A Small Orange Web Hosting Review 2022

Besides having a very odd name, A Small Orange or ASO has the best web hosting service available in the market for their clients. The fantastic web hosting service can offer shared, reseller, dedicated, and cloud hosting plans at reasonable prices affordable to small businesses and large business companies.

There are a few drawbacks too, as in lack of phone support. It also fails to provide the users with high specs, which prevents it from dethroning the HostGator, DreamHost, Liquid Web, and the Hostwinds in the review. These are our top-rated alternatives.

Web hosting (Shared)

A Small Orange Shared Plans

ASO can provide its users with Linux shared hosting plans of three different types. The tiny, medium and large packs are available at different prices for the users.

The small package begins at the rate of $7.16 per month, and the pack includes 500 MB of storage with data transfers of up to 5 GB monthly along with a single domain.

Simultaneously the Medium plan starts at $18.15 per month, with the tiny pack as its base. The program includes 15 GB storage, transfers of 150 GB monthly, and unlimited web hosting.

The excellent Large plan provides the users with 30 Gb storage and data transfers that are being carried monthly of up to 500 GB, which is for $30.25 per month.

The host or ASO’s shared hosting plans include unique features praised in review, like the unlimited emails necessary and lovely. It would help if you also noted that the tiny plan offered by the host site builders is the plan that lacks the option of monthly billing, and the bill is generated on an annual basis in the United States.

The ASO also offers concrete host plans for customers who don’t have enormous demands for grand shared hosting plans. These definite host plans do not match the HostGator shared web hosting platform’s packages with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Our top rankers for the web hosting plans included the programs that offer unlimited storage and the 90-day money-back guarantee praised in review on all the Linux and Windows-based data servers’ tiers. You need to note that by chance, if you require to migrate or build a site on the ASP.NET with ASO platform, then in that case, you will like the offers and features provided by the HostGator’s windows based hosting packages shared in comparison with the ASO or the EIG (Endurance International Group)with optimal support mentioned in the review.

Web Hosting (Cloud VPS)

A Small Orange VPS Hosting

If you seek servers with the massive power of the web host, you should check A Small Orange server based on Linux and has managed the Cloud VPS hosting for all of its clients with live chat in North America.

There is a beginner-level cloud-based plan for server hosting that is virtually based, which begins at a price rate of $26.62 for a month. The features that have been praised in the web hosting reviews that are being included in this plan are CPU with a single-core, unlimited email, unlimited domains, 1 GB RAM, 500 GB of data transfers which are done monthly, 30 GB storage, and the platform can also upscale if you add multiple features on the website.

The cloud hosting plan also includes a very high-end server that is cloud-based, which begins for $199.65 for a month with support and a 45-day money-back guarantee. The plan consists of eight cores of CPU, 10 GB of RAM, 5 TB of the transfers of the data that are being done every month, and storage of up to 250 GB.

According to the PCMag Editors’ choice for the best traditional VPS offered by the HostWinds site with huge RAM of 64 GB and the unlimited monthly data transfers, small orange alternatives. All these features are being offered by HostWinds, which is also a server option for windows.

In our opinion, the DreamHost web hosting is the Cloud hosting service that is the best we have been able to test as it has live chat support. The DreamHost site is offering reliable, pocket-friendly packages for its users. The DreamHost shared plans begin for $4.50 for a month, including 100 GB storage, 512MB RAM, and data transfers that are being done monthly.

The top out from the DreamHost site begins for $48 per month, which has features like the CPU cores, which are four, 100 GB storage, 8 GB of Ram, and monthly unlimited data transfers, which is an incredible feature being provided by the hosting providers.

Web Hosting (Dedicated)

A Small Orange Managed Dedicated Server

A Small Orange or ASO has offered its users the stunning dedicated hosting plan that is eight in number spanning all the CPU Linux servers that are six single servers and the two multiple CPU servers.

These plans from ASO start with a single core CPU server with a beginner-level RAM of 1 GB and an SSD Plan of 30 GB. These plans begin at $26.62 for a month. Such programs have topped our lists in providing the user with a 1 TB HDD plan and 16 GB RAM for $303 per month.

These CPU plans have 32 GB of RAM available for their users but there lies one difference between them, and that is that one of the dedicated web hostings is offering 512 GB SSD, but the remaining of the SSD have 1 TB HDD. These plans from ASO are five in number, 5TB data transfers monthly, and unlimited email options for the users.

The Hostwinds has handled and beats A Small Orange to operate dedicated server options. The Linux and Windows operating systems support the company’s dedicated servers, which is not that common if you think thoroughly. Linux is leading in this field, and it is shining brightly. The Hostwinds offers the data transfers monthly, ranking first in ASO, or A Small Orange plan of 5 GB monthly data transfer, allowed in a measurable amount.

The Clementine Managed hosting is being offered by ASO or A Small Orange, which is available for $50 for a month. The features included in this plan offer the customers the treatment white-glove, 30 GB of SSD storage, along with 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, and 1 TB of monthly data transfers. A Small Orange (ASO) is known to successfully handle updates, security issues, patches, etc.

