A2 Hosting vs SiteGround (2021) – Here’s the Winner!

Suppose you wonder which one is the best web hosting provider between the A2 hosting vs. SiteGround.

Both of them have gained immense popularity for their exceptional performance amongst all the other web hosting sites in the market. Let’s read further to know which web host one is better between the A2 hosting vs. SiteGround.

Your online business can be easily sabotaged if you choose the wrong one amongst the other web hosts. For the same reason, we have explained in detail the pros and cons of both the A2 hosting vs. SiteGround, in fact, with an unbiased comparison between both.

Overview of SiteGround vs. A2 hosting

The SiteGround is considered one of the providers recommended by WordPress. Org. SiteGround offers its clients the best WordPress hosting support, which is available 24/7 for their customers in the whole industry. The SiteGround includes various other features like the built-in WP caching, automatic WordPress upgrades, CDN, 1-click staging, and the GIT version for control.

The SiteGround is amongst those few companies which offer their clients one choice to choose their own location for a data center while signing up with them. For those clients who want to speed test the services of the SiteGround thoroughly, the company is offering them one benefit 30-day-money-back-guarantee.

For instance, they would let you select between the hosting plans with Windows and Linux for the shared hosting plans. While signing up with the hosting platform, you can also choose the hosting management type for either the VPS hosting or the server hosting that is dedicated as per the client’s convenience.

Like each other, the A2 hosting WordPress platform offers its customers a preference for the data center location. The A2 hosting is also providing their customers with the 30-day-money-back guarantee, which can be quite beneficial for the clients. The clients can also request a refund for the service if you have not used their service in 30 days.

Page Speed and Uptime-SiteGround vs. A2 hosting

The top industry speed technologies are being offered by SiteGround, which includes the NGINX, PHP7, HTTP/2, the free CDN, or the Content Delivery Network to enhance the speed of the WordPress hosting sites. At the same time, the A2 hosting provides the client with an option to go with the Turbo servers while signing up for the services at the A2 hosting. These turbo Servers are also known as Apache replacement, which can speed the performance of your site by at least 20x faster than the bounce rates in the speed test.

If you consider testing the web hosting servers’ performance between the SiteGround vs. A2 hosting comparison, then we did for you. A test was created on the WordPress platform for web hosting companies, the SiteGround, and the A2 hosting company.

To replicate the exact production environment in the WordPress test that we created, we successfully installed a theme that is default for WordPress. We specially added the dummy content and also uploaded some of the images to create the mirror image of a working website.

When we went on to test the SiteGround vs. A2 hosting, we were revealed a result in which the SiteGround took not more than a second to load when the site was tested in Dallas, Texas. The results, as mentioned earlier, were relatively faster than all the other 95% of the hosting sites.

In the hosting comparison, the A2 hosting took more than 1.28 seconds for loading, which brought forth a result in which we came to know that the A2 hosting site was only fast to almost 84% of the hosting comparison sites.

To our satisfaction, we went on further to test the site in yet another performance exam for the SiteGround and the A2 hosting dedicated hosting CPU site. This test was conducted with the help of the load impact to look if the shared hosting server will provide us with efficient results within a traffic server situation like a surge.

To test the A2 hosting and SiteGround product efficiently, we sent away some of the Virtual users or the VU to a web hosting site to create a traffic surge product.

In our test, The SiteGround was able to deliver better results than the A2 hosting platform. The SiteGround provided us with better results until it had less than 50 Virtual users. The website’s turbo boost reduced for some moments after the traffic was continually increasing at the website. Then again, the website got reverted for some more time.

The hosting SiteGround is conclusive of so much technology that will assist the web pages in loading quickly. The site’s uptime is crucial as if the site takes much to upload, and then, in that case, the client may switch to any other location, which is a massive loss for the company as they lose their customers and suffer losses in business too.

The hosting site also contains its Super cacher, which assists in the server’s page loading time as the host site is offering multiple tools. The A2 site for hosting is offering speed and uptime, which is even faster than the other sites, and the site’s response time is also excellent. The main reason behind the server’s speed is the speed-optimized server, SSD storage, and the system, which work similarly to the Domain name system that is often called Anycast DNS.

On the other hand, the A2 hosting site was able to perform well until it had 40 Virtual users on the site. After that, the traffic was increased in our test, and then the website got a bit slow for some time until it finally reverted to its normal state again. So we would say that in terms of the Page Speed and Uptime, the SiteGround performed much better than the A2 hosting SiteGround in the comparison for the SiteGround vs. A2 hosting web hosts.

