8b Website Builder Review

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to launch your website with zero technical knowledge? Do you want to have a professional-looking site and invest next to nothing from your hard-earned funds? 8b website builder got you covered!

8b is a recently launched website builder with tons of valuable features, including numerous templates and a user-friendly interface that could make creating a website that much easier. The software will take your hand and help you create your dream site in a matter of hours. In this review, we will look at all the features this great solution has to offer.

About 8b Website Builder

Do you lack technical knowledge, and the word “coding” gives you the creeps? Do not worry, as with 8b website builder you do not have to be! This website-based builder could be used by anyone and help you create your very own site in the shortest time.

The websites made by 8b are mobile responsive and will look great on all devices. Furthermore, users could launch the app directly on their mobile phone and create a site using a smartphone only.

There are tons of templates to choose from that will give a greater look on your site. Additional options for adding content are available that should make 8b website builder a powerful solution to utilize. If you do not have a domain name yet, you can be in peace as you are getting a built-in SSL subdomain. However, if you use your domain name, the app provides you with a free SSL certificate.

The best thing about 8b is its intuitive website builder tool. Although the templates are wonderful, you will not be able to edit them or add your content to them. This builder makes it easy to create a website.

The tool also has its limitations. Where it is possible to create your website fairly easy and with no technological knowledge, in case of more advanced projects such as sell and buy environment, membership, or a forum site, you might need to look for a more advanced builder.

8b uses the AMP framework, which helps pages load faster and greatly improves the mobile users’ experience.

8b is an excellent option for small websites with limited budgets. The cost of your small business project is not charged. It has many obvious benefits, including fast performance, easy editing, great templates, and access via mobile devices. It cannot handle more complex projects or grow because of some limitations.


  • It is possible to start building your website without registering with the system.
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder.
  • No hidden fees, renewal fees, or charges
  • This is a great tool for hobbyists, small businesses, portfolios, and non-profit organizations.
  • Google AMP is a great tool for improving website performance.
  • You can create unlimited websites for free.
  • There are currently no third-party integration services.


  • Inadequacy of SEO features to achieve higher rankings
  • There is no Custom App Store, widgets, or add-ons

Ease of use

The 8b website builder was initially designed for non-technicians and newbies. It provides simple tools to create professional websites that are mobile-friendly and easy to use. It also does not require any coding. Creating a website never has been more simple.

  1. Register quickly with your Google or Social account, and click the “Get Started” button.
  2. Instantly you will be transferred to the page that contains templates broken down into categories. These templates cover everything from consulting, gaming, traveling, and real estate to photographers, restaurants, and real estate portfolios.
  3. Once you have selected a template, you will edit it and make changes using a theme editor.
  4. After you’re done editing, click the “Publish” button in your menu to publish your website.

The editor in 8b is a drag-and-drop one, and it might seem a bit boring for more experienced web designers. This simplicity benefits newbies since no programming skills are needed, and you just need to click on the element or section you wish to modify.

You can easily modify each section or paragraph using the dashboard. You can change the title or font, as well as the header. You can either choose from various pre-made images or download your own.

To add a new element to your page, click on the cross at the right and choose the required block. These include testimonials, features, galleries, timelines, contact forms, and articles. This means that customizing your pages will not be difficult. However, each section is similar and looks the same. Although the dashboard contains all the basic elements you may need, users shouldn’t expect too much exclusivity.

The settings on the left offer a variety of general tools. You can edit the website’s style, create new pages or projects, and publish the project by clicking the “publish” button. You can access 8b editor via your mobile device to create websites on the move. You will need an Internet connection to edit pages since 8b is a browser-based platform.

Features & Flexibility

The 8b website builder features that will offer its users the best value for their time and efforts. This section will briefly touch on some of them, so the user may have a better grasp of this unique software.

High-Quality Website Templates

There are many unique templates available on the builder to choose from. Created for different purposes, those are divided into many subcategories, some of which include small and large businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, and many more.

Helpful Library of Page Sections

You can insert sections to your pages by editing templates in the 8b website builder. There are more than 250 sections at the time this article was written. These sections can be used for various purposes, such as adding headers and feature tables to your website or testimonials. There are many versions of each section. This gives you many options to add pricing tables, team member profiles, and videos to your pages.