For the clients who do not feel willing to handle the back-end task, A Small Orange provides incredible features as it reduces their work. Such features have been specifically designed to empower the users for dedicated hosting without all the hassle for the required cost and administration skills.

If the clients need extra power from ASO or A Small Orange, then, in that case, we have plus plans like Clementine, which are beginning for $160. The standard plans from A Small Orange are being provided with managed hosting advantages for the dedicated servers offered by the platform.

Web Hosting (Reseller)

A Small Orange Reseller Web Hosting

If the client is seeking to get inside the hosting business, they will undoubtedly want to avoid managing servers and infrastructure other than it will matter. You can check the range of reseller packages offered by a small orange platform for the hosting companies. With the reseller services a small orange Endurance International group provides, you can rent the server space with the established companies for reselling the server space to your customers.

The plans from a small orange begin for $24.20 for a month, with 20 GB storage and 250 GB of data transfer, which is being done monthly with an additional capability to host the websites up to 30. The medium plan starts at $33,88 per month, tied up the storage capability and the data transfers that are being carried monthly and hosting sites to the 25 GB, 50 GB, and 500 GB.

The Large plan starts at $48.40 per month and has 50 GB of storage, 1500 GB data transfers monthly and 100 websites. A small orange allows the user to have their branding on all the servers that the users have rented. A small orange also provides users with live chat support or support tickets and tech support, available 24/7 for the clients.

But still, Hostwinds has been incredibly successful in going the additional mile along with the stacked spec in a large variety of the server categories. All this is available with the selection of Linux and operating systems that are Windows-based. Indeed the editor’s preference for reseller hosting has to be Hostwinds.

Web hosting WordPress

A Small Orange WordPress Optimized Hosting

A small orange is efficiently supporting WordPress with the app section within a cPanel. The WordPress content management system can be successfully installed. Once the WordPress installation process has been completed, you efficiently use WordPress to build the posts, pages, and other contents like slides.

A small orange provides three WordPress content management system plans. They are small, extensive, and medium plans.

The small plan has a starting price of $7.17 for a month, which is also being billed annually. The small plan comprises features like 5 GB storage, unlimited website hosting, and 50 Gb of data transfers monthly, which are also incredible.

The medium plan has a starting price of $10.33 for a month with up to 15 GB storage and data transfers monthly up to 150 GB.

The Large plan has a starting price of $19.00 for a month, with features like 30 GB storage and data transfers of up to 500 GB.

Creating a Website

The process of building a website with A Small Orange begins at the control Panel. The control panel by A Small Orange is loaded and delivers functional and attractive features for the user.

A Small Orange provides the client with shared hosting tools to build a website for the client. The Weebly tool is also included, which is a reliable web-based tool for building a website. Drag and drop tool by Weebly assists in quickly making attractive pages with slideshows, links for social media, etc., for the clients.


A Small Orange has covered all aspects of the e-commerce store builder platform if you seek to buy or sell products in the online field.

The company offers a Linux-based hosting platform, a startup for all of the small businesses along with the Enterprise, which has included the Payment card industry (PCI) and the free SSL certificates, which secure all the transactions. All these shared servers have a reduced number of accounts associated with them, which yields performance efficiency.

Security features

A Small Orange has provided the users with the efficient packaging of the security features that the shared hosting company is providing. The passwords, hotlink protection, and IP-blocking have been successfully integrated and protected into this platform.

The SSL certificate is available at a price rate of $39.95 annually, which is reasonable, given the high price offered by the other hosting companies.

A Small Orange also has a drawback. It will not support the domain keys identified by mail or the DKM authentication technology by the MailChannels email service, which could have added more security for the web host’s business.

Excellent Uptime

In the hosting reviews, the website’s Uptime is considered to be of crucial importance in aspects of the hosting services. The primary reason behind this is that if your website is down, the visitors will not be able to locate your site and access the products, which is not good news for the web hosting plan and business.

A Small Orange is very stable even though we tested the website builder several times, and it did not go down for once in the whole testing, which was done for two weeks.

Solid customer service

A Small Orange website builder has three options to provide the user with customer support via the hosting account. The company’s knowledge base is quite informative and answers all the questions and queries of the user. The live chat support, which was being offered by the customer service, was incredible.

The customer service, unfortunately, does not provide any telephone support for their users. The support staff has a quick response time, handled our issues professionally, and resolved them within no time, which seems like an excellent feature for the company.

A juicy web host

A Small Orange (ASO) company makes creating the website an effortless process for small businesses and large businesses. The plans come at a reasonable price. However, customer support does not hold such good reviews in information for all the small business web hosting companies.

Bottom Line

These plans are affordable and relatively easily usable, along with the free domain and SSL certificates. The VPS hosting site holds good reviews for being efficient as the shared hosting company has successfully satisfied multiple users.

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