Ease of Use-SiteGround vs. A2 Hosting

In terms of managing the web hosting accounts, the A2 hosting and SiteGround can provide the customers with access to the control panel. The hosts’ hosting packages offer us one-click installers, which helps the users quickly install all the other viral scripts from the website like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

If the user considers going with the A2 hosting for the Windows hosting, they will have access to Plesk, which can help them manage their web hosting accounts. So we can clearly say that both the SiteGround and A2 hosting have provided the users with sufficient resources without any difference, so there is a tie between SiteGround A2 hosting in terms of the ease of use.

Feature- SiteGround vs. A2 hosting

Both free website A2 hosting vs. SiteGround hosting providers have provided their users with vital features for the hosting services. These features are essential so that the A2 hosting and SiteGround web host services are working efficiently to keep the web hosts running. These features include the website builders,one-click installers, choice of data centers, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

We have mentioned some of the features where the SiteGround is soaring ahead compared to the features that the A2 hosting offers to its users.

  • SSD Storage: The Site ground hosting plans provide the users with features like SSD storage and free SSL certificate, while the hosting web hosts provide RAID ten storage. They are also providing a free SSL certificate for the user at no prices.
  • High performance: Features like the Cloudflare CDN that is a free or content delivery network for the content management system, solid-state drives, PHP7, along with the OpCache are being used by the SiteGround so that the overall performance can be enhanced and increased.
  •  Security that is In-built: With the assistance of the plans provided by SiteGround, the user can have the benefits of the free daily backup plans daily. If the user is okay with paying a bit extra, they can also use the free of cost daily backups restore.
  • Geeky features: The SiteGround has offered its users the GoGeek plan in which the customers are provided with PCI servers compliant, which will serve the purpose for the following features the eCommerce stores, Easy WordPress, one-click Git repo creation, the Joomla staging, etc.

Now you must be aware of all the benefits offered by SiteGround in comparison with the A2 hosting. We can now look into the detailed information related to the features provided by the A2 hosting site, which is soaring in comparison to what SiteGround has been able to offer to the clients.

  • Windows and Linux Hosting: Not like many other hosting providers like the SiteGround offers, the A2 hosting allows their clients to choose between Linux hosting and Windows hosting.
  • The Anytime money-back guarantee: Adding to the 30-day-money-back-guarantee provided by the A2 hosting, it is also offering an incredible and unique 30 days for its clients for the pro-rated refund. The clients can have their money back if they haven’t used the services of the A2 hosting for 30 days.
  • Management level choice: With the A2 hosting shared hosting plans, you can select the management type for all hosting of dedicated server and VPS hosting.

In short, we would like to mention that in our tests and comparisons, the A2 hosting managed WordPress site is a versatile hosting provider that offers various choices for the user to choose from. The user can select amongst the multiple features offered to him while signing up for the cloud hosting services, along with all of the support that is being provided. The A2 hosting can be said to be the best in between the free website SiteGround A2 hosting in terms of features.

Documentation and Customer Support -SiteGround vs. A2 hosting

The A2 Hosting and SiteGround has offered 24/7 customer support via the three forms of communication and assistance support. The live chat, phone, and email have worked well to provide the customers with optimum customer support. Both of the WordPress servers have a massive knowledge base that can support the queries and the clients’ questions, which are related to building a website using their customer support and Cloudflare CDN servers. So we can say that it is a yellow tie between both of the managed WordPress hosts in terms of customer service and documentation.

SiteGround vs. A2 Hosting- Pricing

The plans that are being offered by the A2 hosting are relatively cheaper than those of the SiteGround in terms of the pricing. The clients may also see clearly that the dedicated hosting plan’s price is too low at the A2 hosting.

The reason behind these expensive price rates at the SiteGround is that it can only offer managed dedicated servers for hosting. At the same time, the client can select the management type while using the A2 hosting platform.

If the clients are seeking an inexpensive VPS or some dedicated hosting efficient server, then, in that case, the A2 hosting can be the best choice as it offers its plans at a fair price. So in terms of the pricing, the A2 hosting was a fair winner.

SiteGround vs. A2 Hosting- Recap

We have carefully compared both of the hosts, and after our fair comparisons, we arrived at different results. The SiteGround can be termed as a hosting provider that is better than the A2 hosting in all terms. The site ground can continuously update its infrastructure. They also use fast speed technologies that enhance the hosting platform’s performance and help in quick page loads.

Other hosting providers are just exaggerating always that they are offering the best customer service for their clients, but SiteGround can provide their customers with excellent customer support. When you contact the support team, it hardly needs some seconds until the next operator to support your help.

The support team is available for their customers 24*7 to resolve their queries via live chat, phone, or email. If you seek a hosting provider that delivers inexpensive plans at low prices, you should consider going with the A2 hosting WordPress platform.

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