The sections can be customized to your website vision, just like the 8b templates. The customization process is explained in detail in this 8b review, and it’s simple and intuitive.

You can convert your website to a desktop or mobile app. There is also an option to export a complete copy of your site to take with you and host wherever you wish. Additionally, you have the option to white-label your site so that your clients can edit the content without 8b branding.

Intuitive Front-End Drag-and-Drop Editor

The editor offers a simple use drag and drop interface. It is very user-friendly and targeted users who are not experienced with coding. Website creation using the editor is really at its simplest and can be done by anyone regardless of their experience.

If you would like to change the text size or add an image (your own or a custom one), you can do that easily using the dashboard.

For further customization, you can click on the plus located on the right side of the editor. You will be prompted to add a new element, those ranges from testimonials, articles, contact forms, and many more. Although you have many different options for diverse elements, the ones mentioned above look similar, but it should be enough to get your going with your project.


8b currently has templates and themes for 18 different categories. They are all free. They are trendy and stylish. They can be adapted to any size or dimension of any mobile device. These templates work great on both smartphones and tablets.

Choose a Website Template

8b offers a variety of templates to help you quickly get your website online.

You can quickly create websites using 8b, including events, companies, online shopping, hotels, photographers, portfolios, and much more!

There are many types of websites that 8b covers, so you have a good chance of creating a site that suits your needs.

Editing the Website Templates

After choosing a template and giving your site a name, you can begin the customization process. All the work is done in your web browser, as we mentioned in our 8b review, and you don’t need to download anything. To edit a page element, click on it.

Click on the template you wish to modify and begin typing. You can see how your website will look once it is live by entering the text directly into the page. This allows you to format your text to look the best on your site.

Display Settings

It’s easy to modify other properties on your page, like the background image for a section. Click on the familiar gear icon to view the section parameters. After the section settings have been visible, you will choose a background color and set a background picture. You can upload images or use the 8b images. What is another great feature of 8b? It allows you to create a completely different layout for a section.

You can scroll through all the sections, and you aren’t limited by the properties you selected when you created your site.

The controls for customizing templates are easy to use. However, if you need more control over how your site looks, you can view all settings. These settings can seem complicated to those who are new to building websites. It’s helpful to know that these settings are not visible by default. They are not difficult to understand if you decide that you want more control over the page’s properties. You can quickly enable or disable certain components if you have a specific section to work on. You can also modify the layout or other display properties. Each section has its settings, and this makes it easy to only see the controls relevant to the section of the page you are working on.

Working on Smartphones

8b allows you to create websites with a smartphone or tablet, as mentioned previously. It’s much easier to create a website using a smartphone or tablet than working on a PC. To access the menu, you can tap on the buttons or open the section settings and panel, or change the text or make it bolder, italic, or italic. Although the app is mobile, it looks almost identical. It’s very user-friendly and easy to use.

Customer Support

It is difficult to assess the support level quality of 8b, given that it is still a new platform. The company does not provide customers with clear ways to contact them. For example, 8b specialists cannot be reached via Live Chat or telephone for immediate resolution.

You can also send them an email. The builder has also launched its YouTube channel, which features some video tutorials about creating websites of various types. You can also join the 8b Facebook community. It currently has approximately 450 subscribers, but it could still be a great way to ask questions and find a solution.


8b is available for free right now. This free offer includes access to all sections, templates, and features. You can access everything with your free account, even if you don’t pay for any upgrades. You can also connect your domain name to an SSL certificate if you already own it. If you wish to purchase a new domain, you will need to pay an additional fee. A.com domain should not cost more than $10 per annum.


8b is an excellent website builder. You can quickly create a professional-looking website with 8b’s wide selection of templates and an extensive library of sections. You won’t have to spend a lot of time creating your website. It is easy to get started with an intuitive interface.

This user-friendly website builder experience comes at a high price. There are not many options to extend your website. There aren’t many plugins that can be used to add new features to your website, unlike WordPress. The underlying code is not accessible to you, so it’s impossible to customize your website beyond what can be done through the user interface. WordPress is not as easy to use for beginners as 8b.

8b is highly recommended if you are looking to create a beautiful website in a short time and with minimal effort.

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