase significantly. The minimum payout is less than Adsense – $50, paid monthly.

4. InfoLinks


InfoLinks is an Adsense alternative to display ads. Its great power lies in the in-text advertising placement. It features smart ads technology, which searches for keywords in your blog text and automatically suggests relevant ads. If you are a blog owner, InfoLinks might be for you.

In-text ads perform better in blogs because there are more words on the page. You will get more relevant ads for your website related to the content. The good news is that InfoLink monetizes any site or blog, no matter if it is new or old. This Adsense alternative does not require a minimum amount for page views and a setup fee.

You can set it up and start with the text-in ads or display ads. There is a reporting dashboard where you can get an insight into the engagement rate. InfoLinks pays after 45 days via Western Union, Payoneer, PayPal. Here $50 is the minimum payout.

5. Bidvertiser

BidVertiser Direct Advertising Network

Bidvertiser offers to find the optimal match between publishers and advertisers. It operates on a bidding campaign system, which means it displays ad space on your website and gives it to the advertisers who want to pay the most for it.

Opinions differ on which is the best approach. If your site shows amazing traffic results, you can earn more income than with Adsense because advertisers will try to outbid each other. But the question is, how are you gonna make advertisers fight over a place on your site? This could be a problem if strong advertisers are not aware of your site, and you end up not receiving anything at all.

This is one of the Google Adsense alternatives that offer easy ad customization tools and payments for clicks and conversions. There are no approval restrictions like the other ad networks. Bidvertiser can provide different ad types like pop-under ads, push ads, native ads, and direct ads. You get paid monthly, through PayPal, and after earning $10.

6. Adcash


Some of the Google Adsense alternatives mentioned here have users less than 100k. Adcash is a proud Adsense alternative used by more than 200 million web publishers and still grows each month. It offers most ad formats that you can think of, from a standard display ad to premium units like instream video ads. All of them are easy to customize, and there are real-time reports of the ad performance on your website that can be seen in the admin panel.

It works for small bloggers, too. Like RevenueHits, it follows a pay-per-action model. As with the other Adsense alternatives, you would get your money through Payoneer, PayPal, WebMoney, and Skrill. The minimum payout is $25.

7. BuySellAds

BuySellAds Advertising Solutions

If you are a proud owner of a blog with high traffic, you can consider BuySellAds as your Adsense alternative. This one will require 100,000 page views per month and publishers with an exclusive taste of web design and content. It also only accepts English language websites. We know that this is a high bar, but if you find your site in these categories, you can get a 75% commission per click.

BuySellAds is a high-quality ad network and self-serve platform that offers a significantly higher commission rate than the other advertising platforms. The most surprising thing for us was that the lower payout is only $20. You can get your money through PayPal.

The difference from the other suggestions is that it doesn’t work with automated and targeted ads. Publishers have to sell the ad space from their website via the marketplace.

8. Skimlinks

Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Solutions

This Adsense alternative can generate an income by affiliate marketing. It scans the text on your site and finds links to other sites. If someone clicks on the affiliate link created from Skimlinks, you will receive 75% of the commission. If users decide to purchase a product from the affiliate site, you will earn additional revenue.

If you are a blogger who doesn’t want to display ads but still is going for monetizing their blog, Skimlinks could be your choice. If your content includes product reviews and mentions of different brands, this advertising network will work well for your preferences. The minimum payout of $10 is significantly low. However, publishers receive the payment every 3 months.

9. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon com Associates Central Native Shopping Ads

We bet some of you didn’t know about Amazon display ad programs. Amazon Native Shopping Ads are targeted based on the available content. By placing Native Amazon products, visitors clicking on their link, and purchasing a product, you will receive a commission.

Amazon already has an unparalleled reputation, so your visitors will be more willing to buy something advertised on your site or blog. The minimum payout is only $10, and payment is received directly to your credit card after two months.

10. RevenueHits

This is an alternative to Google Adsense that is new to the industry. However, in case you decide to monetize your website with it, you will not be disappointed. It is a simple to use, intuitive platform that promises to bring you profit with minimum effort from your side. If you think this sounds too good to be true, you might be right, but still, it has an advanced ad optimization tool.

The RevenueHits optimization tool shows you where to place your ads on the page to gain more engagement. It figures this out from your previous ad performance. Also, you do not need huge traffic to get started with it. The catch here is that ads are not pay-per-click but performance-based, meaning you do not get paid for just a click alone.

Your visitors should click on the ad and answer questions or complete some kind of task on the advertiser’s site. Although this may vary, it is better to gain revenue through clicks since it is more attainable than subscribing to a service or purchasing. The minimum ad revenue should be $20, and it is paid monthly via PayPal and Payoneer.

Ads Without AdSense

Whether you want to earn an income from affiliate links or display advertising, you need an Adsense alternative to ensure you will have a secure revenue. Getting paid from advertisers will keep you motivated and cover all the spending on your website. We tried to mention many platforms, so you are more unlikely to settle on one.

You are free to test some of them before making the final decision. It is better if you do so over time and see for yourself which one is more suitable for your blog and brings you more income. Google might be the first choice to many, but remember that curiosity and trying new things often can open new doors of success for you!

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